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Exhibition – Spare Parts – Brisbane Powerhouse – QLD

I hear rumour of this one some months back when I was talking to someone about it at a party after Semi Permanent, and I really wish I could get up to Brisvegas to check it out! Such a cool idea, and the talent involved is second to none.

Spare Parts is an exhibition that will bring together a diverse range of artists all using pre-loved prosthetic limbs as their canvas.

As an exhibition Spare Parts will create and promote about 40 individual pieces of art and parallel to this, a positive and open conversation about prosthetics.

All too often prosthetics are considered a taboo subject, and Spare Parts aims to celebrate both their beauty and purpose.

The diversity of artists is a very important component of the exhibition as is their interpretation of each limb. Those involved range from a world class graffiti artist, tattooists, a poet, painters, comic artists, to one of Australia’s most popular up and coming sculptors. Beyond the traditional scope of “what is art” Spare Parts will also include a fashion designer, a milliner, a jeweller and a cobbler.”


Who: Andrea Smith,  Anthony Lister, Aureole, Jeweller to the Lost (Barbara Heath, Malcolm Enright, Juan-Luis Gonzalez), Beastman, Ben Sea, Breanna Stewart, Briellen Baker, Bunya Curan, Carmella Ruffino, Clint Steele, Erica Gray, Fleur Beserk, Giles Kilham, Glenn Brady, Jase Harper, John Semmens, J-Stew, Karl Huttenmeister, Kasino, Kitty Horton, Ky Curran, Lincoln Austin, McKelly, Mandy Beaumont, Marcel Lip – Awake in Dreams, Matt Palmer, Mel Stringer, nico, Pendragon Shoes, Priscilla Sutton, Rachi Brains, Sally McRae, Sandra Rose, Satta Van Daal, Stephen Mok, Stuart Crampton, The Grates, Tim Rix, Terry Kerns, 2ha + Sarabelle,  Village Atheist, Will Kelly
What: Spare Parts Group Exhibition
Where: Brisbane Powerhouse,  119 Lamington Street, New Farm Qld
When: Show opens Friday, 12th November from 6pm, and runs from the 9th November to 5th December

Check out the Spare Parts blog and the Brisbane Powerhouse website for heaps more info – also check out the facebook event page.

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