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Exhibition – Red Six Standing By – Star Wars Tribute Exhibition – Melbourne

Well this one looks pretty cool – Artboy Gallery has a long list of fan based art exhibition goodness spanning from scifi to fantasy to video games.

This next show, Red Six Standing By pulls together a bunch of talent to present a Star Wars tribute exhibition – and there aint nothing like a good old fashioned hanging featuring a whole load of our favourite scifi personas and creatures!!

Opening up alongside the inaugural Greville Village Markets this Sunday, R6-SB (heh) will be what Artboy always does best – a fun, pop-art infused show of filmtastic brilliance. Head down there this Sunday to see it all for ourself!


Who: A whole slew of collected artists …
What: Red Six Standing By – a Star Wars Tribute exhibition
Where: Artboy Gallery, 99 Greville St, Prahran, Victoria, Australia
When: Show opens Sunday September 1st from 11am to 4pm as a part of the Greville Village Market

Check out Artboy Gallery and their facebook page for more info!

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Event – Oz Comic-Con – Melbourne

When we first heard word that Comic-con was coming down under last year, we were pretty damned excited. After that, we sat her in Melbourne and had to live vicariously off the photos and run downs of the inaugural event over in Adelaide – but now, finally, its Melbournes turn.

If you haven’t heard of Comic-con, in whichever incarnation it takes, and you’re reading this website, then there is something seriously strange going on. Comic-con is now a world wide phenomenon, garnering legions of fan of comics, movies, animation and all things super, horror, scifi and fantastical. That this event is now running down here in Oz is a big thing – proving that our fandom is just as mighty as any other countries!

Patrick Stewart. Stan Lee. Artists. Writers. Editors and everything else in between – read on for the press release, and check it all out …

“After the success of their inaugural Oz Comic-Con event in Adelaide last March, DCA Enterprises heads to Melbourne to present the second round of Oz Comic-Con on Saturday 30th June and Sunday 1st July, 2012.

Over two days, the Oz Comic-Con event will feature international and local film and TV stars; with legendary actor Sir Patrick Stewart (Charles Xavier in The X-Men Series, Captain Jean-Luc Picard in Star Trek: The Next Generation) and comic icon Stan Lee (original creator of Spiderman and other comic icons such as The Hulk, X-Men, Fantastic Four, Iron Man and Thor) heading the stellar line up.

In the spirit of Comic-Con events worldwide – Oz Comic-Con will be a pop culture expo like no other in Australia. Melbourne fans will be among the first to experience the event in Australia, with Oz Comic-Con expanding further into Australia throughout 2013 and 2014.

Sir Patrick Stewart and Stan Lee will be joined by other international and local comic, film and TV guests; including Jason Momoa (Game of Thrones, Stargate: Atlantis), Julie Benz(Dexter), Mitch Peleggi (The X-Files, Sons of Anarchy), Sean Maher (Firefly, Serenity),Armin Shimerman (Buffy The Vampire Slayer, Star Trek: Deep Space Nine) and in an exciting new twist – two stars from The Hunger Games movie; Willow Shields (‘Primrose Everdeen’) and Dayo Okeniyi (‘Thresh’) among others.

In an Australian first, aspiring comic creators will be able to submit their work for professional review, with Scott Allie (Dark Horse Comics, Senior Managing Editor) in attendance at Oz Comic-Con Melbourne and scouting for new talent.

There will also be comic book and anime artists, gaming demonstrations and cosplay competitions (a unique type of performance art in which participants don costumes to reflect cultural ideas and concepts, often from Japanese popular fiction).

“After the overwhelming success of Adelaide – we cannot wait to see what Melbourne has in store for us…,” said Carissa Avenhouse, of event organisers DCA Enterprises. “Oz Comic-Con is the perfect place for fans to share their love of pop culture, get up close and personal with celebrities, enter contests with fantastic prizes or gain tips on how to break into the industry.”

Oz Comic-Con is brought to Melbourne by DCA Enterprises (http://www.thehubproductions.com/), a Sydney-based company who specialise in popular culture events, bringing some of the world’s most loved stars to Australian shores. Recent DCA Enterprises events include Twilight 2008, 2009 and 2010 (featuring Taylor Lautner, Kellan Lutz and Nikki Reed), Star Trek 2010 (featuring William Shatner and Scott Bakula), Gleek-On 2010 (featuring Kevin McHale) and Stargate 2010 (featuring Richard Dean Anderson and Chris Judge).”

What more could you possibly want, really? After heading to Supernova a few months back, and having an absolute blast, we’re really looking forward to getting down to Comic-con – no longer do we need to spend thousands to get over to San Diego or New York – its right here in our own backyard.

