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Exhibition – Mark Alsweiler – House Of Bricks – Melbourne

Well this one kind of snuck up on us but we’re glad we saw it!

This Friday New Zealand/Sydney artist Mark Alsweiler will be presenting his next solo show, "Wild Wood" at Collingwoods House Of Bricks. Alsweiler has held a large number of shows in the past, from solo shows at China Heights and Nine lives, to group shows at Monster Children, aMBUSH and the Outpost Project – now its time for his work to be present to all of his ‘Burn fans.

From installations, to painting on both canvas and wood, his work is both exciting and quirkily driven. In Wild Wood, Mark will be creating a number of sculptures and paintings utilising wood as his foundation – head down to House Of Bricks tomorrow night to check it all out.


Who: Mark Alsweiler
What: Wild Wood solo show
Where: House Of Bricks, 40 Budd Street, Collingwood
When: Show opens Friday June 8th and runs for one week.

Check out Mark Alsweilers website for more info on the artist.

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Snapshots – Ryan McGennisken & Hollie M Kelly – Sleep & Wake @ Egg Gallery – Melbourne

Friday night before heading over to Tom Civils show Long Story, we stopped in at Egg Gallery to see Ryan McGennisken and Hollie M Kellys show, Sleep & Wake.

Cutouts, illustrations, girls, strange dreamlike scenery and elements of the fantastical pervaded both artists works, and though they both have very different illustrative techniques, common elements (particularly an array of several notational strokes) carried over between all of their pieces. The work on either side of the gallery was in harmony, bonded together by a gorgeous, hat catching installation in the centre of the room. Wonderful.

After having followed their work for so long, it was also really nice to finally get the chance to meet both of the artists! Check out all the pics from the show below, and head down to Egg Gallery over the next week or so to see it all for yourself!


Photos via Lachlan Curtin-Corr and Facter.

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Snapshots – Magic @ House Of Bricks – Melbourne

After cruising down to the fantastic Ghostpatrol show last Friday night, we headed over to House Of Bricks to check out the “Magic” group show. As we mentioned earlier, we didn’t really know what to expect – obviously, themes of Magic, but we were pleasantly surprised that there was more than one form of magic to be found.

A large piece of prose on the wall greeted us, a parting gift from Ha-Ha before he headed off on his global journey, and, inside, a whole array of diverse and intriguing art with a cool center piece installation. Some of the work was literal to the theme, and some of it took the Magic Johnson idea and ran with it.

All of it was a more than pleasant surprise – and witty show that perfectly befit its moniker.


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Exhibition – Magic – House Of Bricks – Melbourne

Well, we don’t know too much about this event beyond the info we’ve found on the facebook page – "HOB will explore the world of magic, myth & ritual, from the infinite origins of………….//"

It also includes a slightly mysterious quote form Magic Johnson …

"My diet is mostly chicken and fish. I make sure I get a lot of vegetables, a lot of fruit. I am a big fruit man, I am a vegetable man anyway. And I also get a lot of rest. That’s the key … I may be up early, but I’m in bed early too".

Cryptic, but interesting, as the roster of artists involved is pretty damn cool and includes many of our favourite Melbourne artists! Something to go and check out on Friday night, for sure.


Who: Cheeky, Ero, Evergreen, HaHa, Hamishi, Joe Flynn, Rena Happens, Ry Bradley, Steve Lees – with installation by The Seam
What: Magic group show
Where: House Of Bricks, 40 Budd Street, Collingwood, VIC
When: Show opens Friday 8th March, 6pm til 9pm

Check out House Of Bricks and the facebook event page for more info on the show.

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Interview & Event – Tiffany Singh – Drums Between The Bells – Melbourne

Here at Invurt we like art of all shapes, forms and styles – as long as its meandering through new and uncharted territory, and pushing the boundaries of what we perceive as art, it’ll be on our radar.

Tiffany Singh is one such artist. Although not what you would traditionally call a "street artist", she does, however, create work that is often to be found there. With vibrant colour, and elements that directly invite the viewer to not only witness, but to interact with it, this New Zealand artists work has complimentary aspects of both beauty and function.

Our sometime NZ correspondant Cleo Barnett is currently here in Melbourne checking out a bunch of stuff for the Next Wave Festival. She spoke to Tiffany about her motives, explorations and got this great little interview for us. Read on, and be engaged …


Name, age, creative medium?

Tiffany Singh – 33 – Participatory Installation Based Artist.

Where are you based from? How has this impacted your art form?

