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Exhibition & Book Launch – Drewfunk – Oriental Funk – Melbourne

Without a doubt, Melbourne street art would not be what it is without the talented Drewfunks work adorning our walls.

Over the past ten years, Drew has produced a massive body of work – both on the walls, and in the gallery. His style is instantly recognisable, his fusion of Western and Asian culture pervading its presence. Now, Drew is taking that work and placing it into a book for all to enjoy – and its a must have for anyone interested in both Drews work, and Australian art in general.

“Drewfunk & No Vacancy Gallery QV are proud to present the launch of Oriental Funk, the debut self publication by Drewfunk.

Oriental Funk follows the creative evolution of Drewfunk and his work over a ten year period from 2002-2012, documenting his work from the streets to the studio and everything in between.

Join us on Friday 18 January from 6pm – 9pm for the official book launch and signing, as well as an exhibition of new and old works.”

Amongst the show, will be an installations, and whole heap of news work, as well as hidden gems from Drews archive showing a snapshot of his works progress over the past decade.

Seriously can’t wait for this one, its going to be epically good – and can’t wait to get our hands on the book!!

Dfunk Eflyer thumb Exhibition & Book Launch Drewfunk Oriental Funk Melbourne in street art genres painting genres mixed media genres melbourne launch parties fine ary books

Who: Drewfunk
What: Oriental Funk Book Launch & Exhibition
Where: No Vacancy Gallery QV, 34–40 Jane Bell Ln, Melbourne
When: Shoe opens Friday 18th January, from 6pm til 9pm and runs til January 27th

Check out Drews website, as well as the facebook event page for more info on the whole shabang!

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Exhibition – Nick Thomm – No Vacancy – Melbourne

Here’s something different, and something for all you mixed/multi-media fans – if you are a fan, then there’s a pretty good chance you might have already heard of Nick Thomm.

For those of you who haven’t, Nick is the founder of The Drop studio as well as the co-founder of SRC783 magazine – he’s also a damn fine designer and artist and does some really intriguing shit by combining his passion for digital, traditional and printing into a melange of awesome. All in all, its hugely modern, different, and it pushes boundaries – its shit we love.

"After recent public showcases in London and Hong Kong, Nick presents Monochrome. A solo exhibit of works blending digital, print and traditional art forms to create a unique collection of mixed media artworks."

SetWidth562 mono thumb Exhibition Nick Thomm No Vacancy Melbourne in mixed media genres graphic design genres exhibitions digital genres

Who: Nick Thomm
What: Monochrome solo show
Where: No Vacancy Gallery, 34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne
When: Show opens Thursday 4th October, 6:30pm til 9pm, and runs til 14th October.

Check out Nick Thomm as well as the facebook event page for more info.

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Exhibition – Little Deities – No Vacancy – Melbourne

Totally excited for this one! No Vacancy in collaboration with Illustrators Australia have put together this awesome collection of 60 works by 60 amazingly talented different illustrators, designers and artists. We’re loving the theme – as the name suggests, each work is based on a representation of God, with the exhibition featuring creations of a deeply mystical and personal nature – super interesting.

The show features the talents of Melbourne based creatives, some known to us, as well as some new faces, and it’s looking to be quite the journey into the realm of faith and fable, with just the right amount of humour and sarcasm included!

The medium on which the artwork will be based is what intrigues us the most …

“The idea behind this exhibition is to provide each artist with a standard size baby doll. The artists are then asked to convert his or her doll into a deity. The artists are welcome to use any medium or technique they like to convert their doll into a God.”

Curated by ex- Illustrators  Australia president, and drawing fiend, Daniel Atkinson, it will feature the works of illustrators such as Ben Ashton-Bell, Sonia Kretschmar, Andrea Innocent, textile designer Sarah Strickland, fine artists Kirsten Perry and Stephen Ives to name just a small handful!

Creepy/cool/quirky dolls on display? Gotta check this one out.

Sliders13 thumb Exhibition Little Deities No Vacancy Melbourne in melbourne illustration genres galleries urban art exhibitions events

Sliders2.2 thumb Exhibition Little Deities No Vacancy Melbourne in melbourne illustration genres galleries urban art exhibitions events

Who: Over 60 of Australias coolest illustrators, curated by Daniel Atkinson
What: Little Deities group show
Where: No Vacancy Gallery, QV, 34 – 40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne cbd
When:  Show opens Thursday 8th March, from 6pm til 9pm, and runs from the 8th to the 18th March

Check out the Little Deities website, the No Vacancy website and the facebook event page!

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Exhibition – Maya Hayuk & Kyle Ranson – Melbourne

It seems that last weekend Sugar Mountain festival has spawned an extra special treat for Melbourne art lovers – in the form of a duo show featuring Brooklyns Maya Hayuk and San Franciscan Kyle Ranson.