We also just did a special interview with Dark Horse editor Scott Allie in the lead up to the event!

So, so good – check out some of the pics from the Adelaide event, and head here to grab some tickets!

Oz ComicCon Adelaide 4

Oz ComicCon Adelaide 5
Oz ComicCon Adelaide 6

Oz ComicCon Adelaide 7

Who: Stan Lee, Patrick Stewart, Scott Allie, Jason Momoa, Dayo Okeniyi, Willow Shields, Armin Shimerman and so many more stars and artists – check here for the full run down.
What: Oz Comic-con Melbourne
Where: Melbourne Convention and Exhibition Centre,1 Convention Centre Place, South Wharf, Melbourne
When: Saturday June 30th and Sunday July 1st 10am to 6pm.

Check out the Oz Comic-con website and the facebook page for more info on the entire show – so much going on …

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Event – ApeSeven – Damp Gallery – Sydney

As you may have read in the interview that we did with him just last week, ApeSeven has been one busy guy.

One of the projects he has been working on for some time, is a large mural residency at Sydneys Damp Store and Gallery, it’s taken him a  while, but the attention to detail in the small little previews we’ve seen makes it obvious that thats exactly that reason why it needs to be seen!

We’ve been following Damp since they opened, and we’re big advocates of what they’re doing with their space, and we wish we could get down there this Friday night to check out what Apeseven has done with it all!

We’re also massive fans of this mans work – its going to be a rockin event, with food, beverages and good times to be had.


Who: Apeseven
What: Apeseven residency show
Where: Damp Store & Gallery, Shop 4, 31 Brighton Street, Curl Curl, NSW
When: Event runs from 6pm til 10pm on Friday, 15th June, 2012!

Check out Damp here as well as the facebook event page for more info, as well as Apesevens website.

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Interview – ApeSeven

There is a curious thing happening in the world today, something vast and progressive, yet outside of the viewpoint of those who pay it little attention. We take it as given, we adapt to its changes and we feel its ubiquity without really understanding what is happening – because, for the most part, it is a juggernaut to which not only do we pay homage, but reverence; the deity of technology is overcoming mythos of old, replacing ancient beliefs with supplication to its all encompassing omniscience. This is the accelerando, the exponential change of technological progression, a bell curve of rapidity that is quickly outstripping our ability to understand all the changes as they occur.

This acceleration, however, is not unnoticed by all. Scientists from all fields, futurists such as Ray Kurzweil have written upon it and investigated it extensively, and an entire university has been created to track its development. One group of people, however, are at the forefront of pushing these developments into the minds of the human consciousness, and it is through the eyes of artists that these notions are being visually presented to the world at large. Some may shrug it off as merely being "sci-fi"; we call it an imperative gaze into the future of the human condition.

ApeSeven is a multidisciplinary artists whose work delves into areas associated with this rapid climb in technological ubiquity. His figures contain visages of flesh and steel, circuits and skin. ApeSeven presents these ideas with influences imbibed from graffiti, skate and hiphop culture. From found objects to aerosol, illustration and a veritable compilation of mix media talents, his work is that of a man looking forward into his own visionary world without leaving the context of the present.

Ideology, the scientific method, an affinity with traditional folkloric knowledge, as well as a reverence for the history of learning and progress, all play a role within ApeSevens work, the elements of which are all manifestly evident in the large, post-human figures found adorning the walls of the cities he visits.

We caught up with ApeSeven ahead of the end of his residency event at Sydneys DampSpace, where he has spent the last two or so months creating a wall piece that will shortly be unveiled. Read on

naturesfury2web (Large)

Right back at the beginning, how did you start out drawing and painting, and how did you get into the creative game?

I started drawing in primary school at first for all the kids in class as part of their creative writing works… haha, I was an illustrator at the age of 8! It wasn’t until my later years snowboarding in Canada that painting came along as a means to relaxing in the evenings. I had the privilege  of meeting a fellow snowboarder US west Coast artist "Klutch" in the early 2000’s he essentially was the first person to invite me to exhibit my works in Portland and San Francisco.

Skate culture, hip hop, science, technology … all all are fertile grounds for artists when it comes to formative years and their original influences – why do these things hold resonance with you, and what do you believe it is about some of these influences that finds them pervasive in a lot of the art being produced today?

First and foremost skating was my first passion and in hindsight it was a creative outlet, one which helped me to redefine what urban spaces
original purpose was. Things were no longer pathways, walls, steps but obstacles which needed to be manipulated and mastered.

Rap and the early can do attitude of the hip hop music scene resonated with me, here were guys with no formal music training and basic equipment getting to express their ideas … very inspirational!

