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Exhibition – STABS – Keep It Simple – Melbourne

If you’ve ever looked up, really anywhere, around Melbourne, you would have seen the work of Stabs. Its been a while since we saw a show from him, but theres one coming up this Friday night – and its going to be a cracker of a show, as he delves into a whole bunch of iconography developed over the course of his stay in Indonesia last year … read on!

“The frenetic tribalism of Stabs’s artwork is a key element of Melbourne’s visual landscape, especially around Collingwood, where his slaps and posters are omnipresent.

One thing that a lot of people haven’t realized when looking at Stabs’s work is that, over the years, his art has developed its own language of glyphs. There is a complex system of logograms at play, with stories encoded in each piece.

Over the last few years, Stabs’s hidden language has gone from being a background pattern to becoming the main focus of his work.

Last year Stabs spent a month living in Jakarta, hanging out and painting with Jakarta’s leading graffiti crews.

While he was in Jakarta, Stabs kept a journal, entirely written in his own language of glyphs. Each mission, meeting and event of the cultural exchange was recorded as art in his own logographic system.

This April at Backwoods Gallery, Stabs will be presenting the journal as well as fifteen original pieces based on key events from the cultural exchange.

KEEP IT SIMPLE opens Friday 18th of April and will be on display until Sunday 28th at Backwoods Gallery. 25 Easey Street Collingwood.”

We’ve always been a big fan of his work, and we’re looking forward to seeing the show – can’t wait for Friday!

A neighbourly visit 735x1024 500x696 Exhibition STABS Keep It Simple Melbourne in stencil art genres prints genres melbourne illustration genres exhibitions

What: Keep It Simple solo show
Where: Backwoods Gallery, 25 Easey St, Collingwoof, Victoria
When: Friday 18th of April, from 6pm til 9pm and the show runs until 28th April 2014.

Check out Backwoods Gallery and the facebook event page for more info on the show!

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Sunshines Top 10 – March 2014

Man, are we already a quarter of the way through 2014? It seems like we just had New Years … but hey, even though time rolls on, Dean Sunshine is still out there snapping, getting a whole bunch of shots of his favourite work from around Melbourne every month – here are some of his latest shots!!

1. Dmote + Sage – Unspecified location
2. Shida – Hosier Lane
3. Bailer + Dirty Sanchez, RSUME – stkilda
4. Tom Civil – Northcote
5. Inpak – South Yarra
6. Senekt – Collingwood
7. Binge – Clifton Hill
8. Unwell Bunny + Milan – Balaclava
9. Vans The Omega + Hitnes – Hosier lane
10. Shida, The Yok, Sheryo, Frank151 – Brunswick
deansunshine landofsunshine melbourne streetart graffiti invurt top ten 36 10 Sunshines Top 10 March 2014 in street art genres art event photos melbourne land of sunshine images media graffiti genres

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Interview – Junky Projects

This post appeared on Vandalog.com yesterday. Big thanks to Vandalog for allowing us to share this interview with you!

2997465402 9ec9b21b0c z Interview Junky Projects in sculpture genres newcastle art in situ melbourne graffiti genres found objects genres exhibitions artist interviews

Junky Project. Photo by KayVee.INC.


Daniel Lynch aka Junky Projects is and has always been one of my favourite Melbourne street artists. The reason is simple, because he’s different. Junky’s creations are a breath of fresh air in Melbourne’s street art scene. With his red hair and awesome taste in fashion, Junky is also one of the most interesting characters in the scene.

Junky describes his work on his website: “Essentially I create sentinels from junk and install them in strategic positions around the place to help remind passers by that if they continue to create so much waste in their lives one day it may come back to haunt them.” I find this idea fascinating and I love finding new characters around the city staring down at me from lamp posts and walls. He also makes amazing sculptures much greater in size than his street work.

Junky has a show coming up on the 21st of March at Dark Horse Experiment called Wasted. I’m looking forward to seeing what he creates for the show. You can see more of his work via this Flickr pool.

I recently caught up with Daniel and this is what we talked about…

LM: Where did your name come from?

