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Video – Ironlak @ Miami Art Basel 2013

Video – Ironlak @ Miami Art Basel 2013

Every year an army of artists descends on Miami for Art Basel, and, of course, every year Ironlak is well represented. In this weeks feature from the paint we all love, a bunch of Ironlak artists get up in the Miami heat and do what they do best, smash some walls!

“In continuation of the annual festivities in Miami’s Wynwood district for Art Basel, Ironlak Family members TUES, ENUE, KEMS, JURNE, SIRUM, LINZ, EWOK & AUGOR went to check out the action along with writers from all over the globe.”

<iframe width=”500″ height=”300″ src=”//www.youtube.com/embed/vcQb_uNgPbQ” frameborder=”0″ allowfullscreen></iframe>

Yet another wonderfully put together video from Selina Miles!

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Video – Ironlak Family – Gold Coast

Video – Ironlak Family – Gold Coast

Can’t believe I almost missed this rad video -another great display from the Ironlak team, shot by Luke Shirlow and cut by the ever talented Selina Miles.

“Inspired by classic 80s movies, Ironlak Family members MEKS, VANS the OMEGA, SIRUM, TREAS, LINZ, REALS and TUES got together last year to rock a wall on the Gold Coast. In a true “rain, hail or shine” fashion, our three days on the coast were reduced to just over one real day of painting time thanks to grey skies and heavy downpours.”


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Event & Preview Video – ALLYOURWALLS – Melbourne

Well, it been an epic road, and with two days of painting to go we’re almost ready to celebrate!

We cordially invite you to celebrate with us this Friday night, 29th of November, from 6pm to 9pm as the ALLYOURWALLS team and all the artists present the completion of the project!

ALLYOURWALLS brings together some of Melbourne’s finest graffiti crews/collectives and street artists, in a major makeover of Hosier and Rutledge Lanes, in order to celebrate the significant role street art and graffiti continues to play in Melbournes cultural life.

Located in central Melbourne, Hosier Lane, along with its cobbled ‘anabranch’ Rutledge Lane, first came to prominence as a venue for street art and graffiti in the 1990s. Since then, the walls of the lanes have functioned as an exhibition site for local and visiting international graffiti and street artists.

Over a period of two massive painting sessions during November, both Hosier and Rutledge Lanes have been completely transformed, top to bottom, by over 100 local graffiti and street artists – all of which will culminate this Friday night in an event in Hosier Lane, in homage to Melbourne graffiti and street art.

Presented by Invurt, Just Another Agency and Land Of Sunshine, the ALLYOURWALLS event will be held in Hosier Lane on Friday November 29th from 6pm to 9pm.

ALLYOURWALLS is proudly sponsored by Ironlak, and supported by the National Gallery Of Victoria.

Facebook page – facebook.com/allyourwalls
Facebook event – facebook.com/events/1467241700166796/
Tag us on the night at #allyourwalls #melbournenow

You can check out the teaser video for the event below – or follow the link here.

All Your Walls Teaser from EdInFocus on Vimeo.

Huge, massive thankyou to EdInFocus for taking care of all the video media for us – keep an eye out in the next few weeks for the full feature.

Mistys diner will be providing a bunch of the nights entertainment, and there will not only be a chance to check out all the artwork, but there will be some special event-only video-graffiti displays that you have to check out!


Who: At last count, over 100 of Melbournes finest graffiti and street artists.
Where: Hosier Lane, Melbourne
When: Friday 29th November, 6pm til 9pm

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Video – Sofles – Limitless

Video – Sofles – Limitless

Holy absolute crap. I never, ever, use the term “next level” but … what the hell other words do I really have for this video? I guess there’s always a first for everything. Waking up to this video on a Saturday morning has to be the highlight of my week – another Sofles/Selina Miles/Ironlak collaboration, featuring a whole slew of mates as well, including the ever talented Fintan Magee, Treas and Quench.

With amazing tunes by DJ Butcher … this video takes the cake for best graff video of the year, hands down. A follow up piece to the last video, Infinite, which I can see was merely a precursor (from where it previously held my video of the year rank) for something even more incredible.

Watch it for yourself, and if you disagree, I can’t hear you.

