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Sunshines Top 10 – February 2014

Dean Sunshine hits us once more with his Top 10 of the month, this time roaming around Melbourne to see what he thinks is best for February 2014.

We always love Deans Top 10s, their grand photos, they only just scracth the surface of what happens here in Melbourne every month, but their a great indicator of all the amazing shit that happens – check it out below!

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 35 1

1. Adnate – Hosier Lane
2. Shida – Brunswick
3. Lucy Lucy – Collingwood
4. SHEM – Prahran
5. Conrad Bizjak – Windsor
6. Unwell Bunny, Steve Cross, Senekt, Jack Rapmund, Pierre – Windsor
7. Steen Jones – Brunswick
8. Makatron – Fitzroy
9. Sage – Hosier Lane
10. Choq + Sueb – Fitzroy
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Exhibition – Just Another Group Show 2013 – Melbourne

Every year, when Semi-Permanent comes around, there is one event that we just dont miss, and thats the annual JAGS exhibition.

Just Another is one of our favourite agencies, and their artists stable is second to none, containing some of the higher calibre talent in the country, (and out of it!)  – and one of their group shows is always awesome.

"In conjunction with Semi-Permanent Melbourne, Just Another Agency brings you the fourth instalment of their annual “Just Another Group Show” – an exhibition celebrating the diversity and eclectic nature of the agency’s stable of artists. Each artist involved has been asked to create a single piece of work showcasing their unique style, formatted to a square."

If there is one show that you go to see every year, this is the one – head down there this Thursday night to see it for yourself!


Who: Pretty much the entire Just Another artist stable, which you can check out here.
What: Just Another Group Show 2013
Where: 361 Little Lonsdale st, (Entry via Heape Crt)
When: Show opens Thursday 24th October from 6pm til 9pm and runs until the 27th October

Check out the Just Another Agency website for more details on the show!

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Exhibition – One – Just Another Project Space – Melbourne

Wow, has it really been a year already since Just Another Project Space started up? Well, apparently so, and, of course, they’re having a show to celebrate!!!!

"Just Another Project Space is turning ONE! Yep that’s right, to think that it was a year ago that Just Another and Signed & Numbered teamed up to bring you the Just Another Project Space is crazy!

Yet here we are so let’s celebrate with a massive group show based around the theme of ‘one’. Featuring a range of S&N and JA Artists including ADi, Apeseven, Boo, Carley Cornelissen, Clare Toms, Dest, Does, Eddy Sara, Eleven, Heesco, Ian Mutch, Jack Douglas, Kaff-Eine, Kaitlin Beckett, Kirpy, Kitty Horton, Pierre Lloga, Nate Holmes Trapnell, Rena Littleson, Sirum, Slicer and Thirty60."

Looks like an amazing lineup, as always from the Just Another and Signed & Numbered crew. Wish I could be there for it – happy birthday dudes!!!!



Who: ADi, Apeseven, Boo, Carley Cornelissen, Clare Toms, Dest, Does, Eddy Sara, Eleven, Heesco, Ian Mutch, Jack Douglas, Kaff-Eine, Kaitlin Beckett, Kirpy, Kitty Horton, Pierre Lloga, Nate Holmes Trapnell, Rena Littleson, Sirum, Slicer and Thirty60
What: One – Just Another Project Space 1st Birthday
Where: Just Another Project Space, 153 Greville St, Prahran
When: Show opens 6pm 9pm – Thursday 4th July, 2013

Check out Just Another Project Space and Signed & Numbered for more details on the show!

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Feature Event & Live Art – Aerosol Alley Launch Party – Melbourne

Some of you may remember back in January that we posted a big assed painting session in Windsor that we helped to produce – at the time, I’d jokingly said that as the laneway didn’t have any official name, that it should be called "Aerosol Alley" … well, I guess its no longer a joke, and there’s going to be a big launch party this weekend to celebrate the project, and you’re all fucking invited!