Having produced some work for and at the festival, they will be aiming to display a selection of their works at No Vacancy Gallery at QV this coming Friday. The Sugar Mountain site had this to say about the artists:

"MAYA HAYUK is obsessed with symmetry and nourishing color played out in what might be views from the Hubble Telescope, airbrushed nail art, Ukrainian Easter eggs, chandeliers, mandalas, rorschach tests and/or holograms. Embracing sexuality and spirituality via symbolism evocative of radiantly woven geometries and beckoning parted orifices of the body, her work tries to decode a process towards continuity and wholeness while striking chords of pathological optimism.

With an encouraging hippie mother, KYLE RANSON began to draw and paint in early childhood and by the time he was in high school he was taking life-drawing classes at theLyme Academy in Connecticut. He attended three semesters at the Maryland institute, College of Art and then dropped out to immerse himself in the arts and music scene inBaltimore. In 1994 he moved to San Francisco and became a part of the underground punk scene in the mission and has slowly become a pillar of the San Francisco art world."

Both are fantastic artists, and it will be a fantastic show – expect lots of colour, lots of geometry and lots of fun.

061211110151 mayakyle thumb Exhibition Maya Hayuk & Kyle Ranson Melbourne in street art genres painting genres melbourne illustration genres exhibitions

Who: Maya Hayuk & Kyle Ranson
What: Yes! Duo show
Where: No Vacancy Gallery, QV, Swanston Street, Melbourne
(Entry via Jane Bell Lane)
When: Friday 20th January from 6pm til 9pm, show runs til 27th January. There will also be a workshop running, "Drawing Games Will Set You Free" on Saturday, 21st January from 1pm til 4pm ($25)

Check out Sugar Mountain, Maya Hayuks website and the No Vacancy website here.

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Exhibition – Mother of Millions – Makatron – Melbourne

Next week from the hands of one of Everfresh studios own, Makatron, comes an imaginative and illustrative universe on canvas ‘Mother of Millions’ with a collection of his new works, hosted by No Vacancy Gallery, Melbourne.

Makatron, who is an emerging Melbourne artist, has been around the world and back many times, plying his trade and honing his craft using a variety of media, from acrylics to aerosol and oils.

“The themes and inspirations of Makatron’s work are as eclectic as the media he employs, but they tend to reflect a few signature dichotomies. The name “Makatron” itself is a paradox, combining a prefix meaning “from” (carrying connotations of place, history, tradition, and regeneration) with a suffix that suggests the machine-like, the virtual, the promise and threat of technology

Makatron’s work, too, often pulls in opposite directions. His street art is by its nature rooted in a particular place, inscribing itself palimpsest-like as an element in a site’s history, yet it also reflects the artist’s own nomadic existence, consciously participating in a global culture with a significant extension in the virtual realm. Similarly, his work is preoccupied with the interface between humans, beasts, nature and machines, reminding us that in a digital age, human nature itself is becoming ever more machine-like.”

Ever more present in this new collection, is the artists beautiful escapist world – to which we are brought to the brink of in order to ponder it all with an objective eye, like a looking through a child’s viewfinder. These works are an illustrious combination of the organic and synthetic – or mechanical, incorporating into each piece naturalistic patterns and shapes bouncing of the humanistic qualities within.

Makaron is an artist inside an artist. His mediums alone speak of a truth, and strength, that blends well with any subject. He is more than capable of attaining artistic equilibrium on each venture, whilst keeping us, the audience’s, attention – no matter our tastes. One can only gander a guess at the title but to us it speaks volumes; the very earth-like projection tells of the mother, ‘mother earth’. And of “millions” being all things, including us and that which surrounds us.

Come and see for yourself what this diverse artist has got for us now. Don’t miss this, or you’ll be kicking yourself…to the moon and back!

MM Flyer Web 512x1024 Exhibition Mother of Millions Makatron Melbourne in street art genres painting genres mixed media genres melbourne illustration genres graffiti genres galleries urban art fine ary exhibitions

Who: Mike Makatron
What: Mother of Millions
Where: No Vacancy Gallery – 34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne (Fed Square Atrium)
When: Opening Night Friday 21st October from 6pm til 9pm. Show runs til 30th October 2011Check out the Facebook Event and Makatron’s Website for more details – psand for a sneak peak, have a squiz at Makatron’s Trailer for the show

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Exhibition – Nior – Melbourne

With fantastical illustrations of vivid creatures and detailed tribal nuances, Niors work is always a joy to behold. His characters, animals and beasts always feel as though they are a part of a vaster story – and with Kinkajou, Nior breaths life to this idea and introduces us a glimpse into the land that these creatures inhabits

"To accommodate the oversized human population more and more lands are taken away from wild animals. The natural habitats are snatched away from these species, leaving them only a small portion of the land, which they once roamed freely. Welcome to an unknown kingdom where a selection of spectacular creatures have made their land. A place ruled by the last Kinkajou. Nior presents a set of paintings and sculptures that combine unique creatures of all shapes and sizes with tribal patterns and colours. In search of Kinkajou."

