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Exhibition – Your Kid Cant Do This – Sydney

We are always the biggest lovers of stencil art here, and group shows with such high calibre, international work are always a welcome sight!! Out of the awesomeness that is the new aMBUSH Gallery, comes probably one of the biggest and best international stencil art exhibitions we have seen in years – Your Kid Cant Do This!

“However derisively you feel about conceptual art, and no matter how skillfully your chubby-cheeked progeny wields a Magic Marker, the fact remains that when it comes to the technical mastery and intricate vision of this line up of world-class stencil artists, Your Kid Can’t Do This.

Returning for the first time since 2010, international stencil art exhibition Your Kid Can’t Do This launches at aMBUSH Gallery, Central Park, Sydney on Friday 26 June from 6-9pm. The group exhibition is curated by Luke Cornish, aka E.L.K, who became the first street-based artist to be selected for inclusion in the prestigious Archibald Prize in 2012, and currently holds the record for creating the highest selling piece of street art in Australia.

YKCDT is the ultimate showcase of contemporary talent within the field of stencil artistry, featuring over 50 artists from 16 countries, including the Godfather of modern stencil art Blek Le Rat (France), Australian stencil art royalty Haha and Vexta, and Hugo Kaagman (Amsterdam), who is heralded as the ‘original pioneer of stencil art’. YKCDT also platforms the work of every winner of the Australian Stencil Art Prize from 2009-2014, leading stencillers from across Europe and America, and an assortment of emerging artists whose quieter reputations belie their exceptional talent.

“Modern stencil art exploded on to the scene in Australia in the early 2000s, around the time of the American invasion of Iraq. Hundreds of artists with a message hit the streets and lane ways, using the quickest means of delivering that message: stencil. In the decade that has followed, the boom of street stencils scene has slowed down, but the evolution of the medium continues to progress to a near hyper-realistic aesthetic. The 2015 instalment of YKCDT is set to be Australia’s most outstanding display of stencil art yet.”

On the opening night, Fenella Kernebone, host of By Design on Radio National and The Sound Lab on Triple J, will officially launch the exhibition.”

Put together by the brilliantly talented. and, well, one of the most authoritative stencils artists in the world, E.L.K., YKCDT is going to be an epic display of modern stencil art from across the globe – do not miss this show!!!


Who: Blek Le Rat, 23rd Key, Adam 5100, Artestensiva, B-toy, Be Free, Brian DeLoncker, C215, Camo, Czarnobyl, David Soukup, Denial, Eelus, Eime, EINS92, ELK, HAHA, Hugo Kaagman, Icy & Sot, Jamin, Jana et Js, Jef Aerosol, Joe Iurato, Joshua Smith, Katheine Jukes, Kirpy, Klingatron, Koleszar, Lekomio, Losop, M-City, Martin Whatson, Mili Vada, Mini Graff, Monstfur, Nils, Nufink, Ortaku, Orticanoodles, Pahni, Papermonster, Pisa 73, Ralf Kempken, Scotch Willington
What: Your Kid Can’t Do This – Exhibition
When: Friday 26 June, 6-9pm
Where: the new aMBUSH Gallery, Level 3 Central Park The Living Mall), 28 Broadway, Chippendale (opposite UTS)

Stencil Workshop with E.L.K
When: Saturday 27 June, 2-5pm
Where: aMBUSH Project Space, Level 3 Central Park
Cost: Free
Register: elkstencils@hotmail.com

Check out the facebook event page and aMBUSH Gallery for more info!

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Video – Fintan Magee – Man Bites Dog

Video – Fintan Magee – Man Bites Dog

Murdochs The Daily Telegraph is a bias piece of shit masquerading as journalism and Fintan Magee, like so many of us, hates it. Which is actually a good thing, too, because otherwise he wouldnt have done this awesome piece – Man Bites Dog. Check out the release for it and the video below!


“Sydney based artist, Fintan Magee is rapidly becoming one of Australia’s most prominent street artists having been commissioned to paint in over 20 cities around the world.

Arguably his most political work to date, ‘Man Bites Dog’ explores media bias in Australia.

Originally installed in an abandoned warehouse in Sydney’s Alexandria, Magee painted the detailed mural at the centre of the work before ceremoniously burning a life-sized wire sculpture filled with copies of The Daily Telegraph newspaper, filming the process to create a mesmeric video installation.

‘Man Bites Dog’ will be exhibited as part of ‘PROTEST’, a group exhibition opening at M16 Art Space in Canberra on Thursday 26 March

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Snapshots – Heesco – Liminal – Sydney

Last Wednesday night our mate Heesco headed up Sydney way to open his latest show, Liminal, at The Tate.

Edinfocus was also there on the night, and we’re glad too, as he had his camera out and captured a whole swag of fantastic photos from the show, which you can check out below!

Looks like it was an absolutely fantastic show, wish we could have been there – thanks to Ed and Heesco for the pics!





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Exhibition – Heesco – Liminal – Sydney

Our good mate Heesco has a new show coming up, this time at The Tate in Sydney!

