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Exhibition – DMOTE – Will Lynes – Nathan Pickering – Full Serve – Collingwood

Sorry were a tad late on this one, opening tomorrow night. RVCA presents “Full Serve” an exhibition featuring new works by DMOTE, Will Lynes and Nathan Pickering.

DMOTE, who now lives in NYC, will show off a new body of work alongside Will Lynes and Nathan Pickering of Lynes and Co, who are amazing sign painters.  I’m keen to see what they all come up with and also check out RVCA’s new gallery.
 dmote_corner_blog smoking-duckman ps-duckman
Who: DMOTE, Will Lynes and Nathan Pickering.
What: Full Serve.
When: Opens March 6th 6-9pm.
Where: RVCA Corner Gallery. 82 Stanley Street Collingwood.
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Exhibition – Broadside – Kind Of Gallery – Sydney

Now this one has me all kinds of intrigued – as a lover of print magazines, the broadside, though unwieldy is one of my favourite formats – it also often refers to “street literature” or as Kind Of Gallery say ” a type of printing on large printed sheets of paper, designed to be plastered onto walls as a form of mass communication.”

An “Art poster” exhibition is something different – which is good! Curated by DOCTOR DBOE (DBOE), who also put together last ears Black And White All Inbetween show (which looked rad), its another grand and epic undertaking that is sure to have fine results.

Taking a look at some of the preview images, I can’t help but be excited – also, the names that I’m seeing associated with this show are fkn grand – Days One, Ken Taylor, Nanami Cowdroy, James Jirat and Cam Scale to name just a few …




Broadside opens up in Sydney this Thursday! Make sure you head down to see it for yourself!


Who: Nanami Cowdroy, Georgia Perry, Dboe Oner, Gemma O’Brien, Chris Yee, Aldous Massie, Ben Brown, James Jirat, Pigeonboy, Nathan Pickering, Will Lynes, Mark Drew, Days One, Ken Taylor, Ben Frost, Pudler, Wing Lau, Filfury, Cam Scale
What: Broadside Art Poster Show
Where: Kind Of Gallery, 11
8 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, Sydney
When: Show opens Thursday 29th August from 6pm and runs until 1st September

Check out the Kind Of — Gallery website as well as the facebook event page.

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sign (1)

Exhibition – Sign Language – Lower Fi Collective – Sydney

Following on from last weeks successful 4 Letter Word, the popup Lower Fi Collective series is about to wrap up, but not without a banged out slew of letters, type and all things alphabetical.

This ones something different, and pays homeage to something that we love and feel passionate about – the dying art of hand painted signage. Funnily enough, two of our favourite blogs at the moment have been documenting all of the old hand painted signage around the city (Finding The Radio Book and Type:Melbourne), so when we saw this show up in Sydney paying homage to this threatened genre of art, we were immediately intrigued.

“Sign painting has a very long history within the realm of “artisans-crafts”. Historically, apprenticeships were the means of learning the craft. Though many, in the earlier history of the craft were self-taught. An apprenticeship could last for years, depending on the skill of the apprentice and the knowledge of the “master”. The skills learned were varied and some quite complex. Learning to manipulate a lettering brush was the core of the learning process. This skill alone could take years to master.

With the advent of the computer and various kinds of software now available the sign painting craft has been displaced with computer driven sign making machines. The “craft” has all but disappeared, and in only a few “technical schools” or specialty schools is the craft still taught. Sign painters are usually self-taught and/or taught by mentors in the business. This is because Sign Painting is rarely offered in schools/universities, which in turn is the reason it could considered a dying trade. “Sign Language” is an exhibition of a younger generation whom embrace the practices of traditional sign painting.”

Some names are familiar to us, and some are new, but one thing is for sure – they are all lovers and purveyors of sign writing, art and champions of the original “street art”.

Such a great show to wrap up the Lower-Fi series, wish we could be there to see it.


Who: Edward Woodley, Dave Frey, Chow Cracker, Gary Msk, Gemma O’brien, Kaone, Lance Corlett, Numskull, Roachi, Will Lynes
What: Sign Language
Where: Lower-Fi Collective popup space, @ The Stables7-9 Lt Bourke St, Surry Hills
When: Show opens Thursday 6th December from 6pm til 9pm.

Check out the Lo-Fi Collective website for more details, or the facebook event page!

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Exhibition – Black & White All In Between – Sydney

I mean, dear god damn look at that list of artists – aMBUSH Gallery keeps setting the bar for some amazing shows, and, teaming up with Doctor Dboe their next show is a cacophonic array of black and white imagery – our favourite!

