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Feature Exhibition & Preview – Max Berry – Which Way Home – Sydney

The beautiful world of Max Berry will be unleashed in all of its fantastical glory next week, with the opening of his latest solo show – Which Way Home.

Having followed Maxs work for many years, I’ve always had a complete fascination with his ability to espouse uniqueness within his surrealistic and dreamily seductive paintings.

reflection (Custom)

“Which Way Home” will highlight Max at a point in time where his strength of works promises to be the harbinger of a leading force in the future of Australian art. With a number of shows under his belt already, and having garnered no small amount of excitement within the art world, “Which Way Home” looks to be brilliant in both scope and execution.

“‘Which way home’ is an exhibition of new works that continue to explore a dreamlike and desolate landscape, whose inhabitants are often caught in moments of reflection and introverted retrospection. The inclusion of portraits, timber carving and ceramic sculpture demonstrate a willingness to explore new directions whilst strengthening his existing world.”

road (Custom)

Not only is this going to be an amazing show, but it is also the release of Maxs book of his last few years of work – a short synopsis from the forward of the book below …

The Figure and the Ground

I once lived in a terrace house in Sydney. Out the front on the letterbox was a handcrafted sticker of a smaller house, all red roofed and four walled. The sticker was made by one of my then housemates, Max Berry. Expanding out from this letterbox, one could follow a trail of similar stickers, placed on the back of street signs, fences or whatever surface came to hand, that together plotted paths taken by Max between his studio, work and home.

desk (Custom)

Across Max’s practice  – which covers paintings, sculpture, jewelry, murals and paste-ups – the home is an enduring leitmotif which is used both as a “signature” and to address underlying conceptual concerns. Rich with associations of security, comfort, the personal and familiar, in Max’s work the home is presented in relation to a larger world, whether this be the immediate environment of the street or the ficitionalised landscapes of his paintings.

His landscapes are endless horizons or alternately cast adrift aboard as floating masses. Amongst such scenes, the presence of the home acts as a reprieve to the indeterminate nature of these places. When it is not present, its absence is felt through a cast of characters – sometimes human, other times animal, and always slightly fantastical – each rendered in moments of despondency, introspection and transcendence. Ladders, doorways, boats and signposts suggest possible directions, which offer reprieve or the possibility of more hospitable, stable ground.

ceramics (Custom)

Throughout Max’s work, the relationship established between the figure and the ground is all-important. Like the trail of stickers that plotted Max’s own path from the front of our house throughout the surrounding suburbs, his work speaks to the way that individuals navigate our world and the importance of the places we find shelter.

Susan Gibb.”

Make sure you head down to China Heights and check out this show!!


Who: Max Berry
What: Which Way Home
Solo show
Where: China Heights Galley, 16-28 Foster street, Surry Hills, Sydney

Show opens Friday 19th July 2013 from 6pm til 9pm and runs until Jul 21st

Check out Max Berry as well as the China Heights gallery website for more info on the show.

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Exhibition – Brett Chan – Rescue The Future – China Heights – Sydney

We were first introduced to the many varied works of Brett Chan back in 2011 at the inaugural Carbon Festival – and we liked what we saw, and heard. So when we saw the other day that he was holding a show at China Heights Gallery in Sydney, we thought you’d be interested also!

"China Heights is proud to present ‘Rescue The Future’, an exhibition of epic new works by Brett Chan.

‘Rescue The Future’ links multiple dimensions, via multi mediums, to the here and now. Amidst a series of paintings and drawings comes the universal premier of ‘Gunslinger & the Girl’, a short C.G.I film created with his friend, and prolific skateboard filmer, Jason Morice.

In this show Chan relays the unseen worlds that exist beyond our immediate senses. Brett Chan works with his own brand of abstraction – Future Primitive. His work has a simple complexity: the concepts he is presenting are futuristic, but the style or application of these ideas is primitive in its form.

Drawing on an extensive catalogue of urban landscape interaction, this exhibition launches the city streets into intoxicating new dimensions – short Film: http://youtu.be/SA_g5yZAUb0"

Have a look at some of the cool paintings and such that Brett has done, and head down to China Heights to see the show!


Who: Brett Chan
What: Rescue The Future solo show
Where: China Heights Gallery, L3 16-28 Foster St, Surry Hills, Sydney
When: Show opens Friday June 15th 2012 from 6pm til 9pm and continues until June 23rd.

Check out China Heights as well as Brett Chan, and the facebook event page for more info.

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Exhibition – Nate Gamble – Kalakukko – Sydney

Nate Gamble has been tattooing, painting walls and drawing for many yeas, and his illustrative skills are second to none. Every time we walk past one of his pieces on the street here in Melbourne, we stop for a second to admire its meticulous line work – notably, his lettering work on the wall of Street Machine in Chapel st, one of our favourite pieces of signage in the city.

When we saw the announcement late last week that he was having a show at Sydneys China Heights gallery, we wished, for the millionth time (you guessed it), that teleporters were amongst us.

“China Heights is proud to present Kalakukko, the debut solo exhibition by Nate Gamble, which explores the illustrative themes of scales and feathers through an involved transformation of iconic tattoo imagery.

With a tattooing history, Gamble’s works are a logical mix of tattoo art and illustration, approached with pen and marker on paper. With no lack of group show experience, Gamble’s progression in illustration is continually being built upon. Together, an ambition to redevelop tattoo flash artwork, and a fondness of drawing feathers and scales has inspired a school of imagined varmints. Fish with wings and clawed feet strut across the paper while shark heads slither atop snake bodies in a place where angels and mermaids exist.