Science and technology are one and the same, and I guess they represent my more rational side. Yet upon thinking about it more … the same "can do" attitude from early scientists, with their abilities to imagine, theorize and then prove concepts … the mind boggles … awesome.

Armadaweb (Large)

One thing we’re interested in, is that we saw your interests also revolve around science, technology, and folklore – one would think that out of the three, that folklore is pretty far from technology, and people automatically get an idea of old stories and fabled tales  – but there is already a culture of folkloric mythology around technology and science, which has become more apparent over the years; how do you interpret this via your work, and what do these juxtapositions of concepts garner within it?

I interpret  this modern notion by combining visually organic elements, currently being skeletal structures and infusing them with notions of perpetual technology. These infusions are both represented by realistically painted tech and also by graphically painted symbols and nomenclature .

What I hope to explore is the idea of the new world religion "science", its past present and essentially create a visual science fiction of possible futures.

Genesisweb (Large)

You did some pretty cool stuff on glass bottles, do you often create art using found objects? What’s the coolest/weirdest/most random thing you have ever used to create with?

I think the use of found objects come from skateboarding years the whole reuse, redefine  idea. I think the weirdest thing would be using my own saliva to mix with paints so that I would leave a genetic signature …

Your technique is really varied, stencils to aerosol, traditional to mixed media – we often ask the question "Why is it important to vary your style" but we’re also curious – do you think that this time spent across various mediums means that it can take longer to master each one? Or is it a more complimentary evolution?

Mixed media represents the stratification of ideas and concepts in my head; within individual works there are many fulcrums of ideology and memory.

I guess  a thorough understanding of light is important whether you are painting or drawing. I don’t think of different media as complete
different tools and yes as you have suggested complimentary and

I think it is important to explore various techniques, from the point of view that it keeps you learning – hence keeping your thought processes fresh. I personally believe that you owe your existence/gifts to learning…

deadchevalier2web (Large)

Tell us a bit more about your aerosol work – how does this evolve out from the work you do with drawing and on canvases, and what techniques, if any, will you use both in the context of the piece zas well as in techniques, that differ between the two?

I think the evolution comes from an adaptation to paint works in public spaces quickly! The main ramifications being that I bring the aerosol component back to the studio as a mixed media tool.

totemweb (Large)

You’ve been named to be part of Secret Walls in Sydney this year; there’s a big buzz about both the Melbourne and Sydney competitions – what do you think is the best thing about the Secret Wars concept? 

If you look back at art history , many artists strive to achieve an efficient economy to their works. To put it another way "how can I best express what I want to say in the simplest way ???"  … I think Secret Walls is a modern perversion of this … and hence extremely challenging.

What do you feel are some of the most important aspects you’ll keep in mind whilst you’re up there battling it out, and what are some of the things you are going to keep in mind whilst you’re battling it out?

Technique, technique, technique … how am I going to push and pull
objects, ideas, in a quick ,efficient manner? As far as I am concerned
there is no crowd or people or third person observational world, just
an obstacle that needs to be overcome.

KLANinstall1web (Large)

Tell us about some of the work you’ve been doing in residency at Damp Space? How did you get involved with the guys there?

I live about five blocks away from Damp. Matt @ Damp simply contacted me, he had seen some of my prior works and wanted for me to have an exhibition – I suggested a direction away from your stock standard gallery show.

Damp space was essentially about giving my self time to work on one work, a mural titled "Former Glory". It is essentially an allegory of humankind’s evolutionary path and its effects on the other  species here on the planet.

What do you have planned for the rest of 2012 and beyond? What directions would you like to go in, and what as yet unrealized projects will you explore?

Yes , yes there is an exhibition coming up later in the year touring Sydney and Melbourne with another artist the curious beasts Kaitlin Beckett. I am just focusing on producing works at the moment – Ideologically the show is aligned to what I am currently working on @ Damp .

The main plan I have for this year is to do the Dobell @ AGNSW, and hence spend 3-4 months on one enormous drawing.

Also this year the concept of true collaboration has popped up, not simply painting stuff side by side with another artist, but engaging with them in a way that produces a third, different work. Currently is a slow process, but some opportunities have arisen …

Check out ApeSevens website for more info on the artist!

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Exhibition – Fanboy vs Artboy – Fairytales & Fables – Melbourne

We love the whimsicalness that is Fanboy vs Artboy, and this next show is whimsy and coolness in full flight. At the last Fanboy vs Artboy (Sci-fi), all visitors were asked to vote on what they wanted to see for the next show, with resounding approval for the theme of Fairytales & Fables!

