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Exhibition – Guido Van Helten & Scott Marsh – Wollongong

Their last show together looked great, and this next one is sure to be also! Guido Van Helten and Scott Marsh are putting on another show, this time in Woollongong, nicely titled “Road To Ruin” – we like it already …

“Opening this weekend is an exhibition by street art/graffiti artists Scott Marsh and Guido Van Helten. Their exhibition ROAD TO RUIN is a showcase of works two of Brisbane and Sydney’s most prolific street art/graffiti artists.

While they have a longstanding history of previous collaborations, this latest exhibition will bring together their complimenting styles of street art/graffiti inspired portraiture with works on canvas, digital print and walls of Wollongong!”

Check out some cool preview shot over at The Opening Hours – lookin cool!


Who: Scott Marsh and Guido Van Helten
What: Road To Ruin
Where: Gallery 5 Crown Lane, Wollongong NSW
When: Show opens on Friday 14th July from 7pm til 10pm, and runs from 12th July to 25th July.

Check out the Gallery 5 website for more info!

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Exhibition – Always On Vacation – Sydney

Lots happening up in Sydney this week, not least of which is this group show opening up at aMBUSH Gallery this Thursday night – a whimsical look at that most beloved time period of ours – the vacation!

"Always on Vacation is a group show that seeks to showcase the work of thirteen Sydney-based emerging visual artists and musicians.

The exhibition will provide a platform for them explore and articulate their response to the concept of Vacation, and to present their creative practise to a concentrated audience. Some of these artists have interpreted the concept literally, depicting their signature characters in scenes and landscapes derived from destinations associated with travel and adventure. Others have dissected the concept further, treating our capacity for dreaming and imaginative escapism as an opportunity for vacation that never leaves us. However, regardless of their approach, the Vacation artists share in the search for the glimmering moments of reprieve that can be attained simply through creative expression.

Always on Vacation is the collective result of those moments, and you are invited to join the artists on their adventure. The exhibition launches on Thursday 12 July at aMBUSH Gallery, Waterloo from 6-10pm, with live music from 8pm. Complimentary ice cold Viking Beer from Iceland will be served on the night."

As always AMBUSH Gallery looks set to rock out with this show, and if you haven’t ever been to an opening at the gallery, this is your chance. If you have, well, you know what to expect – great art and good times!


Who: Dejon, Birdhat, Tdub, Wet Lungs, Wolfkid, David Crystalface, Mr French/Refic, L E W, Skulk, Jael, Guy Verge Wallace and DABS BMX. Live music performances: Guerre, Albatross, Vacation. Lighting display: Optic Soup (Jobe Tobias Williams)
What: Always on Vacation group show
Where: aMBUSH Gallery, 4a James St, Waterloo, Sydney
When: Opening night Thursday 12 July, 6-10pm and runs until Sunday 15 July, 12-4pm daily

Check out the aMBUSH Gallery website as well as the facebook event page for more info!

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Exhibition – ABOVE – Jetset – Melbourne

Well, its finally come around – after landing in Melbourne a little while ago, international street artist and sojourner extraordinaire ABOVE will be opening his next exhibition, Jetset, at Metro Gallery.

We have been excited about this show for a long time, and we know how much work the man has put into it over the last few months -  we really can’t wait to see what he has in store for all of us.

"Known for his constant global travels, his social and politically charged messages, one of the world’s biggest names in street art returns to Melbourne in July to present his solo show titled ‘Jet Set’ – an exhibition of new works at Metro Gallery. Deliberately choosing to conceal his identity, the often controversial work of prolific and established street artist ABOVE, can be seen in over 90 cities in more than 60 countries across the globe.

Inspired by over a decade of non-stop transient existence, ‘Jet Set’ will showcase the 10 cities that have most impacted ABOVE’s life and work over 10 years: New York, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Paris, London, Rome, Sydney, Melbourne, Rio de Janeiro and Buenos Aires.

"I’ve lived a transient life since I moved from San Francisco to Paris at 19, moving from place to place with just a pocket full of ambition. I’ve not been in any given location during the past 10 years for more than 3 months before venturing off to my next challenging city and adventure that awaits me.  Each of the 10 cities I have chosen have shaped me in some fundamental way and impacted me as an artist and person so with each artwork I’m going to channel those emotions and experiences into each relative cities piece. My goal with the Jet Set exhibition is to transport you to each city the way I have experienced it." ABOVE said.

