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Exhibition – Loco Locals – Outré Gallery – Perth

I’m really looking forward to seeing the Outré Gallery Perth exhibition, Loco Locals. This group show features a line up of local illustrators, artists and tattooists. The varied lineup will ensure that there’s something for everyone while showcasing our local talent.

You’re invited to attend this exciting exhibition of multi-disciplinary West Australian artists whose works straddle conventional boundaries of genre and style, and are known for generating work that is at home on canvas, the street or a client’s flesh.’


Who: Kyle Hughes – Odgers (Creepy), Sean Morris, Amok Island, Martin E Wills, Pari Corbitt, Anya Brock, Liam Dee, Celene Bridge, Chis Rigoni
What: Loco Locals group exhibition
Where: Outré Gallery 260 William Street, Perth, WA
When: Opening night – Friday October 18th at 6pm. Exhibition ends Friday November 1st.

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Video – Kyle Hughes-Odgers x Dirtyface

Video – Kyle Hughes-Odgers x Dirtyface


Spotted this great video from none other than Kyle Hughes-Odgers (aka Creepy) from his recent rip over to the UK – something cool to check out on a Saturday evening, in this whole post-election bullshit. Art trumps politics, every time – enjoy this mad asses video from an artist who really knows what he’s about!

"A few months back we had the privilege of hooking up with Kyle Hughes-Odgers during his tour of Europe and America, where he was exhibiting a new body of work, exploring the globe and painting walls. Originating from Perth, Australia, Kyle is part of Australia’s thriving contemporary art scene. His style is unique and fit perfectly with the dirtyface aesthetic. We hope our first meeting with this talented artist won’t be the last.

Spanning 3 days, the film documents the creation of a giant mural painted on the end wall of the Great Hall at CADS, Sheffield. The wall at CADS was complex to say the least. With pipes, girders and various obstacles, it set Kyle a inimitable challenge.

The film also ties in with a limited edition run of t-shirts designed by Kyle and beautifully hand printed by Laurence at Crow and Dunnage. The shirt comes printed on a eco-friendly, earth-positive, sports grey shirt, which you can purchase through the following link: dirtyface.co.uk/index.php/Kyle-Hughes-Odgers-Edition.html

During his stay in Sheffield, Kyle hooked up with local talent, Kid Acne, to paint a few abando’s in preparation for his mural at CADS art space. You can check some of his "on tour" work through the following link: instagram.com/p/ay6xc4x1_O/

We’d like to thanks CADS for allowing us access to the Great Hall, a perfect location to shoot this project. CADS is an amazing space, adorned with artwork all over this labyrinth of abandoned buildings. For further info on CADS please see the following: cads-online.co.uk/

We’d also like to thank Palmbomen and Michiel at NON Records for giving us permission for this track, Stock. You can find our more about Palmbomen and their other artists on NON Records at the following:


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Exhibition – Kyle Hughes-Odgers – Repetitive Sequences – Amsterdam

I’ve been a huge fan of Kyle Hughes-Odgers work for many years, and every time I see hime exhibiting another show I can’t help but get fkn excited – this is a great dude doing great art, and this time up, he’s got one of his biggest shows to date happening this Friday in Amsterdam!

I’ve cleaned up this translation via google a little from the Walls website – sorry if its not perfect its the best I could find!

"Walls Gallery is proud to present the first solo show from Kyle Hughes-Odgers to be hosted the Netherlands.

With nearly 60 works, from small to large in size, it is the biggest solo show that this young Australian artist has ever held. 

Kyle Hughes-Odgers is an Australian painter, installation artist and award-winning illustrator. He has exhibited his work across the world and has been involved in numerous many international art projects in the public space.

On the occasion of his first show in Amsterdam, Hughes-Odgers has created an entirely new series of works. In this series he explores his interest in human behavior and our ingenuity and problem solving, all told within a narrative of patterns and repetitive sequences.

In cooperation with Klerkx Art Agency."

That all sounds pretty amazing to me – if I was over in Amsterdam, I’d be there to see it .. as it is, I’m heading to another great show in Krakow this Friday night instead – but damn I looks forward to the photos from this one!

Have a mintox night, dude!!


