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Exhibition – Chris Hancock – Depressionism – Perth

Here’s something that all our readers in Perth should be damn excited about, our good mate Hancock is about to launch his next show and it looks like an absolute ripper! Having travelled around Europe for most of a year Hancock is most definitely back and has been churning out some of the best work […]

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Paint Up – Featuring Askew 1, Sirum, Adnate, Kid Silk, Ethix, Sigs And Bryan Itch

This wall dropped a few weeks back, bringing together artists such as Askew 1 from New Zealand, Adnate, Sirum, Kid Silk, Bryan Itch, Ethix and Sigs. Check it out the next time you are at Northland Shopping Centre, till we meet again get out there and explore the world.

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deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 48 1 AWOL crew

Sunshines Top 10 – March 2015

Well, big time apologies for this being up so late (and to Dean!), I’ve recently re-located up to Singapore (again) and shit has been pretty damn hectic! Yet another great selection here from Mr Sunshine, yet again capturing a whole bunch of rad shit from around the streets of Melbourne – check out his Top […]

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Exhibition – Something For The Rest Of Us – By Astrowitch – At Off The Kerb Gallery

SOMETHING FOR THE REST OF US BY ASTROWITCH “Something for the rest of us is intended to be a celebration and exploration of queer identities and aesthetics through a brightly coloured and stylised portraiture of queer people. So much of the world is designed to accommodate heteronormative, cisnormative and male perspectives that I just wanted […]

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Paint Up – Easey Street Collingwood

These photos are shot over one week, just to give you an idea of the size of this amazing collaboration between some of Melbourne, Brisbane and New Zealand’s finest graffiti and street artists. Shaun Hossack from the ever busy Juddy Roller crew, once again breathing life in to an otherwise lifeless urban canvas changing the […]

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Subtuition - invite 15x15 cm2

Unwell Bunny – Interview & Show – Subtuition – Galerie Lacroix – Paris

Invurt’s good mate Unwell Bunny has an exciting new show called “Subtuition” opening in a couple of days  in PARIS of all places – so what better time to catch up with the man himself for a chat! (Apologies mate for not posting this sooner). I remember meeting Ed in late 2012 when he came home to […]

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Through The Lens March – With David Russell Photography

This months Through The lens is packed with some amazing works of art, all dropping over a 4 week period from The Paterson Project, Choqworld, Herbaium and Wall To Wall just to name a few. Everybody is painting with a certain sense of urgency as the cold weather is on its way, things tend to […]

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Exhibition – Arcadia – At Off The Kerb Gallery

ARCADIA OFF THE KERB’S 8th BIRTHDAY SHOW SUPPORTING CLOWNS WITHOUT BORDERS. Arcadia; a real or imaginary place offering peace and simplicity. As artists, our imagination plays an important role on our craft, without our imagination there would be no finished product, our imagination fuels wanderlust and helps us escape to the place that drives our […]

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Snapshots – Herbarium – Rus Kidd – Blender Studios

Rus Kidd had his first solo show last week called Herbarium at the iconic Blender studios, this show saw him bring his unique style into the home of street art, where he also has his studio and is an active member of the Blender creative. In case you missed the show here are some pics I […]

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Snapshots – Choqworld – Juddy Roller

last week saw the very talented French artist Choq with his solo show Choqworld at Juddy Roller, the show featuring his unique style which Melbourne has fallen in love with. His way of painting everyday scenes he comes across in his travels always puts a smile on my face,  I was even lucky enough to […]

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