"Passed down through the centuries from generation to generation, it would be hard to think of any story these days that hasn’t drawn inspiration from a fairytale or fable.

These classic tales and short stories sparked our imagination as children to dream of magical lands far, far away. But peeking behind the curtain of Enchanted Forests, Princes and Princesses, and ‘Happy Ever Afters’ lies sinister and twisted tales of murderous plots, poisonings, kidnappings and wickedly evil Stepmothers!

ArtBoy Gallery threw down the challenge for artists to create an original piece of fan art based on or inspired by their favourite fairytale or fable … over 40 amazing artists did not disappoint!"

These shows are just plain old fun -  if you haven’t been to one yet, this one would be a great place to start!

… oh, and on a parting note – vote #1 ROBOTS for the next installation! Okay? Okay! Hell yes, I hear you say!

Fairytales websize

Who: Artists include Matthew Dunn, Bruyn, Nicole Tattersall, Kaitlin Beckett, Ishi, RJW, Rachee Renee, Brett Willis, Mike Adey, A.i, Rebecca Murphy, Rival Revolution kids, Toni Dowd, Steph Hall, Lindsay Walker, Allain DeLeon, Tassj Brodie, (C)ALM and more.
What: Fanboy vs Artboy – Fairytales & Fables
Where: Artboy Gallery, 99 Greville St, Prahran
When: Show opens this Friday, 16th March from 6pm til 9pm and runs til 25th March.

Check out the facebook event page as well as the Artboy Gallery website for more information.

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Snapshots – Artboy vs Fanboy: Science Fiction

Well, it was a pretty epic night, for an epic show. Stormtroopers, imperial officers, and one hell of a lot of amazing science fiction related artwork at the Artboy vs Fanboy: Science Fiction exhibition in Prahran.

Check out the opening photos below!


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Exhibition – Artboy vs Fanboy: Scifi – Melbourne

See, we thought we already had this show up – but then realised that we had only put up the submissions event for it, damnit! As scifi is one of our favourite things here, and as Artboy is one of our favourite galleries, there’s no excuse – but, rest assured, you have plenty of time to plan to get to Prahran this coming Friday to see it!

So many amazing artists, from all across Australia and the world, we can’t say how much we love the whole fanboy series of exhibitions at Artboy!

"From across the universe aliens, droids, dark lords and even time travelling doctors will come in peace and gather at the Neutral Zone known as ArtBoy Gallery in celebration of things Sci-Fi!

Artists from around the country and as far as France and Saudi Arabia have put aside their SW vs Trekker differences and have created outstanding fan art for the common good of the FanBoy Republic.
Artists include: Heesco – Mike Adey – Matthew Dunn – Nicole Tattersall – PAWA – Josh Lord – Ishi – Pierre Lloga – Kareem Rizk – CALM – ADi – Rebecca Murphy – Frederic Truteau (Fr) – Lisa C. (Fr) – Suzanne Ado (S.A) – DEEJ – Frantz Kantor – Joe Villanti – Ben F Guy – Jack Douglas – RJW – Lindsay Walker – Matthew Wood – Serg Sobolev – Jennie Rosenbaum – and so many more….

We will have a short musical accompaniment from 6pm by members of Ensemble Urbane playing some classic sci-fi themes!

PLUS we are turning over the next FanBoy vs ArtBoy genre to YOU!
Cast your VOTE on opening night and determine which theme we will kick off 2012 with!!"

Really, what more could you want – robots, spaceships, aliens and amazing artists – and, damnit, I’m just annoyed that I’ve been too busy with the site lately to actually put some art into this incredible show!!

FanBoy vs ArtBoy SciFi Poster

Who: Heesco, Mike Adey, Matthew Dunn, Nicole Tattersall, PAWA, Josh Lord, Ishi, Pierre Lloga, Kareem Rizk, CALM, ADi, Rebecca Murphy, Frederic Truteau, Lisa C., Suzanne Ado, DEEJ, Frantz Kantor, Joe Villanti, Ben F Guy, Jack Douglas, RJW, Lindsay Walker, Matthew Wood, Serg Sobolev, Jennie Rosenbaum
What: Artboy vs Fanboy: Science Fiction
Where: Artboy Gallery, 99 Greville St, Prahran, VIC
When: Show opens Friday 25th November, 6pm til 9pm and runs til the 4th of December.

Check out the Artboy Gallery website as well as the facebook event page for more info!

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Exhibition – Cup & Saucer/Where Is My Heart – Melbourne

We love the innovation of the many shows that Paradise Hills has been displaying over the past year, and the next round of visual cool will be no exception. In a twin launch, Paradise Hills delves into the world of 8bit, and fantastical comic imagery, with a Friday double header that we’re sure will be every bit as unique as it promises to be.

