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Exhibition – Outsiders Unauthorised – Melbourne

When a group of people who are renowned for their participation in artworks and events across the city with a, lets just say, less than permission-based activitites get together to put on a show, you know its going to be good. Especially when that show finds them displaying work, once again, in an unauthorised space.

Triple especially, when all the work that will be displayed at the show will be given away from free – which is exactly what the artists Ryan McGennisken Akemi ItoFox , SukiBe FreeMinou (Brisbane), AstrotwitchDexter (Tas), Hollie M KelleyCrib will be doing this Saturday.

“This show is about giving back and keeping things grounded. Everything is FREE, paintings,toys,stickers,prints and beer! Free Colour Zines! Get in quick and have fun!”

.. and it really is going to be a lot of fun – I’ve been to a couple of the shows that some of these guys have put on in the past, and I’ve always loved them. Check out the preview video for the show – a nice little summary from all the artists …

Outsiders an unauthorised exhibition from Be Free on Vimeo.


Who: Ryan McGennisken Akemi ItoFox , SukiBe FreeMinou (Brisbane), AstrotwitchDexter (Tas), Hollie M KelleyCrib
What: Outsiders – An Unauthorised Exhibition
Where: A Secret Location To Be Announced – if you’re keen, keep an ear out on their fb event page on the day.
When: Show opens 6pm Saturday 31st May – and it will be for the one night only.


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Exhibition – The Hills Are Alive – Paradise Hills 3rd Birthday – Melbourne

Man, has it really been three years? With a whole bunch of mad shows on this Friday night in Melbourne, we’re all spoilt – and the city wide exhibition adventure one definite stop in your evening should be Paradise Hills third birthday celebrations.

It has been three years since the gallery doors opened for the first time and four years since artists began moving into the studio confines. So to celebrate this massive occasion we would like to warmly invite you to our third birthday celebration, which will feature an exhibition of the Paradise Hills studio artists

We are super excited to have such an amazing group of emerging and established artists working at the Paradise Hills studios, many of which have been finalists in the Archibald, Wynne and Doug Moran prizes, just to name a few. 

For the occasion of this exhibition, the gallery will be releasing a limited 100 edition catalogue of all the studio artists involved in this anniversary show. We will be giving 50 away to 50 lucky people throughout the opening night, 25 for the first in and 25 to revellers that stay on to support the awesome music acts. Also, as a fundraiser for the gallery, we will be holding a silent auction of two copies signed by all featured artists.

Definitely an enthusiastic collector’s dream. 
And of course, we will be featuring music all night (to be announced) to keep the festivities running until late. 

So please join us and the artists to celebrate this gallery milestone and continue supporting our amazing Melbourne creative community."

Looks like it’ll be another fine evening over at Paradise Hills – happy birthday dudes!!


Who: Tony Lloyd, Michael Peck, Sophia Hewson, Natasha Bieniek, Luke Cornish (E.L.K.), Michael Staniak, Fabrizio Biviano, Annie Wang, Ian Paradine, Ryan Mcgennisken, Joseph Flynn, Hollie M Kelley, Emma Coulter, Kat Clarke, Danielle Chau, Saul Attack, Alisa Tanaka, Tiziana Borghese and the clothing wizadry of BOYWOLF
What: The Hills Are Alive – Paradise Hills 3rd Birthday
Where: Paradise Hills, Doonside St, Richmond, VIC
When: Show opens 7pm Friday the 13th September 2013 and runs until the 12th October

Check out Paradise Hills website and the facebook event page for more info on the show!

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Exhibition – Ryan McGennisken – Shes The Moon – Melbourne


You might recognise Ryans work from the innumerable shows of his that we’ve covered, as well as from the interview we did with him some time ago – now, Ryan has a new show coming up at Paradise Hills, and it looks exquisite!

"In this new stunning body of work, ‘She’s the moon; Perception in the absence of stimulus’, Ryan explores mental illness in women, in particular hallucinations associated with schizophrenia. His drawings describe scenarios of hallucinations that are suspended between ambiguous states of fear and comfort, leaving the viewer to determine the circumstance.

After coming back from a residency in Finland and having a successful show with partner and collaborator Hollie M Kelley in Berlin last year, Ryan’s nomadic experiences have propelled his work down a darker and conceptually well rounded path based on his explorations in rural travel and family members that had been diagnosed with mental illness, in particular schizophrenia. His drawings are magical as they are unsettling, full of emotional dichotomies.

