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Thursday Transmissions – Steal, Dollars & Disney

Welcome to our weekly roundup of Australian and New Zealand street art, urban and underground videos! We’re fairly light on this week, but what there is is pretty damn cool …

No idea how we missed this one a few weeks back, but head to this link to check out Blender studios Doyle talking about street art and the Blender laneway – on Saturday Disney! Grand and hilarious.

Also, before we get stuck into it, don’t forget to check out Heescos newly released video, a tribute to the monks of Tibet.


Next up, is this great five minute mini-documentary on Anthony Lister from Arrested Motion. This video looks at his multiple visits to New York over the past year.

Anthony Lister – Los Angeles from Arrested Motion on Vimeo.

It’s great to keep seeing Outpost project videos popping up still, we love it – it’s a nice bit of nostalgia and gets us pumped for this years! A great little recap.

Outpost street art festival from Sam Hilton on Vimeo.

Here’s a good little bit of background and a production video on the Steal Banksy promotion that Art Series did not long ago. Nice.

Yet another great video from the BMD crew, this time alongside Blake Dunlop and Young Gifted and Broke.

BMD – The Multi-dollar Feature from Emulsion Burns on Vimeo.

Lastly, Sam Octigan got together with the guys from Acclaim for a small feature piece.

That’s it for this week – send us through any videos if you have them for inclusion!

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Thursday Transmissions – Cameo, United & Cube


So, here’s out weekly wrap up of all that is good and cool amongst the world of Australian and NZ street art, graffiti and underground styles. Follow on for this weeks video wrap up!

transmissions header1

This is one fine ass video put together by David Anthony Parkinson featuring Adelaides Cameo – watch this one, its straight up grand and really well produced.

United Cans seem to have released two videos in recent weeks, and here is the first one featuring the ID Crew in Richmond – this is fkn great!!

Second up for United Cans also features Fitzroys Refills store. Putos, Libre, Bailer, DV8, Nektar and Silker all feature in this one. Also fkn great.

Tom Vincent has just released a new video alongside his new website – we love this mans work.

This video featuring The Yok, Daek and Sheryo in New York is rad as!

Last year we covered Street Cube, and they’ve just released a video covering the live painting event up on the Gold Coast. Beastman, Shida, Jae Copp and Gimiks Born all feature in this.

Check out this short video from Vexta of her painting up in the Hibernian House in Sydney

We’re big fans of JKB Fletchers, and heres a really great process video of one of his works from beginning to end. Nice.

Lastly, we have to post this up, just because it’s one of our favourite videos we have seen all year! International artist Jeff Soto teamed up with Chevy – the results of which, well .. you have to see for yourself!

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Thursday Transmissions – Shida, Hyper and Hills

It’s been a hectic week, and things aren’t slowing down – we’re in the run towards Carbon festival, and we have a whole shitload of stuff ahead – so, time to take a few minutes out and chill to some of the videos we’ve seen around the web this week …


Our favourite video this week is from Shida, who has been tripping around the world, painting as he goes. Awesome work.

Check out this preview to the Hyper Reality Dimension XX show opening tonight at aMBUSH Gallery!

Bennett and Tom Ferson have a show opening tonight in Sydney, Double Take, and here’s the preview video if you didn’t catch it earlier in the week.

Here’s a short time lapse piece of Reka and The Yok painting it up in New York with some go-pro cameras – as Reka said over at the EF site, "I… nice and raw. I like it." – and we have to agreed!

Just Another Agency and the muchly talented Carl Allison put together this ad for Art Melbourne – such a great little piece!

And to finish off this week, we have the new Hilltop Hoods video – what makes this special? Check out all the artwork from Sofles – mad. Oh, and yeah, Carlie 2na. And Hilltops. This new album is going to rock!

That’s it for this week, til next all!

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Thursday Transmissions – Molecule, Time and Zoo

it’s been a busy last few weeks for us but we’re back on track with a bunch of things, the next few weeks are going to be mental …

Rightio, some cool stuff this week for you in our video wrapup …

F1000007 (Custom)

One of the coolest videos we caught this week was the Zoos Victoria paintup down in AC/DC lane by the EF and Blender crews – very cool, great concept and another example of some fine assed Melbourne street art.

Next up is this great little video showcasing the brilliant little installation from E.L.K. and Adnate at Molecule Gallery. Cameo ahoy ;)

DAMP and RAH Collective put on a really cool custom toy show the other week, and heres a great little interview/video/feature on it – nice work dudes!

Wonderful piece on a Steen Jones piece put together by Melissa Findley, from his Rose Street Artist Markets paintup.


