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deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 48 1 AWOL crew

Sunshines Top 10 – March 2015

Well, big time apologies for this being up so late (and to Dean!), I’ve recently re-located up to Singapore (again) and shit has been pretty damn hectic!

Yet another great selection here from Mr Sunshine, yet again capturing a whole bunch of rad shit from around the streets of Melbourne – check out his Top 10 for MArch 2015. Some grand Melbourne street art and graffiti amongst this lot!

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 48 1 AWOL crew

1. AWOL crew Narre Warren
2. Sage + DMOTE – Brunswick
3. Makatron – Brunswick
4. Be Free + Mupz – Brunswick
5. Duke Style, Rews, Akuze, Shame – Yarraville
6. DEM189 – Clifton Hill
7. Bailer + Nekta – St.Kilda
8. Cruel – Collingwood
9. Deams – Prahran
10. Alex Lehours – CBD
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Exhibition & Live Art – Irkles Art Circus – Melbourne

Our good mate Irkle will be heading off on a voyage really soon, and as he prepares to jump on that jet plane to head over to conquer the streets of Berlin, he has decided to pull out all his works from the archives for one last, big sale before his departure.

"Irkle is moving to Berlin and is clearing the studio with an ART SALE!
Selling works at SLASHED PRICES, there’s a bargain for everyone. Old work, new work, it all has to go, otherwise Irkle will be setting it all on FIRE!"

… really, on fire? You better buy it, burning art is so not cool. But wait, there is even a boatload of entertainment on offer as well  …

"On top of cheap artworks, there will be bar with Doss Bockos, El Jimador tequila cocktails, mulled wine/sangria, burlesque with Betty Blood, Cinematheque Erotique in the video dome, zine launch,
Circus performers, tattoo station, live painting with Mupz and Bail, hip hop & dj’s with Slime Squad … and a happy ending!"

So head down this Friday night and give the man a thorough sendoff, and put a bit more money in his pocket – chances are he’ll spend it on paint, and we’ll look forward to seeing heaps of pics from over there, bon voyage dude!


Who: Irkle and friends
What: Irkles Art Circus
Where: How Now Gallery, 50 Rose St, Fitzroy, VIC
When: Show opens Friday 23rd March from 6pm til late!!

Check out the facebook event page for more info on the event!

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Event & Farewells – At Large End Of Lease Graff Battle & Sale – Melbourne

It was a sad moment last week when I got the invite from the At Large crew about their closing down event this coming weekend. I knew it was on its way, but it was still lamentable when I got the invitation to their very last event – and I’m even sadder still that I can’t attend due to being in Perth for the weekend!

It’ll be hard to imagine Northcote without At Large Gallery – and I can’t help but say a few words about the people, shows, and the crew there. Please excuse me whilst I take a rare moment to talk on a personal level – and, in case you don’t want to read my shit, just jump down to the bottom of the post for all the info on the actual event!


I attended the opening of At Large (I’m pretty sure it was the first article I posted on this blog, actually), and I even had a piece in that very first show – I believe that was the first show in Melbourne that I had put a piece in since I’d moved here. I’d met the crew through a mutual friend pretty much as soon as I had first arrived in the ‘burn – two people whose own art I immediately loved, and who had, no, made, time for someone who was still fresh eyed and full for questions about Melbourne and its art.

As it happened, I also put some work into a few other group shows there, and, I had two of my own there also. The biggest moment, for me, was holding my first solo show, Inhabited Times, at the gallery – which was amazing and had an amazing turn out. I pretty much did the show because of the guys there, they inspired me – after years of drawing in books and never showing anyone the stuff I’d been doing, they made me so comfortable and were so encouraging that I couldn’t not – they helped me take my art out of my own private little world  – and since then, I haven’t looked back.

Invurt and the crew at At Large also put on the group show there, Cardbordia with a bunch of other great artists, it was so much fun covering the walls in Cardboard and making an instillation styled show – what a blast.


So, to say that the place has a special place in my heart is an understatement. At Large, the crew themselves and their many helpers, as well as the people I met through the gallery and its shows,  and those I became friends with along the way, were one of the inspirations behind my starting this whole website – if you’re a fan of Invurt, then there’s a part of thanks that should be directed to the At Large crew for what you see today.