JP: I had been toying around with the junk medium for a little while and using old tags that I had been using previously for straight up bombing, but it didn’t seem right. At the time there were a lot of artists popping up with really unusual names, and I dug that straight away. The old kinda more traditional tags were sorta flashy and 80′s sounding. When I heard tags like ‘RotGut’ Or ‘Snotrag’ I thought these were the kinda tags that stood out for me and sounded different. Because I was using recycled waste materials in my work I decided ‘Junky’ sounded like a nice brutal tag and straight away it stuck. But that was when it was all more anonymous. There is a certain luxury in the anonymity which means you can call yourself whatever you want. But then some dickhead Melbourne “Art Critic” took it upon himself to announce on the internet my real name and tag, so I had the problem of people coming up to me at shows calling me Junky, which can be awkward in certain situations. So I added the ‘projects’ part to kind of try and separate the person from the work a little, So that I am Daniel Lynch and these are my ‘Junkyprojects’.

via all those Interview Junky Projects in sculpture genres newcastle art in situ melbourne graffiti genres found objects genres exhibitions artist interviews

Junky Projects. Photo by AllThoseShapes.


LM: Where did the idea for your characters come from? How did you come up with the idea?

JP: Coming to Melbourne from a smaller town like Newcastle can be a pretty intimidating experience. I had been making art, working a bit of graphic design and getting really involved in the graff scene for some time and of course Melbourne is the place to be if your into that stuff, so down I came. But once your here there are so many big personalities and crazy painters doing their thing everywhere, and doing it well. I just felt like my old approach to getting up was pretty much just that, old. I had seen some work by some guys around the world installing plaque’s and mosaics, even ‘Fuckin Revs’ steel welded sculptures, and I decided to have a crack at something like that. The junk aspect came naturally. I’ve always collected weird crap that I find, this just gave me an outlet for it. Once I put a few up they were really well received so I kept at it. Now its just a snowball I can’t stop.

all those shapes junky projects zero cola junky fitzroy Interview Junky Projects in sculpture genres newcastle art in situ melbourne graffiti genres found objects genres exhibitions artist interviews

Junky Projects. Photo by AllThoseShapes.


LM: How long have you been doing what you do? How did you start? Have you always been into art?

JP: I grew up loving art. Art galleries were always amazing beautiful special places for me as a young person. Somewhere to go think and reflect. Very early on I decided that I wanted to be an Artist, but as it goes everybody around me told me that it was a silly pursuit for Bleeding hearts and hopeless romantics, fraught with poverty and woe. Of course I paid no mind and went ahead with it anyway. I did a Visual Communications Degree at Newcastle uni and came out a qualified Graphic designer, but I hated the idea that it was now my job to help the advertisers of the world sell crap to the public that they shouldn’t buy and don’t need anyway. So I decided to use my powers for good instead of evil. I’ve been working as Junkyprojects now for about eight years.

all those shapes junky projects sad n ston perfect brunswick east Interview Junky Projects in sculpture genres newcastle art in situ melbourne graffiti genres found objects genres exhibitions artist interviews

Junky Projects. Photo by AllThoseShapes.


LM: Are there certain materials you like to use the most?

JP: I love the look of old rusty steel. For my street work that’s the best. I also love using old timbers because they have such a rich history. A block of wood was once a tree, then maybe a carport, then maybe get thrown around for a dog to chase, then washed out to sea, makes its way back onto shore and into one of my sculptures, I like those possibilities. Theses days though im really enjoying building sculptures with polystyrene packaging. Its such a disgusting oil based waste product which is available in such abundance if you just look. But it’s also really light and quite strong, and I love the shapes that are inherent in the forms already when I find the materials.

all those shapes junky projects orange dribble collingwood Interview Junky Projects in sculpture genres newcastle art in situ melbourne graffiti genres found objects genres exhibitions artist interviews

Junky Projects. Photo by AllThoseShapes.


LM: What do you always carry with you on the street?

JP: Hammer, Extra Nails, Stickers, Sunglasses.

LM: Tell us a little about the process. Do you make these characters at home or in the studio and then attach them to things? Or do you make them on the fly?