I live in NZ but have spent years living in India. I am Samoan, Maori and Indian, and my ethnicity informs my work in relation to the sacred, ceremony and ritual. These conceptual elements are the basis of what my work is based on. My aesthetic is largely influenced by Eastern notions of offering and daily practice. The works materiality is often based around objects that are found at sacred sites or the everyday healing object such as spices, flowers, and holi powder. It engages audience participation and invites co-authorship by opening up the work for the viewer to realise.


In the case of Drums Between The Bells, the audience is asked to come and deconstruct my installation by removing a bell string from the ribbons and reinstalling the string of bells in their favourite sacred place in Melbourne. The audience is then requested to upload a picture or a video, and document the bells location onto Google maps so the bells can be traced and refound. If a bell is located it can be moved, in the hope of creating a living work of art. 

Its a conversation about what sites are considered special, or sacred, in a contemporary society, and it also generates a dialogue around whether a work can actually live through audience participation, and be able to develop a life span and movement of its own – outside of the initial artists install and concept.


How would you describe your art to a stranger?

Colourful, natural and open for engagement – with the hope of becoming a live entity.

What are you doing over in Melbourne?

I am apart of Next Wave Festival,and very much looking forward to realising a work that depends so much on audience participation, this is my first opened ended work, so the life expectancy of the work is very experiential for me, and its exciting to not know how the work will be resolved. Generating this work in such a vibrant and savvy city will hopefully facilitate the work and promote the enjoyment of being involved.

I’m also here to experience a new place – and, of course, meet new people.


How can we get involved?

By getting involved with the bells … moving them around and giving them a life. They will live at the Elm Tree, cnr Swanson and Collins St – you can choose your bell , take it to your sacred place and reinstall it in its new location, you can then photograph or film the bell and email the image / video of its current location to drumsbetweenthebells@gmail.com

Then, if you come across the bells at in other places, you can remove the bell and start again. Whats really interesting is that other works may happen as result, people could decide to move the bells to one site, or various selected sites, or it could be very personal – its the unknown outcomes that I am really interested in.


So, what’s next?

Up next is the 2012 Sydney Biennial, which again is a participatory install involving 3000 bamboo wind chimes.

Once again, the work invites the audience to engage and activate the work. The pilgrimage this time takes a chime from Pier 2/3 at the wharves, then take it home to decorate it, then reinstall it at building 61 on Cockatoo Island. After Sydney I have an artist residency in Bangalore, India where I’ll be learning cottage industrial and local handicraft practice, as well as engaging in public installs with local materials.

Where can we see your work?

You can see the work installed on the Elm Tree in City Square for the Next Wave Festival and at Pier 2/3 and Cockatoo Island in Sydney alternatively you can see the work online at www.tiffanysingh.com, and look out for all the bells that will, hopefully, be all over Melbourne!

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Exhibition – Vandal Spruce – Anonymity – Melbourne

Vandal Spruce is an old favourite of ours, who we havent seen too much from recently – so we were pretty happy this morning when we saw that the ‘Spruce isn’t only back in action, but that there’s also a solo show coming up this week that is sure to be pretty damn interesting. Holographics? Nice.

"A collection of Vandal Spruce’s works including oil on canvas, glass works, holographics, stencils and live installations.. Music start from 6 and Vandal will be creating his major work throughout the night. Bar full of cold ones in the space and a few couches if you need a breather. Free entry of course, so bring your entire crew and support fresh ideas in local street art!"

There will be a whole heap of DJs playing on the night, and, of course, lots of beer -  but the cool part will be watching Vandal Spruce doing some live art (We assume it’ll be Spruce, anyways) – something we haven’t had a chance to see before!

So head down to Collingwood this Friday and check it all out!

290212062029_spider mouth - 760 x 760

Who: Vandal Spruce
What: Anonymity solo show
Where: 222 Johnston Street, Collingwood, VIC
When: Show opens Friday May 4th from 6pm til 10pm and runs til May 9th.

Check out the facebook event page and Vandal Spruce over at his blog – though, it hasn’t been updated for a while …

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Exhibition – Anthony Lister – Bogan Paradise -Sydney

Mister Lister is back and bogan as ever with the exhibition “Bogan Paradise” – presented by Gallery A.S.in Sydney this Friday.

Anthony Lister is an artist that all of us are fond of. Locally born and now living in NYC,  Lister is known for his crazy cool art antics (yes we are talking about the abductions!) and marvelous mixed media gallery works which have garnered him a pretty nice, and well deserved, name in the street art scene.

As we gathered from our brief chat with Lister around this time last year, and having followed him for some time, one thing always stands out – that the man is an artist who engages with the viewer effortlessly, and whose use of mixed media and evolving styles continuously appeals to a broad range of audiences all over the globe.

Though he has been a New York based artist for the last seven or so years, Lister is always the Aussie homeboy, and is frequently back here visiting, you see that home has never left the heart in his latest collection – just check the title.