We love this timelapse that was done of the Ears and TwoOne piece in Fitzroy at Red Tongue .

Fezwitch teamed up with Miishka to do a small street related ad piece – cool.

Days, Presto & 2Rise did this short piece of some chromers at the Dunlop Warehouse in Sydney.

This short is promising – looks like a new little series about street art, the first piece is from last years Body Canvas event – looking forward to seeing more of these.

Lastly, but not least, we loved this short doco on the Blossoming Thoughts project .. food for thought.

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Transmissions – E.L.K., Peck and The Archies

This is a GREAT week for our video wrap up, and a great day for some informal news as per our usual shtick – we just saw the Archibald finalist list, and we’re really happy to say that both E.L.K.(the first stencil and street artist to ever be a finalist in the Archibalds) and one of our favourite painters, Michael Peck both made the cut for the grand prize.


So to start off our Transmissions, here’s a piece from SBS news on E.L.K. – pre-announcement.

Also, we’ve posted this up before, but we’re reposting it in light of todays news, check out this short film on Michael Peck that was done prior to his solo show last year, The Landing.


Okay, now, back to our regular programming … we have a shitload to cover this week!!! Great piece on the Street Dreams festival in Adelaide the other week, with a lot of artists featured – looks like it was a great event!!

This great piece that Beastman and Jumbo were commissioned for was a talking point earlier this week, but its a fkn fantastic piece of art in a fantastic location, no matter what anyone thinks of the subject matter. Well done, dudes!

The crew over at Acclaim put this piece up of the massive DMV paintup in Melbournes chinatown the other week. Word.

Bridge Stehli was interviewed as a part of Secret Walls at SXSW (IT was renamed to Secret Wars to Secret Walls – huh? … meehhhh… )and its a great little short on her and her work!

Saw this little short featuring Melbourne graffiti and street art over at INFX– nice!

Strutten posted up a short film recapping their show the other week, Square One. Oh, great, great stuff Strutten crew!!!

BMD hits up a great spot over in NZ – so, SO good!!

We saw this one, but figured we might have missed it along the way – so here it is with Lister, Beastman anda bunch of others – No Years 2011!

It’s a bit shakey, but here’s an entire walk through of the Melbourne Underground courtesy of ArtyGraffarti.

Last, but certainly not least, here is another preview for the upcoming Well Wisher exhibition from Zonk and co!

Whew. That’s it for this week .. stay tuned for next, and next, and then the week after that, and that … it just keeps on coming!

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Saturday Transmissions – Askew, High & Five

Saturday .. huh? Yeah, I ran out of time this week with everything, so we weren’t able to get the Transmissions up on Thursday – but that’s cool, as a few really cool ones were put out on Friday!

Anyways, you know the drill, watch on for this weeks roundup of all the cool video that’s been released in the past week …

Snap 2012-03-03 at 11.10.11

First up we have a video released featuring Askew – imho one of the most talented graff artists around. A rare look behind his work.

Higher Ground studios has an open day tomorrow, and this is a really, really cool glimpse into the artists working in there. Mad.

If you didn’t catch the interview we did with Nanami Cowdroy, you should check it out – this is the video with a bit behind her work on the Smirnoff project.

Ryan McGennisken had his show, If Its Between Death and Magic a couple of weeks ago, and this is an awesome little walkthrough of the show.

Project 5 is coming up soon, more details on that really soon, but here’s a short preview!

With her show with Suki coming up next weekend, Be Free did this short of one of her pieces!

This is a great little piece on some of the public art going up in Sydneys China town – nice to see councils involving artists in revitalisation efforts!

Well, that’s about it for this week – we’ll have more next week, probably on the Thursday this time .. unless Saturday feels better!

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Thursday Transmissions – E.L.K. Bob and Cut

Yep yep, once again we’re back with our roundup of videos released over the past week, and this week there’s a smorgasbord of goodness – so scroll on, and hit play!


Our first feature video this week, is the Tropfest film by Jacob Oberman, featuring E.L.K. and Fr Bob Maguire. If you haven’t seen it yet, you should watch it – its a really different and cool film of E.L.K.s efforts to do a stencil piece for the Archibald prizes of Father Bob prior to his retirement. Awesome.


Oh, and coming up next week, which we’ll get to soon, is a show from two of Melbournes coolest street artists at Espionage GAllery, Be Free and Suki!

Alone Together from Dave MSA on Vimeo.


This past week was also all about Bode! There’s an awesome time lapse here of the piece he did behind the Station Hotel in Richmond. Check out more of this kind of stuff over at Delta Thunder.


Check out this sick time lapse of our mate Choq, all the way from France, getting up out the back of Juddy Roller!


