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Snapshots – Heat – Backwoods Gallery – Collingwood

Next up on Friday night was Heat at Backwoods Gallery. The line up was Tom Civil, Stewart Cole, Stabs, Dexter Fletcher, Dave McDonald, M.P Fikaris, Fred Fowler, Nixi Killick, Al Stark, Niels Oeltjen, Joseph Flynn, E. Davidson, Izabel Caligiore, Psalm, Hamishi, Regan Tamanui, Luke You & Mayo. A great show with a massive turn out. Thanks again to David Russell for the flicks.


Heat – Backwoods Gallery

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Exhibition – Heat – Backwoods Gallery – Melbourne

Well, its popped up pretty suddenly, but HEAT has a pretty damn fancy lineup at Backwoods Gallery for a spontaneous group show!

Amongst the names are Tom Civil, Stewart Cole, Stabs, Dexter Fletcher, Dave McDonald, M.P Fikaris, Fred Fowler, Nixi Killick, Al Stark, Niels Oeltjen, Joseph Flynn, E. Davidson, Izabel Caligiore, Psalm, Hamishi, Regan Tamanui, Luke You & Mayo.

Great to see a show pop up before TWOONE hits the stands at the beginning of July – and everyone knows, Backwoods is always a grand old affair on a Friday evening!

Head down to Collingwood, and enjoy!


Who: Tom Civil, Stewart Cole, Stabs, Dexter Fletcher, Dave McDonald, M.P Fikaris, Fred Fowler, Nixi Killick, Al Stark, Niels Oeltjen, Joseph Flynn, E. Davidson, Izabel Caligiore, Psalm, Hamishi, Regan Tamanui, Luke You & Mayo.
What: HEAT group show
Where: Backwoods Gallery, 25 Easey St, Collingwood, VIC
When: Show opens Friday 21st June from 6pm til 9pm and runs for THREE DAYS ONLY!

Check out the facebook event page for more info on the show!

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Exhibition & Preview – Sup Brow? – Gallery ONE Three – Melbourne

This Thursday night, Gallery ONE Three presents a special show curated by our good friend Hamishi. In a decade where low is becoming fine, where fine is becoming street, and where street is becoming contemporary, Hamishi has assembled a range of artists to explore the cracks and crevasses in between – and, we have to say, he’s done a damn fine job of it.

“Where is the middle ground between high and lowbrow art in Australia’s regressive commercial contemporary art scene?

“Sup Brow?” is an exhibition presenting an informed discussion on the relevance of “Juxtapoz Art” in contemporary art and the border between Lowbrow and Mainstream Australian painting through the lens of Australian and international painters, illustrators and mixed practice artists.”

There is a continual trend in art, as in music and other “creative industries” to continually genre-fy, label and categorise. The reference and casted eye to “Juxtapoz art” (where Hamishi himself was, hilariously, once labelled as an “erotic artist“) is not lost in us – the press, blogs and other mediums dealing with the dissemination of this terminology are a huge part of the progression of the types of art we love, and yet it feels like naming the various forms of emerging art these days is a constant square peg/round hole battle. We’re guilty of it, you’re guilty of it, and yet at the end of the day it is what it is – pure expression, and the diversity of creation.

Hamishi sent us a bunch of preview images as well, and the quality of the shit that we can see below is testament to the shifting perceptions in art today. We’re really looking forward to this.






Who: Tom O’Hern, Hiroyasu Tsuri (TwoOne), Dylan Martorell, Miso, Henry Gunderson, Lola Dupre, Sean Morris, Hamishi
What: Sup Brow?
Where: Gallery ONE Three, 13 Somerset Place, Melbourne
When: Thursday 27th September, 6pm til 9pm – show runs for two weeks

Check out Gallery ONE Three as well as the facebook event page for more info.

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Event & Exhibition – Six Years Later Launch – Surface – Melbourne


We interviewed them back when they had just released their first issue, and the second issue has been out for a while now, but the one thing we’ve been waiting for has been the official launch party! Six Years Later, bitches, get onto it!

"Six Years Later is proud to present ‘Surface’. Its a launch party and exhibition to celebrate the second issue of the Six Years Later magazine. No ads, no articles… just art. We’ve curated a fantastic group show with 25 of our contributing artists to show-off their recent work.