“Faced with the challenge of stark simplicity, 67 Australian and international artists known for their vibrant, technicolour flair have come together to form Black & White All In Between, aMBUSH Gallery’s latest star-studded exhibition of 2012.

The parameters of Black & White All In Between are basic: to create works uniform in size and using only black ink. Proposed to a diverse range of illustrators, fine artists, street legends and graffiti greats, the concept removes the comfort of colour from the artists’ process and challenges them to develop work driven by composition, form and tone. Not only a chance to see a collection of work by some of the world’s most exciting contemporary artists, Black & White All In Between presents audiences with an opportunity to own that work. The high quality pieces are all priced affordably, accessible art being a priority of both aMBUSH Gallery and Black & White’s curator, Dion Zancanaro.

Join aMBUSH on Friday 31 August in celebrating the launch of Black & White All In Between, catered by Arvo Beer and ABSOLUT Vodka, with live music performed by DJs Paper Plane Project, Raine Supreme and DPHY.”

From the simple things, come some of the best things – and this show will be no exception. 100 shades of black and white, indeed. Again, read that list below and you’ll get why we wish we could be there.


Who: Aldous, Amuse One, Anthony Lister, Askew, Beastman, Bei Badgirl, Ben Frost, Bennett, Bridge Stehli, Brooklyn Whelan, Cpho, Daniel Farrell, Days, Dboe, Deb, Desta, Does, Drew Funk, Dvate, Edward Woodley, Erin Forsyth, Flutter Lyon, Gimiks Born, Hekups, Jesse Brookis, Jodee Knowles, Joel Sammut, Jorzz, Josh Roelink, Jumbo, Kade, Ken Taylor, Kpish, Luca Ionescu, Mark Drew, Nathan Pickering, Numskull, Ozer, Paris, Perso, Phew, Phibs, Phil James, Pigeon Boy, Pudler, Peque Vrs, Rj Williams, Roach, Ronstoppable, Rotes, Sam Silverstone, Scale, Sektor, Set, Simon Lovelace, Skel, Snarl, Sprinkles, Tarns, Teazer, Thomas Jackson, Vans The Omega, Vexta, Water, Well Dressed Vandals, Will Lynes, Yok
What: Black & White All In Between
Where: aMBUSH Gallery, 4a James Street, Waterloo, Sydney
When: Show opens Friday 31st August from 6pm til 9pm and runs until September 4th

Check out the aMBUSH Gallery website and the facebook event page for more info.

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Exhibition – Sidewayz 2012 – Sydney

Well, it’s back for another year, and this time its bigger, and better than ever – Sidewayz is a grand event for a great cause, and we’ll let the press release tell you why!

"Philanthropic initiative Sidewayz Art Exhibition returns in 2012 boasting the largest lineup of artists in Sidewayz history. Their work represents the reincarnation of over 110 scathed, scratched, bound and broken skate and snowboards.

The boards may have been damaged or discarded, destined to be forgotten, but at Paddington’s Global Gallery on Thursday 23rd August, Sidewayz will demonstrate the power of a little love and a fresh lick of paint to inspire a fresh direction.

Presenting partners Westsyde Connection and Balmoral Boards have intended for Sidewayz to be a tool of empowerment since the project’s inception in 2007. The shows have created opportunities for emerging artists to exhibit alongside contemporary greats. Each edition of Sidewayz has existed as a totem of collaboration and community spirit that defines the art and board sport culture from which the project stems.

Perhaps the most important element of Sidewayz is its charitable goals. To date, Sidewayz has raised over $13,000 for various charities. This year, proceeds from the sale of the recycled skateboards, snowboards & photography will be donated to Voice, an organisation with head quarters in Australia and Cambodia. Voice seeks to aid and empower disadvantaged people who themselves may have been damaged or discarded and who are in need of a little bit of hope.

“Sidewayz is helping Voice to bring art and play into the lives of children who have spent many hours begging and working on the streets in Cambodia”, Voice Founder & CEO Kristy Fleming said. “It is exciting for us to be associated with such a creative and talented team of artists and professionals”.

Four separate auctions will be staged throughout the exhibition. A silent auction and an online auction hosted by Gray’s Online will run for the show’s duration. A small live auction will occur on  opening night with a major auction taking place on Wednesday 29th August. The show also features a collection of original works and limited edition photographic prints. Keeping with the charitable theme entry is gained with a gold coin donation.

