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Thursday Transmissions – Lights, Blight & Beach

Faaairrllyyy quiet in video land this week, but there’s still some good stuff! Here’s our weekly roundup of what’s good in Australian street and underground art across Youtube, Vimeo and elsewhere …

577239 10150915863668749 2142834741 n thumb Thursday Transmissions Lights, Blight & Beach in transmissions sydney street art genres melbourne international graffiti genres

(Choq – image via Melbourne Street Art)

Here’s a cool little time lapse of Paris artist Choq, who has been staying in Melbourne and doing a heap of street art for a while now, working on one of the traffic light boxes in City of Yarra.

Numskull got over to London recently, and painted up this wall in Hackney Wick in conjunction with AnyForty – nice to see some great Sydney street art over in ‘blighty!

Dabs Myla doin it grand again – always good to see video from these two!

Matt Arbuckle is leaving NZ and heading overseas, here’s a little departing video from him …

Who is Larry Kin? No idea here, either!

That’s about it for this week – til next Thursday! Ez.

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Event – ApeSeven – Damp Gallery – Sydney

As you may have read in the interview that we did with him just last week, ApeSeven has been one busy guy.

One of the projects he has been working on for some time, is a large mural residency at Sydneys Damp Store and Gallery, it’s taken him a  while, but the attention to detail in the small little previews we’ve seen makes it obvious that thats exactly that reason why it needs to be seen!

We’ve been following Damp since they opened, and we’re big advocates of what they’re doing with their space, and we wish we could get down there this Friday night to check out what Apeseven has done with it all!

We’re also massive fans of this mans work – its going to be a rockin event, with food, beverages and good times to be had.

42431551251 thumb Event ApeSeven Damp Gallery Sydney in street art genres painting genres exhibitions events

Who: Apeseven
What: Apeseven residency show
Where: Damp Store & Gallery, Shop 4, 31 Brighton Street, Curl Curl, NSW
When: Event runs from 6pm til 10pm on Friday, 15th June, 2012!

Check out Damp here as well as the facebook event page for more info, as well as Apesevens website.

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Snapshots – Phibs – Unspoken Worlds – Kind Of – Sydney

Unspoken Words, a follow up to his recent show at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, was a portal into the unique and highly stylised work of Phibs that we all know and love.

The space was filled to the brim with art and people on opening night, jostling for position to view the artists works on canvas, paper and found objects. A focal point was a sculpture of deliciously painted tree bark holding a dangling sea shell in the shape of a pyramid – it’s always good to see an artist reach outside the normal confines of 2D surfaces!

IMG 4378Large thumb Snapshots Phibs Unspoken Worlds Kind Of Sydney in sydney street art genres sculpture genres art event photos painting genres illustration genres graffiti genres

All photos via Takie. Check out Kind Of Gallery – Periodical, and Phibs website.

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Snapshots – Threadless x T-World – aMBUSH Gallery – Sydney

For one night only Threadless and T-World combined to bring Sydney a colourful retrospective of Threadless T-shirts and design talent, curated by Eddie Zammit.

The huge space was jam packed with wallpaper made from the pages of the Threadless book, as well as large prints of some fantastically fresh designs from some of the emerging talent coming through the Threadless ranks. It was the enormous number of T-shirts hanging from the ceiling that stole the show, like a laundry full of lusciousness – only colour coded and exclusive.

Check out the pics below!

IMG 4500Large thumb Snapshots Threadless x T World aMBUSH Gallery Sydney in tshirts sydney art event photos live art urban art

All photos via Takie.

Check out aMBUSH Gallery, T-world and Threadless for more info!

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Live Art & Event – Secret Walls Round #1 – Sydney

The Secret Walls machine is now in full swing, with tonights event heralding the Sydney side of the competition!

Starting up last month with the Melbourne round, in which Hancock prevailed against Reliable, now its the New South Welshpeoples turn to get some of the action as Dale Bigeni and Sindy Sinn  go head to head at the Oxford Arts Factory!

Both of these artists have mad work, and are a great match up – we can’t wait to see all the shots from up there in Sydney after tonight! May the cleverest artist win!!