Since Wayne Tindall started painting in an old laneway behind his studio in Windsor (Melbourne) back in 2009, Aerosol Alley has since grown into a beautiful example of what a community of artists can do when presented with an opportunity to remake a disused urban environment. After beginning to paint several murals in the laneway on his own, Wayne then invited a bunch of artists along to help him out – it was at that stage that we here at Invurt became involved in the project, helping to co-ordinate three sessions of painting by street artists over the course of two years.

With the entire project having been filmed by Wayne Tindall, the launch party will also include a special preview screening of part of the documentary that was filmed of the project. Artists such as Heesco, Hancock, Kaff-eine, Meggs, Unwell Bunny, Facter, Jack Douglas, Pierre Lloga, Porno, S4beth, Mishap, Dopio, Dvate, Gent, Askem, Dcat, Conrad Bizjak, Eleven, Phoenix, Shida and many, many more have all, over the course of several painting sessions been both interviewed and filmed, and a full length doco of it all is in the works.

You can check out a preview of the documentary below – there will be an extended version shown at the event!

Since the New Years painting session, several other artists, such as Shida and Kaff-eine ,have also joined in on the project, and quite a few other pieces have gone up – its turned into an amazing public art space, where before it was truly just a run down laneway. As you can tell, we’re just a little bit proud to have been a part of it, and grateful for the opportunity, and all the support, that Wayne Tindall and the building owners provided!

Starting from 2pm on the day, an amazing lineup of live music will also herald the event – with performances from Psyde Projects, Mish’Chief, Ryan Knowles, Andre Le, Vogue and Jay Tindall. As an added bonus, the whole thing will be broadcast live via Kiss FM.

Mysterious Al, Unwell Bunny and Shida will all also be painting live at the event. As a special bonus, Wayne Tindall will also be launching his new gallery "Chaotic" in conjunction with the event. The gallery launch will feature a 101 Life Drawing event, as well as the launch of a fantastic new "Outdoor Gallery" that Wayne and David Russell have been working on over the past few months.

The Aerosol Alley launch party is proudly supported by Chaotic Gallery, Boywolf, Invurt, David Russell Photography, Kiss Fm, Print Express, RedTV, Chapel St, Tyranny Of Distance, The Wolf & I and Sticky Beak.

Head down there this weekend to check it all out for yourself, see some mad live art, and brock out to some rad live music.

This is real Melbourne street art, at its finest!!



Who: Live art by Mysterious Al, Unwell Bunny, Shida. Tunes by Psyde Projects, Mish’Chief, Ryan Knowles, Andre Le, Vogue and Jay Tindall. Mural and artwork by Heesco, Hancock, Kaff-eine, Meggs, Unwell Bunny, Facter, Jack Douglas, Pierre Lloga, Porno, S4beth, Dvate, Gent, Askem, Mishap, Dopio, Dcat, Conrad Bizjak, Eleven, Phoenix, Shida and many, many more
What: Aerosol Alley Launch Party
Where: Aerosol Alley (Laneway between Green and Union St, Windsor)
When: Event starts 2pm Sunday 17th March – one day only! You can also catch the tunes from the event live on Kiss Fm!

Check out the facebook event page for more info!

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Release – Invurt Shirts & Hoodies Available!

For about two years now, we’ve been rocking a couple of Invurt shirts around the place. We’ve been asked a whole bunch of times where people can get hold of them, so we’ve decided to make three designs available through Redbubble.

As you know, we do all the stuff here on the website without any real expectation in return, but there are costs associated with it all … so if you’ve ever wanted to directly help support us,  now’s your chance!

First up is the classic Invurt T from Pierre Lloga – Pierre did this one for us prior to the Outpost Project up in Sydney, and its the shirt we have rocked the most over the past two years – big fans. Available in colours, as well as in both Pullover and Zip up hoodies.


Second up, is of course, our now logo from the man himself, Hancock (also check out @hancock_art on instagram). This is the same graphic from both here on the website, as well as on all of our stickers and other swag – we love this design! Also available in hoodies, yep!

fig,black,mens,ffffff (1)

The third shirt design, is from the hand of our friend Mikaela Jane (@mikaelajane on instagram) – we haven’t released this logo before and this sees its first outing! We love her custom type and we love our orange on purple (though there are other colours available also)! Yep, there’s hoodies available as well!


