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Event – Carbon Festival 2012 – Melbourne

Hot on the heels of our previous article on the Cullen Open House day, here’s the full run down on events at this years Carbon Festival – got your tickets yet?

We were are Carbon last year (check here for last years wrap up of the event) and we have no hesitation in saying that you need to get to this grand event from the team behind one of the best culture mags we know, Acclaim. While we there last year, we brought you a live blog from the event for those that were unable to attend, and we’ll be doing the same this year. Hopefully we’ll also be doing a few interviews as well, and providing as much coverage and photos of the shebang as we can manage.

Anyways, here’s the break down – there is a shitload happening – all of this info is via the Carbon Festival website and the Carbon Festival facebook page, so you might just want to head over there for everything – this is just a summary.

“Australia’s premier contemporary, creative-culture event, Carbon is back! Now in its second year, Carbon celebrates and explores style, design and street culture via a series of forums and side-shows.
The main forum event, which takes place at the BMW Edge Theatre at Federation Square, has seen us scour the globe for some of the most unique and authentic voices and minds in contemporary creative-culture. The forums are the defining element of Carbon. More than just the transfer of knowledge, this series of talks also offers a platform for discussion and audience participation. Add to this a range of exciting side-events and exhibitions and you have a festival of creativity and thought that is not to be missed.”

Carbon Festival Pre & Side Events

Lots of side events happening as a part of Carbon, here’s a small rundown!

Cullen Open House (featuring Mural by Faith47 – Saturday 21st April-12pm – 10pm  @ Cullen Hotel, 164 Commercial Rd, Prahran, Victoria. Check here for more details.

The Ricky Powell World Famous Slide Show – Wednesday 25th April – 8pm @ 1000 £ BEND (cinema) – 361 Little Lonsdale St. Melbourne.

Opening of Faith47 & DALeast Exhibition – Thursday 26th April-
6pm-9pm: @ RTIST Gallery, 29 St Edmonds Rd. Prahran, Victoria. (We’ll have more on this event soon)

Sneaker Freaker Swapmeet – Sunday 29th April

“Its that time of year again where sneakerheads, collectors, label whores, bike geeks, hoarders and street wear fashionistas gather to buy, sell, trade and give away mounds of stuff. Last year’s event attracted around 50 sellers and more or less 7000 people who came throughout the afternoon to see what all the fuss was about. We’re not sure what to expect this year, but rest assured it will be bigger and better. It always is!

If you’re into sneakers, bikes, toys, street wear, vintage gear and or bits ad bobs that are gonna be cooler than what you find at your local weekend flea market, then make sure you come and check this out. We guarantee you will be sorry if you miss it.”


Check out Sneaker Freaker website and the facebook event page, and the Carbon website for more details on this event.

Carbon Festival Launch Party

“The crew behind the Carbon Festival are pleased to announce the lineup for Carbon’s official launch party, a musical intro to the discussion forums and art shows that define the Carbon event.

Having developed a lineup that represents the evolutionary spirit of the visual aspects of Carbon, the following acts have been confirmed to kick things off for this year’s Carbon Launch: Headlining the party is a showcase performance by indie label Fool’s Gold outta NYC and includes eclectic sets by a favourite amongst local partygoers, Nick Catchdubs (Fool’s Gold co-founder and multi-genre party DJ), plus relative newcomer and literal one-man-band Party Supplies whose handmade MPC symphonies and heartfelt stage presence blend hip-hop energy with anthemic indie hooks. Party Supplies will be joining the lineup hot off the back of his collaborative release with Action Bronson ‘Blue Chips’ (download link below).

Party rocker, Mixtape DJ, founder of DJ collective ‘5th Platoon’ and former tour DJ for Jay-Z, are but a few of the titles attached to DJ Neil Armstrong, another New Yorker that we’re excited to welcome to the Carbon Launch lineup.