Its been a while since we saw a solo show from the man, who has been busy over the last year painting across Oz, Mongolia and NYC – and having seen the new direction that the work in this show has been taking over the past six months or so, we’re pretty excited to see how it all turns out. This latest show veers towards the abstract, but abstract in the way that is more than familiar for those of you that know Heescos work. Explosive, elemental and with a shitload of energy, Heescos Liminal is a gorgeous riot of colour.

“Liminal – adjective

1. relating to a transitional or initial stage of a process.

2. occupying a position at, or on both sides of, a boundary or threshold.

With Liminal, there is a hyperfocus at the central point of Heesco’s many and varied influences from graffiti, comics, fantasy and sci-fi illustration to gestural and hard-edge abstraction, surrealism, and age-old figurative painting. It’s

an epic clash of opposing ideals and dynamics resulting in works that burst with energy, vibrancy and undeniable artistic skill.

The paintings are visceral and hypnotic, which exude elements and ideas from his Mongolian upbringing clashing with contemporary urban culture. The result is a unique new category that only Heesco can own. These works are a must see in person.

Heesco is an internationally recognised graffiti and street artist based in Melbourne – for catalogue enquiries contact heesco@heesco.com”

Check out a few of the images of works from the show, and see the mad new direction that Heescos work has taken recently.

unnamed (2)

unnamed (1)


Also, heres a small sampling of the show and some of the work in this preview video from Michael Danischewski! Head down to The Tate this Wednesday to see the show for yourselves.

HEESCO- Liminal from Michael Danischewski on Vimeo.

Who: Heesco
What: Liminal Solo show
Where: The Tate, 345 Glebe Pt Rod, Glebe, Sydney
When: Show opens Wednesday October 3rd from 6pm til 9pm, and runs for a week

Check out the facebook event page for more info!!

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Exhibition – Mistery – A Gallery Far Far Away – Singapore

Greetings all from the Lion City – this will be my first real post since my relocation up to Singapore a week or two ago, I decided to take the plunge and do something new, so I’ll be based out of here for the next six months or so. Good thing too, as there is a crapload of great stuff happening in the SE Asia region right now that I’m hoping to cover, like this show from old school Sydney graff legend Mistery – which just popped onto my radar today!

“Reaching back to his comic book roots, Australian graffiti artist Mistery has reinterpreted classic Star-Wars imagery in cartoon form with a graffiti styled twist.

Not only regarded as one of the countries leading aerosol artists, Mistery is also an accomplished B-Boy and MC, with Spanish paint company MTN recently producing a limited edition spray can in his honor! 

Join us on Thursday night to meet the artist, view the works and enjoy some drinks, as we launch this new exhibition at CAD.”

Heres a work in progress of something for the show …


I fucking love Star Wars. I’ve seen the mans work in photos, but never had a chance to see it in a gallery context,  so i’m really looking forward to this one – and i’ll be sure to grab a bunch of photos whilst Im at it.

Check out a video featuring the man below …

For What it’s Worth from Adam Lowe on Vimeo.

If you’re in Singapore, head on down and check it out – oz graff at its finest!

And finally, some mad Mistery shit to keep your eyes open … all details are below for the event itself ..



Who: Mistery
What: A Gallery Far Far Away
Where: CAD Cafe, 23 Haji Lane, Singapore
When: Show opens Thursday 24th July from 7pm til later and runs for, well, not quite sure so best get there tomorrow!

Check out the facebook event page for more info!

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Exhibition – E.L.K. & Will Coles – Art Equity – Sydney

Well this is a bit of a powerhouse exhibition join-up right here – the amazing E.L.K. (Luke Cornish) and Will Coles getting together to put on a show together down at Art Equity in Sydney.

Both of these guys are at the top of their game, and I know that with this show we can expect something a little different – with Will Coles having just been down here in Melbourne recently, smashing up a whole pile of his trademarked concrete pieces, and with some preview pieces of some bronze casted sculptural pieces from E.L.K. we know that alongside their staple awesomeness, there is going to be some great little surprises at the show!

Take a  look at a shitload of preview photos from some of the works in the show, and head down and check them out this Thursday night down at Art Equity


Who: E.L.K. & will Coles

What: Art Equity duo show
Where: Art Equity, Level 1, 66 king St, Sydney
When: Show opens Thursday 29th may 20014, from 6pm til 9pm, and runs until 13th June

Check out the facebook event page for more info on the show!

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Exhibition – Vans The Omega – Into The Light – Sydney

On Wednesday night, the amazing Vans The Omega will be holding an exhibition in Sydney, bringing his unique style and patterned brilliance to the walls of The Tate. Now, we shouldn’t need to introduce you to Vans, if you know your art here in Australia, but in case you haven’t heard of one of the top artists in our country, maybe you should go and check out his website before reading all the info for the show below …

“A solo exhibition by Vans The Omega in collaboration with East Editions, The Hours and Karton Group, featuring a range of unique hand painted furniture and homewares, sculptural works and installations, new mixed media paintings and a limited edition print set.