JP: Usually I make them at the studio, I’ll collect up all the crap I need and the assemble a heap all at once then go out and install them, easy. Sometimes if I’m out somewhere having fun installing work and I run out of pre made pieces, I might make some there on the spot with whatever I can get my hands on. That’s where the spare nails come in.

LM: Aside from your street work, tell us a little about your larger sculptures? Where can we see some of these?

JP: The larger sculptures are just a natural flow of the work I guess. The street pieces are just quick tags for me so I like to put some more time and effort into larger work sometimes. And sometimes I install the larger stuff out and about. There are still a few around Brunswick I think, but because of the ephemeral nature of art out in the streets and because I’m kinda making it all up as I go along, a lot of the bigger stuff has disappeared. But keep your eyes peeled for more to pop up soon. Also the best place to see my larger sculptural work is at my exhibition on Friday.

all those shapes junky projects a junky on the edge blender Interview Junky Projects in sculpture genres newcastle art in situ melbourne graffiti genres found objects genres exhibitions artist interviews

Junky Projects. Photo by AllThoseShapes.


LM: Do you dabble in any other forms of art? Like aerosol for example?

JP: I’ve always painted aerosol. I love the freedom and the social aspect of painting with a group of mates. It’s good to keep those skills and stay up. And Graffiti will never die.

LM: Apart from your art work, how else do you contribute to Melbourne’s street art culture?

JP: Well I’m a tour guide for starters, so I take tourists and school students around to check out all the amazing art in our alleys and laneways, that keeps me busy. I also do a lot of workshops with young people and disadvantaged youth. Those are great. We really get to engage a wide cross section of kids who are all facing different issues. Art can be a great outlet for these kids and being able to do something creative often really makes a difference to their lives.

all those shapes junky projects pineapple rust fitzroy Interview Junky Projects in sculpture genres newcastle art in situ melbourne graffiti genres found objects genres exhibitions artist interviews

Junky Projects. Photo by AllThoseShapes.


LM: Tell us about “Wasted” your latest exhibition at Dark Horse Experiment? What can we expect from the show?

JP: Wasted is a collection of sculptures, collage, assemblage and installation which for me are all to some extent about magic and myth. All these materials have a life force and a spirit and when we turn materials into waste that spirit is broken down . When I create artworks from these wasted materials it feels like I am creating a new life force and a new spirit for that object. The work I have created seeks to harness this mythology and manifest it into real objects.

LM: What else is coming up for Junky Projects in 2014 and beyond?

JP: Who knows. I’d really like to get out and do some serious traveling over the next few years, maybe some artist residencies here there and everywhere. I’m also really interested in going out into regional areas and partnering with some of these communities to create public artworks made from local waste products. Basically I just wanna get out there and make much more art in many wide and diverse places. Have hammer, Will travel.

all those shapes junky projects s8 junk 1 section 8 Interview Junky Projects in sculpture genres newcastle art in situ melbourne graffiti genres found objects genres exhibitions artist interviews

Junky Projects. Photo by AllThoseShapes.

Photos courtesy of Junky Projects, AllThoseShapes and KayVee.INC

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Exhibition- Junky Projects – Wasted – Melbourne


Its been quite a long time since Junky Projects had a solo show, and now there is one right around the corner this Friday night with his most recent offering, “Wasted”.

If you dont know who Junky Projects is, then you’re definitely living under a rock. You’ve seen his work everywhere, his junk creatures nailed up to lamp posts and walls across the country. This show, however, will be something altogether different, as he pushes his recycled ethos to a new point, enlarging and exploring all the various different ways to transform unwanted materials into new icons and denizens of the streets.

“In a world where all that remains is wasted, new forms and manifestations of life after waste continue to evolve and develop from the very detritus which doomed a civilization.These are the JunkyProjects.

My recent work “WASTED” is a personal exploration into the creative process, the symbology and invented mythology around which my art making takes place. By using basically only materials which have had a previous life of some kind (found objects and waste polystyrene) i am creating a new type of history for these objects, whilst resonating echoes of their past lives within these new compositions.

