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Video – Big Wall Collaboration – Sydney

Video – Big Wall Collaboration – Sydney

A whole bunch of artists got down onto the a big collaborative wall at the Vic in Sydneys enmore the other week, with great results.

Artists involved include Numskull, Tom Schwigs, Okae, Bafcat, Beastman, Onshow, Roach, Retro, Scott Marsh, Clams, Oniks, Elvis, Eels, Cam Wall, Fintan Magee, Moik, Jumbo, Phibs, Resm, Thomas Jackson, Resan, Oricks, Denes, Renob and 2Wik

You can check out more images of it all here - and check out the video below.

‘BIG WALL’ – A collaborative mural project from Chris Loutfy on Vimeo.

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Video – Phibs N Friends

Video – Phibs N Friends


Cool little video here of a whole bunch of sydney street artists getting up on the Ozanam building ..

"A bunch of Australian street artists, Headed by Phibs, and featuring the likes of Numskull and Beastman, got together to transform a warehouse in the Sydney suburb of Stanmore, into a large scale piece of art."

Looks like they had a hell of a lot of fun!!

Phibs N Friends from bpxt$ on Vimeo.

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Event & Live Art – Wonderwalls 2013 – Woolongong

Good news, everybody! (Okay, Ive been watching way too much Futurama lately) – the guys over at The Hours have just announced the whole lineup and shebang for their annual "Wonderwalls" event up in Woolongong – and damn, it looks mighty fine!!

"The festival will run from November 8 -10, including an art exhibition, artists talks and multiple large-scale murals being painted in the Wollongong CBD from featured artists SMUG (Glasgow), ASKEW (Auckland),ADNATE (Melbourne) WONDERLUST (Melbourne) VANS THE OMEGA (Adelaide), PHIBS (Sydney), SHIDA(Melbourne) FINTAN MAGEE (Brisbane), TWOONE (Melbourne), BEASTMAN (Sydney), NUMSKULL(Sydney), ROACH (Sydney), SCOTT MARSH (Sydney), THOMAS JACKSON (Sydney) PUDL (Sydney),BAFCAT (Wollongong), JAE COPP (Sunshine Coast), IDIOT (Wollongong), SYKE (Wollongong) and TRAIT(Wollongong).

The artists on the Wonderwalls roster will converge on the city for this series of free public events. In Wonderwalls Wollongong’s second year they want to improve on gains made last year to present the city as a viable option for creative endeavours and projects, a place where artists can afford to live at lower cost without sacrificing culture. Increased cultural infrastructure will see the small city as an artistic tour de force in years to come.
Get down to The Gong for Wonderwalls, and the unveiling of their hidden artistic identity. What you see might surprise you.

For more information, mural map and a full program, visit wonderwallsfestival.com"

Wonderwalls isnt just another art event, its a fully fledged Australian street art extravaganza, coupled with an amazing array of side events. Head up to the ‘Gong in early November to see it all for yourself!


Who: SMUG (Glasgow), ASKEW (Auckland),ADNATE (Melbourne) WONDERLUST (Melbourne) VANS THE OMEGA (Adelaide), PHIBS (Sydney), SHIDA(Melbourne) FINTAN MAGEE (Brisbane), TWOONE (Melbourne), BEASTMAN (Sydney), NUMSKULL(Sydney), ROACH (Sydney), SCOTT MARSH (Sydney), THOMAS JACKSON (Sydney) PUDL (Sydney),BAFCAT (Wollongong), JAE COPP (Sunshine Coast), IDIOT (Wollongong), SYKE (Wollongong) and TRAIT(Wollongong).
What: Wonderwalls street art festival
Where: All across the Woolongong CBD
When: November 8th to November 10th

For more information, mural map and a full program, visit wonderwallsfestival.com

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Video – Neon Golden – Hong Kong

Video – Neon Golden – Hong Kong

Madness.  Michael Danischewski just released this new ten minute featurette he did for The Hours from the Neon Golden exhibition up in Hong Kong last month.

“In September 2013, Australian based creative group The Hours curated an exhibition at Above Second Gallery in Hong Kong’s Central and Western District. Titled ‘Neon Golden’, the exhibition featured new works on paper by a collective of world class contemporary, street and graffiti artists who all share a rich history of friendship and collaboration. A lot of the artists involved also travelled from all corners of the world to be in Hong Kong for the exhibition, and to paint as many walls as possible. This is what went down….