SecretWalls2012600x848 thumb Live Art & Event Secret Walls Round #1 Sydney in sydney street art genres painting genres live art urban art illustration genres

Who: Dale Bigeni vs Sindy Sinn
What: Secret Walls Sydney Round #1
Where: OXFORD ART FACTORY, Basement, 38-46 Oxford St, Sydney
When: Wednesday 13th June 2012 from 6:30pm, battle starts at 8:30 sharp!

Check out the Secret Walls website as well as the facebook event page for more info!

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Interview – ApeSeven

There is a curious thing happening in the world today, something vast and progressive, yet outside of the viewpoint of those who pay it little attention. We take it as given, we adapt to its changes and we feel its ubiquity without really understanding what is happening – because, for the most part, it is a juggernaut to which not only do we pay homage, but reverence; the deity of technology is overcoming mythos of old, replacing ancient beliefs with supplication to its all encompassing omniscience. This is the accelerando, the exponential change of technological progression, a bell curve of rapidity that is quickly outstripping our ability to understand all the changes as they occur.

This acceleration, however, is not unnoticed by all. Scientists from all fields, futurists such as Ray Kurzweil have written upon it and investigated it extensively, and an entire university has been created to track its development. One group of people, however, are at the forefront of pushing these developments into the minds of the human consciousness, and it is through the eyes of artists that these notions are being visually presented to the world at large. Some may shrug it off as merely being "sci-fi"; we call it an imperative gaze into the future of the human condition.

ApeSeven is a multidisciplinary artists whose work delves into areas associated with this rapid climb in technological ubiquity. His figures contain visages of flesh and steel, circuits and skin. ApeSeven presents these ideas with influences imbibed from graffiti, skate and hiphop culture. From found objects to aerosol, illustration and a veritable compilation of mix media talents, his work is that of a man looking forward into his own visionary world without leaving the context of the present.

Ideology, the scientific method, an affinity with traditional folkloric knowledge, as well as a reverence for the history of learning and progress, all play a role within ApeSevens work, the elements of which are all manifestly evident in the large, post-human figures found adorning the walls of the cities he visits.

We caught up with ApeSeven ahead of the end of his residency event at Sydneys DampSpace, where he has spent the last two or so months creating a wall piece that will shortly be unveiled. Read on

naturesfury2webLarge thumb Interview ApeSeven in sydney street art genres skateboards painting genres illustration genres graphic design genres graffiti genres digital genres artist interviews

Right back at the beginning, how did you start out drawing and painting, and how did you get into the creative game?

I started drawing in primary school at first for all the kids in class as part of their creative writing works… haha, I was an illustrator at the age of 8! It wasn’t until my later years snowboarding in Canada that painting came along as a means to relaxing in the evenings. I had the privilege  of meeting a fellow snowboarder US west Coast artist "Klutch" in the early 2000′s he essentially was the first person to invite me to exhibit my works in Portland and San Francisco.

Skate culture, hip hop, science, technology … all all are fertile grounds for artists when it comes to formative years and their original influences – why do these things hold resonance with you, and what do you believe it is about some of these influences that finds them pervasive in a lot of the art being produced today?

First and foremost skating was my first passion and in hindsight it was a creative outlet, one which helped me to redefine what urban spaces
original purpose was. Things were no longer pathways, walls, steps but obstacles which needed to be manipulated and mastered.

Rap and the early can do attitude of the hip hop music scene resonated with me, here were guys with no formal music training and basic equipment getting to express their ideas … very inspirational!

Science and technology are one and the same, and I guess they represent my more rational side. Yet upon thinking about it more … the same "can do" attitude from early scientists, with their abilities to imagine, theorize and then prove concepts … the mind boggles … awesome.

ArmadawebLarge thumb Interview ApeSeven in sydney street art genres skateboards painting genres illustration genres graphic design genres graffiti genres digital genres artist interviews

One thing we’re interested in, is that we saw your interests also revolve around science, technology, and folklore – one would think that out of the three, that folklore is pretty far from technology, and people automatically get an idea of old stories and fabled tales  – but there is already a culture of folkloric mythology around technology and science, which has become more apparent over the years; how do you interpret this via your work, and what do these juxtapositions of concepts garner within it?