‘WASTED’ presents the bearers of bad news, and the only news worth bearing. Don’t shoot the messenger.”

Can’t wait for this show, have been looking forward to it for quite some time now – so head down to Dark Horse Gallery this Friday to check it all out.

daniel lynch 500x420 Exhibition Junky Projects Wasted Melbourne in sculpture genres melbourne installations genres found objects genres exhibitions

Who: Junky Projects
What: Wasted solo show
Where: Dark Horse Experiment, 110 Franklin St, Melbourne
When: Show opens Friday 21st March from 6pm til 9pm and runs until the 12th April 2014.

Check out the facebook event page for more info.

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Exhibition – From The Streets – M Contemporary – Sydney

A grand show of both locally known and international artists will be opening up this week in Sydney, as the aMBUSH crew and M Contemporary team up to present From The Streets – a celebration of artists who have their roots in street based practices.

“Please join us for the opening of FROM THE STREETS on Saturday 22 March at M Contemporary gallery, 37 Ocean St, Woollahra from 4-6pm. Artists ADNATE, BEASTMAN and SHANNON CREES will be painting live at the opening and the works will be auctioned to raise money for the children’s medical charity Operation Smile.

Also, the FROM THE STREETS exhibition, which will run until 27 April, brings together street artists from around the world to highlight the many different genres of street art and the different practices that artists utilise in their work. The featuring artists are Adnate (Melbourne), Beastman (Sydney), Chris Uphues (New York), Ever (Buenos Aires), Jaz (Buenos Aires), Jef Aerosol (Lille), Mademoiselle Maurice (Paris), Morley (LA), Shannon Crees (Sydney), Slinkachu (London) and Will Coles (Sydney).”

Head down to M Contemporary to check it all out this Saturday afternoon.

fromthestreets Exhibition From The Streets M Contemporary Sydney in painting genres live art urban art illustration genres exhibitions

Who: Adnate (Melbourne), Beastman (Sydney), Chris Uphues (New York), Ever (Buenos Aires), Jaz (Buenos Aires), Jef Aerosol (Lille), Mademoiselle Maurice (Paris), Morley (LA), Shannon Crees (Sydney), Slinkachu (London), Will Coles (Sydney)
What: From The Streets group exhibition
Where: M Contemporary
When: Saturday 22nd March from 4pm til 6pm and running until 27th April 2014

Check out the facebook event page and M Contemporary for more info.

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Snapshots – Rolling Canvas – Melbourne

Damn, this was one fine show, and if you didnt get a chance to see it you really did miss out. Flying a little under the radar at first, this was one of our favourite shows so far this year – a shitload of train canvases painted up by some of Melbourne finest underground graffiti artists. This wasnt your usual fare, and it was fkn grand.

Check out all the photos that Dave Russell got below.

IMG 4552 500x333 Snapshots Rolling Canvas Melbourne in art event photos painting genres melbourne graffiti genres

Rolling Canvas


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Event – Drewfunk Open Studio – Melbourne

Well, it’s always a little sad seeing an artist head off from the ‘burn on new adventures, but when its someone like Drewfunk its even more so! Drewfunk has been such a stalwart in the Melbourne art scene for so long that it’ll be hard to imagine not bumping into him all the time at Blender (or Workshop, ha!) but he’s heading off up to Sydney for a change of pace, and in celebration of his time here and to new beginnings he’ll be having an open studio, with a bunch of artwork up for grabs and a bit of a bbq sendoff.

“Some of new and old unseen work will be available, also some prints, books and one off drawings.

I’ve been in Melbourne since early 2006, Its time for a change. Moving to Sydney on the 30th of March. Come by for a catchup. DJ’s and BBQ will be organized too. After party starts from 5 – 10pm. (BYO Drinks) ”

From me, on a personal note, Drew – you’ll be missed bro – hope you have all the luck in the world up in Sydney, and in the meantime, see you Saturday!!

Head down to Blender to celebrate with the man himself this weekend, and maybe even pick up some mad Drewfunk bargains!

