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Friday Wrap & The Week Ahead



  • Ghostpatrol had his solo exhibition Warps Points and Seed Vault save points open last night. Melbourne Art & Culture Critic has a short review of the exhibition here – I checked it out when it seemed to be at its most busy, some wonderful work in there – looking forward to seeing it when its a little quieter. We did a really cool interview with the man himself here.
  • Nicole Tattersalls solo exhibition, “Patchworked” opens tonight – I saw a couple of her pieces when I was picking up some of the work left over from my show last night, and it looks great! Also check out the interview we did with her.
  • Paradise Hills opens their door for the first time tonight, with their group exhibition “The Grass Is Always Greener”  opening up tonight in Richmond
  • A new print gallery, Signed & Numbered opened up in Prahran this week, featuring work from a whole slew of our favorite artists. I’ll be checking it out over the weekend to see what its all about – but in the meantime Design Federation did a cool little piece on it the other day – they also sell their prints online.
  • Of course last, but certainly not least – Semi Permanent started today! (If only I could have got the day off this 9-5er, alas) – and in grand style, we have the Just Another Group show – the official SP Melbourne exhibition opening tonight. Yesterday we did a great interview with Toby and Melika from Just Another Agency, the brains behind the show, so have a read, and get on down tonight for a great show – seeya there!

Other news and cool shiz

  • Everfresh have some great pics up from their Sydney book launch – looks like a fun night was had by all.
  • Some cool pics up also of Twoone and Thomas Jacksons Sydney show, the Absence of Man
  • The Melbourne Sweet Streets festival is looking for volunteers to help them out over the duration of the festival – check out the info here. One of the items on the program for the festival is a Stencil Class for Secondary teachers – a great avenue for anyone wanting to help educate students about the greatness that is stencil art.
  • This Life put up a great interview with Eleven & Co, loving the calligraphic styles of his work.
  • We Make Stuff Good keep bringing out the Semi Permanent info goods with an interview with Leif Podhajsky  – this was the first exposure I’ve had to his work, and it was a great introduction – someone I’ll now be keeping an eye on.
  • Its been on a bunch of blogs, but I saw it first at The Opening Hours – Brisbane City Council in all its glory decided to completely buff an amazing legal wall done by Anthony Lister – well done BCC, I’m loving the whole retro Sir Joh era policies! Yay to supporting culture and the arts! :|
  • Okay, so I love rockets – and so does Lauren Orchowski, she went around the US taking photos of all those old 50s and 60s rocket ship playgrounds and produced a book of photographs, called “Rocket Science” from all her shots – some fine urban decay of these cool rusting ships.

Thats about it, fairly quiet this week in the rest of Oz, but if I’ve missed anything please let me know – and, as always, if you have any news or events you want us to cover, please just send us a message.


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