Colourful, wonderfully executed and with a federation of storys told by each image to form a whole, Kinkajou looks to be another gtreat show from an artist whose work just goes from strength to strength. If you’re around Melbourne tonight, head down to Federation Square and see it for yourself.

flyer2011 thumb Exhibition Nior Melbourne in sculpture genres melbourne illustration genres exhibitions
What: In Search of The Kinkajou solo show
Where: No Vacancy Project Space, The Atrium, Federation Square, Melbourne
When: Show opens Thursday, September 1st from 6pm til 9pm and runs til 18th September

Check out Niors website, and the No Vacancy Gallery website.

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Exhibition – Pandarosa – Invisible Cities – Melbourne

Melbourne design duo Pandarosa (Ariel Aguilera and Andrea Benyi) are back this Thursday after having spent four years in Germany. They’ll be presenting with their new and explosive show ‘Invisible Cities’, transforming No Vacancy Gallery into their own incredible world of mediums; illustration, painting, photographic documentation.

This mega design duo have been impressing the world with their collaborative works for over a decade, and we are delighted to get a chance to see the fruits of their labour with their first Melbourne solo show in over five years!

“Inspired by their European relocation over the last 4 years & the great visual tales of Italo Calvino in ‘Le cittá invisibili’
The exhibit aims to transform the gallery space into a personal ‘journey’ of memoirs, where points of views are examined & meaning distorts between viewer, object & possessor as they interact.

The space separating these recollections & their narrative aims to interrogate the individual meaning of the ‘journey’ & reconfigure what the significance of such expeditions are to each of us, regardless of the destination.

The City exists and it has a simple secret: it knows only departures, not returns’ – From Invisible Cities by Italo Calvino.”

Screen shot 2011 07 31 at 11.49.43 PM1 Exhibition Pandarosa Invisible Cities Melbourne in photography genres painting genres melbourne illustration genres graphic design genres exhibitions

Who: Pandarosa (Ariel Aguilera and Andrea Benyi)
What: Invisible Cities
Where: No Vacancy Gallery – 34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne
When: Opening night Friday 25th August 6-9pm. Show runs til 5th September 2011
Check out the No Vacancy website for more info on the show!

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Exhibition – Stephen Ives – Melbourne

The other month, the majorly talented Stephen Ives had a show with a whole bunch of cool custom toys, aptly named “TOY” at No Vacancy – amongst the show, were several other two dimensional pieces, that fascinated us. So, upon seeing news this morning that Stephen has been working on a drawing orientated exhibition, 36 Views Of My Latte, we thought it was pretty cool!

“Since TOY, I have been sitting in a local cafe warming myself and drawing, a pleasant way to spend winter. Here is the end result, 36 Views of my Latte, a loose whimsical show exploring all my varied themes and styles, pencil, ink, wash, collage …  all works are unframed paper (so cheap), plus there will be super high quality limited edition prints (even cheaper) for those of you who miss out on the originals.”

We interviewed Stephen just before TOY, and loved getting a heap more detail on his work – and his drawings are just as charismatically cool as his sculptural work, so this is yet another great reason to get down and check out No Vacancy next week.

drawinginviteMedium thumb Exhibition – Stephen Ives Melbourne in melbourne illustration genres exhibitions
Stephen Ives
What: 36 Views Of My Latte solo show
Where: No Vacancy Gallery, 34 – 40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne, VIC
When: Show opens Wednesday 13th July, 6pm til 9pm, and runs til 31st July.

Check out the No Vacancy Gallery and our interview with Stephen for more info.

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Exhibition – Mi Casa Su Casa – VIC

Okay, so we don’t catch all of them – and we don’t know how we didn’t hear about thisin time, but in the general chaos of everything that was going on last Friday night it slipped by us, alas. From all the photos up on the No Vacancy facebook page, it looks like it would have been a really, really great night!

We’re huge fans of the Mexican street art scene here, so we’ll just have to get in there during the week to check it out – and if you want to, it closes on the 5th of June, so you have time to get down there!

“The exhibition ‘Mi Casa Su Casa’ will showcase contemporary Mexican culture like it’s never been seen before in Australia, and what better place to do it than right here in Melbourne, the culture, design and street art capital of OZ.