These funky characters full of colour and versatility show a skewed but, when investigated, totally right on view of the outside world. With paintings, sculpture, site-specific installations and performance making up the collection, Bogans Paradise will be just that, a paradise of art.

Get to the gallery to check it out . The opening night is invite only so to register your interest email: rsvp@gallery.as  – and don’t forget that Lister is featured, along with loads more artists, at the Outpost Project on Cockatoo Island for the next month so get into that too!

Who: Anthony Lister
What: Bogan Paradise – New Works Solo Exhibition
Where: Gallery A.S. – 779 George Street, Sydney
When: Private Reception – Friday 4th November 2011

Check out Listers website here.

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Snapshots – D*FACE Hits Melbourne

Over the last few days, D*FACE has been traversing the streets, pasting up and leaving his mark on the ‘burn in the leadup to his show at Metro Gallery tomorrow night. Accordingly, much of it was documented along the way … the team at Bright Things TV caught up with him on Saturday and sent us through some great shots …

IMG_1021 (Large)

IMG_1056 (Large)

dfacezombie (Large)

DPP_1924 (Large)
That man about town, who seems to capture everything and anything thats happening, Dean Sunshine, also got a whole slew of great images from his visit.


deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_dface-melb-2011-4-577x1024  deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_dface-melb-2011-5-1024x577

You can check out the rest of Deans shots over at his website. Theres also a whole bunch of preview shots from his show up.

If you have any photos you’d like us to post up, just send them through to us for our Snapshots!

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Event – Pause Fest – Digital Festival – Melbourne

The impact on the arts of the technological age gets centre stage in November with Melbourne’s first digital festival – ‘Pause’.

“Pause Fest is about the new, innovative, interactive, exciting, creative and contemporary.
The week-long festival will start with small events, exhibitions, projections, open studios, installations, product launches and interactive projects dispersed through the city and it will culminate in one grand and exciting ‘exhibition’.

Pause Fest is a gathering of passionate, creative souls where they can connect with each other and with the world’s top talent. We welcome creatives from all fields, companies and agencies that embrace art+innovation and the general public.”

Here are just some of the artists with a foot in the festival door: Tokyoplastic (animation), Breeder (underground design), Richard De Souza (installation/motion graphics), Lumbre (TVC)
Yu Fujii (VFX), Netzer Alima (VJ Netzair) and many more local and international.

With this event we get to step into the current status of digital arts and say “why, hello there!”
The future of the technological creative will continue to power on during the 21st century, with the mediums of old taking a cordial step to the side (definitely not one to the back) as the artists in Pause engage the mediums of the future.

With massive sponsors and partners in Pause including IdN Magazine, HAHA Industry, Rancho Notorious Gallery, Motionographer, ACMI, Soundcloud, Vimeo and Swinburne and RMIT Universities, this is one fully stocked festival!

Evolving along with technology are the artists, taking to the digital life like … that old proverb – so come get amongst it, there is plenty for all and plenty of time to make the date, as the festival is a wonderful week long event!

For a detailed program see HERE

Tokyoplastic, Breeder, Richard De Souza, Lumbre, Yu Fujii,Netzer Alima and many more
What: Pause Digital Festival
Where: Various venues across Melbourne CBD
When: 7th – 13th November 2011

Check out the Facebook Event for even more.

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Exhibition – Spencer Harrington aka Random – Auckland

As part of Art Week Auckland, tomorrow Spencer Harrington’s (Random) colourful spectacle exhibition “The Colour of Originality” will be held at Kerr St Art Space at the Foothills of Mount Victoria, Davenport.

“…a young urban artist who has exhibited widely in the short time he has devoted himself to being a fulltime artist. He uses an extensive range of usual and unusual materials in stunningly innovative ways. These works have found their way into collections across New Zealand and now into Europe, America and Japan.

Since his return from Tokyo visual artist Spencer Harrington aka Random, has been gathering his ideas, influences, experiences and lessons into an exhibition titled ‘The Colour of Originality’. His exposure to new mediums, styles and genres through the Depot’s ArtsLab has resulted in a new level of works; Dreamscape oil painting, imaginative mixed media, conceptual installations, all with a surrealists twist which replaces the viewer’s reality with Spencer’s own world.”

Spencer has also been getting into body painting of late and they, from what we have seen, are some wicked stylin stuff! Art Week is looking pretty damn sick, so get on down for this and many other major shows!

Who: Spencer Harrington aka Random
What: The Colour of Originality – As a part of Art Week Auckland
Where: Kerr St Art Space
When: Opening Thursday 13th  October 5.30-7pm. Show runs til  24th October 2011
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