On opening night you’ll be able to get your hands on Issue 2 of the 6YL mag as well as get some original artwork and prints by our super talented contributing artists. We also have to mention that they’ll be massive giveaways on the night. Our friends over at Afends and Boywolf have been super generous and have donated some of their hottest products worth a total of over $1000. How sick is that!?

For your chance to win a ‘Golden Ticket’ prize-pack all you have to do is donate a gold coin or make a mag purchase. Where is all this money going you ask?

Well! All, yes that’s right, 100% of our ‘Golden Ticket’ donations and an additional $3 from every mag sale will go towards The Artful Dodger Studios. They’re based in Collingwood and provide creative spaces for young people whose lives may have been affected by difficult circumstances.

It’s going to be a massive opening night with a little bit of music, a whole lotta of drinks and delectables and definitely heaps of great great art! Come be inspired, have fun, and get a tick on your good deed list. See you on Thursday!"

So join the Six Years Later crew this Thursday night as they display a whole heap of work from artists featured in the second issue – can’t wait!


Who: TwoOne (mural in-situ), JKB Fletcher, Apeseven, Hamishi, Josh Miels, Donovan Christie, Darcey Bella Arnold, Luco, Goldenhen, Krishnamurti Suparka, Nick Modrewski, Ohnoes, Kewks, GiewTwo, Anne Cobai, Kasia Kurek, Nat Sun, Adelaide Daniell, Sean Leonard, Emma Anna, Anne Smerdon, Juan Travieso (USA), Alex Kostiw (USA), Jason DeMarte (USA), So Yoon Lym (USA)
What: Six Years Later #2 launch party & exhibition
Where: No Vacancy Gallery, 34-40 Jane Bell Lane, Melbourne, Victoria
When: Show opens Thursday 23rd August from 6pm til 9pm

Check out Six Years Later and the facebook event page for more info!

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Snapshots – Magic @ House Of Bricks – Melbourne

After cruising down to the fantastic Ghostpatrol show last Friday night, we headed over to House Of Bricks to check out the “Magic” group show. As we mentioned earlier, we didn’t really know what to expect – obviously, themes of Magic, but we were pleasantly surprised that there was more than one form of magic to be found.

A large piece of prose on the wall greeted us, a parting gift from Ha-Ha before he headed off on his global journey, and, inside, a whole array of diverse and intriguing art with a cool center piece installation. Some of the work was literal to the theme, and some of it took the Magic Johnson idea and ran with it.

All of it was a more than pleasant surprise – and witty show that perfectly befit its moniker.


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Exhibition – Magic – House Of Bricks – Melbourne

Well, we don’t know too much about this event beyond the info we’ve found on the facebook page – "HOB will explore the world of magic, myth & ritual, from the infinite origins of………….//"

It also includes a slightly mysterious quote form Magic Johnson …

"My diet is mostly chicken and fish. I make sure I get a lot of vegetables, a lot of fruit. I am a big fruit man, I am a vegetable man anyway. And I also get a lot of rest. That’s the key … I may be up early, but I’m in bed early too".

Cryptic, but interesting, as the roster of artists involved is pretty damn cool and includes many of our favourite Melbourne artists! Something to go and check out on Friday night, for sure.


Who: Cheeky, Ero, Evergreen, HaHa, Hamishi, Joe Flynn, Rena Happens, Ry Bradley, Steve Lees – with installation by The Seam
What: Magic group show
Where: House Of Bricks, 40 Budd Street, Collingwood, VIC
When: Show opens Friday 8th March, 6pm til 9pm

Check out House Of Bricks and the facebook event page for more info on the show.

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Snapshots – Hamishi – Nothing Special

Last Friday we got down to Paradise Hills to check out Hamishis show, Nothing Special. Such a cool collection of work, colourful, playful and, well, odd – in all the best ways!

Lachlan Curtin-Corr took all these on his trusty film, once again getting a great bunch of photos from a cool event!


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Interview – Hamishi

Hamishi is that guy you always see with a massive smile on his face and a friendly hello – you know the guy – warm, friendly and who has time for most everyone. He’s also wonderfully driven and has a blissful dedication to pursuing his artistic talents – without a doubt, we are going to be seeing a lot of this mans work in years to come.

