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Best Of The Blogs – Invurts Guide to Cool Art Blogs #2

Around this time last year, we did our first snapshot of some of the cool sites that we read on a frequent basis that deal with Australian and New Zealand art and other creative endeavours. Every day our editor, Facter, reads through a mountain of blogs and websites, looking for cool events, exhibitions and artists to speak to – it takes a lot of time and effort, mostly because there are so many great sites out there that follow Oz & NZ art – but its completely worth it!

Last year our roundup included such sites as Dont Sleep Magazine, Nothing To Nobody, Melbourne Art & Culture Critic, Everfresh, Nice Produce, Kompound, Just Another Agency, ArtistsWA, This Life, Design Federation, the sadly missed We Make Stuff Good and the ever inspirational weAREtheIMAGEmakers.

Again, this is not a top of the top, nor an indication that if its not in this list then its not the best! There are just way too many sites out there for that we read through, and each one of them offers something different. Instead, this is just a small collection of some of the sites we’ve come across in the last year or so that have piqued our interest, and we thought we’d share them with you..

So, a huge thankyou to all the blogs from our list last year, and to all of our recent favourites listed here. Without all of your amazing efforts in documenting all of this cool shit, our day to day reading here at Invurt would be all the poorer …

love heartart 

Six Years Later Magazine – launching this year, Six Years Later is a fantastic print magazine, but their blog is also pretty damn cool. You should take a look at both, they’re equally worth the read.

Land Of Sunshine – well, you know him either from here with his monthly Top 10s, or from his awesome blog, Land Of Sunshine – in terms of coverage of Melbourne street art, Dean Sunshine is the man. With a wide range of collections, events and snaps from visiting artists, this is one of our definite go to blogs to check out whats been going up on the street.

T-Squat – These guys go from strength to strength. Editor and resident photographer James Watkins has a great eye for the eclectic, and though they cover everything from music to sports and everything in between, they also do great coverage on both established and emerging artists from around the globe. It’s a one stop feast.

Curvy – We love girls, and we love girls doing art, and we love girls writing about girls doing art … okay, you get the drift! Curvy celebrates all that is feminine and creative, and their blog is absolutely fantastic. With a great crew of bloggers behind the keyboard, and with plenty of inspiriting work pumping through the site, we head to Curvy on a regular basis.

Artygraffarti – new kid on the block, Arygraffarti, is really starting to get up there. With regular, frequent posts from his wandering around both Melbourne and other cities (when he gets there) this is a mint little low brow look at new stuff thats appearing. He also has a bit of event info on there of stuff happening around Melbourne, and its well worth adding to your reader feed.

Chasing Ghosts – these guys have been off on a sojourn around the globe for a while, but they’ve now settled back in Melbourne and have begun documenting and putting up great photosets on their bog as well as on flickr. With great attention to detail and a wonderful eye for not only the artwork, but its positioning and surrounding environment, these guys have it down.

Acclaim Mag – after a major site redesign sometime last year or so, Acclaims online presence and quality of content matches its print version. With everything street, urban, music and fashion related, if you’re into your all round street lifestyle, this is where you should be checking regularly – a great aussie based mag that we love!

Strutten – we adore this collective! Having only launched earlier this year, Strutten already have a loyal following, and we go to them for art and design related news up in Queensland. They have a great bunch of people posting, who are all collective artists themselves, and they also delve into the cafe and music culture. They love the city of Brisbane, and they’re great champions of what’s going on there. <3

The Opening Hours – The Opening Hours has their finger on the pulse up in Sydney, and more besides – both the photos and coverage of events is superb – this is our kinda blog!!

Disassociated – John Lampard does an amazing job at tracking events across the country, across all genres of art, with the Australian Art Show List. There’s also some great blogs posts on there outside of the event stuff, following film and other creative industry stuff – its very much worth a read.

Street Arse – of course, lots of love for the crews over in NZ, and Street Arse is our favourite. Shows, news and bits and pieces galore from the New Zealand street art scene.

Wellington Wall Street – and, still on the NZ tip, representing Wellington street art, heaps of great pics of work springing up in the city.

Stupidkrap – though a little quiet lately on the news front, Stupidkrap is a great site full of awesome content. Not only that, but their online store has a huge range of artwork and prints from all across Australia.

Dangerfork – speaking of prints and all things inked, another newcomer, Dankgerfork, has been carving a niche for itself down here in Melbourne. We can see these guys going a long way, and their recent popup store in Collingwood is a great testament to the quality of their work. Check back here often for all kinds of limited edition works from a bunch of wicked artists.

