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Exhibition – Lux 0.27 – Dark Horse Experiment – Melbourne

So this dropped into our inbox the other day, and after reading it two or three times over, we think we’ve managed to work it out – this is a show about the weird shit that constitutes reality. More importantly, though, its about our place amongst the weird shit that surrounds us in this universe. Make no mistake, weird shit is cool (I mean,we  just repeated the two words three times because it sounds cool), especially when that weird shit delves into temporal concepts, photonic musings and pseudo-Schrödinger perceptions.

"Curated by Theodore Wohng at Dark Horse Experiment. Lux 0.27 consists of works by artists Kit Webster, Sam Fagan, Hanna Tai, Alex Purchase, Kate Stryker, Tiziana Borghese, Tim Sterling and Julia Francis. Pursuing the theme of void/nothingness and our perception of reality through light and technology.

"In science our perception of reality is limited to the finite speed of light, as it is in a linguistic system, reference to a present reality is forever postponed from the temporal delay of meaning. Our univocal universe is full of constant metaphysical flux of change, difference and becoming. When we gaze upon the stars at night, the multiple instants in time are seen as simultaneous from our vantage point on the earth, the very same set of events will occur in different time combinations from other perspectives in space, the concept of ‘now’ is irrelevant, the only two things that remain the same are the wave-particle duality of photon and our perpetual curiosity of what reality really is."

You know what? We have no idea what to expect from this – but it sounds really different, and that’s the kind of shit we love best. Plus, there’s familiar names in there that we just know are rad, and we’re looking forward to acquainting ourselves with those that we’re not.  We also just saw something pretty exciting on the event page on fb – apparently Jason Haebich will be doing a LAZER show. That’s it, this show just ramped up to awesome mode – fucking LAZERS!

A Dark Horse opening is always a really fun event, which you’d know if you’ve already been there – great art, great people, great place. Light. Reality. Void. Lazers. Weird shit is the new normal – go see it in action.


Who: Kit Webster, Sam Fagan, Hanna Tai, Alex Purchase, Kate Stryker, Tiziana Borghese, Tim Sterling and Julia Francis
What: Lux 0.27 group show
Where: Dark Horse Experiment, 110 Franklin St, Melbourne, VIC
When: Show opens Friday May 4th from 6pm til 9pm and runs for two weeks.

Check out the Dark Horse Experiment website and the facebook event page or more info on the show!

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