Featuring – Fintan MageeShidaRoneKyle Hughes-OdgersBeastmanYokSheryoNumskullVans The OmegaRoachPhibsTwooneJumbo and Thomas Jackson.

A huge thank you to: Above Second Gallery – above-second.com, Ironlak – ironlak.com

This is great viewing, with a whole heap of Australian street art going big and bad up in Hong Kong – check it all out below!!

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Exhibition – Black Magic – Sydney Brewery – Black Penny – Sydney


Two things that seem to follow me everywhere, beer and art – my work these days is filled with talking about beer, beer websites and everything beer brand related … I have been an avid craft brewer for many years, AG and the occassional partial – none of this kit shit. So whenever I see a brewery or a brand of beer working with artists, I have this big inner warm smile shit going on – and when I saw that Sydney Brewery is launching a new beer alongside some damn cool artists work, then yeah, I got a bit fkn excited!

"To celebrate Sydney Craft Beer Week 2013 (October 19th-26th), Black Penny have teamed up with Sydney Brewery, as well as an array of Sydney’s most impressive emerging artists to create a limited edition brew aptly named ‘Black Magic’. Working alongside Michael Caplado, Head Brewer at Sydney Brewery, we’ve have handcrafted a light and sessionable Hybrid EBS and Porter Beer with a dark amber hue. The velvet body denotes caramel and raisin overtones with a fruity backbone. Sounds complex, but drinks easy – perfect for a Sunday arvo session or post-work kick-back.

The evenings vibe will be complimented by Afro Funk band The Liberators, who will indulge the crowds in a stripped back version of their live experience. The band will be sharing tasty morsels from their upcoming album ‘Power Struggle.’

And to top it off we have an all-star lineup exhibition which includes Alex Lehours, Ben Marriott, Brent Smith (Biffy), Chris Yee, Claire Perini, Georgia Hill, Mark Drew, Ky Pamenter (Phoenix Empire), Marty Routledge (Roach), Robin Claire, Charlie Nivison (Silly Pear) and Thomas Jackson."

This night looks mad, and a great lineup of some of our favourite artists here  – I wish more breweries were doing stuff like this down in Melbourne – and where do I get myself some of this ESB/Porter bastard mix? Ah well, going to have to settle to see the photos, I guess!

Head down there next week to check it out if you’re in Sydney!


Who: Alex Lehours, Ben Marriott, Brent Smith (Biffy), Chris Yee, Claire Perini, Georgia Hill, Mark Drew, Ky Pamenter (Phoenix Empire), Marty Routledge (Roach), Robin Claire, Charlie Nivison (Silly Pear) and Thomas Jackson
What: Black Magic group show and beer launch
Where: Black Penny Bar & Gallery, 648 Bourke St, Surry Hills, Sydney
When: Show opens Tuesday October 22nd 2013 and runs for the week!

Check out Black Penny and the Sydney Brewery for more info on the show!

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Exhibition – Neon Golden – Hong Kong

Spotted this one over at Above Seconds blog! A whole slew of Australias finest will be heading over to Hong Kong next week in one of the largest collection of ozzie talent to go international since the brilliant Young & Free exhibition. Put together in conjunction with Ironlak and The Hours, and on the heels of the successful showing of Work In Progress, Neon Golden looks like it’ll be a smash hit already. With walls being done by the artists all around Hong Kong also, this is one that makes me wish I could jump on a plane again and see it all as it happens!

"Above Second is proud to join The Hours and Ironlak to present “Neon Golden” a group exhibition of works on paper.  Please join us to welcome back “Work in Progress” contributors Rone and Beastman to the gallery, and enjoy the work of 12 other talented Australian urban contemporary artists.

Curated by Australian-based creative group The Hours, ‘Neon Golden’ is an exhibition of new works on paper by a collective of world-class contemporary, street and graffiti artists who all share a rich history of friendship and collaboration.

This group exhibition is a celebration of new art movements in the Asia Pacific Region, and a showcase of these 14 artists’ diverse range of unique styles, subjects and techniques. From the realistic illustrations of Fintan Magee to the celestial geometric forms of Beastman, there is truly something inspirational about the diversity of styles in today’s urban art.  Though individually, the work might seem worlds apart, when coming together in collaborative murals the varied styles share the story of today’s contemporary art scene.

As well as the exhibition, this prolific group of artists will all be traveling from their current locations around the world to be in Hong Kong for a week long artist tour of the city, painting as many collaborative murals as possible with support from Ironlak. For this rare opportunity, please join the artists at the opening reception and contact Above Second for information about private commissions.