Project4000 – Have spent some time growing up in the Far North, we love anything coming out of Queensland, and Project 4000, along with Strutten, is our lifeline to what’s going on up there in Brisvegas. They follow a lot of streetwear orientated news, but their art and event coverage is also pretty cool and they have a bit on Brisbane street art here and there.

Philthosophy – this site maintains a running list of all the art happens in Melbourne, listed out per date. Theres a lot there, and she covers as much of it as possible in the lists – its a handy reference if you want to check out the creative life in the ‘burn!

Knock Knock Magazine – a relative newcomer, this magazine is already busting out with its first issue and looks set for a really bright future. We love it already!

Ironlak – well, this one is a no-brainer, really – just follow their blog, alright?

Special Mentions – International Blogs We Love

We do read a hell of a lot of international blogs as well, and though we don’t cover international stuff, well, we don’t need to – there are so many great places that do that already. These are just some of our favourites …

We hope you enjoy all of these blogs and websites as much as we do, and, if they have a facebook page, show them your support by liking them and following their efforts!!

We’ll be doing this roundup on a quarterly basis now, so if you have any sites you’d like us to check out that you think we’d love, just let us know.

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Thursday Transmissions – Roller, Yards & Laundry …

.. and we’re up! You know how we roll on Thursdays, so lets just get straight into our weekly roundup of as many varied Oz videos from around the web …

Jack Douglas recently had his show “Airing Out Your Dirty Laundry” In Melbourne, and this is a nice little recap of the opening! Jack is the man!

Airing Out Your Dirty Laundry By Jack Douglas from Just Another Agency on Vimeo.

… and, on that, Kaitlin Beckett also had hers at the same space the following week, and this next one is a recap of her show – we absolutely adored these critters! Just Another Agency had the talented Carl Allison put together both, we also got him to do ours for us that we released last week – grand.

Cinzah teased the fk out of us with this really brief timelapse of the La Gonda Project that he did not long ago – we want more!

Askew, also over in NZ, released two videos in the past week – the first one is a part of the Spray Beast Project with Berst, wicked.

.. and the second clip from Askew is a newly released video from last years “Kings of Style Battle” Mangere featuring Revok, Rimes and Jaes.

Numskull got up at Sydneys Roller Studios last week as well – sick.

Jimmy from over at one of our favourite blogs, This Life, got together with Days One DCA and Dean to paint up the KON HQ – Newo shot all of this footage and produced it – very fkn nice.

Last week, Paradise Hills played host to an awesome illustration and drawing show, Hand Drawn Boom – great gallery, great crew, great night

That’s it for this week – let us know if we missed something rad!

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Friday Wrap – Cool cool cool.

Another busy week comes to an end, and all of us here are full steam ahead with a bunch of projects and fun shit. Busy busy busy, cool cool cool.

We have a great art session happening this weekend in Perth, with Dibs, ToniTone, Poise, Deej, NVS and Suloh putting some licks of paint up on a dance studio. Makatron and Gore are painting a wall across the road from our studios at the moment, and in a few short weeks we’ll be transforming the inside of the whole Rival Revolution studios complex with the help of a lot of talented people … lots of cool shots and video to come for sure.

So its still full steam ahead on everything … the new site design is still coming along steadily (when I have time to work on it … sorry, spare time? What? When?) but we’ve now fully assembled our core team and are raring to go – maybe its time we did introductions?

Starma – is our new event and general office manager, I’ll be palming all that kind of shit off to him, he’s much better at it than I am.
FacieB – is one of our new writers, and she’ll also be working closely on the first of our side projects that we’ll be announcing pretty soon ..
Leah – another of our writer extraordinaires, she’s already done a bunch of pieces, and we love her laid back style!
Peach – is the creative director of .. yep, another side project we’re setting up that! She’s also a generally amazing office assistant.
Crutch (Lisa) has just come on board this week to work on our NZ section – that’ll all be starting up next week, hopefully!
Mel – will be helping us out occasionally with a bit of writing and photography in amongst her work with her Baby Trees project
Lara – is our new official Melbourne event photographer, so expect a bunch of shots from around here real soon (if anyone interested in coming on board for other cities,  just let us know!)

I mostly wanted to introduce them as a thankyou for all the hard work they’ve put in so far, and all the hard work that’s soon to come. It’s a great team, with an incredible amount of passion and talent (and patience with me), and I’m really stoked to be working with all of them – please make them all feel welcome!

Anyways! Enough of all that bullshit from me – here’s the wrap!