Lastly, I have actually gone through and put a whole bunch of my own personal artwork on a bunch of shirts as well – okay, so not Invurt related, but I hope you think there’s some cool designs of some creatures, nonetheless!

fig,eggplant,mens,ffffff (1)


You can find all of my designs up here.

Anyways, head over to Redbubble to see them all and thanks to Hancock, Pierre and Mikaela Jane for their designs – and, again (regardless) to you – for reading and for all your continual support!

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Snapshots – Windsor Aerosol Alley Project 2012

About a year ago, we started working on a project in Prahran/Windsor with local artist and film media guru Wayne Tindall, at a laneway that was given the title Union Lane (it runs between Green and Union streets in Windsor). We helped organise a whole group of artists to paint for the first session, and then we helped again for a second session during winter last year – both were a great success. You can see photos from the first paintup here and the second session here.

When we’d finished off the laneway, (for the most part), I looked over at a big carpark towards the end of the laneway and remarked to Wayne how great it would be if we could paint there – he said he’d make enquiries and see what he could do …


Some months later, after a  bunch of organising, a very supportive building owners permission, as well as with Wayne and his wife Annes generous above and beyond help (Anne and Wayne run the amazing Change The World organisation that you should check out), we had the paint and lifts organised and were ready to go. This was our big end of year painting session, and we wanted to see out 2012 with a bang.

It took us a day to buff the entirety of the carpark – we went for a simple primary colour scheme to hold it all together, and still give everyone free reign to paint as they liked.


We invited a bunch of people down to paint, not only was almost our entire WSW crew present (Conrad Bizjak, Heesco, P-Yeah, Jack Douglas, Hancock, Unwell Bunny and myself – minus Mysterious Al who was off in Thailand on a beach somewhere) but we invited down a whole bunch of people who we thought would enjoy a bit of an epic paint. Meggs, DVATE, Gent, S4beth, Porno, Askem, Presto, Eleven, Phoenix and Dcat all joined in on the action – a massive thanks to all of them for their time and amazing artwork, and to everyone else who helped out with the project.

There is currently a documentary being made of the entire project by Wayne Tindall and David Russell charting the progress of all three painting sessions over the past year or so (you can see part of the eventual doco from the first painting session here) – its going to be grand, and we’ll let you know when its coming out; the plan is to have a big festival in the laneway and carpark for its release.

There are also a bunch of great pics of the finished product over at Land Of Sunshine for you to check out. From us, though, heres a bunch of progress pics of the whole shebang from Dave Russell, of what we now affectionately call “Aerosol Alley” ..


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Exhibition – Just Another Group Show – Melbourne

Semi Permanent hits Melbourne this week, and alongside the conference that all designers, artists and other creaties look forward to every year, are a whole slew of sideshows – not least of which, is the annual Just Another Group show.

"In conjunction with Semi-Permanent Melbourne, Just Another brings you the third instalment of their annual “Just Another Group Show” – an exhibition celebrating the diversity and eclectic nature of the agency’s stable of artists.

Each artist involved has been asked to create a single piece of work showcasing his or her unique style, formatted to a square."

This exhibition has never disappointed us in previous years – it’s quite the event!! We think this year will be even bigger and better than the past two, I mean, just look at the artists list! Best you just go check it out and see for yourself!!


Who: 23rd Key, Aida Sabic, Alex Lehours, Apeseven, Bec Winnel, Bridge Stehli, Caitlin Rigby, Cinzah Seekayem, Deb, Does, Drypnz, Dvate, Eleven, Gary Seaman, Jack Douglas, Kaitlin Beckett, Kirpy, Kitty Horton, Lauren Carney, Leisha Muraki, Luke Ryan, Nom Kinnear-King, Pierre Lloga, Poise, Rebecca Murphy, Rena Littleson, Sam Octigan, Sear, Sirum, Steven Rhodes, Taylor White and Zoran Nova.
What: Just Another Group Show
Where: 1000 POUND BEND – 361 Lt Lonsdale St, Melbourne (Entry via Heape Crt)
When: Thursday 13th September 6-9pm and runs until the 17th September

Check out the Just Another Agency website as well as the facebook event page for more info.

