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Exhibition – Low Brow – Bleeding Heart – Brisbane

I was just about to do an intro saying that Low Brow is a pretty hard thing to define these days, and then I just realised the the copy for the show says it better than I can right now in my brain dead, night before returning to work with a cramped hand from over-drawing 
and preparing for our group show this week – (shits getting hectic)… but, I digress … where was I? Ah yeah …

"Lowbrow art can be many things, drawing, painting, sculpture, digital or street art but one thing is for sure, it’s always fun! Taking inspiration from popular and skate culture, kitsch nostalgia, tattoo art, comics, story book illustration and all things cool, Lowbrow art is a movement in which we can all find something to make us smile or maybe even cringe.

Brisbane Lowbrow is a group exhibition that celebrates and appreciates the humour and wistfulness of Lowbrow illustration. This exhibition will display 13 of the best emerging artists working in the Lowbrow sphere!"

That pretty much sums up my favourite form of art – the kind that is just fkn fun, which is what this show looks to be, and what we’d be having if we were up in Brissy this Thursday!

Who:  Lucinda Wolber, Georg, Nick Drake, Brent Wilson, Travis D Hendrix, Nathan Smith, John Patterson, Tamara Nicholson, Charly Design, Raven Hodgsen, Megan Starr-Thomas, Gabriella Szableweska, Ellie Anderson
What: Brisbane Low Brow
Where: Bleeding Hearts Gallery, 166 Ann St, Brisbane
When: Exhibition opening Thursday the 19th of July from 5pm, and will show through until Monday the 30th of July.

Check out the facebook event page and the Bleeding Heart Gallery website for more info.

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