Who: Kyle Hughes-Odgers (Creepy)
What: Repetitive Sequences
Where: Walls Gallery, Prinsengracht 737, 1017 JX Amsterdam
When: Show opens Friday 5th July from 8pm til 11pm and runs through to July 14th.

Check out Walls as well as Kyles website for more info!!

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a future life

Interview – Kyle Hughes-Odgers – A Thousand Lights From A Hundred Skies

Kyle Hughes-Odgers, aka Creepy, has been a notable player on the Australian art scene for some time now. Known predominantly for his street art, the past few years has seen Kyle stretch out of what would have been quite a comfortable space to stagnate in.

Personally, having been at the opening of his previous exhibition, ‘You Just Have Your Eyes Closed,’ I had thought at the time that this was it – he’d done it. I hadn’t ever seen Kyle’s work in a ‘hey, that’s fine art’ kind of way but the magnitude of pieces, the continuity of the exhibition and the evolution of his style were all firm indicators that Kyle had established himself in the fine art world. As the old adage goes – If it’s not broke, don’t fix it – I had assumed that style wise, Kyle had hit his peak. His work was honest, appealing and respected. ‘You Just Have Your Eyes Closed,’ was two years ago. In that time Kyle has continuously evolved and his work, both fine art and street art, has blossomed. He has travelled and exhibited extensively, his craft has matured and his skill has grown exponentially.

His upcoming exhibition, ‘A Thousand Lights From A Hundred Skies,’ set to debut this Friday at Turner Galleries, is the show you can’t afford to miss.


It’s been two years since we last spoke, can you tell us briefly what youv’e been up to in that time?

I’ve been a bit of a drifter – traveling for projects and painting walls. NYC a couple of times and I had my first European solo show in Berlin and worked on my first children’s book ‘Ten Tiny Things’ published through Fremantle Press in Australia and some film projects with Chad Peacock.


Your upcoming show, ‘A Thousand Lights From A Hundred Skies,’ opens this Friday at Turner Gallery. What’s the story behind the title and can you tell us what to expect from this exhibition? Will there be as much content as you had in your first show at Turner Gallery, which was something like over one hundred works?

The show title is named after the largest painting, which is 284 x 876cm. It’s an abstract aerial view of a non-descript city at night. There are 27 paintings in this exhibition; there is a lot more work in the individual paintings than my last Turner show. Which had 113 paintings but a lot of them smaller, simpler works. I wanted to make a more focused, intense body of work.



You seem to be able to switch easily between large scale murals and small delicate work. Which do you prefer why?

I prefer both. I like spending time in the studio to focus and create a body of work for months and to contrast that quietness with painting outside on large-scale mural projects. It pushes me creatively to work in different locations, across different scales, mediums and textures.

In the last two years or so, you have been producing artwork in your own name as opposed to ‘Creepy’. Is that a conscious decision to differentiate between your street art and fine art?

Yes. I was 22 when I first started making street art under the name ‘creepy’. That was almost 10 years ago now and a lot has changed. I was associating the alias ‘creepy’ with one particular creative activity, but my work has crossed into a wider spectrum of many different projects and mediums both inside and outside.

It just seemed logical to start working under my real name for any project I’m involved in.



In Feburary of 2012 you had your first European solo exhibition, ‘If We Can’t Control the Boat…’ at Okazi Gallery in Berlin. Can you tell us what the show was about and how you managed the logistics of having an exhibition so far from where you are based? How were you received?

‘If we can’t control the boat, let’s control the ocean” was a fairly bleak title. The show was a look at the obsession some humans feel to be in control, although in reality we can merely only ‘steer the boat’ so to speak and there are many things out of our control. It was a reminder that we are essentially clinging to a rock that orbits around a ball of fire somewhere in an infinite universe. It’s easy to forget that. Logistically it was pretty straightforward, I painted 80% of the work in my studio in Australia and worked on an installation and few works when I was at the gallery. The show was received well and has led to other projects.

You’ve been involved in some pretty heavy weight international group shows of late. Can you tell us about some of the exhibitions you’ve been involved in? Any stand out shows or artists you’ve showed besides?

It’s always good to be involved with international group exhibitions, especially being based in Australia. It’s great to have the opportunities to be showing work along side other artists I have respected for a long time. A few highlights would be the ‘BRIGHT’ tradeshow in Berlin, MMX Berlin gallery week, ‘Street Art Saved my Life:39 New York stories’ in L.A and the Kingbrown show last year in NYC.