News and Miscellanea …

  • Obviously this weeks big thing was all the feedback from the Carbon Festival – we did a full wrap including a bunch of links and the live blog transcripts here. Great event, and, really, keep an eye on it for next year – you’ll want to go.
  • Stupidkrap studios have updated their website, and they’re including more news, interviews and such to go along with their online store – really enjoying what they’re doing with it, and looking forward to seeing me to come! We need more of that kind of thing down here – kudos guys!
  • We also forgot to mention that Ben Frost from Stupidkrap launched a new website the other week, very cool.
  • Everfresh posted up a cool link to a new interview with Melbourne graffiti artist Lush – hilarious.
  • Rekas blog had a great link over to Kid Zooms recent interview with Juxtapoz – West Oz’ers doin it good n proper over in the NYC.
  • Almost completely out of the ballpark, but I can’t go past posting this recent interview with a personal favourite – Retna. ’m sure he’ll have something to do with Australian art soon … right?
  • Now, completely out of the ballpark, but this is the wrap and miscellanea, and its the only place we ever put this stuff! I have to put in a plug for one of our favourite bands, and good friends, Freak Technique who are playing at Red Bennies in Melbourne this Sunday – they’re amazing, go see them. – and as long s I’m mentioning shit outside the box, also go and check out pics of the new Qubic store that just opened up, totally fresh – gunna have to stop by there next time I’m over that way …

Pics And Images From Around The Traps …

Also, don’t forget to check out the full listings of all the shows happening this weekend and into the near future on our Calendar! Also, don’t forget to like our page on facebook, we do a lot of out-of-blog updates, news and pics over there!

That’s all from us for this week, have a great weekend all!

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Best Of The Blogs – Invurt Guide to Cool Oz Art Blogs #1

Invurt wouldn’t be anything without the rest of the web and arts community – we spend at least an hour or two every day going through a wide range of feeds and sites, checking for news and seeing what’s happening. Probably half the event stuff we post up is composed of things we find through either gallery blogs or these ones, the other half is stuff we get mailed to us. That said, irrespective of the news they contain, we read these sites because they generally have a great mix of awesome to them, and we can get our fix of art-goodness from reading them all – and, if we see something relevant, we post it up as well. Link-backs are a hard and fast rule, if we see it on a site, we link back to them and give back a bit of support – if we can help drive even just a bit more traffic back to them, or get a few more people to a show that they’ve posted up, then we’re happy.

We wont call it a top 10 of 2010, theres more than that – and, also,  there are other blogs out there that are just as great that we’ll get to in the next part. I haven’t included galleries, and I haven’t included sites that cross too many different categories  with their posts (like the larger magazines etc), and, no international sites. We also think that the term “blog” in reference to a lot of these sites is a little outdated, many of them are so much more than what such a simple connotation presents – we probably wouldn’t even call Invurt a blog, we guess its more of a webzine, or whatever the hell you want to call it.

Anyways – these are just a portion of the blogs that we love – and this is a bit of a thanks to all of them for their hard work in providing us with a great read throughout the week …

Dont Sleep Mag – To be honest, I still kind of often miss the photography boat a little. There are a thousand blogs out there with people posting DSLR photos, and not much really catches my eye – I’m learning more every day, however, thanks to sites like Dont Sleep. The magazine is fantastic, but the blog is also great – a lot more raw, and for sure, out take-ish, but still, this is the kind of blog that makes someone who doesn’t understand photography as an artform at a high level start taking a bit more notice – and, I mean, shit, theres lots of photos of spray cans and other urban goodness, who can go past that? We talked to the editor, Chico, earlier this year about the mag, and it was a pretty cool chat.

Melbourne Art & Culture Critic – updated fairly regularly, and its been going for some time now – Mark Holsworth is a really nice guy, and has a lot of history in the area of writing about art, as well as creating it himself. His articles span the gamut of Melbourne art, but he does have a particular penchant for urban and street art related stuff – and, agree with his opinion or not, his posts are insightful, thought provoking and often also carry a bit of historical information along with them, which I love.

Nothing To Nobody – we talked to Jo Jette from Nothing To Nobody not long ago, and we think what they’re doing with their magazine is great – but, they also have a great blog up and running which covers a whole bunch of different cultural related stuff – not just art – and has some cool info on board.

Everfresh – what can we say about Everfresh? Prolific, talented and dedicated. Their blog spans the gamut of their activities, as well as news and info on what their friends are up to. I particularly enjoy it for their posts while any of them are travelling, as well as all the work they’re doing out in the streets.