One country, two very different worlds

On this occasion, two of the most important aspects of Mexican culture will be on show and you’ll see how they have an undeniable influence on the work of the two artists: Óscar Reyes and Watchavato. They are the Central and Northern Regions of Mexico respectively. Both were born, raised and became completely immersed in the world around them which is now embedded in every single aspect of their work. It is through this interesting duality by means of photography, personal objects, music, street art, experimental design and of course their
original artwork, the visitor will be able to grasp the very essence of these two completely different, yet fascinating worlds that have emerged from within a single country.

Oscar Reyes and Watchavato, two Mexican low-brow artists from two very different regions (central and northern Mexico respectively) are coming to town—bringing with them an insight into the extremes of Mexican culture in an eclectic exhibition of original artwork, photography and objects from their personal collection.”

banner thumb Exhibition – Mi Casa Su Casa VIC in melbourne international exhibitions

Who: Reyes and Watchvato (Mexico)
What: Mi Casa Su Casa duo show
Where: No Vacancy Gallery, 34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne, VIC
When: Show opened last Friday, and will run until this Thursday, 5th June.

Check out the Mi Casa Su Casa website for more details. Also go see the No Vacancy website for more information.

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Friday Wrap – Cool cool cool.

Another busy week comes to an end, and all of us here are full steam ahead with a bunch of projects and fun shit. Busy busy busy, cool cool cool.

We have a great art session happening this weekend in Perth, with Dibs, ToniTone, Poise, Deej, NVS and Suloh putting some licks of paint up on a dance studio. Makatron and Gore are painting a wall across the road from our studios at the moment, and in a few short weeks we’ll be transforming the inside of the whole Rival Revolution studios complex with the help of a lot of talented people … lots of cool shots and video to come for sure.

So its still full steam ahead on everything … the new site design is still coming along steadily (when I have time to work on it … sorry, spare time? What? When?) but we’ve now fully assembled our core team and are raring to go – maybe its time we did introductions?

Starma – is our new event and general office manager, I’ll be palming all that kind of shit off to him, he’s much better at it than I am.
FacieB – is one of our new writers, and she’ll also be working closely on the first of our side projects that we’ll be announcing pretty soon ..
Leah – another of our writer extraordinaires, she’s already done a bunch of pieces, and we love her laid back style!
Peach – is the creative director of .. yep, another side project we’re setting up that! She’s also a generally amazing office assistant.
Crutch (Lisa) has just come on board this week to work on our NZ section – that’ll all be starting up next week, hopefully!
Mel – will be helping us out occasionally with a bit of writing and photography in amongst her work with her Baby Trees project
Lara – is our new official Melbourne event photographer, so expect a bunch of shots from around here real soon (if anyone interested in coming on board for other cities,  just let us know!)

I mostly wanted to introduce them as a thankyou for all the hard work they’ve put in so far, and all the hard work that’s soon to come. It’s a great team, with an incredible amount of passion and talent (and patience with me), and I’m really stoked to be working with all of them – please make them all feel welcome!

Anyways! Enough of all that bullshit from me – here’s the wrap!

News and Miscellanea …

  • Obviously this weeks big thing was all the feedback from the Carbon Festival – we did a full wrap including a bunch of links and the live blog transcripts here. Great event, and, really, keep an eye on it for next year – you’ll want to go.
  • Stupidkrap studios have updated their website, and they’re including more news, interviews and such to go along with their online store – really enjoying what they’re doing with it, and looking forward to seeing me to come! We need more of that kind of thing down here – kudos guys!
  • We also forgot to mention that Ben Frost from Stupidkrap launched a new website the other week, very cool.
  • Everfresh posted up a cool link to a new interview with Melbourne graffiti artist Lush – hilarious.
  • Rekas blog had a great link over to Kid Zooms recent interview with Juxtapoz – West Oz’ers doin it good n proper over in the NYC.
  • Almost completely out of the ballpark, but I can’t go past posting this recent interview with a personal favourite – Retna. ’m sure he’ll have something to do with Australian art soon … right?
  • Now, completely out of the ballpark, but this is the wrap and miscellanea, and its the only place we ever put this stuff! I have to put in a plug for one of our favourite bands, and good friends, Freak Technique who are playing at Red Bennies in Melbourne this Sunday – they’re amazing, go see them. – and as long s I’m mentioning shit outside the box, also go and check out pics of the new Qubic store that just opened up, totally fresh – gunna have to stop by there next time I’m over that way …

Pics And Images From Around The Traps …

Also, don’t forget to check out the full listings of all the shows happening this weekend and into the near future on our Calendar! Also, don’t forget to like our page on facebook, we do a lot of out-of-blog updates, news and pics over there!

That’s all from us for this week, have a great weekend all!

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