With a star-studded line up of Australian and International artists, live music from local Sydney hip hop performers, DJs, a pop-up shop and a bar stocked with Ketel One vodka, Sidewayz 2012 opening night is set to be the biggest and most breathtaking of the series.

Join Westsyde Connection, Balmoral Boards and the generous supporters of Sidewayz 2012 in celebrating the launch of Sidewayz and its colourful contribution to the communities that need it most."



Feature Piece: Days
Ben Goad, Dave Kaziro, Drewfunk, Ellie Schroder, Kirst Ohh, Lise Podhorodecki, RJ Williams, Skel

Feature Piece: Kerupt
Agogwe, Alex Lehours, Andros, Andrew Suggitt, Apeseven, Bafcat, Barry Patenaude, Ben Brown, Bei Badgirl, Betty Belle, Ben Foster, Bennett, Benny Haz, Ben Ricciardiallo, Beth Josey, Birdhat, Brandon Els, Bridge Stehli, Bunkwaa, Caspian De Looze, CBloxx (UK), Chris Frap, Dog Fight, Eros Nika (Greece), Konsumterra, Cristian de Paolo, Dan McDonnell, Kalisone, Dboe, Deb, Dilligaf (UK), Dina Raus, Fabe, Fried Onion Ring, Georgia Hill, Ghiel de Best, Hannah Adamszek, Hans Crafted, Harrison Earl, Helen Mycroft, 245Kids, i-lib (UK), Ian Watson, Ishi, Jacob Swab, James Skevington, James Vanderhoven, Jasmine Sarin, Jazone, Jen Cargill (UK), Jessica Thompson, Joel Cameron, Joel Plunkett, John Forno, Jorman Cruz, Judie So, Kalis from Raw Crew, Katie, Kate Eraser, Klara, Krystof Kotik, Lilly Perrott, Lesley Jacobs, Lucas McGrath, Luke Breedon, Luke Bircher, Luke Taafe, Marcus Dyer Harrison, Maxcat, Mr Sweet, Matt Roff, Mr Skel, Myne, Nathan Ho, Nathan Pickering, Nikolas, Pigeonboy, Quique Ollervides, Qwux, Rebecca Murphy, Rory Lucas, Rosie Withers, Sarah Fordham, Sarah Sculley, Seabastion Toast, Sheryo, Skulk, Staurt Smyth, Teem, Teo Skaffa, Terrible Horrible, Tessa Curran, Tim Andrew, Vanessa Teodora, Vars, Wade Burkitt, Warrick McMiles, Wasted Rita (Portugal), Will Lynes, Yewot, YMT, Zan Von Zed

Birdman, Bret Hemmings, Daniel Goode, James Tyrel, Jeremy Shaw, Kane Stamp, Krystle Wright, Matt Lee

What: Sidewayz charity exhibition
Where: Global Gallery, 5 Comber St, Paddington, Sydney
When: Opening night is Thursday 23rd August from 6pm

Check out the Sidewayz website for more info on the show.

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Thursday Transmissions – Cool, Massive & New

Ah, Thursdays, it’s all downhill from here people! It’s been a short week for us with a lot to catch up on, but always time to look through videos of cool Oz and NZ art from across the web – so here’s this weeks roundup!

Lo Fi Collective hosted Red Bull Curates The Canvas Cooler Project

Cool interview with NZs Askew on 20/20 – unfortunately, once again, no embed code so here’s the link.

Red Bull released the video from their Canvas Cooler project the other week – this is cool, lots of behind the scenes stuff and a nice little bit from inside the Higher Ground studio.

Ben Frost did a really nice piece at the Massive HQ the other week, and here’s the timelapse!

Anthony Lister had a show recently at New Image Art Gallery – heres a short doco behind the scenes of the exhibition.

Ah, Zonk Vision – constantly delighting us with your craziness.

A small roundup of shots in slideshow format of some graff around Sydney – simple, but cool.

That’s all we have this week – if you have any videos to share, just send them to us!

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red bull curates

Event & Exhibition – Red Bull Canvas Cooler Project – Lo-Fi Collective – Sydney

Sydney’s Lo-Fi Collective are no strangers to producing amazing shows and events that huddle together insanely talented individuals.

This event, "Canvas Cooler" features some of Australia’s top street artists in collaboration with Red Bull, who will be creating their artwork (of amazing proportion) in a totally different  and cool way. The project already hit London as well as also totally rocked White Walls Gallery San Francisco last year – and Sydney is next.

