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Press Mill Wednesdays – The Return

Time to get back to the Press Mill Wednesdays, where we recap all of the “mainstream” press surrounding the art we all love. The column was put on the backburner for a little bit whilst we did some behind the scene restructuring, and now, given there is a little more free time on this editors hands, we’ll be able to get back into a few more special columns for you.

So, right into it …

  • Deb, Amuse, Simon Clouston, Jess Cook and other street artists all raised money for the environmental group Borneo Orang-utan Survival – $11,000 worth, last week – wonderful.
  • A great little article in the Age about the recent painting in Union Lane by some young creatives, under the mentorship of Paul Round. Great to see this kind of thing!
  • There has been a lot of news in recent times as to the proposed re-vamp of the Keith Haring mural in Collingwood – The Age had another article on it a week or so ago.
  • Theres a “Phantom Knitter” on the loose in Hobart, and the ABC tried to track them down … nice little piece on some cool yarn bombing.
  • Sounds like Sydneys China Town is getting a revamp – including a bunch of “street art” – Jason Wing will be doing a big piece, which sounds pretty cool  … but, you know, it hurts my head thinking about the hypocrisy, considering the new NSW laws against street art and all …
  • A really nice and heart warming, positive piece a young guy using a spray can as physical therapy – you go, Sam Ford!
  • Students at Goondawindi State High got up in a big way and painted  their local PCYC – this is a fantastic example of integrating street art into the curriculum – more more more.
  • Some recent news on the case against a NZ artist who is being sued in court in a civil action by the Auckland City Council – I’d like to know where they dig up their figures, apparently it costs around $100/$200 to remove one tag – really? ffs …
  • Owen Dippie is making splashes both in NZ as well as over in NYC – this Herald article covers it all pretty well – he’s been going large!
  • Finally, there is a really, really great article up on Voxy about all the artwork that is going up in Christchurch, celebrating all of the police who did heroic things during the quakes – a cool example of the beautiful uses of urban art …

That’s it for this week – see you back with another regular Press Mill in a fortnight.

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Press Mill Wednesday – Early June 2011

It’s been a few weeks since our last Press Mill, but there’s been a fair bit of news across both Oz and NZ in the past few weeks, so here’s our informal wrap up of what’s been going on in the mainstream media in terms of street art, and its ilk, across Australia and NZ…

Most of the recent media attention has been focused on the New South Wales governments new anti-graffiti legislation, and its been overwhelmingly a sad read this week through a slush pile of relatively crap, sensationalist and biased articles. It’s unfortunate also, that with the introduction of these new laws, several councils have also removed their support or get rid of several legal walls across NSW – and this, to us here, just defies all logic. We guess, according to the NSW government, that unless its a semi abstract pastel coloured painting with the image of a beach in the background, hanging in some gallery cluttered with zimmer framed connoisseurs, it just mustn’t be art.

Okay, that’s enough information overload for now, we’ve probably fulfilled our drabagoogle quota for the week – hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks media wrap up!

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Press Mill Wednesday – Early April 2011


This is Press-Mill Wednesdays (we were going to call it WTF Wednesdays but thought this title was maybe a little less abrupt) .

Press Mill Wednesdays is a new fortnightly column where we’ll be summarising all the crap, cool, scary, delightful, misguided, spot on, angry and supportive articles that have run through the more “mainstream” press week in and week out. We thought it would be a cool way to keep you all up to date on what is happening in media-land, and what the current opinions and issues are out there … and, maybe even spotlight a few artists along the way, who have been showcased in the press – if we can do that as much as possible, we’ll be happy…

This is an experimental column, and if we feel it doesn’t work or if anyone has rational issues as to why we shouldn’t link to news articles, we’ll discontinue it. Also, if anyone has issue with any specific links to public domain articles, just let us know and we’ll remove them. We will admit that this column will show a little pro-bias towards graffiti, street and urban art (that said, we don’t condone illegal activities – we just understand that it is a part of the culture, and that it is being combated incorrectly), but we’ll attempt to keep it as neutral as possible, as always, where we can. There is a lot of goodness out there in “mainstreamland”, so don’t let all the negative media get to you – we’ll do our best to weed through it all, and find the good, as well as the bad …

  • The big one for the past week, is that new NSW Attorney General feels that the government should “emphasise more the anger that society feels toward the damage done by graffiti.” with his new plan to toughen of NSW graffiti laws, he also thinks that artists should go to jail for it – apparently painting pretty pictures more than once is a “serious offence”, so much so that the artists who do it should be thrown into jail with all the murderers and rapists, because, allegedly, street art and graffiti are gateway crimes. There’s a great blog entry on the ABC showing the other side of the argument as well – have a listen to it.
  • Cairns artists are apparently running out of space to get up on the walls – they’ve been working really hard to get the back lanes and uglier spots looking beautiful again, but they really need more spots, and more support from local businesses (ed. having gone to high school and lived in Cairns for many years, I love seeing this shit happening up there). If you know anyone up there that has a business and could use a lick of cool paint, let them know.
  • We don’t hear too much news from up in the NT, but this show looked like it was pretty cool – it included an urban street art laser exhibition, and the comment from the curator, Carol Phayer,  was pretty cool – “Street Art seeks to connect the everyday viewing audience with the streetscape and in doing so link the community back to the creative, cultural and natural landscape.”
  • Strathmore Secondary College is encouraging their students to brighten up the environment by painting colourful and rad murals – its nice to see councils and educational institutions teaching the up and coming artists of tomorrow that street art can be beautiful.
  • Skaters & artists honoured a fallen mate as a part of Mannings Youth Week Celebration, where “youths learnt the finer points of professional graffiti art during a session at Manning Regional Art Gallery, and came up with their own concepts and designs for the mural to adorn the skate park.” – grand.
  • Apparently Graffiti is on the rise in Ballarat and the police there are “working hard to tackle the city’s growing graffiti problem” – if you’re in Ballarat, you might want to go and check out Eureka street, because apparently its “just become a big billboard for everyone else to spray tags on there.” – they should just get someone to paint the wall up – maybe someone should give Ballarat City Council a call or something …
  • It’s a little older, but we liked this article of a piece that was done down in Tasmania by Hobart artists Trent Fischer and Lukan Smith on the MyState Financial building – cool stuff, dudes!

There’s so much more – but that’s enough for this first round. If you see something in the news and general media thats interesting, and relevant, and want to send us the link to include in this column, then please feel free to contact us and we’ll put it up for you …

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