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Rutledge Lane

Through The Lens with David Russell – September 2013

Once again it’s that time of the month, from blue lanes to Human Zoo’s.

As the weather gets warmer the lane ways and streets of Melbourne come alive, here are just a few of my favourite images …

Rutledge Lane

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deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt 18 4

Sunshines Top 10 – October 2012

Dean Sunshine has been a pretty busy man of late, what with getting his book, Land Of Sunshine, ready to launch and all. We’ve missed his Top 10s over this busy period of his,  but he’s back with his favourite work from around the Melbourne streets in the past month.

Check out Deans picks for what he thought was great around the ‘Burn during October, and keep an eye out for the book – Ive seen it, and held it in my hands, and it is fkn fantastic.

1. AWOL – North Melbourne
2. Heesco – Windsor
3. Eko Nugroho Hosier lane
4. Makatron – Fitzroy
5. Daf Cru NZ -Union lane CBD
6. El Seed – Hosier Lane
7. Kaff-eine – Prahran
8. ELK – Fitzroy
9. Calm – Prahran
10. Klara – Brunswick 

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photo (1)

Trojan Petition – A Message To The City Of Melbourne & The State Government of Victoria

Over the weekend, a petition was lodged to the NGV, City Of Melbourne and the State Government of Victoria on behalf of the a large number of Melbourne street artists and interested community members.

This petition was “signed” in the form of 20 painted panels on a constructed installation, and acknowledged by twenty artists who are practicing in Melbourne today.

The petition was placed at the National Gallery of Victoria, and was curated by activist and artist CDH as a part of his ongoing efforts to foster awareness, support and consideration by both the City Of Melbourne and the Victorian Government to major issues regarding street arts place in the community. The petition also brings attention to the highly discriminatory Graffiti Prevention Act (2007), which we believe has done little to address the issues of at hand, and now been proven highly ineffectual in dealing with the matter – instead, it has created an environment of confusion and misunderstanding within the public of street art and graffiti culture, further alienating the artists that express themselves via public art.

IMG_8937 (Custom)

The Petition States:

We didn’t say please. Does that void artistic merit?

Melbourne’s street art is consistently ranked among the top in the world [1-6], unlike any of Australia’s fine art institutions. Street art is also inherently egalitarian and freely accessible. However, rather than being endorsed with substantial tax payer subsidies [7] street art is actively stifled by the State Government; the Graffiti Prevention Act (2007) requires artists to provide lawful excuse if caught carrying a graffiti implement (aerosol can, sharp object, pencil) and thus reverses the burden of proof, to a presumption of guilt [8,9].

For the State Government, propriety in street art begins and ends with property rights. We believe the hallmarks of urban neglect (extensive tagging, peeling paint, cracks) demonstrate an owner’s tacit indifference to a site’s appearance. Formal permission is unnecessary; it is already implied. Unsolicited mural painting of a dilapidated site doesn’t damage the property or the community aesthetic. As community stakeholders, civically minded citizens have a right to intervene to restore dilapidated sites, to the betterment of the community.

As we hold this alternate philosophical view on community enrichment, the State Government deems us vandals, criminalizes us and denies any cultural value or artistic merit in our efforts.


1. ‘The 9 best cities For street art spotting’. The Huffington Post. [Online] 03 09, 2012. .
2. Five great cities for street art. The Guardian. [Online] 01 29, 2011. s.
3. The World’s Best Cities for Viewing Street Art. International Business Times. [Online] 10 08, 2010. .
4. The Best Cities for Street Art. Travel and Leisure webzine. [Online] 06 2009.
5. Cities that bring art to the streets! Total Travel. [Online] .
6. Best street art cities on Earth. Travel Glam. [Online]
7. Funding Summary 2009-2010. Australia Council. [Online]
8. The Graffiti Prevention Act [2007] s.7. [Online]
9. Clamping down: The Graffiti Prevention Act [2007]. Images to live by. [Online] 09 16, 2008.  ”

This petition represents the following artists: Braddock, Klara, Ruskidd, Binder, Baby Guerilla, Calm, Facter, Heesco, Junky Projects, Mark Holsworth (Black Mark – Melbourne Art & Culture Critic), CDH, Adnate, S-701a, Hancock, Presto, Phoenix The Street Artist, DV8, Mysterious Al, Conrad Bizjak and Yarn Corner, and also has the endorsement of a large majority of street artists who are currently practicing within the greater Melbourne metropolis. (Download the PDF with all the artwork here).

The full installation of the petition as a standing structure was, unfortunately not possible. Heavy security presence did not allow the artists to get the piece to its full standing position. That said, an administrator for the NGV allowed the petition to be delivered as a gift on the grounds of the NGV, thus fulfilling the primary aim of the project. What the NGV decides to do with this gift is something we will be keenly observing. Check out another run down on the installation over at Melbourne Art & Culture Critic.

IMG_8954 (Custom)

Invurt are proud to support this petition. CDH did a remarkable job, and it has taken him many months of planning and coordination to bring it all together. It’s artists like him, who continue to promote and espouse the virtues of street art to wider audiences and who advocate its presence in our city, who give us hope of great things to come for street art in Melbourne.