And from local waters, Auckland, New Zealand DJ collective The ARC will share the earlier hours of the party with local producer/DJ duo Dublin Aunts, favourites amongst Hype Machine enthusiasts for their approach to electronic funk and nu-disco.

Tickets for the Carbon Launch can be purchased from Moshtix at a discounted rate in conjunction with a 2 Day Forum Pass. Alternatively, a limited number of tickets will be available on the door for $30 (pending availability).

For further ticket information visit http://www.weareallcarbon.com/tickets/”

Carbon Festival Day 1 Forums

For a full run down on everything happening on Day 1 of the Carbon Festival, click here.

Saturday 28th April
11am- 1pm: Forum A @ BMW Edge, Federation Square
2pm-4pm: Forum B @ BMW Edge, Federation Square
4pm-7pm: Chaz Bojorques Exhibition Opening @ NGV Studio
Ian Potter Centre, Federation Square

Forums on this day feature speakers Nic Fensom, Eugene Kan, Joy Yoon, Faith47, DALeast, Jasper Wong & Chaz Bojorquez.

Carbon Festival Day 2 Forums

For a full run down on everything happening on Day 2 of the Carbon Festival, click here.

Sunday 29th April
12pm- Evening: Sneaker Freaker Swap Meet @ The Atrium, Federation Square
11am- 1pm: Forum C @ BMW Edge, Federation Square
2pm-4pm: Forum D @ BMW Edge, Federation Square
5pm-7pm: Live Paint session @ NGV Studio, Federation Square

Forums on this day feature speakers Mega, Dust La Rock, Huw Bennett, Ricky Powell, 13th Witness and Yimmy Yayo.


So, that’s Carbon – so much fukn awesome. Really, if you haven’t got your ticket yet, now’s the time – we cannot recommend this event highly enough for anyone interested in creative culture!

We’ll be updating this event article regularly with as much up to date information as possible, as it comes – don’t forget also to check the Carbon Festival website and the Carbon facebook event page for updates.

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International – Pow Wow – Hawai’i

Tropical paradises seem no brainers for big outdoor art events, and we just read over at Everfresh that a bunch of the crew, and other Oz artists, such as Kid Zoom, are getting ready to head over to the islands to participate in Pow Wow.

Seriously, What we saw of this last year looked absolutely phenomenal.


From February 13 to 18, 2012, Honolulu will host over thirty artists from around the world. Opening and closing events will be held at Loft in Space, with the production of art being done all over the streets of Kaka’ako. During POW WOW, the community is encouraged to interact with visiting artists in a creative environment.


The beauty of art is most commonly enjoyed during its final stage. All the blood, sweat and tears happen behind closed doors. However, that is where the real grandeur lies. The process. Imagine for a moment a gathering of internationally renowned artists in one place. A place that will allow them to do what they do best: be creative. We give them the tools, the space and the freedom to paint for one week. We make that process open to the public, allowing them full engagement and interaction between the artists and their audience. They witness the creativity in its entirety and become an essential part of the artists’ process. It’s about the breaking down of those closed doors and making art accessible. Now take a step further and imagine transforming a whole neighborhood with art within a week. Seeing creativity happen all around you from beginning to end and bringing people together through art. A POW WOW.


The opening night of “POW WOW Hawai’i 2012” will take place on Saturday, January 18th, 2012 at Loft in Space from 6:00pm to 10:00pm. Before the opening night, the visiting artists will be painting all over the streets of Kaka’ako from January 13th to the 17th. Additionally, Eugene Kan of Hypebeast has curated a photography exhibition titled “Day Job?” and Arktip magazine has created a pop up shop. These events all open at the same time as POW WOW Hawai’i and are also held at Loft in Space."

You have two weeks to get your tickets, people – god damn being in saving mode. God. Damnit wish we could get there to cover it- argh, just seeing 123Klan (one of my ALL time favourites) on the bill would be more than enough to justify the trip, but all those other names plus soem of the best from Oz? Well,  we’re looking forward to living vicariously through the Everfresh blog, in any respect!