Here’s all the assorted info for the clip …

“Instagram: @sofles @selinamiles @drapl @fintan_magee @butchdaddy @ironlak

Shot/Cut: Selina Miles.
Art by Sofles, Fintan Magee, Treas, Quench.
Soundtrack by DJ Butcher (track-listing below).


DJ Butcher track-listing:
1. Get Busy Pt. 2;
2. Cocaine;
3. All in check.

The ‘Limitless’ EP is available for download for free via this link:http://goo.gl/IE0Lfg

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Exhibition – Northern Exposure – aMBUSH Gallery – Sydney

So many good things coming out of Queensland these days, and this time a whole bunch of artists are making their way down to Sydney to display their work at the infamous aMBUSH Gallery.

“So often characterised by syrupy heat and tropical vistas, Queensland shows its more pensive side with the launch of Northern Exposure, an exhibition of works by some of the state’s most prolific and provocative artists.

Launching at aMBUSH Gallery on Friday 22 November from 7-9pm, Northern Exposure will bring the varied insights and aesthetics of Asio, Benjamin Reeve, Cezary Stulgis, Fintan Magee, Gimiks Born, Guido van Helten, Gus Eagleton, Lee Harnden and Shida to Sydney’s contemporary art audiences and shed light on a more serious side of Queensland culture.

Delving into concepts ranging from the brutality of Queensland’s hip-hop community to haunting anatomical explorations and the changing face of an increasingly multicultural population, Northern Exposure is a captivating cross-section of influences, inspirations and insights of the artists born and bred in our country’s sunshine state.

Northern Exposure is proudly supported by aMBUSH Gallery, Stone & Wood Brewing, Ironlak and INFX. The Veggie Patch Van food truck will be serving snacks on the opening night.”

Check out this rad video preview of the show as well …

Northern Exposure from M T Walker on Vimeo.

Seriously some of my favourite artists in this show, and man what a collection! I really wish I could make it up to Sydney … I wish I could make it to all these damn shows!


Who: Asio, Benjamin Reeve, Cezary Stulgis, Fintan Magee, Gimiks Born, Guido van Helten, Gus Eagleton, Lee Harnden and Shida
What: Northern Exposure
Where: aMBUSH Gallery, 4a James St, Waterloo, Sydney
When: Show opens Friday 22nd November from 6pm til 9pm and runs until 24th November.

Check out the facebook event page for more details!

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Video – Ironlak – A Writer Knows

Video – Ironlak – A Writer Knows

As far as ads for products go, well, this one is how I think all fkn ads should be! Nicely done vid, again, from Selina Miles for Ironlaks latest!

“The Ironlak dream began in 2002, when a young graffiti writer from Sydney wanted to offer Australian writers a premium spraypaint brand at an affordable price.

As the first Ironlak cans rolled onto shelves in 2004, the price of premium spraypaint was cut dramatically, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for Australian artists. Starting your own spraypaint brand from scratch comes with a (not so) healthy dose of landmines and headaches. The support we’ve received over the years from writers around the world is what drives us to keep pursuing this crazy dream.

The original spirit of graffiti lives on. Know who you’re supporting.

Video Credits:

Cut: Selina Miles, Music: Original composition by Trials, Spoken: Yuin Huzami, Handstyle: Freak KGB, Footage captured in Europe and North America.”

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Event & Live Art – Wonderwalls 2013 – Woolongong

Good news, everybody! (Okay, Ive been watching way too much Futurama lately) – the guys over at The Hours have just announced the whole lineup and shebang for their annual "Wonderwalls" event up in Woolongong – and damn, it looks mighty fine!!

"The festival will run from November 8 -10, including an art exhibition, artists talks and multiple large-scale murals being painted in the Wollongong CBD from featured artists SMUG (Glasgow), ASKEW (Auckland),ADNATE (Melbourne) WONDERLUST (Melbourne) VANS THE OMEGA (Adelaide), PHIBS (Sydney), SHIDA(Melbourne) FINTAN MAGEE (Brisbane), TWOONE (Melbourne), BEASTMAN (Sydney), NUMSKULL(Sydney), ROACH (Sydney), SCOTT MARSH (Sydney), THOMAS JACKSON (Sydney) PUDL (Sydney),BAFCAT (Wollongong), JAE COPP (Sunshine Coast), IDIOT (Wollongong), SYKE (Wollongong) and TRAIT(Wollongong).

