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Exhibition – Something For The Rest Of Us – By Astrowitch – At Off The Kerb Gallery



“Something for the rest of us is intended to be a celebration and exploration of queer identities and aesthetics through a brightly coloured and stylised portraiture of queer people.

So much of the world is designed to accommodate heteronormative, cisnormative and male perspectives that I just wanted to make a little space for everyone else.

In the show, as in all my work for the past two years all of the paintings are of queer identified people (including a broad range of identities on the lgbt+ spectrum).

This show also marks over one year of the “Queer The Streets” project, in which I have been installing images of queer identified people in public spaces throughout Melbourne.

Who: Astrowitch.

What: Something For The Rest Of Us.

Where: Off The Kerb Gallery, 66B Johnston Street, Collingwood 3066.

When: Fri, 1st-15th May, 6-9pm.

Facebook event here

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Paint Up – Easey Street Collingwood

These photos are shot over one week, just to give you an idea of the size of this amazing collaboration between some of Melbourne, Brisbane and New Zealand’s finest graffiti and street artists.

Shaun Hossack from the ever busy Juddy Roller crew, once again breathing life in to an otherwise lifeless urban canvas changing the surrounds.

Over the week I noticed how many people came to photograph the walls and saw how many people had a positive experience, once again demonstrating how public arts can have a profound effect on those that come in contact with these awe inspiring images.

So next time you are in Easey Street, Collingwood be sure to check it out, till next time get out there and explore the streets of Melbourne and don’t forget your camera.


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Subtuition - invite 15x15 cm2

Unwell Bunny – Interview & Show – Subtuition – Galerie Lacroix – Paris

Invurt’s good mate Unwell Bunny has an exciting new show called “Subtuition” opening in a couple of days  in PARIS of all places – so what better time to catch up with the man himself for a chat! (Apologies mate for not posting this sooner).

I remember meeting Ed in late 2012 when he came home to “visit” after spending years in Europe – haha – so much for a visit – he’s still here and as much a part of Melbourne as he ever was, we hope he sticks around too ;)


Tell us about your background and how you got into street art? 

My background is in graffiti, I’m from Adelaide in Australia and grew up with graffiti, back then things were very different and the art was just one part of the culture. A lot of illigal stuff was also a part of it, and as the years went on I realised I was very much in it for the art and the expression. Four years after starting graffiti I moved to Melbourne, and by 2003-4 had met some influential people doing interesting things, Rone and Reka from Melbourne and Dolk from Norway were all in my year level at Uni, and they were already doing their thing by that stage, and I was interested. We had another friend Nick, who sadly is no longer with us, and we all hung out at time and drew. Around this time Ha Ha was a massive influence on the stencil art boom that was happening in Melbourne, and seeing his street bombings was exceptionally inspiring. I started practicing street art around 2003-2004, sort of regenerating my passion for graffiti in a different way, I never really cut a stencil, but I delved into paste up art. By 2005 I was showing my street art in galleries and having successful group shows, in 2006 I got back into graffiti when I met Snuf, and my street work became a hybrid of both graffiti and street art, which I believe it still is to this day. 


I know your be spent lots of time and met some amazing people and been part of some great collaborations – tell us about some of these adventures and people you’ve met?

I have met some great artists along the way in the early days it was Rone, Meggs and Reka, Ghouls, Dolk then a bit later on D*Face, Mysterious Al (one of my best mates), Tilt, Ms Van, The London Police all whom I spent time with when I was travelling and living in Europe in 2012. ELK is also one of my best mates, and I spend quite a bit of time with him in Sydney pretty regularly. In terms of collaborations, these have always happened organically, travelling I collaborated with Knraf and Fresh Max in Vienna, this was so spontaneous and fun, those guys are pros at the collaboration and spontaneity game, 

Your style, pop art esque mash ups. What’s it all about? 

Its about the time that we live in. Its about always being switched on, and being bombarded with different images by the media and advertising and mass popular culture landscape. Its about subconscious collection and manipulation of thinking, essentially pollution of the mind. But its also about re interpretation, intuition and re creation. Re formatting and individual expression, its new images made from old images. Its what you’ve seen before, as a completely new idea. 

You have an extensive history w the Melbourne street art scene being one of the original artists.. Tell us about that time, how’s it different today? What do you miss? What don’t you like about today? 