As an artist who wants nothing more than to be taken at face value, and whose wit is sharply armed, the work that Hamishi creates defies attempts at being pigeon holed. Whimsy seems a key aspect of it, yet a deeper level of emotion is obviously evident beneath the forms and beings that inhabit his neo-surrealistic worlds. These characters aren’t necessarily individuals, per se, and are more akin to blurred representations of quixotic experiences and ideals. This aspect of his work allows the viewer the opportunity to determine their own interpretation of each scenario, which is exactly as it should be.

We had the chance to visit him this week down at Paradise Hills as he was preparing for the opening of his show "Nothing Special" this weekend. Amongst a riot of pink and pastels, paint and circles, we had a great glimpse of what the night has in store.

So read on, and enjoy the world of Hamishi …


Background first! Tell us how you got started with painting and creating, and where all of that initial inspiration, drive and technique sprang from?

I drew a lot as a kid, I guess everyone says that. I think my drive came from a weird space I was in when I was 13 or 14. I was a weird kid, at that age I felt this fucked up responsibility to fix everything wrong in the world, I mean everything. It was really overwhelming and led to a pretty sad self-aware childhood. I had trouble sleeping so I’d stay awake all night walking and catching trains trying to connect with people I didn’t know, people that in my mind represented the general populous. I guess when they started liking my drawings it made me think I could create something people can relate to visually and I could encourage them to make art for themselves.

IMG_9774 (Large)

Without putting too fine a point on it, you are still at a relatively young age, and yet you have been making leaps and bounds with both your work and the attention it is receiving – you’ve obviously worked hard – what do you believe have been some of the keys to your burgeoning success as an artist, beyond the talent that is so evident in your work?

Well putting things into perspective I’m nowhere yet – it’s not easy being the most important Australian painter since Brett Whiteley. The art world is an aristocracy, but hopefully it doesn’t stop the right people meeting the right people. That’s not to say I acknowledge myself as a manipulative fuckwit that’s playing “the game”.

I think just being as honest as I can and putting myself out there has helped my cause. I try not to be intimidated, there’s a lot more than the art world to be scared of.

IMG_9757 (Large)

We particularly love the title for your upcoming show, "Nothing Special" – I’m sure that most people who see your art would probably think the exact opposite – what was the impetus behind the name, and what direction are you going in for the show itself?

Thanks. A lot of the time I try to think deterministically, so the minute, invisible variables that causes you to make certain decisions or cause certain things to happen to you interest me. The belief that we can never comprehend those variables and accepting what we will never understand is an underlying theme in a lot of my work. I put a lot of emphasis on naivety because I believe submitting yourself to accepting unknowingness is a lot more powerful than trying to understand everything. Because of this I don’t think one thing is any more essential than anything else. Nothing Superfluous, Nothing Special. Andy Warhol always wanted a T.V. show, he said if he ever had one he would name it “Nothing Special”.

I’m still not sure how I feel about him but I’ve always wanted a solo exhibition in a nice space. He’s pretty cool I guess but he never really got to name anything “Nothing Special”.

As for the show itself, I want to express the thoughts I’ve had since someone very close to me died last year and use them to back up my somewhat detached claim that nothing is special. To do this I’m trying to invalidate my work as unconducive to reality with a focus on the paradox of attempting to create a body of work unconducive to something it is inherently a part of.

I just want to paint commission flats and leave out all of the refugees.

IMG_9738 (Large)

You’ve been in a couple of shows over in the states, and you did a trip over there not so long ago, and spent some time in San Fran – can you tell us a bit more about your journey and what you saw?

I really like the US, I think it’s still a very relevant place for art. I’ve got a pretty huge group show coming up in Portland called “Space//Form” that I’m excited about, I don’t know how much I can talk about it at the moment.

Moving on -  San Francisco is beautiful I got to stay with some really fantastic cats (Henry Gunderson, Michael Wild) who treated me perfect. When Reagan was in power he shut down the institutions and just let everyone out -  the crazy people really stuck with me and they really saved my ass a few times, one of them was pretty special to me.