Beyond myself, there is absolutely no questions as to what these guys did for the Melbourne art, and upcoming and established artists. You need to only look at the list of exhibitions they’ve held over the past three years to get an inkling as to the kinds of artists they helped promote and support, the shows that they worked on and the events that they also held. With names like Heesco, Adi, Simz, Mupz, Jak Rapmund, Nicole Tattersall, Mishap, Rachee Renee, Sketch City and so many more … take all those great shows, and combine them with a whole range of events, battles, workshops, live art, great tunes, good beer, great people – well.


So, in their own words …

"After three ears in Northcote, At Large are closing its doors at 208 High St!!

We have always run At Large as we felt fit, and through this unconventional practice have met some truly amazing Artists, DJs, Emcees, and some of the most chilled beautiful down to earth people here, (some of who are now our family.) We have run countless gigs, openings, exhibitions and festival days, and it has been a great hub for Artists and all sorts. The ride has been amazing and unforgettable, but for now we just need a break, and a new chapter to focus on our lives and our own art.

Mishap and Dopio will be back in 2012 curating and participating in battles and exhibitions, burning walls and getting drunk in your backyard. We would love to thank every single person who made the last few years what it was by buying a can of paint, sharing a beer or spliff, or coming to a show. We are humbled by the amount of support we’ve gotten from our big Melbourne fam, customers and regulars. It has been an absolute pleasure.

Please contact us through the At Large email or website for future projects, jobs, and the usual from now on ‘cos we won’t have a shop for too much longer but we are STILL AT LARGE."

Before they close their doors, however, there is the aforementioned closing party – and, as usual with the way these guys roll, it’ll be a fkn great night – art battle, and merchandise and art up for grabs at awesome prices!

"We are closed to pack up shop generally from now until the 26th so come hang out for the last time @ At Large on Sunday 27th Nov 2011, watch Getn Jigy, Twos and Glyphics battle it out, sink a few beers and check out the huge instore sale.

15-60% off EVERYTHING including

  • brand new Sourpuss range of kooky kitchen ware, beach towels, skull cushions, lamps and unique gift ware you won’t find anywhere else
  • all tees and streetwear
  • custom graffiti lamps made by Jest
  • ALL ART AND PRINTS by various Artists

We will also be selling most shopfitting and furnishings so if you see anything you like or need make us an offer!!

Hope to see you all there and thanks again for your love!"

See what I mean? Going out in total style!


Anyways, the silver lining about the gallery closing is also personal – I can’t help but feel a little lightened at the news knowing that this now frees up two of my mates to come painting with us on the weekends (which is the only time I get to paint due to this whole full time work bullshit!). They’ve already both taught me a lot – about painting, about Melbourne, and about a whole bunch of amazing artists and creative individuals that they tirelessly supported – and I really can’t wait to hit some walls with them now that they aren’t stuck in the gallery.

J & B – thanks for the beers, thanks for the shows, thanks for the support and for all you did for the Melbourne street art culture with At Large Gallery, we’re looking forward to seeing what you guys get up to next year – now, lets fkn paint!

1_1 (1)
Who: The At Large crew and live art battles from Getn Jigy, Twos and Glyphics.
What: Live art, sales and awesome fun times.
Where: At Large Gallery, 208 High St, Northcote, VIC
When: Sunday 27th november, 1pm til 6pm – and then closed forever!

Check out the At Large Gallery website, and the facebook event page for more information.

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Live Art – At Large Graff Jam – High St Festival – Melbourne

Oh hell yeah – after a hiatus last year after a huge event in 2009, it looks like the Northcote festival is back (albeit in a slightly smaller form. As At Large Gallery will be along that section of High Street that they will be closing off for the afternoon, it stands to reason that the crew at the gallery would put something on themselves for the festival!

"As part of High Streets Inaugural ‘High Noon’ Festival this Sunday, At Large hosts our biggest graff jam yet with 12 Old and New School writers doin it up in our whole backyard!

On the lineup are: Keisha (QLD), Snotty, Presto (NSW), Kaligs, Smeg, Mupz, Enix (WA), Ishi, Getn Jigy, Muchacho, Ghosto (NSW), Rukkus
+ DJ’s, Rolex Bifta (WA) Hip Hop, Peacey P Hip Hop Set, Warpaint Dubstep, Rayza (WA), Impervious Enemy + Sausage Sizzle

Production starts at 10.30am, Judges Mishap, Dopio & Guest Judge TBA will announce the best piece at 5pm

Winner of best piece of the day will receive a 12 Pack of Ironlak Paint in their choice of colors, a T-shirt and stickers. Second place will receive 6 lil laks, T-shirt and sticker pack.