2003-2004 was very different, everything was new and naive and challenging. No body had any idea what they were doing, they just liked doing it. It is different now, there is a far greater sense of what it can lead to, there is a far greater awareness of a global culture, and there is more interest in it from the main stream. All of that being said, it is still a great scene, Melbourne probably does still have one of the best scenes in the world and Melbourne probably still is the street art capital of Australia. 

Tell us about your upcoming show “Subtuition” in Paris, how did this come about? What’s the show all about? 

I spent 2012 in Europe, and painted quite a bit over there, the gallery had been following my work for awhile, that’s how these things sometime come about, and they felt I was a good fit for them. They offered to represent me. Eight months later the work is all done and I’m ready to head back over to Europe for a little residency. 

Subtuition - invite 15x15 cm2

Unwell Bunny Documentary Trailer from Cale Rodriguez on Vimeo.

'The Brain Dead Megaphone' 200x100cm Delusional Duck _ Unwell Bunny Brain_dead_mega_phone_760 x 564 mm

What are you gonna do when you get to Paris? Do you have any connections and do you have any collaborations planned? 

I do know some people in Paris, and have some others coming from Amsterdam and Germany and London, and will likely do some free flowing collaborations when I get the chance. But there is a bit of a schedule leading up to the show and a bit of hard work to put in before I switch into any sort of spray cation mode. I am very much looking forward to a little vacation at the end of it though.

What’s next for Unwell Bunny in 2015? 

Tentitive plans for Hong Kong later in the year and then Miami and New York at the end of the year for some other stuff. It all seems like full steam ahead at this stage, but I’ll just get this one out of the way first. 

We wish we could be there man! Good luck with the show and Big ups! 

Who: Unwell Bunny. 

What: Subtuition. 

When: Opens 9th April 7-10pm.

Where: Galerie Lacroix. 19 rue Lesage, Paris.

Facebook event page here.

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Through The Lens March – With David Russell Photography

This months Through The lens is packed with some amazing works of art, all dropping over a 4 week period from The Paterson Project, Choqworld, Herbaium and Wall To Wall just to name a few.

Everybody is painting with a certain sense of urgency as the cold weather is on its way, things tend to slow down in Melbourne, then there are those who paint no matter what the weather is doing.

Abandoned building are plentiful in Melbourne and are a good place to be in the winter months plus there are plenty of shows to see, till next month guys stay creative.



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Exhibition – Arcadia – At Off The Kerb Gallery



Arcadia; a real or imaginary place offering peace and simplicity.

As artists, our imagination plays an important role on our craft, without our imagination there would be no finished product, our imagination fuels wanderlust and helps us escape to the place that drives our ideas our passion and fantasies; this is what leads to our art making, our imagination is our very own Arcadia.

For our 8th Birthday Charity group show, we are raising funds for Clowns Without Borders Australia, Clowns Without Borders Australia aims to improve the emotional condition of life for children and communities living in crisis.

They strive to bring relief to people affected by poverty, war, disease and disaster by using laughter, humour and play.

In this group exhibition Off The Kerb will donate 25% of the proceeds from all artwork sales and additional financial donations to Clowns Without Borders Australia.


Who: Amy Gray, Andrew Laba, Astrowitch, Auf Wiedersehen, Barek, Basak Savcigil, Cameron Brideoake, Chantelle Key, Christian Vine, Christina Aprozeanu, David Lee Pereira, DEV, Edie Botha,Emily Brookfield, Emily Wright, Erin Greer, Ha Ha, I & The Others, Jacob Coppedge, Jason Parker, Jodie Fiala, Kat Scarlet, Launa Winship, Lauren Guymer, Liam Snootle, Loretta Lizio, Lucy Yu, Marta Lesoro, Mitch Walder, Rebecca Armstrong, Ree Nakada, Sam Lynne, Sian Song, Skye Williams, Taylor Brokeman, Thirty6, Tim Willis, Trish Leone, YMT.

What: Arcadia.

When: This Friday the 10th of April, from 6-9pm, till the 24th of April.

Where:  Off The Kerb, 66B Johnston Street, Collingwood 3066.

Facebook event here

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Snapshots – Herbarium – Rus Kidd – Blender Studios

Rus Kidd had his first solo show last week called Herbarium at the iconic Blender studios, this show saw him bring his unique style

into the home of street art, where he also has his studio and is an active member of the Blender creative.