Everyone really appreciates art over there, it’s quite amazing, I could live there.

IMG_9744 (Large)

Can you tell us a bit more about some of the denizens that inhabit your work? They seem to comprise a unique set of characters and individuals, what is their genesis story, where did they evolve from, and how important a part do they play in your work?

The characters can be ideas, opinions, people, thoughts, experiences etc. I believe a person is an amalgamation of everything that has happened to them so they’re a dissection what I think makes a person. I like to keep them vague and sexless, it’s less and more relatable at the same time. They’ve played an important role in my work but for this show they’re a little less instrumental.


Where does painting walls fit into the picture for you? Do you utilise differing techniques when you’re doing mural and street work, or is it an expansion on the work you do on canvas? What part does public art play in your overall artistic communion.

I don’t call myself a street artist, I’d like to be more active in public art though (I did get out and paint a nice wall last night). I mostly don’t document it or tell anyone about it, it’s usually just an outlet for me when I get too much of any certain thing in my life. It’s nice to get some shit out of your system and just give it over to the world. I think street art is very romantic.

IMG_9789 (Large)

You’ve also had a bit of magazine and online exposure, ‘zines and online mags such as Fecal Face, Juxtapoz, Six Years Later have all pimped your work at some stage or another – how important to you is this form of exposure for your work and your journey as an artist?

Yeah I mean it’s definitely nice validation, but sometimes you have to watch out you can easily get pigeonholed as a “Juxtapoz Artist” or something along the lines of that. They can also misrepresent you to a lot of people experiencing your work for the first time. It’s funny when they try to read into your work and get it completely wrong.

Juxtapoz said my work was erotica, and an expression of my own eroticism. Haha.


Besides all the upcoming shows you have this year, what other projects and plans are you looking forward to? What does the future hold in store for Hamishi?

Nothing special – I’m going to get fit enough to dunk.

Real hops like Dr. J!

You can check out Hamishis website here, and head here for some more information on his show, Nothing Special.

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Exhibition – Hamishi – Nothing Special – Paradise Hills – Richmond

Our friends at Paradise Hills bring us another interesting talent filled show, this time featuring the first solo show of up and coming Melbourne artist Hamishi. We’ve seen some really cool work by this artist, and his style is geometric, colourful & fresh.

Despite being fairly youthful in age, this guy has already had his work included in quite a few exhibitions, not only in Melbourne and Tasmania, but in Berlin and San Francisco as well.

"Deterministically speaking, the present is an amalgamation of everything previous to it. Nothing superfluous and nothing special. In a broader sense the same applies to art and death. Hyper reality is a product of good art and good death. Hamishi weighs honesty and glorified hyper reality to prove the world shouldn’t doesn’t exist as he builds it."

Sounds hectic in all the right ways – and we’re looking forward to seeing what he’s been doing lately, see you there!


Who:  Hamishi
What: Nothing Special Solo Exhibition
Where: Paradise Hills Gallery, 1-9 Doonside St, Richmond
When: Show opens 6pm, Friday 20th April and runs til the 5th of May.
Check out Hamishis facebook page, the facebook event page and the Paradise Hills Gallery website for more info!
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Exhibition – New Utopia – Melbourne

The problem with long weekends is that when we get back from them, there seems to be an avalanche of last minute news to put up about events! We only just saw this one in time for tonight …

Well, we’re not entirely sure as to what the show is about, but we are going to guess it has something to do with utopian ideals? We’re also not too familair with Gallery One Three – it looks pretty new? Who knows, because we saw the list of artists involved in this one, and damn, it looks cool.

Also, the image below from artist Joseph Flynn is well and truely enough to get us interested, and it should be enough to get you down there too! We’re sure there will be even more awesome work on display from this crew of great artists!


Who: Ry David Bradley, Hamishi, Michael Staniak, Katie Parrish Grandrabur, Josh Lord, Lopo Ekeroth Simoes, Joseph Flynn, Jackson Payne & Michael Stevenson
What: New Utopia group show
Where: Gallery One Three, 13 Somerset place, Melbourne
When: Show opens today at 6pm – but we’re not quite sure how long it runs for! Get down and check it!

Check out the New Utopia tumblr site as well as the facebook event page.

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