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Exhibition – Tohm Curtis – Ichijoji – Melbourne

Tohm Curtis is an aspiring illustrative and comic book artist from Melbourne, and he will be holding his very first solo show this week!

"’Ichijoji’ is the first exhibition from webcomic artist and freelance illustrator, Tohm Curtis.

In 1604 famed Japanese samurai Miyamoto Musashi initiated a series of duels with the reputable Kyoto based school of swordsmanship, the Yoshioka. After defeating two successive heads of the school in a matter of days, a new formal challenge was issued to Musashi to fight the new infant head of the school at Ichijoji, with the catch that due to his junior years, the entire 70 members of the school would fight Musashi on their behalf. In one of history’s most escalated personal grudges, and perhaps most visceral representations of individual vs. instituitional thought, Musashi actually turned up to the duel, and Musashi actually won. Tohm Curtis has illustrated Musashi cutting through all 70 opponents at the famous Ichijoji battle on display from February 21st."

We love the idea behind this show, and the history. It’s nice to see an artist take on a serious legend and have a bit of fun with it. Plus, it plays with Japanese culture, comic sensibilities, illustration, samurai and a cool emerging artist – this show has a bit of all the things we really love in the mix.


Who: Tohm Curtis
What: Ichijoji solo show
Where: The Old Bar, 74 – 76 Johnston St, Fitzroy, VIC
When: Opening night is on Tuesday 21st February 6pm free and goes until the 4th March

Check out Tohm Curtiss website as well as the facebook event page for more info.

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