Showing mostly black line drawings, with occasional blooming hues, the illustrations in Kalakukko don’t immediately appear fictional. When the strangeness becomes obvious, the fused beings come to wondrous life.”

Feathers and scales are remarkably complimentary objects of investigation, and one of our favourite – as lovers of the fantastical, and hugely drawn to black line drawings as much of this show will be, we have no doubt that Gamble is going to absolutely kill it.

Once again, China Heights brings it!


Nate Gamble
What: Kalakukko solo show
Where: China Heights Gallery, L3, 16-28 Foster St, Surry Hills, Sydney
When: Show opens Friday 6th April from 6pm til late, and continues until April the 8th.

Check out more of Nate Gamble at his website, the China Heights facebook group, and the facebook event.

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Exhibition – Self Portraits – Sydney

We saw this great gem of posted up by the guys over at Stupidkrap this morning (which, if you haven’t got on board already, is a pretty damn cool site out of Sydney that you should check out) – and it looks like it’d be an interesting one to check out. We love seeing process work, or work that sinks its teeth into representation of an artists actual practices, so the fundamental idea behind this show really intrigues us.

Curated by stencil and acrylic artist Paul Davis (his first curated show), a Sydney based artist represented by Tim Olsen Galleries, his brief for the show was to get “20 artists to create one work each, in any medium and A2 in size, that would reveal something about themselves or their artistic practice.”

With a whole bunch of works in different ranges of mediums, this is a show that attempts to cut through to the core of how these artists, both emerging and established, use their processes to create the work that they are most passionate about.

Who: Ben Ali Ong, Joe Allen Shea, Sam Ash, Brett Chan, Paul Davies, Louisa Dawson, Ben Dos Remedios, Mark Drew, Alan Jones, Simon Lovelace, Scott Lowe, Kyle Montgomery, Chris Phillips, Andrew Quilty, Lexie Reeves, Morgan Shimeld, Tim Summerton, Chris Town, Mark Whalen and Edward Woodley.
What: Self Portraits group show
Where: China Heights Gallery, LVL 3, 16-28 Foster St, Surry Hills, NSW
When: Show opens Friday July 15th, 6pm til 8pm and runs til July 24th

Check out the China Heights website and the facebook event page for more information.

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Exhibition – Dont Push Mong – China Heights – NSW

There aint no doubt that skateboarding has, and very much continues to play a huge part in the evolution of both street, urban and low brow art – and this coming show from China Heights celebrates exactly that, straight from the minds of artists who have been directly influenced by the sport/lifestyle.

Looks like Verb Australia have a hand in this one, and the artist line-up as well as the Verb display looks grand.

Who: Luke Brown, Andy Murphy, Rome Torti, Nate Gamble, Jack Tarlinton, Beastman, Marcello Guardigli, E.L.K. , Steve Gourlay, Alice Edy, Kronk, Bruce Mackay, Wesley Van eeden, Jordan Metcalf, Black Koki, Bison, Theory One
What: Verb Australia presents Dont Push Mong – skateboard influenced group show
Where: China Heights Gallery 3, 16-28 Foster St, Surry Hills, Sydney, NSW
When: Show opens Friday 3rd December, 7pm and runs til 5th December

Check out the China Heights website for more info.

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Exhibition – Petro – Too Big To Be Human – NSW @ VIC

Pioneering old school graff and street artist Petro will be visiting our shores in November, with two exhibitions at both China Heights Gallery in Sydney as well as at Backwoods gallery here in Melbourne (I popped in to the Elph exhibition briefly on Friday night at Backwoods and it was great – loving the shows they’re putting on there).


Backwoods Gallery
25 Easey St, Collingwood, show opens 6pm – 9pm, 5th November, runs til 13th November


China Heights Gallery
Level 3, 16-28 Foster St, Surry Hills
Show opens Firday 22nd October – 6pm to 9pm

Check out the Backwoods Gallery site, China Heights and the facebook page for more details to be released on this show.

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Exhibition – Twoone & Thomas Jackson – The Absence Of Man – Sydney


Its always great to see Twoone doing shows, and this time he teams up with Thomas Jackson for a short run duo show at China Heights in Surry Hills – gotta love collaborative exhibitions.

“The absence of man’ is an exhibition by twoone and thomas jackson, two artists well known to the melbourne street art scene. although exhibiting along side each other for many years, this is the first exhibition these acclaimed artists have done exclusively together. both artists use an abstract touch of nature to take you to a new world where nature has retaken the world, and the absence of man is seen by the decrepit remains of old buildings and natural regrowth. these artists’ choice of colours and attention to detail make it easy for the viewer to disappear into the world they have created. the framing of their work almost makes you believe they are looking through a window into this strange and beautiful world. these two artists fascination of the ‘found’ and ‘mans need to build’, mixed with a love of nature has really come through in this body of work. in the absence of man, nature will take over.”


Who: Twoone & Thomas Jackson
What: The Absence of Man duo show
Where: China Heights Gallery, Level 3, 16-28 foster st, surry hills (sydney)
When: Opening Friday 10th September 2010 6-9pm, daily until 12th September

Via weARE theIMAGEmakers. Check out Twoones and Thomas Jacksons website for more info.

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