High Noon Festival is run by the Northcote Business Association and Darebin Council, the streets will be closed from Clarke St to Separation St which the gallery lies within so public transport is probably the best option. Entry is via donation at the gates, but entry to the Gallery is FREE."

Oh yeah, we will definitely be there, what better way to spend a Sunday afternoon?
FLIER GJ copy 
Who: Keisha (QLD), Snotty, Presto (NSW), Kaligs, Smeg, Mupz, Enix (WA), Ishi, Getn Jigy, Muchacho, Ghosto (NSW), Rukkus
+ DJ’s, Rolex Bifta (WA) Hip Hop, Peacey P Hip Hop Set, Warpaint Dubstep, Rayza (WA), Impervious Enemy + Sausage Sizzle
What: At Large Graff Jam – High St Festival showcase
Where: At Large Gallery, 208 High Street, Northcote, Victoria
When: This Sunday, 18th September, 10:30am til 7pm

Check out the At Large Gallery website and the facebook event page for more info!

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Exhibition – Black & Gold – SJS Gallery – VIC

Following on from their successful showing at At Large Gallery, Jak Rapmund, Mr Muppetz and Adele Wilkes will once again be showing their wares, this time taking the show to the SJS Gallery in Fitzroy.

This is a apparently the first in a series of new “Open Gallery Nights” where they will feature artwork at SJS Gallery alongside live music, sounds fun, and there’ll be some great art to boot!


Who: Jak Rapmund, Mr Muppetz, Adele Wilkes
What: Black and Gold Group Show
Where: SJS Gallery, 120 Alexandra Parade, Fitzroy, VIC
When: Show opens 11th June, 6:30pm til 8:3pm

Check out the SJS website for more details on the show, as well as the facebook event page.

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Thursday Transmissions – Wars, Light & Gold

Well, as always, plenty of videos up in the past week! In fact, more than we’ve seen in any other weeks – so enjoy your lunchtime (or whatever time!) viewing!

We don’t have the embed for it, but Good Game on the ABC this week did a feature piece on the last Fanboy vs Artboy: Video games exhibition. This was a great exhibition at a cool gallery, an features interviews with Matt Dunn, Dirtfish, Craig Bruyn and Artboys Marc Huntington, so check out the video about it!

Next up is one of our favourites, we saw this Light graff piece up on Gizmodo last week, by a Melbourne outfit called Oh Yeah Wow – it was done as a music video for All India Radios song Rippled .. fanfkntastic.

Secret Wars Sydney is going strong – as this video from Round 3, with Sonny vs Heesco – some great stuff from both artists!!

Part two of Joel Birch and Steen Jones video pieces of their Australian tour are also up this week – always cool to see what international artists are up to when they visit!

Sydney in 96 hours. Part 2. Feb 2011 from Melissa Findley on Vimeo.

Heres a quick preview of the Black & Gold show on this Friday night at At Large Gallery, with Jak Rapmund, Mupz and Adele Wilkes.

This week, the video from Back Burners in Sydney was also put up – man, this looked like one cool show – now I want a denim patch jacket!!

Back Burners: Feat One Days and Desta. from Dr Dboe on Vimeo.

Not sure if you may have seen this before, but it escaped our attention when it was released a month or two ago – but this is a really cool video of the #86 tram in Melbourne being done up for Grolsch.

#86 from Hunter on Vimeo.

Kill Pixie, aka Mark Whalen was down in Melbourne a month or so ago for his solo show, and this is the video behind the show itself – a great aussie artist.

white out from Mark Whalen on Vimeo.

Last, but certainly not at all least, the team at Acclaim put up their event overview for the Carbon festival last week – if you’ve been following us, and any other blogs, and you didn’t make it to Carbon this year – I’m betting you’re pretty jealous right now …

ACCLAIMmag.com | CARBON 2011 | Event Overview from ACCLAIM Magazine on Vimeo.

Okay, that’s more than enough for this week! If you have any videos you’d like us to feature, just let us know!

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Exhibition – 3rd Degree At Large – Sink / Ikin / Mupz

The guys from At Large Gallery have another exhibition coming up this Friday the 19th of February in the form of 3rd Degree, A group show of new works by three of Melbourne’s upcoming artists: Sink, Ikin and Mupz.

Opening Reception from 8-10pm, and it will be sponsored by Holgate so get down early for a free brew and what’s sure to be an exciting art collaboration!

At Large is located at 208 High Street in Northcote.

Exhibition Runs Until the 4th March if you can’t make it to the opening,  theres some great shows being put on by this relatively new gallery, so go check it out.

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