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Exhibition – Erin Greer & Melissa Diamond Jaw Newby – FUR – Melbourne

Sometimes, discovering new art is just sheer random chance – like when we bumped into Erin Greer last week and asked her to send us a bit of info on a show that she’d mentioned in passing.

After sending through the flyer, we really liked what we saw, so we asked her for a bit more info on her and  her partner-in-show, which she happily provided!

"Fur is a joint exhibition between myself and Melissa Diamond Jaw Newby. Mel and I have, on several occasions, collaborated together on shows or wall pieces.

This show is really exploring the themes of feathers, and fur.
Mel will be showing her super stylized, stencil piece and I’ll be showing mainly illustrative works, of dreamy kind of naive animal characters.
Both Mel and I have done our work onto organic kind of materials like wood, brown paper and hessian canvas.

I’m Melbourne based, mainly doing illustration these days but also fine art painting, and I paint the odd wall from time to time. I do a lot of character based works, and will be showing a bunch of new characters I started drawing after a few months stint in New York, late last year.
Mel is also Melbourne based artist, hailing from Perth, she moved over here about four years ago. Mel has been doing street art for over 10 years in Perth, and also has a fine art background in printmaking."

Check out these two preview pieces from the show …



Yep, the random things in life surely are what we love the most – we’re super keen to see more from these two!


Who: Erin Greer & Melissa "Diamond Jaw" Newby
What: FUR duo show
Where: Kent Street, 201 Smith street Fitzroy, VIC
When: Show opens Saturday 14th April from 6pm til 9pm, and runs til the 1st May.

Check out the Kent Street facebook page for more info on the venue.

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Exhibition – The Winter Show – VIC

On the heels of the recent all female Melbourne street art show, Fibre Femmes, comes another grand trove of up and coming female artists from the ‘burn.

The Winter show is “a massive group exhibition from 16 smashing lady artists, celebrating all that is grand about this chilly sea – when Winter rocks around, people in Melbourne get even blacker than usual, and whinge about the cold.”

Between this the Fanboy vs Artboy: Comics show on tomorrow night, we’re set for a grand night of artistry!

Lauz, Alice Jean McKellar, Melissa Newby, Betty Turier, Tarryn Valhalla, Monica Shaw, Amanda Palmer, Amy Sadovsky, Natt Diamond, Heather McDonald, Erin Greer, Kerry, Buttons, Kelly Read, Rach Delphin, Venessa Inberger
What: The Winter Show group exhibition
Where: Yah Yahs Upstairs Gallery, 99 Smith street, Collingwood, VIC
When: Friday 10th June, 6:30pm til 9:30pm

Check out the facebook event page for more info!

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