I interpret  this modern notion by combining visually organic elements, currently being skeletal structures and infusing them with notions of perpetual technology. These infusions are both represented by realistically painted tech and also by graphically painted symbols and nomenclature .

What I hope to explore is the idea of the new world religion "science", its past present and essentially create a visual science fiction of possible futures.

GenesiswebLarge thumb Interview ApeSeven in sydney street art genres skateboards painting genres illustration genres graphic design genres graffiti genres digital genres artist interviews

You did some pretty cool stuff on glass bottles, do you often create art using found objects? What’s the coolest/weirdest/most random thing you have ever used to create with?

I think the use of found objects come from skateboarding years the whole reuse, redefine  idea. I think the weirdest thing would be using my own saliva to mix with paints so that I would leave a genetic signature …

Your technique is really varied, stencils to aerosol, traditional to mixed media – we often ask the question "Why is it important to vary your style" but we’re also curious – do you think that this time spent across various mediums means that it can take longer to master each one? Or is it a more complimentary evolution?

Mixed media represents the stratification of ideas and concepts in my head; within individual works there are many fulcrums of ideology and memory.

I guess  a thorough understanding of light is important whether you are painting or drawing. I don’t think of different media as complete
different tools and yes as you have suggested complimentary and

I think it is important to explore various techniques, from the point of view that it keeps you learning – hence keeping your thought processes fresh. I personally believe that you owe your existence/gifts to learning…

deadchevalier2webLarge thumb Interview ApeSeven in sydney street art genres skateboards painting genres illustration genres graphic design genres graffiti genres digital genres artist interviews

Tell us a bit more about your aerosol work – how does this evolve out from the work you do with drawing and on canvases, and what techniques, if any, will you use both in the context of the piece zas well as in techniques, that differ between the two?

I think the evolution comes from an adaptation to paint works in public spaces quickly! The main ramifications being that I bring the aerosol component back to the studio as a mixed media tool.

totemwebLarge thumb Interview ApeSeven in sydney street art genres skateboards painting genres illustration genres graphic design genres graffiti genres digital genres artist interviews

You’ve been named to be part of Secret Walls in Sydney this year; there’s a big buzz about both the Melbourne and Sydney competitions – what do you think is the best thing about the Secret Wars concept? 

If you look back at art history , many artists strive to achieve an efficient economy to their works. To put it another way "how can I best express what I want to say in the simplest way ???"  … I think Secret Walls is a modern perversion of this … and hence extremely challenging.

What do you feel are some of the most important aspects you’ll keep in mind whilst you’re up there battling it out, and what are some of the things you are going to keep in mind whilst you’re battling it out?

Technique, technique, technique … how am I going to push and pull
objects, ideas, in a quick ,efficient manner? As far as I am concerned
there is no crowd or people or third person observational world, just
an obstacle that needs to be overcome.

KLANinstall1webLarge thumb Interview ApeSeven in sydney street art genres skateboards painting genres illustration genres graphic design genres graffiti genres digital genres artist interviews

Tell us about some of the work you’ve been doing in residency at Damp Space? How did you get involved with the guys there?

I live about five blocks away from Damp. Matt @ Damp simply contacted me, he had seen some of my prior works and wanted for me to have an exhibition – I suggested a direction away from your stock standard gallery show.

Damp space was essentially about giving my self time to work on one work, a mural titled "Former Glory". It is essentially an allegory of humankind’s evolutionary path and its effects on the other  species here on the planet.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2012 and beyond? What directions would you like to go in, and what as yet unrealized projects will you explore?

Yes , yes there is an exhibition coming up later in the year touring Sydney and Melbourne with another artist the curious beasts Kaitlin Beckett. I am just focusing on producing works at the moment – Ideologically the show is aligned to what I am currently working on @ Damp .

The main plan I have for this year is to do the Dobell @ AGNSW, and hence spend 3-4 months on one enormous drawing.