ABOVE is widely recognised for his full colour figurative stencils, wooden ‘arrow mobile’ installations and large social-political word play paintings."

Its really only fitting that it’ll be happening this Wednesday, the 4th of July – and we’ll be there to celebrate!


What: Jetset
Where: Metro Gallery, 1214 High Street, Armadale, Victoria
When: Show opens Wednesday 4th July from 6pm til 9pm, and runs until 14th July

Check out Aboves website, as well as the Metro Gallery website for more information.

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Snapshots – Brett Chan – China Heights

Well, we have to apologise,there really is just so much going on at the moment that it is hard to keep up! We are still playing massive catch up on content from the past two or three weeks, we have a whole bunch of snapshots this week coming up -  Secret Walls, two pairs of top 10s, Rone and out Comic-con photo coverage coming up …

But before we get to those and sort them all though, our friend Takie got down to Brett Chans show at China Heights in Sydney the other week, and got us some great shots from it, and we’ve finally got around to getting them up – check them all out for yourself!!


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Thursday Transmissions – Form, Lanes & Walls

Some great videos of street art from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane this week – as well as a bunch of other cool art movies. Read on to see the best of all the video we’ve seen from across the scene …


Sofles image via Rolanddion.

Form Gallery launches its latest show tonight, in the shape of Living Walls – check out this cool little report on the show and what you can expect from the opening!

Conrad Bizjak released this cool time lapse video with the guys from Cut & Paste and T-Squat– we loved this and love the mans process!

Check out this run down from the first Secret Walls Sydney round between Sindy Sinn and Dale Bigeni at Oxford Art Factory the other week!

Sofles just released a new video, masterful work from one of Australias best!!

Sofles @ Step in the Arena 2012 from Boris Suyderhoud on Vimeo.

Guido Van Helten has another video up, this ones done in conjunction with Lostmovements.com – nice work!

Guido Van Helten from Link on Vimeo.

We finally got a chance to see the recap video from the latest Semi Permanent in Sydney – check it all out.

SP Sydney 2012 Montage from Semi Permanent on Vimeo.

To finish it off, we have two newly uploaded videos taken in both Hosier Lane and Union Lane in Melbournes CBD. These are great walkthroughs, and if you want to see in detail the current state these two iconic Melbourne street art laneways then check these out!

Ah man, we really do love Australian art – what a great week for video!! Catch you next Thursday!

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Exhibition – Danny Wild & Luke Pender – Everything Is In Motion – Sydney

You know what? I think we’ll just have to let you read the introduction to this show first, and watch the video so you can grasp the idea behind it …

"Everything is in Motion is a new drawing work by Danny Wild and Luke Penders. It was created with the aid of various mechanical, robotic and wind up toys in which pens, crayons, markers and other drawing utensils were attached to enable to toys to ‘draw’.

With this piece our focus was on removing objects from their original context, investigating the unpredictable nature of drawing through non-conventional means."

Okay, got it? Cool, now,check out this cool ass video that they put together … mad stuff.

How cool is that?? Robots and dinosaurs, with pens, making art. I really don’t think there is much cooler. Except maybe if there was a wind up triceratops involved. Or if they were 100ft tall … but, this is really as cool as it gets, and a really great idea. Everything Is In Motion is a unique, nearly unclassifiable show, I mean, again, they have toys drawing shit.

It’s shows like Everything Is In Motion that are exactly the kind of things we love; we really wish we could get up there to see it. Kudos to the Zonk Vision dudes for dreaming this one up, and to the Tate crew for putting it on!


Who: What: Everything Is In Motion
Where: The Tate, 345 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, NSW
When: Show opens Wednesday 20th June at 6pm and runs until Sunday June 24th.

Check out the Zonk Vision crew, The Tateand the Toxeth, Danny Wild and Luke Pender.

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Exhibition – Winter – Espionage Gallery – Adelaide

Just when we thought that Espionage Gallery couldn’t possibly keep topping itself, Josh Smith and friends then pull out another doozy – this time with "Winter" – a massively ambitious group show featuring over 50 artists from across Australia, and the world.