"The Canvas Cooler Project is decking out eleven of Sydney’s premier watering holes with original artwork by 11 of Australia’s leading street artists. Using Red Bull fridges as a new medium, some of Australia’s most recognised names in street art will transform the humble cooler into a work of art inspired by each bar’s décor. Venues include Upstairs Beresford, The Norfolk, Hunky Dory, Bucket List and Lo Fi."

The event, curated by Marty Routledge, includes a crazy line up of artists such as Beastman, Numskull, Phibs, Roachy, Thomas Jackson, Will Lynes, Esjay, Brent Smith, Well Dressed Vandals, Kerupt and Peque.

Here’s a quick teaser video of the event …

The eleven works of brilliance in cooler form will be revealed at an exclusive exhibition event at Lo Fi Collective in Sydney’s Surry Hills, at the end of March.


Who: Beastman, Numskull, Thomas Jackson,Roach, Peque, Kerupt, Phibs, Well Dressed Vandals, Will Lynes, Brent Smith, and Esjay.
What: Red Bull Curates The Canvas Cooler Project Event and Exhibition
Where: Opening event will be held at Lo Fi Collective @ The Standard  Floor 3, 383 Bourke St, Surry Hills
When: Event is held on Thursday 29th March from 7.30pm.

Check out the facebook event, as well as the Lo-Fi Collective website for more info.

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Exhibition – A Type Of Show – Kind Of Gallery – Sydney

This looks epically cool – we’ve been seeing quite a few typography shows on lately, and all of them look amazing. "A Type Of Show" adds to the plethora of type derived art shows, with its own take on the genre and with an amazing cast.

From Desktop Mag – "The exhibition is curated by Like Minded Studio and while featuring a range of brilliant local typographers and artists, also features two international type artists Tony DiSpigna and Alex Trochut. According to Like Minded Studio’s Luca Ionesco, ‘The idea behind the show is to unite the local type and lettering community, but also to welcome to DiSpigna and Trochut to Australia, a rare occasion for our type and lettering community.’"

The show will present some pretty hefty international type stars, as well as some amazing local designers and letters smiths – not to be missed in Sydney.


Who: Timba Smits, Numskull, Jim Parry, Ken Taylor, Atome, Justin Fox,
James Arboghast, Phibs, Joel birch, Luca Ionescu, Tristan Ceddia,
Carby Tuckwell, Andrew Van Westhuyzen, Paul Nolan, Merda, Dmote,
Ron Garsuta, Vince Frost, Deanne Cheuk, Benjamin Henhessy,
Toby & Pete, Pudle, Bel Johnstone, Morgan Vaness,
Elizabeth Carruthers, Marty Routledge, Dboe, Gemma O’Brien,
Will Lynes, Jonathan Zawada, Maud, Wing Lau, Jay Ryves,
Yosuke Ando, Brooklyn Whelan, Luke Lucas, Bianca Chang, Jeremyville, Emma Elizabeth, Andy Uprock, Moffit & Moffit, Les Sharpe and Paul McNeil.
What: A Type Of Show, typography Exhibition.
Where: Kind Of Gallery, 72 Oxford Street, Darlinghurst, Sydney.
When: Wednesday 17th August at 7pm to 28th August

For more info, visit the Kind Of Gallery Website or Facebook Page, Like Minded Studio’s Website or Facebook page. You can learn about typography here, or you can visit Tony Di Spigna webpage or Facebook page. Or just use Google for the rest …

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Exhibition – Thieves & Vagabonds – NSW

There are a whole heap of group shows on or coming up at the moment, and there looks to be another talent packed outing happening this week at Lo Fi Gallery, this time with Thieves & Vagabonds, presented by Mr Perso – man, so much good stuff on all across the place …

Who: Charlotte Weight, Does, Will Birkett, Sirum, Vans, Rhys Lee, Brett Hayes, Shem, Rhys Gordon, Prins, Nathan Puata, Pudler, Josh Roelink, Dmote, Snarl, Yoshio Honjo, Will Lynes, Sam Perkins, Liz Davies, Amuse, Bradlon, Phibs, Loveariel, Loca Ionescu, Roach, Numskull, Emily Hansom, Alex “Rusty” Cairns, Fuct, Mark Nara, Emmett McLeod, Perso, Siker, Pesm, Norbert
What: Thieves & Vagabonds Group show
Where: Lo Fi Collective, 383 Bourke Street, Darlinghurst, NSW
When: Show opens Thursday 28th April @ 7:30pm

Check out the Lo Fi Collective website for more details!

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