The artists on the Wonderwalls roster will converge on the city for this series of free public events. In Wonderwalls Wollongong’s second year they want to improve on gains made last year to present the city as a viable option for creative endeavours and projects, a place where artists can afford to live at lower cost without sacrificing culture. Increased cultural infrastructure will see the small city as an artistic tour de force in years to come.
Get down to The Gong for Wonderwalls, and the unveiling of their hidden artistic identity. What you see might surprise you.

For more information, mural map and a full program, visit wonderwallsfestival.com"

Wonderwalls isnt just another art event, its a fully fledged Australian street art extravaganza, coupled with an amazing array of side events. Head up to the ‘Gong in early November to see it all for yourself!


Who: SMUG (Glasgow), ASKEW (Auckland),ADNATE (Melbourne) WONDERLUST (Melbourne) VANS THE OMEGA (Adelaide), PHIBS (Sydney), SHIDA(Melbourne) FINTAN MAGEE (Brisbane), TWOONE (Melbourne), BEASTMAN (Sydney), NUMSKULL(Sydney), ROACH (Sydney), SCOTT MARSH (Sydney), THOMAS JACKSON (Sydney) PUDL (Sydney),BAFCAT (Wollongong), JAE COPP (Sunshine Coast), IDIOT (Wollongong), SYKE (Wollongong) and TRAIT(Wollongong).
What: Wonderwalls street art festival
Where: All across the Woolongong CBD
When: November 8th to November 10th

For more information, mural map and a full program, visit wonderwallsfestival.com

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Video – Neon Golden – Hong Kong

Video – Neon Golden – Hong Kong

Madness.  Michael Danischewski just released this new ten minute featurette he did for The Hours from the Neon Golden exhibition up in Hong Kong last month.

“In September 2013, Australian based creative group The Hours curated an exhibition at Above Second Gallery in Hong Kong’s Central and Western District. Titled ‘Neon Golden’, the exhibition featured new works on paper by a collective of world class contemporary, street and graffiti artists who all share a rich history of friendship and collaboration. A lot of the artists involved also travelled from all corners of the world to be in Hong Kong for the exhibition, and to paint as many walls as possible. This is what went down….

Featuring – Fintan MageeShidaRoneKyle Hughes-OdgersBeastmanYokSheryoNumskullVans The OmegaRoachPhibsTwooneJumbo and Thomas Jackson.

A huge thank you to: Above Second Gallery – above-second.com, Ironlak – ironlak.com

This is great viewing, with a whole heap of Australian street art going big and bad up in Hong Kong – check it all out below!!

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Exhibition – Neon Golden – Hong Kong

Spotted this one over at Above Seconds blog! A whole slew of Australias finest will be heading over to Hong Kong next week in one of the largest collection of ozzie talent to go international since the brilliant Young & Free exhibition. Put together in conjunction with Ironlak and The Hours, and on the heels of the successful showing of Work In Progress, Neon Golden looks like it’ll be a smash hit already. With walls being done by the artists all around Hong Kong also, this is one that makes me wish I could jump on a plane again and see it all as it happens!

"Above Second is proud to join The Hours and Ironlak to present “Neon Golden” a group exhibition of works on paper.  Please join us to welcome back “Work in Progress” contributors Rone and Beastman to the gallery, and enjoy the work of 12 other talented Australian urban contemporary artists.

Curated by Australian-based creative group The Hours, ‘Neon Golden’ is an exhibition of new works on paper by a collective of world-class contemporary, street and graffiti artists who all share a rich history of friendship and collaboration.

This group exhibition is a celebration of new art movements in the Asia Pacific Region, and a showcase of these 14 artists’ diverse range of unique styles, subjects and techniques. From the realistic illustrations of Fintan Magee to the celestial geometric forms of Beastman, there is truly something inspirational about the diversity of styles in today’s urban art.  Though individually, the work might seem worlds apart, when coming together in collaborative murals the varied styles share the story of today’s contemporary art scene.

As well as the exhibition, this prolific group of artists will all be traveling from their current locations around the world to be in Hong Kong for a week long artist tour of the city, painting as many collaborative murals as possible with support from Ironlak. For this rare opportunity, please join the artists at the opening reception and contact Above Second for information about private commissions.