"The most ambitious exhibition to date, Winter features over 50+ of the top artists from Toronto, Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide. With over 50+artists and over 60 works this will be the most packed exhibition yet with each artist reinterpreting the theme of "winter".
Come along and be part of what could be one of the most memorable and packed exhibitions at Espionage Gallery."

This looks huge – with the names in there, and the various different types of works they’ll be putting up, there literally will be something for everyone – and then some!!!

wintershowflyer (Custom)

Who: Lisa Vanin, Rebecca Murphy, YMT, Nicole Tattersall, Be Free, Suki,
Cameron Brideoake, Creature Creature, Ellie Kammer, Kerri Ann Wright, Emmaline Zanelli, Katie Johnson, Jenny Allnutt, Tiff Rysdale, Pip
Kruger, Lampin, Elita A’Vard, Caitlin Millard, Véra Ada, Hailey Lane,
James Dean, Mustachio, Trent Lambert, Gina George Rex, John Willanski, Lindsey Bryant, Daniel Purvis, Donovan Christie, Joshua Miels, Josh Searson, Kate Kowald, Peter Fong, Rose Swincer, Scatterbrain, Tom Borgas, Kat Cuppock, Michael Carney, Rem, Ula Blocksage, Backyard Jesus, Greg Eden, Tim Mcburnie, Ant Can, Magic Jelly, Julian Lee, Jack Snell, Jenny Mclaughlin, Francine Sherman, Brendan Williams, Jessica Stewart, Imee, Catherine Murray, David Burden + more
What: Winter – International Group Show
Where: Espionage Gallery, Suite 1, Level 2, 93 Rundle Mall, Adelaide
When: Show opens Thursday 21st June from 6pm til 9pm, and runs until Sunday 24th June – three days only!

Check out the Espionage Gallery website and the facebook event page for more info!

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Thursday Transmissions – Lights, Blight & Beach

Faaairrllyyy quiet in video land this week, but there’s still some good stuff! Here’s our weekly roundup of what’s good in Australian street and underground art across Youtube, Vimeo and elsewhere …


(Choq – image via Melbourne Street Art)

Here’s a cool little time lapse of Paris artist Choq, who has been staying in Melbourne and doing a heap of street art for a while now, working on one of the traffic light boxes in City of Yarra.

Numskull got over to London recently, and painted up this wall in Hackney Wick in conjunction with AnyForty – nice to see some great Sydney street art over in ‘blighty!

Dabs Myla doin it grand again – always good to see video from these two!

Matt Arbuckle is leaving NZ and heading overseas, here’s a little departing video from him …

Who is Larry Kin? No idea here, either!

That’s about it for this week – til next Thursday! Ez.

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Event – ApeSeven – Damp Gallery – Sydney

As you may have read in the interview that we did with him just last week, ApeSeven has been one busy guy.

One of the projects he has been working on for some time, is a large mural residency at Sydneys Damp Store and Gallery, it’s taken him a  while, but the attention to detail in the small little previews we’ve seen makes it obvious that thats exactly that reason why it needs to be seen!

We’ve been following Damp since they opened, and we’re big advocates of what they’re doing with their space, and we wish we could get down there this Friday night to check out what Apeseven has done with it all!

We’re also massive fans of this mans work – its going to be a rockin event, with food, beverages and good times to be had.


Who: Apeseven
What: Apeseven residency show
Where: Damp Store & Gallery, Shop 4, 31 Brighton Street, Curl Curl, NSW
When: Event runs from 6pm til 10pm on Friday, 15th June, 2012!

Check out Damp here as well as the facebook event page for more info, as well as Apesevens website.

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Snapshots – Phibs – Unspoken Worlds – Kind Of – Sydney

Unspoken Words, a follow up to his recent show at Backwoods Gallery in Melbourne, was a portal into the unique and highly stylised work of Phibs that we all know and love.

The space was filled to the brim with art and people on opening night, jostling for position to view the artists works on canvas, paper and found objects. A focal point was a sculpture of deliciously painted tree bark holding a dangling sea shell in the shape of a pyramid – it’s always good to see an artist reach outside the normal confines of 2D surfaces!


All photos via Takie. Check out Kind Of Gallery – Periodical, and Phibs website.

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