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Interview – Fibre Femmes – Precious Little

All good things must .. begin? Well, here we are – after seven days, we’re at the final interview in our Fibre Femmes feature. One or two hiccups along the way, but we hit our targets. This has been a really fun feature for us, and we’ve loved every artist we’ve spoken to. I’d just like to thank all of them for their time, and to thank Lisa and Leah for some great ass articles! Of course, thanks also due to Surface POP for letting us run with the idea to cover their great idea for an opening show

Our last, but certainly not in any way least, artist we’re featuring is Precious Little. With her illustrative narratives, each one of ‘Littles works seems to tell a story. With an often, slightly tempered, libidinous nature, its hard not to turn your head for a better look when one of her works pops into the corner of your eye.

So, without further ado, and because her words and images tell a better story than these humble fingertips, here’s Precious Little …

5563249845_944e36c741_b (Large)


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