Who: Phibs, Rone, Kid Zoom, Meggs, Angry Woebots, Will Barras, Beak, Chor Boogie, Ckaweeks, Eddie Colla, Aaron De La Cruz, East3, ER Crew, Estria, Flying Fortress, Mr Jago, Kamea Hadar, Jeff Hamada, Katch, Gavin Murai, Nicole Naone, Ogi, Poesia, Peap Tarr, Prime, Samuel Rodriguez, Slick, Suitman, Rhandy Tambio, Trek Six, Mike Bam Tyau, Derek Weisberg, Jasper Wong
What: Pow Wow Hawai-i 2012 – Painting The Streets Of Kaka’ako
Where: Loft In Space x Fresh Cafe, 831 Queen Street
When: Opening event is February 18th from 6pm til 10pm, and the evart and painting itself runs from the 13th of February until the 17th February

Check out the Pow Wow website for more info on the event!

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Press Mill Wednesday – Early June 2011

It’s been a few weeks since our last Press Mill, but there’s been a fair bit of news across both Oz and NZ in the past few weeks, so here’s our informal wrap up of what’s been going on in the mainstream media in terms of street art, and its ilk, across Australia and NZ…

Most of the recent media attention has been focused on the New South Wales governments new anti-graffiti legislation, and its been overwhelmingly a sad read this week through a slush pile of relatively crap, sensationalist and biased articles. It’s unfortunate also, that with the introduction of these new laws, several councils have also removed their support or get rid of several legal walls across NSW – and this, to us here, just defies all logic. We guess, according to the NSW government, that unless its a semi abstract pastel coloured painting with the image of a beach in the background, hanging in some gallery cluttered with zimmer framed connoisseurs, it just mustn’t be art.

Okay, that’s enough information overload for now, we’ve probably fulfilled our drabagoogle quota for the week – hope you’ve enjoyed this weeks media wrap up!

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Event – Carbon Festival of Style, Design & Culture – VIC

Wow, this one has really caught our eye – the guys at Acclaim are really out doing themselves – the line up of artists, designers and other cultural ambassadors is varied and amazing, and seeing the word Futura there also is just the icing on the cake.

If you are interested in art, design, culture or style, the Carbon Festival is probably right up your alley. We are all over stuff like this, and can’t wait until it comes around so that we can sink our teeth into it and check it out – and we’’ll try to keep you updated on everything going on.

“Between April 29th and May 1st, Melbourne’s Federation Square will play host to Carbon, an event that brings together some of today’s most interesting creative minds to present, discuss and share their experiences with local audiences via a series of four discussion forums, each focused on a specific aspect of contemporary street fashion, design and culture.

The first round of confirmed guest speakers includes: Futura; one of the world’s most renowned street and modern artists (NYC), Noah Callahan-Bever; editor in chief of Complex Magazine and complex.com (NYC); Bobby Hundreds; co-founder of one of the most successful independent clothing labels today The Hundreds (LA), Matt Thomas; co-founder of the highly successful Highs And Lows sneaker boutiques (Perth, WA), Frank Liew; owner and founder of internationally renowned boutiques Qubic and Quarters, blogger for hypebeast.com and cultural influencer (Auckland, NZ) and Greg Rivera- Founder of highly successful street label Mishka (NYC).”


Who: Futura, Bobby Hundreds, Qubic/Hypebeast’s Frank Liew, Mishka’s Greg Rivera, Matt Thomas (Highs And Lows) and Complex magazine’s editor-in-chief, Noah Callahan Bever and much more ..
What: Carbon Festival of Contemporary Style, Design and Culture
Where: Federation Square, Melbourne, Victoria
When: The event runs from Friday April 29th, and runs for the weekend until May the 1st

Check out Acclaim for more info, as well as the facebook event page for up to date news on the event!

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