Please join the artist on Friday APRIL 19 for the opening of his first Melbourne solo exhibition, which will also include performances by bands EM VÉCUE AQUAIEU, HOUSE OF LAURENCE and HOTEL WRECKING CITY TRADERS and the solo vocal talents of GOLDWYN. Gallery opens at 6pm, music starts at 7pm."

Head down to Paradise Hills this Friday night to see it all for yourself – Ryans work is fantastic and we wish him the best of luck with the show!


Who: Ryan McGennisken
What: She’s The Moon solo show
Where: Paradise Hills, 8 Doonside St, Richmond, Victoria
When: Show opens Friday 5th April from 6 – 10pm and runs until 11th May.

Check out the facebook event page as well as Paradise Hills for more info.

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Exhibition – The Borrowers – House Of Bricks – Melbourne

This sounds pretty intriguing – Be Free, Ryan McGennisken, Suki and Hollie M Kelley will be teaming up for a "heavily installation based exhibition with artworks nestled between the constructions of an old rambling house."

They’ve also put out a little preview video as well, check it …

The Borrowers – HOUSE OF BRICKS – Video two from ryanmcgennisken on Vimeo.

We get the feeling from the video that this bunch are going to be constructing some seriously cool stuff – Friday looks like a good night to be in Collingwood!



Who: Be Free, Ryan McGennisken, Suki and Hollie M Kelley
What: The Borrowers group show
Where: House Of Bricks, 40 Budd Street, Collingwood
When: Show opens Friday 10th August from 6pm til 9pm and runs until 20th August.

Check out the facebook event page for more info on the show!

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Sunday Transmissions – Maka, Manifest & Nature

Busy busy busy – it seems time slips from us as quickly as we think we have it free, but busy is good! We’ve gathered up a few videos for you from the past two weeks for you to enjoy on your Sunday evening, so enjoy!


.. it only just got released, so we’re pimping it – here is the preview video for Heescos show coming up this week, Manifest!!

Heesco Manifest from Rtist Gallery on Vimeo.

Also coming up this week (we know, so fkn much!) is Taylor Whites exhibition at Just Another Project Space, Base Nature.

Lee Harnden, aka LINZ has a show coming up in Brisbane next wee, and there’s another great preview piece from Carl Allison for it.

Makatron returned recently from his overseas escapades, and we loved seeing this video of his journeys!! Maka killin it again and again.

The Borrowers is another show on this week, this time at House Of BricksRyan McGennisken, Suki, Be Free and Hollie M Kelley are teaming up for this one, and theres another great video up for it.

The Borrowers – HOUSE OF BRICKS – Video one. from ryanmcgennisken on Vimeo.

Sam Octigan and Silkroy painted up Blue Bar recently and had a video done up of the whole shebang.

aMBUSH Gallery recently held a show, Always On Vacation and Unseen TV was also there. We really wish we could have been there, it looked like a fun show and greatly done like all of aMBUSHs events!

Here’s a great video from Dabs Mylas show, Break Night Lovers at Known Gallery – this pair always rocks it!

That’s it for this week .. sorry we missed last week, but, well, when you’re so busy, that’s how it fkn goes!!

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Snapshots – Ryan McGennisken & Hollie M Kelly – Sleep & Wake @ Egg Gallery – Melbourne

Friday night before heading over to Tom Civils show Long Story, we stopped in at Egg Gallery to see Ryan McGennisken and Hollie M Kellys show, Sleep & Wake.

Cutouts, illustrations, girls, strange dreamlike scenery and elements of the fantastical pervaded both artists works, and though they both have very different illustrative techniques, common elements (particularly an array of several notational strokes) carried over between all of their pieces. The work on either side of the gallery was in harmony, bonded together by a gorgeous, hat catching installation in the centre of the room. Wonderful.

After having followed their work for so long, it was also really nice to finally get the chance to meet both of the artists! Check out all the pics from the show below, and head down to Egg Gallery over the next week or so to see it all for yourself!


Photos via Lachlan Curtin-Corr and Facter.

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Thursday Transmissions – Semi, Stumble & Sleep

We didn’t put up a Transmissions last week, because, well, there was bugger all! In future if there’s not much on that week, we have a great idea we’ll be putting into practice … just so you get your fix!

For this week, without further ado …


(Image via Sam Evans)

First up is an awesome Sam Evans video of his trip over to to Portugal – this is a really great interview with the artist, and a great look at his work.

Check out the just released and very damn nice preview for Matt Adnates show at RTIST Gallery next month. Can’t wait for this.