Also this year the concept of true collaboration has popped up, not simply painting stuff side by side with another artist, but engaging with them in a way that produces a third, different work. Currently is a slow process, but some opportunities have arisen …

Check out ApeSevens website for more info on the artist!

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Exhibition – Mark Alsweiler – House Of Bricks – Melbourne

Well this one kind of snuck up on us but we’re glad we saw it!

This Friday New Zealand/Sydney artist Mark Alsweiler will be presenting his next solo show, "Wild Wood" at Collingwoods House Of Bricks. Alsweiler has held a large number of shows in the past, from solo shows at China Heights and Nine lives, to group shows at Monster Children, aMBUSH and the Outpost Project – now its time for his work to be present to all of his ‘Burn fans.

From installations, to painting on both canvas and wood, his work is both exciting and quirkily driven. In Wild Wood, Mark will be creating a number of sculptures and paintings utilising wood as his foundation – head down to House Of Bricks tomorrow night to check it all out.

markalsweiler1 thumb Exhibition Mark Alsweiler House Of Bricks Melbourne in sculpture genres painting genres melbourne installations genres exhibitions

Who: Mark Alsweiler
What: Wild Wood solo show
Where: House Of Bricks, 40 Budd Street, Collingwood
When: Show opens Friday June 8th and runs for one week.

Check out Mark Alsweilers website for more info on the artist.

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Exhibition – Anatomica – Plump Gallery – Sydney

The upcoming group show Anatomica, at Sydneys Plump Gallery, delves into one of the much loved objects of artistic expression: the female body.


The female form is recognized as desirable, feminine and beautiful, but there is a contrast to this sensibility, examined through a medical lens or in natural lighting. This is that the female form is not merely just an object of desire or gaze but a divine and highly visceral complex.
Anatomica consists of work by nine mixed-media Artists whose work relates to figurative art and the human form.

Through history Artists and Art critics have been obsessed with a female figures lines,flesh and facial features. Here we take a look under the surface at a quality far more intangible and one even more capturing.

Through media including sculpture, studio glass, textiles, graffiti and much more the show promises a conglomeration of ideas reflecting parts of this remarkable bodily narrative.

The female bodies life giving capabilities and ability to transform embodies existence its self. The maternal cycle provides a dynamic foundation as well as a platform for the Artists to interpret and relate to. Whether it is the exploration of an anatomical element or the conception and birth of an artistic idea in itself, each artist will subjectively function as a different organ or limb of an entire body.
Through a maternal structure of conception, mutation and growth to birth this is a study into its existential nature; molecularly grotesque at times and always organically beautiful."

You can expect all forms of anatomy, and beautiful renditions of the womanly aspects in this show, across a diverse range of mediums and artistic talent. Definitely a cool show to check out this week.

FINALANATOMICAImageLarge thumb Exhibition Anatomica Plump Gallery Sydney in sydney street art genres sculpture genres painting genres mixed media genres illustration genres exhibitions

Who: Anastasia Liolio, Clint Sf Bautista, Ioulia Petrova, Julia Angelina
Rich,  Lim Cheung Ha,  Rebecca Murphy, Samantha Marlin, Terrible
Horrible, YMT
What: Anatomica group show
Where: Plump Gallery, 240 Enmore Rd, Enmore, Sydney
When: Show opens Thursday 7th June from 6pm and runs til Thursday 21st June.

Check out the facebook event page for more info on the show!

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Exhibition – Phibs – Unspoken Worlds – Sydney

Cut back master and king of the graphical line, Phibs, prepares for yet a solo show in Sydney after his latest Melbourne outing, Perfectly Imperfect at Backwoods gallery.

IF for some weird, completely incomprehensible chance you’re not familiar with this artist, then here’s a bio ..

"Phibs is one the most respected and renowned names in Australian Graffiti/Street Art. His public art works are prolific in Melbourne & Sydney and are far-flung across the globe. He has painted so many walls around Fitzroy,  an inner suburb of Melbourne, that it has affectionately become known by locals as ‘Phibsroy’.