1622114 10152239237495435 1018781743 n 500x500 Event Drewfunk Open Studio Melbourne in exhibitions

Who: Drewfunk
What: Open Studio
Where: Blender Studios, 110 Franklin St, Melbourne
When: Open studio from 12pm til 5pm, after party from 5 – 10pm, Saturday 13th March 2014

Check out the facebook event page for more info on the event!!



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Exhibition – Bode Klein – ENTANGL3 – Collingwood

Do you guys remember when the word LOV3 appeared overnight on top of the silos in Collingwood last year? I still have no idea how Bode Klein managed to paint those perfect letters at that height! Well he is now back in Melbourne for a while and he’s got an exhibition opening up at House of Bricks this coming Friday with some paintings and sculptures on show. Make sure you check it out, the sneak peeks are looking great and I’m looking forward to see the rest of the pieces! You can find more information on the event page or on Bode Klein‘s page.

1655656 10152276101823055 1305251234 o 500x249 Exhibition Bode Klein ENTANGL3 Collingwood in street art genres sculpture genres painting genres melbourne installations genres exhibitions urban art

Who: Bode Klein
When: Opening night Friday 14th of March
Where: House of Bricks, 40 Budd St, Collingwood


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Video & Snapshots – Matt Adnate – Paint UP – Hosier Lane – Melbourne

Check out this great video by Michael Danischewski and awesome shots from David Russell documenting Hosier Inc’s inaugural “Paint UP” project, featuring Adnate. The project was called Paint UP; a simple play on words; extending access to artists to the untouched walls (which have never before been painted) above ground level in Hosier and Rutledge lanes.
Hosier Inc is a not for profit community association made up of anyone that loves Hosier and Rutledge Lanes, the community, residents, local businesses, and artists themselves , which was initially formed in order to oppose the installation of CCTV cameras in the laneways.

HOSIER INC, Paint Up! round 1 : ADNATE from Michael Danischewski on Vimeo.

From Hosier Inc: “Six artists were invited by Hosier Inc to submit a concept for a large-scale image to be painted on the rear of McDonald House in Hosier Lane. The successful proposal was to demonstrate a rationale and a design that showed an affinity with the location of the wall & building… Members voted and selected Adnate’s submission”. (For more information on the project check out the Hosier and Rutledge lanes blog and the vimeo page).
Adnate’s submission was a portrait of a local indigenous boy gazing across the city towards Birrarung Marr which is a sacred space for the Wurundjeri people.
If you’re an artist and interested in submitting for Round 2 of Paint UP, send the Inc an email to express your interest (you’ll find the address on their blog)”

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Exhibition – Putos & Kid Silk – Seasons Of Change – Melbourne

There have been some great Seasons Of Change exhibitions over the past few years, and the next installment of SOC Autumn 2014 is no exception. This time, the regular quarterly show held at Revolver Upstairs will be displaying the works of none other than Putos and Kid Silk.

“Brought to you by Revolver Upstairs in conjunction with GraffixCreative ‘Seasons of Change’ showcases local and international artists at Revolver internal and external art spaces.

Melbourne artists Putos and Silk have been catching walls together since 07′. With Putos’s signature character style and Silk’s devotion to letterform as well as characters, they work to create dynamic collaborations from small illustrated works to large scale murals, which exist across the city. Putos & Kid Silk will unveil a new graf wall at Revolver that will be viewable all through Autumn.

For one night only they will also be selling original works and have created a set of limited edition Seasons Of Change prints.

Music from DJ Who.”

Not a show to be missed, so head on down to Revolver this Friday night to check it all out!!

putos kidsilk 500x703 Exhibition Putos & Kid Silk Seasons Of Change Melbourne in street art genres prints genres melbourne illustration genres graphic design genres graffiti genres exhibitions

Who: Putos & Silk Roy
What: Seasons of Change – Autumn 2014
Where: Revolver Upstairs, Chapel St, Prahran, Melbourne
When: show is on for one night only on Friday 7th March, 2014 from 6pm til 9pm!

Check out the facebook event page for more info on the show.

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