Ryan McGennisken and Hollie M Kelley have their show on this Friday, and here’s a cool preview from it! All kinds of deliciousness in this.

This is nice little time lapse that Bec Winnel did for her Semi Permanent talk, seeing peoples process is always awesome.

Of course, to end the day, here’s the Banksy thing that happened last week … it would have been nice for the news outlets to have mentioned that the Shem piece is going to get knocked out as well, and not misquote certain statements…  it’s funny how the media latches on to these things, but, no, I’m not going to get started and I’ll save my diatribe some other time. Whatever you might think of it, at least it started a conversation.

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Exhibition – Sleep & Wake – Hollie M Kelley & Ryan McGennisken – Egg Gallery – Collingwood

Super cool creative things coming up this week in Collingwood! Rambler Collective is putting on a show featuring Hollie M Kelley & Ryan McGennisken, two amazingly talented fine artists. We’ve actually already had the pleasure of interviewing them in the past, and each artists style and vision are completely unique, and quite dreamlike in their own way.

Hollie M Kelly creates amazing illustrations of watercolour and ink based on nostalgic notions and ideas from childhood, transporting her viewers into a time from memories, long past. Her delicate mixed media works allow the mind to wander down a path of innocence and simple appreciation for her beautiful skill. Check out her interview for more insight into her works.

Ryan McGennisken is also a wizard of the watercolour, who often creates work to play on the dreamlike qualities of the mind. His detailed fantasy worlds create a sense of intrigue, leaving us curious and searching each picture to decipher the meaning within. Take a look at his interview and to see a small sample of his amazing awe inspiring work.

This show combines the talents of both these guys, and goddamn it is truly an illustrators dream to see what they may create together. The show will comprise not only of drawings but installations also!

"We are the fragments of a small portion of the universe’s timeline, we will remain for a duration, but before this timeframe, how many years was the world here before us and how long after death will the universe go on? Something, to touch, to think, to move, to breath, feel, love. To be afraid or braver than you could have ever imagined. There is a special place between sleep and wake where thoughts, dreams and matter culminate – does life matter and if it does, how are you crafting your fragment of time?"

Check out some of these preview images …

20120522-123030 20120522-123040


Will you be there to see these amazing creations? We certainly will!


Who:  Hollie M Kelley  &  Ryan McGennisken
What: Sleep and Wake Exhibition
Where: 66a Johnston Street, Collingwood
When: Show opens Friday 25th May from 6pm til 9pm and runs til the 4th of June

Check out the facebook event page and The Egg Gallery website for more information.

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Exhibition – Real Gone – Rambler Collective – Paradise Hills – Melbourne

Man, does Paradise Hills ever stop? They are so chock full of shows, events and other creative goodness lately – and this week is no exception.

The Rambler Collective comprises four members, Hollie M Kelley, Ryan McGennisken, Jamie Hall and James Ruff. Two of these artists, Ryan McGennisken and Hollie M Kelley are no strangers to these pages, we’ve interviewed both of them over the past year or so.

For this show, all four will be "showcasing a large body of work loosely based around the concept of escapism, reflecting their love of art, travel and music. Drawings, paintings and photographs will be nestled amongst ambitious installations, constructed from found objects, salvaged timber and paper sculptures."

We’re really intrigued by the installation portion of this show as well – check out this great little short preview video that they’ve put together.

You can be sure to see a bunch of great work at this next outing at Paradise Hills, so get down and check it out!


Who: Hollie M Kelley, Ryan McGennisken, Jamie Hall and James Ruff
What: Real Gone – Rambler Collective group show
Where: Paradise Hills Gallery, 1-9 Doonside St, Richmond
When: Show opens Friday 16th March from 6pm til 10pm and runs until April the 7th.

Check out the Rambler Collective website as well as the facebook event page for more info.

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Interview – Hollie Kelley

A walk down Hollie Kellie’s memory lane is a beautiful thing;  her hand drawn illustrations show moments suspended in time, not yet tainted by that loss of innocence we know as ‘growing up’. Her spirited childhood is the basis for many of her works, often spurred on from old photographs found lying around, which are often, later, expertly rendered in ink and watercolor. Interestingly, Hollie is also quite handy with mixed media, creating her works, often with a hint of the surreal, out of whatever spectrum of materials may be at hand.

Recently Invurt chatted with Hollie Kelley about her collaborative pieces that are featuring in BSG’s Drawn Again show. We also got a wee insight into why her work is so eerily lovely …



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