Nice Produce – Nice things for nice people; thats their motto – and Nice Produce is chock full of nice things. They have a bunch of artists contributing blog entries to the site, and also cover a lot of events that they or their friends are involved with – they’re also a great online store that you can get a range of different artwork and related products as well. Its a really cool collective, and its another religious read for us – props.

Kompound – when we started out Invurt, we wanted to keep it simple, there are far too many “all over the place” blogs online that just didn’t really have an aim – then we saw Kompound, and liked what we saw. Theres a bunch of candid photography, a bit of events and music, a lot of street art, a  few videos – all those things we sometimes dislike about other blogs are all the things that we love about Kompound – it just works.

Just Another Agency – The girls at the agency are pretty cool, and are doing some cool things to help promote a whole slew of talent, but, their site doesn’t just go into the whole agency aspect of things – they also have an awesome blog attached to it that often has a lot of great info, cool little articles and its a really worthwhile read for both local and international artist info.

ArtistsWA – this site has been around for a few years and was started by a couple of friends of mine. It went through a bit of a quiet period for a while there, but its being updated much more frequently these days by Perth artist Flaunt – lots of new artist information going up, as well as events of a like-minded nature from back at my Westralian homeland.

Images to Live By – for a little more cerebral read into street art – this is noted Melbourne street art writer and researcher Alisons Youngs blog. She’s a pretty busy lady, so the blog isn’t updated every day, but when it is you can always be assured that the content will pique your interest and give your brain something to think about – and you should read through the archives for some great articles.

This Life – another example of an all-rounder that is pretty cool. This Life is a fun read, and with a few people posting on it the content is varied, but not too over the top in terms of the whole “Lookit this youtube video I saw and this one and this one!” nah – its chilled, laid back, and it also has some great interviews on it – notably, we love the interviews with tattooists/artists they’ve been doing lately.

Design Federation – supportive, funky, fun and informative – all attributes that DF excel at, and which has made their site one of the stopping points for Oz creatives. It covers a wide range of design news, from mainstream to the more underground, and its a great.

We Make Stuff Good – Its been a little quieter than usual on the WMSG front in the last few months, but from what we hear it may just be the calm before the storm. One of the coolest sites that looks at the creative subculture in Melbourne, there are some really great articles and interviews in its archives – and, hopefully, many more to come in the future.

weAREtheIMAGEmakers – we’ve sung praise for WATIM before, for good reason. Beastman started WATIM way back in 2005, the news section has a great listing of coming events, and every issue released just builds on each one before. There is an amazing archive of work and artist interviews throughout all 23 parts of this ongoing zine, and as soon as we read one, we cant wait for the next.

Special Mentions

Street Arse – we’re hopefully looking at  NZ events and artists come early next year, and this is one of my favourite NZ blogs right now (Askew Ones blog is also rather awesome). Street Arse has been going for quite some time, and gives a really good over view of things and artwork thats happening around NZ. Check it out.

Io9 – okay. So its not local. I lied when I sad there were no international sites. Its not even art (though it does have an amazing art category) – but io9, Gizmodo and Lifehacker we read religiously. It has some amazing fkn articles, its eclectic, and its one of our favourite sites on the web – everyone should read it – and this is my post, so like, its listed. What-thafuk-ever =P

If you have any other suggestions for great blogs we can check out, just drop us a note in the comments – we’d love to check them out – if we haven’t seen them already and they aren’t going to be in the next part, that is …

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Friday Wrap & The Week Ahead



  • Ghostpatrol had his solo exhibition Warps Points and Seed Vault save points open last night. Melbourne Art & Culture Critic has a short review of the exhibition here – I checked it out when it seemed to be at its most busy, some wonderful work in there – looking forward to seeing it when its a little quieter. We did a really cool interview with the man himself here.
  • Nicole Tattersalls solo exhibition, “Patchworked” opens tonight – I saw a couple of her pieces when I was picking up some of the work left over from my show last night, and it looks great! Also check out the interview we did with her.
  • Paradise Hills opens their door for the first time tonight, with their group exhibition “The Grass Is Always Greener”  opening up tonight in Richmond
  • A new print gallery, Signed & Numbered opened up in Prahran this week, featuring work from a whole slew of our favorite artists. I’ll be checking it out over the weekend to see what its all about – but in the meantime Design Federation did a cool little piece on it the other day – they also sell their prints online.
  • Of course last, but certainly not least – Semi Permanent started today! (If only I could have got the day off this 9-5er, alas) – and in grand style, we have the Just Another Group show – the official SP Melbourne exhibition opening tonight. Yesterday we did a great interview with Toby and Melika from Just Another Agency, the brains behind the show, so have a read, and get on down tonight for a great show – seeya there!