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Snapshots – Paperape – Melbourne

Last Friday night we helped to put on a show with a whole bunch of amazing artists, Paperápe, and we had a hell of a lot of fun! All the works were done on paper, and we wanted to imbue the walls with a little bit of each of us, and impart some of the fun that we have when we’re out painting together.

The art here in Melbourne is grand, but it is nothing without the amazing community of people that support it. We’d like to thank everyone that has come to check it out so far. Great to see so many familiar faces and friends, and a lot of new ones too!

Big thanks also to Doss Blockos and Redbull who kept all of our guests lubricated throughout the evening, their support was hugely appreciated.

The show is still running until Sunday, so if you’re in Melbourne head down to Egg Gallery in Collingwood and check it out for yourself. In the meantime, we have a shitload of photos from the setup, the opening and all the work to share with you …

IMG_6402 (Custom)

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Sunday Transmissions – Weekend, Grace & Next Level

Yeah, Sunday, not Thursday. I haven’t had much time to write stuff during the week this week due to other commitments, so Sundays look like my new get shit done days. First up, of course, is our slightly late run down on everything that’s been happening in the world of videos across the web.

Watch on for some great art from the streets of Melbourne, to the galleries of Sydney and beyond.

IMG_8396 (Custom)

We put out a small video this week of us doing a few walls and shit in the leadup to our show opening last Friday, hope you enjoy it!

We Spray Weekends from Invurt on Vimeo.

Check out this amazing timelapse piece that the AWOL crew and IHHP put together at the Next Level studios – this is how you do it!!

Check out this gorgeous recap video from Rones “Fall From Grace” exhibition – we loved it immensely.

Rone “Fall From Grace” Recap from Everfresh Studio on Vimeo.

New Era have been doing a grand series on Australian tattooists, and we just saw this awesome one with Steve Cross – check it out.

Tattooist Series Part 3- Steve Cross from New Era Australia on Vimeo.

Saw this great video from Beastman doing some work over in Tel Aviv – nice!

Element Advocate BeastMan in TelAviv from BoardShop Israel on Vimeo.

Love this – Ironlak just got up a great video of Sofles, Tues and Palms doing a bunch of work in LA last year. Perfect.

POSE has been down here recently doing some kind of secret project with Coopers – here are the first two videos from the project – looking forward to seeing more!

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Exhibition & Preview – Paperápe – Melbourne

Paperápe is a group show featuring seven Melbourne artists who, over the past year, have formed a collaborative friendship via their mutual love of art. Heesco, Jack Douglas, Pierre Lloga, Facter, Mysterious Al, Hancock and Conrad Bizjak are now coming together to share their passion for painting walls, drawing and enjoying the vibrancy of Melbourne street art, and life in general.

Often finding themselves escaping the trappings of 9-5 work by hanging out and painting on the weekends, these seven artists now paint together under the somewhat humourous moniker of We Spray Weekends (WSW). From the side streets of the suburbs to the cities laneways, exhibitions and live art events, all the artists within Paperápe are all highly prolific and consistently chasing the artistic dream.

Paperápe will be an exhibition of paper based works showcasing each artists unique style and talent, offering a snapshot of their current directions and a glimpse towards several larger projects planned for the future. With drawings, paintings, collage, prints and other paper based works on display Paperápe is an exciting showcase of current work from a diverse and talented group of friends.