Email info@thehours.com.au to request an exhibition catalogue."

I mean, yeah wow – this one looks like it’ll be absolutely mad. Lucky Hong Kong indeed!!


Who: Fintan Magee, Shida, Rone, Kyle Hughes-odgers, Beastman, Yok, Sheryo, Numskull, Vans The Omega, Roach, Phibs, Twoone, Jumbo, Thomas Jackson
What: Neon Golden group show
Where: Above Second gallery, 31 Eastern St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
When: Show opens Friday 6th September from 7pm til 10pm and runs until October 5th 2013.

Check out Above Second, Ironlak and The Hours for more info on the show!

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Exhibition - The 5 Year Retrospective Show - Flyer

Exhibition – No Vacancy – The 5 Year Retrospective Show – Federation Square – Melbourne

No Vacancy has bought us some great artists and shows since opening in 2008, now it’s time to celebrate their 5th birthday, this Thursday at Fed Square. And so they should celebrate!!! This should be a great show, we highly recommend you get down on Thursday from 6-9pm.

What a line up! Bonsai, Twoone, Megg, Ghostpatrol, Nick Thomm, Ollie Lucas, Drew Funk, Jeremy Ley, Eveline tarandaja, Luke Lucas, Dehara, Jasper Wong, Kubota Fumikazu, Charlotte Lance, Cat Rabbit, Nior, Seven Seas, Isabelle Knowles, Makatron, Beastman, Numskull, Max Berry, Ben Frost, Stephen Ives, Tai Snaith, Nails, Buff Diss, Adnate, Tom Vincent, Sheryo, Yok, Acorn, Thomas Jackson, Sean Whelan, Justin WilliamS, Andrew Gordon, Stephen Doan, Paul Mylecharane (Oh54).

Happy 5th Birthday No Vacancy!!!

Exhibition - The 5 Year Retrospective Show - Flyer

Exhibition – The 5 Year Retrospective Show – Flyer


Who: No Vacancy
What: The 5 Year Retrospective Show
Where: Yarra Building – Federation Square.
When: Thursday 23rd May 2013 – 6-9pm.
Facebook event page here.
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Exhibition – Higher Ground – Kind Of Gallery – Sydney

Higher Ground studios has been around since 2010, and we’ve covered them, and the artists that make their home there, a hell of a lot over that period. Coming up at Kind Of Gallery, this group show, with all of the artists putting forth examples of their work, is nothing short of awesome. Beastman, Bennett, Ears, Mark Alsweiler, Max Berry, Neil Tomkins, Numskull, Phibs, Thomas Jackson and Tom Ferson – need we say more?

“Art is a process that is most powerful when it’s in co-operation with other artists. Nurturing, support and critical feedback is essential not only on an individual level, but in the formation and evolution of any art movement.

My association with the movement that Sydney has experienced in the last 10 years began with a series of conversations between Numskull, Beastman and myself in around 2005. It was apparent then that there was clearly something missing in Sydney art, and that thing was direction and community for a group of passionate artists involved in an exploding new form of urban expression. Working together on varied and exciting projects, we came together as like-minds, whose practices whilst varied, shared the same ultimate goal: the formation of an art community.

Higher Ground is in many ways the culmination of those conversations we had in 2005 about what was lacking in Sydney and where someday things could end up. Having worked with all of the artists in the studio in some way or another, I have experienced the vibrancy, relevance and ongoing contribution they are making to the Australian and international scene. Since its inception in 2010, this group of mostly self-taught artists, at different ages and in different stages of their careers, have established a new platform for the continuation of their individual and collective artistic beliefs.

In a world of social, political and creative chaos, it’s difficult to find a place to come up for air – luckily these artists have collaboratively found their own Higher Ground.

– Ben Frost”

That about tells it all, nice piece there from Frost. It speaks volumes of what the show will consist of. Also, not only will there be a mad lot of art up on the walls, but a limited edition book will also be released on the night –

“On the occasion of the exhibition, Higher Ground Studio will be releasing a limited edition book. Featuring photographs by Tony Kenny and the artists themselves, this self-published 84 page book is a detailed pictorial documentation of life in the studio, the artist’s varied processes and the different workspaces within the studio. The edition of 100 perfect bound books will be hand signed and numbered by all the artists in the studio.”

