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Outpost Project – Australian Stencil Art Prize – Sydney

Congrats to all finalists of the Australian Stencil Art Prize, as a part of Outpost Project on Cockatoo Island this coming weekend!

Back in 2008, the Australian Stencil Art Prize was born from a simple idea – the desire to put a spotlight on the amazing calibre of Stencil artists – and it has now transformed in three short years to a fundamental piece of Australian street art culture.

The aim of the prize, is, simply, to recognise, reward and archive stencil artists and stencil art itself, as an “art-form in its own right”.

Director Jacinta Walpole, who has a long running background in community projects, and local artist Nicholas Fintan, curator and coordinator, have worked diligently on the Art Prize to reach the height it has and have definitely created a superior sincere artistic contest. And an integral component of the Outpost Project this year.

After last years winner, E.L.K. took out the title with an incredible piece, we welcome this years the finalists to the festival and await anxiously for the winner to be revealed on Saturday! Stay Tuned!


Who: 23rd Key, Adam Obscene, BAT, Boo, dale, Danny Guinsberg, Deakz, Earwig, El Lobo, FUKT, Gabriella Szablewska, Giselle Barron, Harry Warne, Jared Gibson, Jason McLeod, Jay Medlen, Jessica Row, Jimmy Neilly, Joshua Smith, Jak Rapmund, Justin Gamsworthy, Karen Torrisi, Katherine Jukes, Lorenzo Fontana, Aarron James McGarry, Michael Duncan, Miss Link, MR.SWEET, Ms. Slice, Nick Hore, Nigel Sense, PAWA, Pixel P, Poncho Army, Ralf Kempken, Robyn Cross, Shanta, Skallywag, TERRIBLEHORRIBLE, Teschi, and Veronica O’Leary.
What: The Australian Arts Stencil Prize 2011
Where: Outpost Project – Cockatoo Island, Sydney
When: Saturday 5th November 2-5pm

Check the Facebook Page for this event and the Outpost Project website for all festival info

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Exhibition – Australian Stencil Art Prize 2010 – NSW

Okay, only a few more to go (backlog is killing me today!) … and this one is for the 2010 Oz Stencil Art Prize. This prize is in its second year, and has sourced a bunch of amazing stencil artists from across Australia. Oh Really have done a great job as well from all the preview images of finding a diverse range of finalists!

From the press release:"

“There’s something magic about stencil art. It’s a little bit retro and yet it feels so new” says ASAP Director Jacinta Walpole. “Whether it’s a simple design that stays in your head, or a detailed photo-real stencil with an exhaustive number of layers. The concept is simple, and yet the art of it isn’t.”

One of the key aims of ASAP is to recognise and reward Australian stencil artists and this year’s art prize will feature 20 finalists exhibiting their stencil artworks at Oh Really Gallery.

The range of stencil artists includes a number of established artists such as Canberra’s E.L.K who recently exhibited alongside the Parisian ‘Godfather of stencil art’ Blek Le Rat through to the likes of 16 year old high school student James Ottaway in Tasmania. All artworks are for sale.

“Nearly everyone has seen a Banksy stencil” says Walpole, “But not everyone is as aware of  our own stencil artists. This art prize helps raise the profile of Australia’s talented stencil artists.”

Among the many different stencil styles, methods and mediums – the not to be missed list includes: E.L.K’s detailed stencil of singer Saul Williams, Ralf Kempken’s intricate 3D stencil of his son carved into a canvas, Robyn Cross’s quirky dog portrait ‘Where’s Leon’, Jak Rapmunds edgy urban styled ‘Life’s better in 3D’ and 23rd Key’s self portrait “Grind on my Face’  sprayed onto a skateboard.”


Who: 23rd Key, Robyn Cross, Shanta, Ralf Kempken, Boo, Rhen Dodd, sYKe, Nick Hore, E.L.K. , AAAGHH!, Nicholas Baxter, Jak Rapmund, Shaggy Bat, Ilia Kokalevski, Danny Guinsberg, Tom Deacon, Melanie Foster, James Ittaway, Poncho Army, cecart
What: 2010 Australian Stencil Prize exhibition
Where: Oh Really Gallery, Sydney
55 Enmore Road, Newtown
When: 6pm, Thursday 11 November 2010

Via Oh Really and the Australian Stencil Art Prize website

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