We sincerely wish for the respective governments to read and consider this statement and petition. In light of other recent matters pertaining to Melbourne Street Art, including the recent controversial and lamentable proposal to install security cameras in Hosier Lane, we hope for vigorous engagement, feedback and input on the subject between both the respective governments and the street art community as a whole.

A full PDF and release of the petition artworkand artists can be downloaded here.

UPDATE #1 - A good friend of ours sent us this photo of the petition outside of the gallery this morning.


UPDATE #2 - The ABC has put an article up online about the Trojan Petition - you can read it here.

Update #3 - At first, according to the news article above, it appears as if the NGV had decided to just leave the petition outside, and have it removed. This afternoon, CDH met with the new director of the NGV,  Tony Ellwood and the NGV Curator Of Australian Art, David Hurlston, to discuss the petition. The issue being that the NGVs charter states that it cannot accept gifts from living contemporary artists – which is a fairly valid convention, given that if they were to do so then they would surely be inundated with artwork that they wouldn’t be able to properly store and maintain. However, a possible solution was offered up and a compromise was agreed to.

As of 5pm Monday 10th September, the petition was moved inside and placed on temporary display inside the NGV – only, however, until Friday 14th September – technically it is now on loan to the gallery for several days and will then need to be removed.

(Excuse the phone cam image, we’ll have better ones soon)

If you’d like to see it best get down there  to see the piece, it will be on display from Wednesday to Friday, 9am to 5pm, except Wednesday when the gallery is open until 9pm. This is a result we couldn’t be more pleased about, but its just a nice bit of icing on the top of a great project that we all hoped would bring awareness to the issues in the petition itself. The question is, will we now be hearing from either the CoM or the State Government? Wouldnt that be grand?

After the piece is removed from the gallery on Friday evening, the artwork will be auctioned off and any proceeds from its sale will be used to help kick start a micro-grant program for street artists  here in Melbourne, an idea that a few people been kicking around for a while.

A big thankyou to the NGV for their support and consideration on both the issues purported on the petition, as well as their respect for the piece as a whole –   especially David Hurlston and Tony Ellwood – welcome back to the ‘burn, Tony :)

Oh, and again – way to fkn go, CDH!

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Exhibition – The Other – Melbourne

Oh you sneaky sneaky show you, almost got by us! The Others is a great little group show from several artists from Melbournes western suburbs, including a bunch whose work you all probably are familiar with …

“Each of the artists in the show reflects on what this notion means to them. ‘The Other’ refers to that which is separate and apart. The concept is frequently used to construct and reinforce a sense of self as well as national identity and culture. Use of the ‘the Other’ defines our relationships with the world and the environment around us. We create language to define ‘the Other’ such as ‘human or non-human’ and these labels become pivotal in prescribing laws, treatment, ethics and conduct.

These terms initiate a scale of evaluation which promotes humans as separate and apart from all other species and sometimes from each other.”

With a great concept, and a whole heap of talent on board, this is a show worth heading over to Footscray to check out – very nice indeed.

Who: Baby Guerrilla, Kristin McIver, Vin Ryan, Adam Laersken, Sam Wallman, Michael Brennan, Aly Aitken, Craig Cole and CALM.
What: The Others group show
Where: Trocadero Artspace, 1/119 Hopkins Street Footscray VIC 3011
When: Opening night Saturday 8th September, 4pm til 6pmshow runs 5th Sept to 22nd September, Wed – Sat 11-5

Check out the facebook event page for more info!

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Exhibition – Fanboy vs Artboy – Fairytales & Fables – Melbourne

We love the whimsicalness that is Fanboy vs Artboy, and this next show is whimsy and coolness in full flight. At the last Fanboy vs Artboy (Sci-fi), all visitors were asked to vote on what they wanted to see for the next show, with resounding approval for the theme of Fairytales & Fables!

"Passed down through the centuries from generation to generation, it would be hard to think of any story these days that hasn’t drawn inspiration from a fairytale or fable.

These classic tales and short stories sparked our imagination as children to dream of magical lands far, far away. But peeking behind the curtain of Enchanted Forests, Princes and Princesses, and ‘Happy Ever Afters’ lies sinister and twisted tales of murderous plots, poisonings, kidnappings and wickedly evil Stepmothers!

ArtBoy Gallery threw down the challenge for artists to create an original piece of fan art based on or inspired by their favourite fairytale or fable … over 40 amazing artists did not disappoint!"

These shows are just plain old fun -  if you haven’t been to one yet, this one would be a great place to start!

… oh, and on a parting note – vote #1 ROBOTS for the next installation! Okay? Okay! Hell yes, I hear you say!

Fairytales websize

Who: Artists include Matthew Dunn, Bruyn, Nicole Tattersall, Kaitlin Beckett, Ishi, RJW, Rachee Renee, Brett Willis, Mike Adey, A.i, Rebecca Murphy, Rival Revolution kids, Toni Dowd, Steph Hall, Lindsay Walker, Allain DeLeon, Tassj Brodie, (C)ALM and more.
What: Fanboy vs Artboy – Fairytales & Fables
Where: Artboy Gallery, 99 Greville St, Prahran
When: Show opens this Friday, 16th March from 6pm til 9pm and runs til 25th March.