If that doesn’t cinch all reasons for heading to this one, I don’t know what else will – such an amazing array of artists under the one roof – we really wish we could make it to this one. Lucky bastards this week, Sydney crew.

Who: Beastman, Bennett, Ears, Mark Alsweiler, Max Berry, Neil Tomkins, Numskull, Phibs, Thomas Jackson, Tom Ferson
What: Higher Ground Studio group show
Where: Kind Of Gallery, 80 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, Sydney
When: Show opens Thursday 29th November from 6pm til 9pm and runs til 2nd December

Check out the Higher Ground website as well as the facebook event page for more info on the show.

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Event – Wonderwalls – Wollongong

This looks all kinds of awesome, really. Wollongong has a grand weekend ahead as a bunch of talent and some of Australias finest street artists descend on the city to paint, talk and exhibit.

“We are proud to announce a project we have been working on with Verb Syndicate in Wollongong.

WONDERWALLS is a three day art festival presented by The Hours, Verb Syndicate and Ironlak, featuring some of Australia’s most well known Low Brow artists. The weekend of the 9th – 11th of November we will be hosting an exhibition, an exclusive panel discussion AND a series of small & large scale murals being painted around the Wollongong CBD.

If you’re in Wollongong, come join us on the weekend. If you’re from Sydney, it’s only a short drive down the coast. Come for the day, stay for the weekend. Enjoy three days of Australia’s best street and graffiti art, absolutely free.

Visit the WONDERWALLS website for more info.”

Three days of checking out great art, great artists and also having the chance to hear them talka bout their work and what inspires them – lucky ‘Gong!  Theres a heap more info on the flyer below for all the details, plus a lot of info, times and locations on the map thats on their website. Nice.

Who: Rone, Meggs, Yok, Sheryo, Numskull, Beastman, Phibs, Roach, Thomas Jackson, Jumbo, Ears, Vans the Omega, Jae Copp, Two One, Bridge Stehli, Pudl, Cam Scale, Bafcat, Katse, Skulk.
What: Wonderwalls street art festival
Where: Check the flyer above or the map ont he website for all the locations.
When: Friday 9th November til Sunday 11th November. Check the website or flyer above for all the details and times for the various events and painting sessions.

Visit the WONDERWALLS website for more info.

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Exhibition & Launch – The Hours – Sydney

We heard news of this a few months ago, and its finally here! This Friday sees the launch of an awesome collaboration of Sydney artists, creatives and bloggers into a superfest of art, ideas and talent – fuckin a!

THE HOURS is a joint venture by three long time friends and artists, Brad Eastman (Beastman), Marty Routledge and Numskull. These three Sydney locals have each been instrumental in developing and enriching the Australian contemporary, street, graffiti and low brow art community over the last decade. They are now combining their many skills, fans, ideas, contacts and thriving ambition into THE HOURS, which promises to be an innovative creative force for years to come.

To celebrate their launch, THE HOURS presents an exhibition of new paintings by a few of their friends: Beastman, Ben Frost, Bennett, Ears, Edward Woodley, Ghostpatrol, Jae Copp, Joel Birch, Jumbo, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Kyle Montgomery, Man Man, Mark Alsweiler, Max Berry, Miso, Numskull, Phibs, Roach, Sean Morris, Slug, Thomas Jackson, Trent Whitehead, Twoone and Vans the Omega.

THE HOURS have handpicked and invited these 24 talented artists from all over Australia to express their individual style of art making in circle format for an exhibition not to be missed.

Stay tuned to The Opening Hours for more information and previews of the work. All the artworks will also be available for purchase through the website.”

On top of that, The Opening Hours has just relaunched their site today, and its lookin mighty damn fine!

It’s really great to see all these guys getting together and launching something that we are sure is going to be a fantastic project, and will do great things for the Australian art scene –  and we wish them every success on their venture! For now, however, go celebrate their launch this coming Friday, wish we could make it up there for it!


Who: Beastman, Ben Frost, Bennett, Ears, Edward Woodley, Ghostpatrol, Jae Copp, Joel Birch, Jumbo, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Kyle Montgomery, Man Man, Mark Alsweiler, Max Berry, Miso, Numskull, Phibs, Roach, Sean Morris, Slug, Thomas Jackson, Trent Whitehead, Twoone, and Vans the Omega.
What: The Hours Launch Party
Where: The Tate, 345 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, Sydney
When: Launch party starts Friday 7th September at 6pm, and the exhibition runs until the 9th September.

Check out The Hours website and the facebook event page for more info.

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