"Paradise Hills announces one of the more eclectic events to be held in 2011 with the launch of an 8-bit PlayStation game and a sci-fi comic on the same night! Friday November 18, 2011, at 630pm, will feature the births of “Where Is My Heart” and “Cup and Saucer”.

Where Is My Heart is the latest edition to PS3 and PSP that sees the return of the 80s arcade game format to your big screen, high def plasma TV. Developed by German software wiz Bernhard Schulenburg, Where Is My Heart will is a time warp taking you back to when you were a kid or maybe to a time you only know as a crazy stage in recent history. Paradise Hills will feature a couple of screens to enjoy some competitive computer gaming spirit on the night.

Cup and Saucer is the comic sensation creation of talented Paradise Hills Studio artist, designer and musician David Hauser. Take the journey into Hauser’s science-fiction world of fantasy with the first issue of Cup and Saucer. Copies of the comic will be available for sale on the night, as well as large unique edition prints of Hauser’s original comic artwork. The night is sure to blow your mind!"

If you haven’t been to Paradise Hills yet, now is your chance, and, if you have, you already know why you should head down to this show.

Who: Bernhard Schulenburg & David Hauser
What: Cup/Saucer video game release & Where Is My Heart comic launch
Where: Paradise Hills, 1 – 9 Doonside St, Richmond
When: Show opens Friday 18th November, 7pm to 9pm

Check out the Paradise Hills for more info on the show and the gallery.

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Interview – Enix

It’s artists like Enix, who have been quietly working away at their passion and putting on shows of high quality, exploratory art, who often capture the imagination and heart of the aficionado within us.

The colourful and often dream like nature of his work is something that caught my attention a long time ago. Hanging out with the At Large crew up in Northcote, I met Enix within the week I arrived, and he was just someone whose company I immediately enjoyed. That we shared many of the same interests and that we were also both originally  from Perth was just as cool – and it didn’t take me long to start seeing his work popping up around the place, and to be inspired by it, and by his general creative demeanour. The reason I mention all of this, is that its fairly common for a artists personality to be reflected in their work – and there is just something within Enix’s that reflects his perfectly.

Beyond the personal, Enix just does beautiful-cool art. He has a flair for wonderfully surreal moments and scenes of meditative fantasy. With his fourth solo show, Sayonara, a "farewell" exhibition before he embarks on an international adventure, we caught up with Enix for a chat about all things good and art. If you haven’t discovered the work of this great creative talent just yet, read on, and be enlightened …



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Book Launch & Exhibition – TSMG – Melbourne

We do like our unusual fare, and this one is really up there. We admit, this isn’t really an art launch as such (well, thats a fine line, literature is art, in our eyes), yet it reeks of visuality, so we’re posting it up nonetheless – and, we love everything that For Walls has been doing the past year!

Some of you may have heard of a new book that’s been making waves through the websphere lately – Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat. Weird name, cool premise – and as scifi and noir fans, we’re pretty excited about it. Of course, the opening has a bunch of art and music related shenanigans, and other bookish type things – what could be better?

We’ve been chatting to the author of the book here and there, and he told us this about his book, the show, and what its all about  …

"My name is Andrez Bergen, and I’m an expat Aussie journalist/musician (from Melbourne) who’s been ensconced in Tokyo these past 10 years.

My novel Tobacco-Stained Mountain Goat was  just published as a paperback ….so what’s the book all about, in a tightly-wound nutshell?
Think sci-fi/noir/post-apocalyptic tones set in Melbourne, Australia as the last city in the world. Melbourne, after all, is my home town. But it’s also heavily influenced by Japan, a country I’ve lived in for the past 10 years, and the novel also owes about 60% of its content to classic noir cinema."

The book has been getting some great press since it was published, with a whole bunch of rave reviews – Vice magazine said it flowed effortlessly and that it was “smart, mesmerizingly dark and difficult to put down.” – and, you know, if Vice loved it, then we’re sure to!

Just to keep it on track a little as well, the artwork was done by San Fran artists Scott Campbell, and we’re pretty sure that some of the work will be on display on the night … mostly, however, we just can’t wait to read it.

TSMG Book Launch 10-8-11 Melb
Who: Andrez Bergen
What: Tobacco Stained Mountain Goat book launch
Where: For Walls Gallery, Upstairs Miss Libertines, 34 Franklin Street, Melbourne
When: Book launches Wednesday, 10th August 7pm til 10pm

Check out the books website, the wikipedia page (!) and the cover designer, Scott Campbells, website (who we think is one talented dude!).

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