Check out the facebook event page as well as the Artboy Gallery website for more information.

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Gallery Opening & Exhibition – Punk Milk – Frankston

There’s a new gallery opening up down in Frankston (VIC) tonight, and it looks like it’s going to be a great addition to the area.

The event hails itself as a "A Community Exhibition of Artists from all over Melbourne coming together for a special event the official opening of the new kid in town PUNK MILK GALLERY a exciting collective of talent."

We’re pretty excited to hear about this – the more galleries pushing less traditional art in outer metro and regional areas, the better. More galleries means more opportunities for artists to display their work, and that can only ever be a good thing.

Good luck Punk Milk – looking forward to seeing what you have in store for us!

WHITE community poster art (Custom)

Who: Andrew Follows,Bados Earthling, Benny Lopez, Calm, Carly Housiaux, Conrad, Elisha Hebert, Eliza Lawrence, Fyodor Krasniy, Geoff Pereira, Jennie Rosenbaum, Leigh Hyland, Mark Quigley, Matthew Wood, Megan Pennicuik, Nufevah, Pat Williams, Pol McMahon, Rachel King, Jest, Sherwin Browne, Steve Ryan, Yeshayah Halem & Phoenix,Jarrad Mcgill and eMAN
What: Punk Milk Gallery opening exhibition
Where: Punk Milk Gallery, 10 Young St, Frankston
When: Show opens Friday 14th January and runs til the 30th of January, 2012

Check out the facebook event page and the Punk Milk facebook page for more info.

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Sunshines Top 10 – December 2011

Well, we’re entering into the last stage of the Top 10s for the year, those for December – following on from these, we’ll be doing a special compilation of each of our Top 10 stars five picks for the year in a big "The Best Of 2011" post – that’ll come close to New Years, but we’re excited to see what everyone chooses!

Anyhow – such a great pick of images from Dean Sunshine this month, and without further ado these are his favourite picks for the page month …

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten ten 1 (Medium)

1. Kaff-eine CBD
2. Flake – Ftzroy
3. Brunswick
4. Drab – North Melbourne
5. Hosier Lane CBD
6. a Brunswick bomber – Lygon st brunswick
7. Clifton Hill
8. Windsor
9. Slicer, Deams, Adnate – AWOL – Fitzroy
10. Calm – Hosier Lane CBD

Check out Dean Sunshines website for more photos!

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Event – Bricks, Beats ands Pockets Fundraiser – VIC

News of this has been circulating all over the place in the past few weeks, and now the time is almost upon us – this Friday sees a massive street and urban art auction to raise funds for Traditional Healthcare.

“In the perfect space for showcasing Melbourne’s urban culture Traditional Healthcare and supporters are bringing together some of the maddest local street artists, DJ’s and MC’s to serve up a night of:
Grooves, Glitch, Dubstep, Electro, Bass, Hip-Hop, Funk, and Mind-blowing creative talent for a visual and auditory sensory overload of awesomeness!!

Headliners for the night include Melbourne’s DJ KUYA who has proven to be one ofAustraliaʼs most innovative and original DJs, supporting some of the music industries biggest names like Public Enemy and DJ Krush. To date Kuya has won 3 State DMC Titles (1998-2000) along with the Australian ITF DJ Title in 1999.

The night will include some of our street artists going head to head to create amazing one off pieces inspired by the music. Paper and markers will also be available for a huge public collaboration!
This event is about getting all our hands dirty with paint and fun to mash together music and art in a way that’s never been done before in our fine city…

All proceeds go toward the completion of our sustainable healthcare centre in Datam, India (or providing the local village with wells to save lives if the current drought situation gets any more dire!) www.th.org.au.”

Looks like a very worthy event to get to – afterwards, you should head down to Brown Alley for the opening of Online Clubber, where we’ll have some live art and performances … there’ll special entry prices for those who have attended this charity event!

Bricks-Beats-Pockets (1)

Who: A whole mass of work from a mass of Australian street and urban artists, and a who heap of DJs and sounds … some include Ha Ha, Dennis Ropar, Sirum, Melissa Osborne, Sarah Beetson, Jo Simard, Drab, Kaff-eine, The Doctor, Fresh Chop, Bon Bonoir, Heesco, Baby Guerilla, Phoenix the Street Artist, Braddock, Ryan McGennisken, Sharman, Evoism, LCD, Marcus McDonald, Suki, Be Free, Precious Little, Aaron McKenzie, Calm, Ero, Fletcher Andersen, Beanz, IRK (Jak Rapmund), Kinyobi Ishi, Rachee Renee, Ana Kush, Bel Kopcheff, Lisa Mortimore, Junky Projects, Paul Sonsie
What: Bricks, Beats & Pockets funraising auction
Where: Donkey Wheelhouse Basement, 673 Bourke Street (near Spencer Street) – Melbourne, VIC
When: This Friday, 3rd June, starting at 7pm

Check out the facebook event page and the Traditional Healthcare website for more info on the event!

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