In case you missed the show here are some pics I managed to get on the opening night.

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Snapshots – Choqworld – Juddy Roller

last week saw the very talented French artist Choq with his solo show Choqworld at Juddy Roller, the show featuring his unique style which Melbourne has fallen in love with.

His way of painting everyday scenes he comes across in his travels always puts a smile on my face,  I was even lucky enough to purchase a piece myself, as were many others on the night with the show almost selling out.

In case you missed the show here are some photos I managed to take.

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Press Release – The Google Street Art Project in Melbourne

For over five years, and Land Of Sunshine have been documenting the fleeting and ephemeral artwork around the streets of Australia, particularly in their home town of Melbourne. In this period, they have documented thousands of walls and street art events via both photographs, interviews and articles. As two of Australias most eminent authorities on street art, they have, over this time, ceaselessly collaborated promote the Australian scene and its artists to a global audience.

Now, Invurt and Land Of Sunshine have partnered with the Google Cultural Institute on one of the most innovative and comprehensive collections of street art on the internet, the Google Street Art Project.


As one of the worlds top destinations for street art, Melbourne offers a plethora of works from a contingent of hundreds of local artists, and as a global mecca for graffiti and street art it also attracts a large number of international artists to its walls.The Melbourne Street Art collection on the Google street art site contains a small slice of some of these remarkable painting projects, many works of which have, as ephemeral as it is, now departed, recorded only in the pixels within these digital archives.

With photography by Dean Sunshine and David Russell, and curated by local Melbourne artist and editor of, Facter (Fletcher Andersen), as well as Luke McManus, this showcase of works is blessed by a bountiful amount of high quality, top level art from across Melbourne.

“There is always a story to tell when it comes to the streets of Melbourne and its art, and we hope that by adding a little slice of Melbourne to such a massive global project, that people from around the world can easily view these amazing works within the Google Street Art platform,” said Facter. “We are extremely proud to have partnered with Google in this endeavour. One of our primary missions here is to document the ephemeral artwork and our scene, across Australia, and we couldn’t have been happier to have been given this opportunity to do so.”

Regular updates will be undertaken on these exhibitions, as Invurt and Land Of Sunshine continue on their mission to bring the best of Melbourne street art and graffiti to the people of the world.You can find the Melbourne Street Art by Invurt and Land Of Sunshine page on the Google Cultural institute website by the short link or by going directly to the website #streetartproject #invurt

Check us out on our Instagram account - @invurtmagazine
Twitter – @invurtion
or our facebook page –

Editor –

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deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 47 4 Unwell Bunny

Sunshines Top 10 – February 2015

Well, Dean Sunshine has had a crazy busy month the last month (join us all in congratulating him on the recent birth of his baby boy!), but, he still had a bit of time to get his camera out and snap a whole bunch of great pics from around Melbourne of some of the finest street art we’ve seen yet.

Check out all the pics from his latest Top 10 below!

deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 47 4 Unwell Bunny

1. Buff Monster – Fitzroy
2. Bailer Cam Scale – Fairfield
3. Be Free – Cremorne
4. Unwell Bunny – Brunswick
5. Sage – Brunswick
6. RONE + Wonder – Fitzroy
7. Ling – Collingwood
8. Akid One + Dvate + Yumz – Collingwood
9. Sofles – Fitzroy
10. Makatron – Hosier Lane
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Exhibition – Herbarium – Ruskidd – Blender Studio’s

Blender Studios present ‘Herbarium’, Ruskidd’s first major solo exhibition.

Herbarium explores the exotic patterns, organic shapes and vibrant colours found in flora and fauna. Ruskidd has created a collection of artworks featuring a variety of paintings and installations.

Over the past 5 years, Ruskidd has developed a unique and diverse style for large murals on the street and smaller scale paintings. His work engages the viewer with bright vibrant colours, free flowing organic lines and recurring motifs. Ruskidd’s evolving style explores various mediums that experiment with new found techniques. Always pushing the boundaries to create interesting and unique works that adapt to any scale and environment.

Featuring a live screen-printing session of limited run tees and Uncle Dave’s Home-brew beers on tap!

Exhibition ongoing until the 27th of March.

Who: Ruskidd.

What: Herbarium.

When: This Friday from 7pm – 20th March – 27th March.

Where: At The Blender Studios, 110 Franklin Street, Melbourne, entry via lane way.

Facebook event can be found here

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