In 2012 you spent a little time in Port Hedland, which is primarily a mining town in the Pilbara region of W.A. Can you talk about how that opportunity came about and what you got up to?

The Port Hedland project is part one in a long running idea to paint in very unique and remote Australian locations. It’s something I want to do through out my life. I think the isolation and space is fascinating. I’ve always wanted to work on painting projects that showcase this landscape and remoteness. I’m interested in how these places and projects would be received by people from other cultures living in high density urban environments, New York City, Paris, Tokyo etc. The best way to do that is through film and the internet.

Through FORM the opportunity to travel to Port Hedland and paint 2 large murals came up. I wanted to go exploring and find some other unique places to paint while I was in the Pilbara. Filmmaker Chad Peacock was commissioned to come up with me and document the project. We spent 9 days up there painting and filming the murals in town and exploring the desert. Id been given a few hints of possible places to paint in the desert and what we found was better than I had imagined. The abandoned double decker bus was an amazing wreck to come across and a very interesting object to paint, I would love to know how it got to be out there.

The two murals in the Port Hedland were supported through BHP Billiton’s Community Grants Program and by FORM. The two walls were kindly ‘donated’ by Port Hedland Police Station, Westpac Bank and Richard Noble with support from Boom Sherrin.

July last year saw you illustrate the book ‘Ten Tiny Things,’ by Meg McKinlay. How did that come about? What was the process like for you?

It was great – I have always wanted to work on a childrens’ book so I really enjoyed the process. Fremantle Press sent me Meg’s story when I was in New York in 2011 to see if I would be interested in working on the project. The story resonated with me, encouraging people to be more observant and appreciate the interesting things that surround us everyday, to be more active and to get us out of our comfort zones.

I treated it like an exhibition and dedicated a set amount of time in the studio to painting the book.


Hidden Shoal have just relesed a video by Chad Peacock of your mural work in Cambodia. How did you come to be involved in this? How was did the experience of painting in Cambodia and what did the locals think of you and your art?

Chad was heading up there for another project and he asked me if I wanted to go on a trip and we could paint and film on his days off. I had never been to Cambodia and really wanted to visit Angkor Wat. I ended up painting a few different spots on the trip but the footage used for the Apricot Rail video clip is just from one particular day of painting. The wall I painted is on the side of a school that teaches English and provides one meal a day to the local Cambodian kids from the near by village.

It was about an hour from Phnom Penh and we had to catch a ferry and go on motorbikes to get to there, so not many tourist get to this place. It ended up pouring down near the end of the day and we knew the last ferry was leaving so I had to finish the wall in the rain. A few of the locals helped me out and we got it complete in time. It was an amazing day and great to meet some of the kids from this area and speak to some of the locals who are doing very important work there.

Cambodia is an amazing country and I was so glad to have the chance to visit.

Apricot Rail – Surry Hills from Chad Peacock on Vimeo.

I’ve read that you are working on a huge steel installation for DMG architects. You must have to hand over your work at some point to complete this process, does that make you nervous or are you really excited to see your work in a new kind of medium?

I like working across many mediums so it’s interesting to see a new process and material. This project is more sculptural than past works.
There are a lot of people involved to get a project of this scale complete and my work is only one component of that.

What’s on the cards for 2013 after this upcoming solo show?

I have a solo show of smaller works and the official first screening of the film “We will know when we are home” by Chad Peacock which documents my residency in Port Hedland. It opens on the 15th of Feb at the Port Hedland Courthouse gallery. Then I’ll be heading to NYC mid year for some projects, then to Europe for a solo show, and some other secrets in the pipeline.

Last words?

follow my instagram @khughesodgers

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Exhibition – Kyle Hughes-Odgers – A Thousand Lights From A Hundred Skies – Perth

One of our all time favourite Perth artists, Kyle Hughes-Odgers (who may be familiar to you also, under an older moniker, Creepy) is back at the turner Galleries in early February with a new show, A Thousand Lights From A Hundred Skies.