Heesco – From Outpost Project to painting at the Cullen hotel, Oxford Art Factory and across Australia, this Mongolian artist has been making waves throughout the Australian art world in recent years. With his upcoming solo show at one of Melbournes premier urban art galleries, RTIST, in August, Heesco will be displaying several drawings and other pieces both new, and from his archives. Paperápe will be a unique opportunity to get a taste of his work prior to what is sure to be a landmark exhibition for the artist. Check out Heescos website at http://www.heesco.net (Instagram @heesco)

Mysterious Al – Known throughout the world for his iconic characters and playful street art, the international man of Mystery, Al has been painting with the WSW crew since arriving in Melbourne for an extended visit. Paperápe will be Mysterious Als first show here in Melbourne and is a unique chance to get hold of his work prior to his solo show later in the year. Check out Mysterious Als website at http://www.mysteriousal.com (Instagram @mysteriousal

Conrad Bizjak (Rad) – a well known name upon the walls of Melbourne, Rad is also a renouned figure in Melbournes growing live art circle, having competed in War of the Walls and this years Secret Walls. His work within a gallery setting, however, has been much anticipated, and this show will be the first chance for his many fans to get a glimpse of this amazing artists work on paper. Check out Rads website at http://www.conradbizjak.org

Jack Douglas (JD) – with his off kilter cartoon influenced work now taking a new direction with recent forays into tattoo art, Jack Douglas is another artist from the Just Another stable who has been painting up a storm in recent times. As an upcoming Secret walls competitor and avid painter of walls, Jacks work is highly regarded by lovers of his low brow, quirky creations. Check out Jacks website at http:/jdouglasart.blogspot.com (Instagram @jacklesdouglas)

Hancock – hailing from Perth, Hancock only recently moved to Melbourne, but since his arrival he has quickly catapulted into the eyes of an aerosol and illustrative loving public. His recent win in Secret Walls marks Hancock a semi-final contender, and with forthcoming artwork commissions and collaborations with Boywolf, Invurt and many more, Hancocks work is brilliantly executed and curiously macabre. Check out Hancocks website at http://hancockart.tumblr.com (Instagram @hancock_art)

Pierre Lloga (P-Yeah) – illustrator, comic book artist and painter-of-hot-chicks extraordinaire, P-Yeah is renowned for his illustrative skill with brush and ink, as well as his vibrant aerosol work. As a part of the Just Another crew, Pierre is as much at home in a gallery setting as he is on the streets. Check out P-Yeahs website at http://pierredrawsstuff.wordpress.com/

Facter (Fletcher Andersen) – Facter is an artist and writer/editor for the Australian underground art webzine, Invurt.com. His love of technology and its impact on our world is manifest in the unique linework within the creatures he creates. Delving into his most recent sketchbooks, Facter will unleash a new cohort of fantastical creatures at Paperápe. Check out Facters website at http://www.irikanji.com (Instagram @facter)

We’re really excited about this one, and its a bit of a party for us here as well, so come down to the show, say hi, drink some beer and have a look at some of our art!

We also just released a video in the leadup to the show:

<iframe src=”http://player.vimeo.com/video/45888283″ width=”450″ height=”350″ frameborder=”0″ webkitAllowFullScreen mozallowfullscreen allowFullScreen></iframe>

Check out some preview images, and download the press pack below …


Who: Heesco, Jack Douglas (JD) Pierre Lloga (P-Yeah), Facter (Fletcher Andersen), Mysterious Al, Chris Hancock and Conrad Bizjak (Rad)
What: Paperápe group show
Where: Egg Gallery, 66a Johnston St, Collingwood, VIC
When: Show opens Friday 20th July from 6pm til 9pm and continues until July 29th

Paperápe is proudly supported by Doss Blockos, Redbull, Invurt, Boywolf, and Just Another Agency .

For all press information, media packs and interview enquiries for the artists, please contact info@invurt.com and visit the Egg Gallery website for more info. Also heck out the facebook event page – http://www.facebook.com/events/172405992891320/

Preview Images

You can download all the preview images here with the media pack.

Blue Bar – http://www.invurt.com/2012/01/27/snapshots-blue-bar-melbourne/?nggpage=2
Union Lane – http://www.invurt.com/2012/01/11/snapshots-union-lane-paintup/
Three Monkeys – http://www.invurt.com/2012/01/14/snapshots-revurt-3-monkeys-bar-prahran/
Botherambo Street (Courtesy James Watkins – T-Squat) – http://james-watkins.net/botherambo-street-art-melbourn/

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