Email info@thehours.com.au to request an exhibition catalogue."

I mean, yeah wow – this one looks like it’ll be absolutely mad. Lucky Hong Kong indeed!!


Who: Fintan Magee, Shida, Rone, Kyle Hughes-odgers, Beastman, Yok, Sheryo, Numskull, Vans The Omega, Roach, Phibs, Twoone, Jumbo, Thomas Jackson
What: Neon Golden group show
Where: Above Second gallery, 31 Eastern St, Sai Ying Pun, Hong Kong
When: Show opens Friday 6th September from 7pm til 10pm and runs until October 5th 2013.

Check out Above Second, Ironlak and The Hours for more info on the show!

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Live Art & Event – Brisbestfest – Brisbane

Damn, Brisbane got it going on this weekend! Brisbestfest is a big assed elebration of all that is art and culture in Brisvegas – and if you read down a little, you’ll see the lineup, and know why the hell I wish I could be there!!

"BRISBESTFEST: Celebrating Brisbane’s World-Renowned Street Art & Culture – Block Party Style!

Brisbestfest is an exciting new “mini-fest” celebrating Brisbane’s vibrant urban arts scene with a day of live graffiti, hip hop & soul music, street food, a stunning art exhibition and more.  The event kicks off at 2pm and runs until 8pm on 29 June at Loading Dock Café and adjoining car park, West End.

The block-party style event will feature music from The Optimen, Bankrupt Billionaires, Desmond Cheese, DJ Butcher, MKO, Rainman, Samedi Sound System and more, plus an exclusive “Brisbane-themed” group exhibition and live, large-scale mural art from Fintan Magee, Cezary Stulgis, Ellen Stapleton, David Don, Guido van Helten, Treaz, Sam Hillcoat, Magnus McTavish, Elana Mullaly, Ankia Lister, Drapl and other world-class local talent.  There will also be a boutique beer and wine bar with all profits being donated to Brisbane Youth Service – a vital community service supporting Brisbane’s homeless and at risk youth.

What started as a group of artists seeking to paint the perfect inner-city wall has quickly transformed into a big event involving some of Brisbane’s most celebrated talent.  Co-promoter Kel Timmons says, “Brisbane breeds some of the best musicians and artists in the world.  Most leave eventually, but those who persist will tell you it’s because of the extraordinary people this city breeds and the undercurrent of raw creativity and social conscious Brisbane is world-famous for.  This event is basically an excuse to show off this amazing talent, raise money for charity, and throw a mad party in Brisbane’s glorious winter sun!”

Several Brisbestfest artists fly to Copenhagen just days after the event where they have been commissioned to paint a 100mtr wall at Roskilde Festival.  Other exhibiting artists have also been making waves internationally.  Award-winning artist Ellen Stapleton has returned to Brisbane (temporarily) after recent exhibitions in Amsterdam and Barcelona where she received accolades for her profoundly beautiful work.  Large-scale muralists Fintan Magee and Guido van Helten are also being praised for their impressive murals which are splashed all over the world – from Iceland to Los Angeles.  Google any Brisbestfest artist and you will be inundated with hundreds of incredible images from amazing artists we can proudly call our own.

Brisbestfest provides a platform for our world-class talent to perform and exhibit in their hometown. It draws an import view of street culture and our city’s identity and celebrates Brisbane’s exceptionally talented and passionate street artists and hip-hop, soul & roots musicians.

Brisbestfest is an all ages event and kicks off at 2pm until 8pm on 29 June at 2 Edmonstone St., West End (adjacent to Coles). Tickets are available through moshtix.com.au or on the door from just $10 +bf."

Looks absolutely fanfuckingtastic – nicely done dudes, really looking forward to seeing all the photos from the event!!!


Who: Fintan Magee, Cezary Stulgis, Ellen Stapleton, David Don, Guido van Helten, Treaz, Sam Hillcoat, Magnus McTavish, Elana Mullaly, Ankia Lister, Drapl and more
What: Brisbestfest street art festival
Where: 2 Edmonstone St, West End (Loading Dock Cafe/Aria carpark)
When: Saturday 29th June from 2pm til pm

Check out the Brisbestfest website for more info on the show!

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