“Kyle’s highly stylised thick torsoed, big-headed and spider-limbed figures exist in a unique folk tale world. This world exists without technology, but this does not stop the inhabitants from trying to solve problems and build things using wonky mechanics and producing structures that do not heal or help. Strange stilted buildings, often out of scale to their melancholy inhabitants, are connected to each other with lines. The lines represent communication, and the basic building forms represent the communities that inhabit them. Sparse plant forms appear in some works, and in most an exuberant patterning beautify the sometimes darkly humorous themes.”

We spoke to Kyle before one of his shows at Turner gallery back in 2010 – check it out, and get down there to see what he has been up to in more recent times! We’re huge fans of his work, on a wall, or in a gallery, so this one is highly recommended if you’re over in P-town.


Who: Kyle Hughes-Odgers
What: A Thousand Lights From A Hundred Skies
Where: Turner Galleries, 470 William Street Northbridge, WA
When: Show opens 6pm til 9pm, Friday 8th February until 9th May, 2013

Check out Kyle Hughes-Odgers website, as well as Turner Galleries for more info, as well as the facebook event page.

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Snapshots – Kyle Hughes-Odgers (Creepy) – Berlin

Kyle Hughes-Odgers, better know to many of you as "Creepy" opened his show in Berlin last week, "If We Cant Control The Boat, Lets Control The Ocean" at Okazi Gallery, and over the weekend he sent us through the link to all the images from it!

We’ve included a couple of the shots from the show here, it really looks fantastic, but click through to his website for the whole set! The show runs until the end of February, so if you just happen to be in Berlin, you should check it out.





Check out Kyle Hughes-Odgers website!

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International – Kyle Hughes-Odgers (Creepy) – Berlin

Looking like all the international shows are starting to ramp up for the year, and we’ll cover whatever we see of Oz and NZ artists doing it large out in the world!

First up for the year is a new solo show from Kyle Hughes-Odgers, affectionately and better know to all of you as Creepy. We first heard about this show, "If We Can’t Control The Boat, Lets Control The Ocean" when we saw him at the Daek exhibition at RTIST last year – d we just got the release through and thought we’d share it with all of you!

"In his first solo exhibition in Berlin, Australian artist Kyle
Hughes-Odgers presents new paintings on wood, photographs and a site-specific installation.

These new works explore the futility of an uncontrollable existence,
shown in moments of clarity and small gestures of resistance.
Kyle Hughes-Odgers continues to enhance and strengthen his unique
style through progressive exploration of different spaces,
environments and surfaces.

kyle hughesodgers-okazi gallery 

Kyle Hughes-Odgers has exhibited his paintings and created large-scale murals extensively throughout Australia and internationally in Los Angeles, New York City, Singapore and Europe.
He has had work previously featured in publications such as Street Art
New York, Kingbrown and Empty magazine.

He has artwork and commissions in private and public collections including Murdoch University, Royal Perth Hospital, DMG Architects and the City of Perth."

We interviewed Kyle a year or so back, and we’re big fans of his work, and those Germans are damn lucky to get a chance to see a show from him. Oh, and check out the Transmissions column later today for a preview of the show!

File Under: first plea for a teleporter of the new year, plz.

kyle-hughes-odgers-okazi gallery1

Who: Kyle Hughes-Odgers (Creepy)
What: If We Can’t Control The Boat, Let’s Control The Ocean
Where: Ozaki Gallery, Turschmidtstrasse 18, 10317, Berlin, Germany
When: Show opens Friday 10th February from 6pm and continues until February the 28th.

Also, check out his blog for more news, info and awesome artwork.

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Thursday Transmissions – Shoe, Tiger & Taste

Well, we’re back! Continuing on from last year, we’ll be presenting a roundup of all the videos we’ve seen across Oz and NZ every Thursday – and this week, there’s some pretty cool ones, so watch on …


Of course, something we’re really looking forward to this weekend is the Marvel Street Art event at RTIST Gallery in Prahran, and here’s the promo video with Sirum and Shem!

Tiger Translate Sydney 2011 sounds like it was mad fun – with collaborations between Beastman, Numskull, Creepy, Phibs & Matt Stewart (Australia), Junkhouse (Korea), Lhagvaa Enkhbat (Mongolia) and Momorobo (Singapore). Can’t wait for the next Melbourne event!

We’re not exactly sure what this is or where it sprang from, we have little information about it – but this doco coming out looks pretty damn cool! Check out the preview for it.