Originally from Sydney, Phibs came from a strong graffiti background and was active in community programs, inspiring the artistic potential of this now popular art form. Moving to Melbourne in 2001 saw Phibs exposed to an evolving Melbourne street art scene and the joined the Everfresh Studio collective. In Melbourne Phibs established a name within the fine arts world and rapidly became one of the cities  most respected and renowned artists, on & off the streets.

Phibs signifies the symbiotic, engaging the urban with the organic. He produces works across a vast variety of mediums and consistently reflects his own unique realms of symbolism, multiculturalism and mythology. Largely inspired by nature,  his works have spawned a menagerie of signature characters.

Phibs distinctive style has attracted numerous major brands and publications and several of his works have been acquired by the National Gallery of Australia for its permanent collection.

Now based in Sydney, Phibs continues to exhibit interstate and Internationally in galleries, on walls & at various festivals."

Phibs shows are always creative, and the work is always tight – head down to Kind Of and check this one out later this week!

phibskindof thumb Exhibition Phibs Unspoken Worlds Sydney in sydney street art genres painting genres illustration genres graffiti genres found objects genres exhibitions

Who: Phibs
What: Unspoken Worlds solo show
Where: Kind Of – Gallery, 118 Oxford St, Darlinghurst, Sydney, NSW
When: Show opens Thursday 7th June from 6pm til 9pm

Check out Phibs at his website as well as the Kind Of Gallery blog!

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Exhibition – Jeremyville – Public Service Announcements – Sydney

Jeremyville is one of those artists who is a story, and a brand, unto themselves. Having had a huge amount of success over the years by sharing his own fantastical world with fans from across the globe, he has recently teamed up with the team at aMBUSH Gallery and Lane Four for a display at their public art side project at the Galeries.

"Sydney born, New York based artist ‘Jeremyville’ will be stopping CBD workers and shoppers in their tracks when his Community Service Announcements exhibition comes to Australia for the first time this May. Excerpts from this ongoing online daily project of simple imagery and words will be hosted exclusively at Sydney’s newest public art space, Lane Four at The Galeries.

Curated by aMBUSH Gallery, Jeremyville has handpicked 20 from his 450 Community Service Announcements especially for the Lane Four space. This project was originally launched online

and through street art in New York, and then exhibited at art galleries, creative conferences and workshops in Berlin, Oslo, Sao Paulo, Buenos Aires and New York. Community Service Announcements explores complex concepts such as self-empowerment, personal growth, love, loss and what it means to be human in a remarkably simple and straightforward way.

One of Australia’s most successful art and design exports, having exhibited at the Andy Warhol Museum in the US, the Madre Museum in Napoli, Colette in Paris and the 798 Arts District in Beijing, Jeremyvilleis proud to be bringing his Community Service Announcements to Australia for the first time, “We all need time to reflect, contemplate, and enter into our own thoughts, like reading a haiku or listening to an acoustic guitar played by a campfire. I try to create this feeling of introspection and quietness during the noise of our day” he said.

Jeremyville Community Service Announcements is the latest exhibition to be hosted by Lane Four at The Galeries – a pop-up exhibition space curated by aMBUSH Gallery. Lane Four was launched in 2011 in the heart of Sydney’s CBD, attracting wider audiences to the work of both established and emerging artists alike. The exhibitions already hosted at Lane Four include photography exhibition [thousand words], which featured images from Montalbetti + Campbell and Andrew Quilty among others, andRainbow City Gaze by Anthony Lister; one of Australia’s leading contemporary artists."

Check out some really cool pics over at Mallhaciel’s blog, and if you’re in Sydney, stop by and take a look for yourself and get yourself a good dose of cool and quirky!

ye3n Picture1 3 thumb Exhibition Jeremyville Public Service Announcements Sydney in sydney international illustration genres graphic design genres exhibitions

Who: Jeremyville
What: Public Services Announcement display and exhibition
Where: Lane Four at the Galeries, 500 George Street, Sydney, NSW
When: Exhibition runs from 29th May until the

Check out Jeremyville, aMBUSH Gallery, Lane Four and The Galeries for more information.

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