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Snapshots – Brett Chan – China Heights

Well, we have to apologise,there really is just so much going on at the moment that it is hard to keep up! We are still playing massive catch up on content from the past two or three weeks, we have a whole bunch of snapshots this week coming up -  Secret Walls, two pairs of […]

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Interview – Scott Allie – Dark Horse Comics

  With the behemoth that is Comic-con landing on the shores of Melbourne this weekend, there was no question that we wished to cover the event. One of the most exciting fields of art that is emerging into popular culture these days are comic books; the movie industry is full of comic adaptations, and the […]

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Exhibition – IHART II – Perth

Back last year we saw a pretty cool charity exhibition over in Perth – IHART – and tomorrow night, its back again after a successful first round! "IHART // Poyce & Phoenix Events presents a collective of local and international artists dedicated to raising as much money as possible for Make A Wish. IHART II […]

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Thursday Transmissions – Form, Lanes & Walls

Some great videos of street art from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane this week – as well as a bunch of other cool art movies. Read on to see the best of all the video we’ve seen from across the scene … Sofles image via Rolanddion. Form Gallery launches its latest show tonight, in the […]

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Exhibition – Art For Jungle – Lo-Fi Collective – Sydney

Always great seeing a new show from the talented team behind the Lo-Fi Collective and The Standard, and this one is absolutely no exception! “An Art Exhibition to raise funds for Greenpeace, helping in the fight against rainforest deforestation and wildlife extinction in Borneo and throughout the world. An eclectic collection of Art and Jewellery […]

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Exhibition – Dick Nose Lives – Melbourne

It’s always sad to hear of the passing of a writer, but there is a joyous note in the memorials, homages and celebrations of life that follow their passing. We first saw the RIP Dicknose tags popping up back in words March, and this was followed not long after by a whole slew of tribute […]

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Exhibition – Gary Seaman – River – Adelaide

It’s all we can do to keep up with all the great shows happening over at Espionage Gallery, but once again they have a cool show lined up, with Gary Seaman showing is second solo at the gallery. "A natural watercourse, flowing towards an ocean. A path of flow in a new direction. A new […]

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Exhibition – Random – Loose Change – Auckland

We got news earlier today that NZ artist Random is having a show tomorrow night at Monster Valley Gallery, and it sounds like a lot of fun. We actually did a pretty cool interview with the man before his solo show last year, and found his multidisciplinary, street art, graff derived work pretty damn intriguing. […]

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Exhibition – Miso – Tokyo From Memory – Adelaide

Melbourne artist Miso has a new show coming up tomorrow night at Hugo Mitchell Gallery in Adelaide. Pushing further into her cut out paper phase, Misos latest work is an absolute delight. Intricate, fragile and beautiful, her new pieces look to be an absolute labour of love and cutting. Some of the details on these […]

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Snapshots – James Reka – Open Studio – Melbourne

Well, with all of our big move finally out of the way, we’re still playing catch up on a whole bunch of stuff – they’re a little late but first up are all of our shots from Rekas farewell “Open Studio” show at Backwoods Gallery. So many people got down to pay their respects to […]

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