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Exhibition & Preview – Paperápe – Melbourne

Paperápe is a group show featuring seven Melbourne artists who, over the past year, have formed a collaborative friendship via their mutual love of art. Heesco, Jack Douglas, Pierre Lloga, Facter, Mysterious Al, Hancock and Conrad Bizjak are now coming together to share their passion for painting walls, drawing and enjoying the vibrancy of Melbourne […]

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Exhibition – Low Brow – Bleeding Heart – Brisbane

I was just about to do an intro saying that Low Brow is a pretty hard thing to define these days, and then I just realised the the copy for the show says it better than I can right now in my brain dead, night before returning to work with a cramped hand from over-drawing  […]

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Exhibition – Justin Fry & Codie Comrie – RTIST Gallery – Melbourne

This Friday night is going to be banging, with a bunch of shows, not least of which is the latest offering from RTIST Gallery! This next show looks pretty cool, with two artists from LA, Justin Fry and Codie Comrie, whose work has really caught our interest. "The Bowery along with RTIST present Booze and […]

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Thursday Transmissions – Adidas, Freedom and 70k

Well, it might be winter but that doesn’t slow down anything, in fact, we think that this month and next are going to be some of the busiest weeks we’ve seen thus far this year! This is always obvious by the amount of videos coming out, and are there some cool ones this week – […]

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Exhibition – Guido Van Helten & Scott Marsh – Wollongong

Their last show together looked great, and this next one is sure to be also! Guido Van Helten and Scott Marsh are putting on another show, this time in Woollongong, nicely titled “Road To Ruin” – we like it already … “Opening this weekend is an exhibition by street art/graffiti artists Scott Marsh and Guido […]

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Snapshots – Unwell Bunny vs Europe

Man you have no ,idea how excited we were this morning when we opened our email and saw all of these photos. Our good mate Unwell Bunny has been travelling through Europe for the past few months, painting and pasting along the way. From the streets of Barcelona and London, To Berlin and Vienna he […]

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Launch Party – VNA #19 – Sydney

We’ve been reading VNA magazine for years now, and in fact the work that they do is a huge inspiration for us here, and we couldn’t be happier to see that they will be finally holding a launch party here in Oz!! "We are launching the latest issue of the world’s premier street art magazine, […]

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Exhibition – Always On Vacation – Sydney

Lots happening up in Sydney this week, not least of which is this group show opening up at aMBUSH Gallery this Thursday night – a whimsical look at that most beloved time period of ours – the vacation! "Always on Vacation is a group show that seeks to showcase the work of thirteen Sydney-based emerging […]

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Exhibition – Confine – Dark Horse Experiment – Melbourne

This Friday night, a whole bunch of Blender artists will be holding an exhibition at Dark Horse Experiment to show off their latest art. "Confine – Five Melbourne artists mine the possibilities of paint and sculpture through figurative deformations and social awareness. James Bonnici’s distorted figures have been receiving a lot of attention and this […]

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Snapshots – Above – Jet Set – Melbourne

Last Wednesday night we had the absolute pleasure to see one of the worlds finest street artists, Above, open up his most recent exhibition here in Melbourne – Jet Set. We’d been following the mans progress on the show for some time, and seeing it all come together last week was a beautiful thing – […]

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