Roughly based in Adelaide Australia, Vans the Omega has been creating and painting letterforms for over two decades, which has seen him travel around the globe consistently since 2000. Recognised in the global graffiti scene for his attention to detail and search for perfection within letter structure and technique, most of his influences come from ancient scripts, architecture, engineering, nature and the idea of movement or balance.

His use of sharp highly technical machine like shapes and seemingly impossible patterns mixed with a traditional graffiti aesthetic, blend together to produce new innovative artworks which continue to push boundaries and perfect his craft. Vans The Omega is extremely well travelled and has exhibited artwork and painted murals all over the world.”

This will be an excellent display of work from one of the best practitioners on walls across the world, so head down to check it all out yourselves.


Who: Vans The Omega
What: Into The Light solo show
Where: The Tate, 345 Glebe point Rd, Glebe, Sydney
When: Show opens Wednesday 21st May from 6pm til 9pm and runs until Saturday 24th May.

Check out Vans The Omega on his website as well as the facebook event page.

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Exhibition – From The Streets – M Contemporary – Sydney

A grand show of both locally known and international artists will be opening up this week in Sydney, as the aMBUSH crew and M Contemporary team up to present From The Streets – a celebration of artists who have their roots in street based practices.

“Please join us for the opening of FROM THE STREETS on Saturday 22 March at M Contemporary gallery, 37 Ocean St, Woollahra from 4-6pm. Artists ADNATE, BEASTMAN and SHANNON CREES will be painting live at the opening and the works will be auctioned to raise money for the children’s medical charity Operation Smile.

Also, the FROM THE STREETS exhibition, which will run until 27 April, brings together street artists from around the world to highlight the many different genres of street art and the different practices that artists utilise in their work. The featuring artists are Adnate (Melbourne), Beastman (Sydney), Chris Uphues (New York), Ever (Buenos Aires), Jaz (Buenos Aires), Jef Aerosol (Lille), Mademoiselle Maurice (Paris), Morley (LA), Shannon Crees (Sydney), Slinkachu (London) and Will Coles (Sydney).”

Head down to M Contemporary to check it all out this Saturday afternoon.


Who: Adnate (Melbourne), Beastman (Sydney), Chris Uphues (New York), Ever (Buenos Aires), Jaz (Buenos Aires), Jef Aerosol (Lille), Mademoiselle Maurice (Paris), Morley (LA), Shannon Crees (Sydney), Slinkachu (London), Will Coles (Sydney)
What: From The Streets group exhibition
Where: M Contemporary
When: Saturday 22nd March from 4pm til 6pm and running until 27th April 2014

Check out the facebook event page and M Contemporary for more info.

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Exhibition – Cam Scale – Iron Oxied – Sydney

This week, Melbourne artist Cam Scale hits one of Sydneys coolest galleries, The Tate, for his solo show “Iron Oxied”.

Iron Oxied will be a grand exhibition of small works on found objects, with Scale gathering a whole bunch of unique, and ohhh, mildly familiar, metal canvases on which he’s applied his more than sufficient skills.

As Scale says, the show will be “Exploring the elements around us, our human interaction with nature and existence within the universe.” Take a look at a couple of the process shots below …

1796658_10203516525096787_1253717944_n 1150145_10203516507896357_751569872_n

Nice. Very, very nice!! Head down to The Tate to see it all for yourself, it’s gunna be grand!!


Who: Cam Scale
What: Iron Oxide solo show
Where: The Tate @ The Toxeth Hotel, 345 Glebe point Rd, Glebe, Sydney
When: Show opens Wednesday 10th March from 6pm til 9pm, and runs until 23rd March.

Check out the facebook event page for more info.

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Event – Drewfunk Open Studio – Melbourne

Well, it’s always a little sad seeing an artist head off from the ‘burn on new adventures, but when its someone like Drewfunk its even more so! Drewfunk has been such a stalwart in the Melbourne art scene for so long that it’ll be hard to imagine not bumping into him all the time at Blender (or Workshop, ha!) but he’s heading off up to Sydney for a change of pace, and in celebration of his time here and to new beginnings he’ll be having an open studio, with a bunch of artwork up for grabs and a bit of a bbq sendoff.

“Some of new and old unseen work will be available, also some prints, books and one off drawings.

I’ve been in Melbourne since early 2006, Its time for a change. Moving to Sydney on the 30th of March. Come by for a catchup. DJ’s and BBQ will be organized too. After party starts from 5 – 10pm. (BYO Drinks) ”

From me, on a personal note, Drew – you’ll be missed bro – hope you have all the luck in the world up in Sydney, and in the meantime, see you Saturday!!

Head down to Blender to celebrate with the man himself this weekend, and maybe even pick up some mad Drewfunk bargains!


Who: Drewfunk
What: Open Studio
Where: Blender Studios, 110 Franklin St, Melbourne
When: Open studio from 12pm til 5pm, after party from 5 – 10pm, Saturday 13th March 2014

Check out the facebook event page for more info on the event!!



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