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Unless otherwise stated, Invurt does not represent any of the artists, exhibitions, galleries, organisations or individuals which may be posted to or referred to on this website.

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Invurt accepts user content submissions – please see guidelines below!

We’re are also currently looking for a couple of writers and photographers to help regularly cover events and artists outside of Victoria, so drop us a line if you’re interested!

Submission Guidelines

We are now accepting direct user submissions to the website. Please look at our posts for the format of our articles, and submit information accordingly. We are currently seeking submissions for the following:

  • Photography of events and exhibitions
  • Photographs of artwork/street art/graffiti and others
  • Exhibition Previews & Reviews
  • Events information for regular event posts and calendar
  • Interviews with Australian artists and those working in the art industry
  • Articles, papers and other interesting words…

Rules For Submitted Content

Caveats applied to submissions are few, but pertinent. All material submitted and published should be in regards street, urban, graffiti, underground art scenes here within Australia, or dealing with international artists visiting our shores – we do have some flexibility on this, however, sometimes, maybe. All articles, events, blogs, are to be published at the discretion of the editor – we do try to maintain a high level of quality in posts and submissions, so we’d love your submissions to maintain that level of quality also.

  • Only articles pertaining directly to Australian/NZ artists and creative practitioners will be accepted (no lifestyle/music etc events will be accepted unless there is a direct involvement with an Oz/NZ artist, creative or designer)
  • Only information on International events including Australian and New Zealand artists will be accepted
  • Who, What, Where, When – if its an event or opening of some form, ensure this information is included in your information about the event/artist (read our posts!)
  • TITLE – Must be in the format TYPE (ie Snapshots/Exhibition/Event etc) – Name of Event/Artist – LOCATION (Perth, Auckland, Melbourne etc)
  • TAGS – be creative and descriptive
  • Always attach at least 1 image , and link to more. We will contact you if we need more inmages, we dont usually run artist painting event information without more than one image. No image, no publish.
  • You are welcome to submit photographs of artwork or events, however a minimum 100 word description must be attached to photo collections and no fewer than six photographs and no more than 20.
  • Images under 1024 x 800 will not be accepted.
  • Keep in line with the spirit of the website; if you’re submitting you should have read it, and you should know what we are after!

Media Enquiries

Invurt respects the privacy of the individuals, crews and collectives to whom we speak. We are happy to receive inquiries from the media as to this website, who we are, and what we do. It is, however, our policy to not directly answer questions to the media or any other organisations regarding any individual or collective, their work, location or identity, without the express permission of the artist(s) in question. If you do wish to contact any of the artists we have covered here, please feel free to send us a message, and we will will be happy to pass it on – however, any response is up to the artists discretion.


Well say this a second time as people don’t seem to read this information correctly; unless otherwise stated, Invurt does not represent any of the artists, exhibitions, galleries, organisations or individuals which may be posted to or referred to on this website. Any views on this website are of our own, unless stated by the artist within an interview/bio/press release.