Other news and cool shiz

  • Everfresh have some great pics up from their Sydney book launch – looks like a fun night was had by all.
  • Some cool pics up also of Twoone and Thomas Jacksons Sydney show, the Absence of Man
  • The Melbourne Sweet Streets festival is looking for volunteers to help them out over the duration of the festival – check out the info here. One of the items on the program for the festival is a Stencil Class for Secondary teachers – a great avenue for anyone wanting to help educate students about the greatness that is stencil art.
  • This Life put up a great interview with Eleven & Co, loving the calligraphic styles of his work.
  • We Make Stuff Good keep bringing out the Semi Permanent info goods with an interview with Leif Podhajsky  – this was the first exposure I’ve had to his work, and it was a great introduction – someone I’ll now be keeping an eye on.
  • Its been on a bunch of blogs, but I saw it first at The Opening Hours – Brisbane City Council in all its glory decided to completely buff an amazing legal wall done by Anthony Lister – well done BCC, I’m loving the whole retro Sir Joh era policies! Yay to supporting culture and the arts! :|
  • Okay, so I love rockets – and so does Lauren Orchowski, she went around the US taking photos of all those old 50s and 60s rocket ship playgrounds and produced a book of photographs, called “Rocket Science” from all her shots – some fine urban decay of these cool rusting ships.

Thats about it, fairly quiet this week in the rest of Oz, but if I’ve missed anything please let me know – and, as always, if you have any news or events you want us to cover, please just send us a message.


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Friday Wrap & The Week Ahead

Its been a busy week all round, with my exhibition opening as well as a large number of show announcements and events – I thought I’d try to get a bit more regular with the weekly wraps & roundups, as well as link to a few cool things I’ve seen during the week…

So heres all the stuff thats ‘a happenin … and frak, theres a lot going on at the moment!


  • Tonights opening is in the form of Exhibit A, a great collection of street artists plying their crafted works at Collingwoods The Projects art space. I’ll be heading to this one after work for sure.
  • Ghostpatrol has another solo show coming up next week, Warp Points & Seed Vault Save Points,  at No Vacancy next Thursday – I’ve seen some of the previews, and the work is second to none – this is a show you cant miss – and we just posted up this interview with the man himself, so check it out.
  • Jae Copps solo show My Illusions Architect is still running at Gorker Gallery until the 19th September – I had a chance to wander through there the other day and loved it. We did a really great interview with him as well.
  • Semi-Permanent Melbourne is on next week, and if you haven’t got your tickets already best get in there and purchase them. They have an opening show next Wednesday that is free for all, at the GPO in the Bourke Street Mall, starting around 6pm.
  • A new gallery in Prahran opens up next Thursday in the form of Signed & Numbered – so glad we are getting more stuff on the southside, and it has a fine range of artists on display.
  • My first solo show, Inhabited Times, had an awesome opening, and its still running until September 16th. This Sunday, September 12th, I’ll be at the At Large Gallery from 12pm til 6pm, doing some drawing, giving away a few sketches maybe, and chatting to whoever comes in. Come drop by and check it out, and if you have any questions about the blog or anything else, feel free to come spin some shit with me.

I’ll get to next Fridays openings next Friday, coz I’m pretty sure thats enough for anyones brain right now …


  • Everfresh have their Sydney Black Book Launch tonight at Ambush Gallery– if its anything like how the launch here looked last Friday, its going to be a very cool show. I got my copy of the book this week, and damn it is one fine publication, full to the hilt with some amazing work and a great run down on the crew and what they’ve been up to the past few years. If you’re in Sydney, get to the show or go buy the book.
  • Twoone and Thomas Jackson open their new show, The Absence of Man at China Heights gallery, a show looking at the power of nature in, obviously, the absence of man.
  • Ears opens his Warpaint exhibition tomorrow night at the cool new Lo-fi Collective gallery in Darlinghurst – so it looks like a fun weekend of art in Sydney
  • Alas as last week was a such busy one, I missed putting up a notice about the Collected Thoughts Exhibition in Paddington – it runs until the 22nd of September, and has some wonderful artists in it, so check it out.


  • Shida & Georg Whelan have their duo show opening tonight, Nec Spe Nec Metu at Nine Lives Gallery – looks dandy as hell – great to see all this stuff happening in brisvegas!

Other news and cool shiz

Heres some cool stuff I’ve seen this week in my meanderings across the web …

….*breath* .. see, told you – so frakin much going on lately … forgive me if I’ve missed anything!

So take it easy, and have a good weekend yo.

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