Next up is the fifth part of the Urban Scrawl previews, and probably our favourite that combines a lot of the elements and such from the previous ones. Watch!!!

If you haven’t heard about this yet, then you’re living under a rock – a cool little piece on the Melbourne Underground Project. WTF – Nash and Ces were in town? Damn we hope they painted more spots whilst they were here!!

Last year we told you about the whole live art paint up that happened up in Cairns for the Taste-y graff jam, and now here’s there video from the event from Ironlak!

Lastly, and much to our absolute pleasure, Neils "Shoe" Meulman will be in town soon, we’ll have more news about that later, but for now check out this short preview video for his upcoming tour.

That’s all we have this week, stay tuned for next week, and if you have any videos you’d care to share with us, feel free to send them to us!

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Exhibition – Daek William – "Still Under The Influence" – Melbourne

We knew this one was coming up, and damn we’re looking forward to it. Since interviewing the man himself earlier this year, we’ve been hankering for a chance to see this Perth artists work in a full blown solo show – and it’s almost here, thanks to Prahrans RTIST Gallery.


"A composite mesh of graffiti, illustration, fantasy and photo-realism. Light and complex, with a hint of lustful attitude.

Still Under The Influence exhibits a new selection of pieces capturing Daek William’s world of influence and appreciation. Throughout his career, an obsession and fascination with the female form has been the strongest theme in Daek’s monstrous and detailed canvases. This new exhibition brings his classic work to view and enters into a new period for the artist.

“I wanted to show the world my appreciation of the geniuses that have pushed, pulled and influenced my own thoughts.” says Daek.

Using a unique style of laying origami crowns on the heads of his subjects, Daek new work depicts the artists who he admires and collaborates with. As the founding member of Last Chance studios in Perth, Daek works alongside names like Creepy, Kid Zoom and Yok . Daek’s deeply personal paintings take on the subject of the influential artist he admires, shares friendships with, and the stories that they have to convey.

“His new work is so f@#king amazing.” – Kid Zoom

Still Under The Influence will see Daek create his own play land within RTIST Gallery. Viewers can expect an experience filled with pink flamingos, BBQ’s, sand, lasers and dry ice. “This will be our last show for the year and were going out with bang”, says Jeremy Gaschk Head Curator RTIST Gallery."


Now, we always say this about the shows on at RTIST, and many others, but this one really is something you should get to! As their last show for the year, its sure to be off the hook. Daek is already making his mark the world over, and we’re predicting even bigger things for him over 2012 – so if you’re in Melbourne, make sure you go,and we’ll see you there!


Who: Daek William
What: Still Under The Influence solo show
Where: RTIST Gallery
When: Show opens Friday 9th December at 7:30pm and runs til Friday 23rd December.

Check out Daeks website, the RTIST Gallery site, as well as our interview with Daek earlier in the year.

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Exhibition – Go Go Gocco Go – Melbourne

Outre Gallery in Melbourne brings us a very cute eclectic exhibition next week ‘Go Go Gocco Go’!

Gocco technology was invented in Japan (1977) as a home-use, lo-fi mini screen print system that allows simple, multi-colour printing.  Using flash bulbs and small thermal print screens, this ingenious invention has been adopted by artists who love the unpredictable, handmade quality to the process.”

The group show of local and international artists including Angelique Houtkamp, Apak, Beci Orpin, Ben Jones, Cat Rabbit, Creepy, Eveline Tarunadjaja, Gemma Jones, Ghostpatrol, kozyndan, Lab Partners, Leah Dent, Mel Stringer, Miso, Rik Lee, Sean Morris, and Shag, will be showing for a whole month.

Get down and go back in time with this wonderful exploration of old school technique mixed with new school styles!

Angelique Houtkamp, Apak, Beci Orpin, Ben Jones, Cat Rabbit, Creepy, Eveline Tarunadjaja, Gemma Jones, Ghostpatrol, kozyndan, Lab Partners, Leah Dent, Mel Stringer, Miso, Rik Lee, Sean Morris, and Shag
What: Go Go Gocco Go – Group Exhibition
Where: Outre Gallery 249 Elizabeth St Melbourne, VIC
When: 12th September – 12th October
Check out Outre Gallery for more details!

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