Alex Mitchell, one of the team behind Backwoods Gallery, and Louis Mitchell, put together this short doco about Usugrow, who exhibited there last year. Amazing short film, this one – must see.


Lister apparently has a new show opening up tonight in LA at New Image Galelry – and there’s a great preview video to go along with it!

Anthony Lister @ New Image Art (2012) Teaser… from Carlos Gonzalez on Vimeo.


That cool crew over at the Design Files had an open house not long ago, and made a small video all about it – looks like fun, spewin we missed having a look!

The Design Files Open House ! from The Design Files on Vimeo.


Token International Video

It’s not very often that we post up any videos from outside of Australia, but I mean, shit does happen across the waves! This one really struck us this week .. so we’ve decided each week to post up a token international video, just for the fuck of it. Conor Harrington is one of our ultra favourites, and this is a short film abut his trip back to Ireland to paint …

That’s all we got, you know the deal, if you have a video, send it to us!

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Thursday Transmissions – Suspects, Seasons & Stopmotion!

Oh ho, check it out – it feels like everything has now ramped up properly, and there are a shitload of great videos posted out to the interwebs this week. Watch on for our roundup of Oz n NZ art goodness …


(image via Rekas blog)

Reka has been busy getting ready for his next show at Backwoods
– and we could swear he just finished one! Can’t wait for this, we’ll have more on it for you soon .. in the meantime, here’s a great preview of him getting intimate with a shitload of paint … awesome.

Of course, this week we have yet another Carl Allison vs RTIST Gallery masterpiece, starring Niels "Shoe" Meulman. We were at the show, we met the man, and we have to say, he left us pretty damn impressed.

Nanami Cowdroy and Beastman have both been spruiking for Smirnoff lately (more on this soon), as they were given the grand opportunity to customise a bunch of bottles! Damn sweet. Here’s a bit of a behind the scenes look at Nanamis work …

Another show that is coming up real quick is the next edition of Seasons Of Change at Revolver – this time, its Sabeth and Frame. We’ll have details on this up soon, for now, check out the goodness.

This was pretty cool – a timelapse from Burg – pasteup styles!

Artygraffarti posted up a cool roundup of his Sydney trip not too long ago – lots of footage in this ten minute piece.

How good is this!! The trailer for the upcoming short film, Chaos In King St – Sydney graffiti in all its stop motion glory! So fucking cool. We really think we might have to find out more about this …

Who doesn’t love Bados Earthling? We do!

Lets leave you with this – Oh Today Tonight and your wonderful stories – thanks for showing us all the great footage!

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Thursday Transmissions – Shoe, Zonk & Magic

This weeks video wrap from across Australiasia isn’t too large, but it is big on quality.

IMG_6488 (Custom)

Shoe’s exhibition last week at RTIST Gallery was awesome – next weeks DMV show will also be amazing, but if you didn’t see this video with Shoe whilst he was down here on tour, catch it now – pretty damn cool.

Ryan McGennisken has his solo show coming up this weekend, and he got a cool preview video up for it. Great shots and some cool process work!

Zonk has a new group show coming up (more on that later) but they also did a preview video for it – Zonk is always grand, watch it.

WELL WISHER PREVIEW! from Zonk Vision on Vimeo.

… aaaannndd that’s it for the week! We haven’t seen much else around, but if we missed something, just let us know.

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Thursday Transmissions – SEAR, Punk & Squish

Oh have we seen stuff this week, and oh have we loved it. One of the best things about following all this kind of art these days is the amazing documentation of it all – so many people doing videos, so many great little productions … err, and lots of amateur stuff, that we love anyways because it *is* documented.

Anyways, here’s your weekly dose of what’s been happening around in VideoLand …

squishface studios

(Image via Squishface Studios)

Squishface Studios opened up last Australia day, and heres a great video recap of their studio launch! So great! Neverending story bahaha.

So much greatness coming out of Melbourne Underground, here’s a little feature from Joske on SEARious Jones’s work down there.

Kyle Hughes-Odgers has a show coming up in Berlin, and here’s the preview!

Punk Milk Gallery opened up in Frankston the other week, and they have a great video of all the opening and their media event/launch day. Word.

Cool photo montage from StickUpGirlz went up a few days ago – featuring some of their work from 2011.

Days, Peque and Sykoh did a big paint up for Montana a little while ago, and they captured the day on film.

More Outpost recap video – really! Bowserland did this one for Red Bull. Really nice, actually.

Ah, always good to see something from Bados Earthling – and this montage is pretty cool.

Last night we got up to the climate change exhibition at Metro Gallery, and were, of course totally impressed. It’s still on, so get to see it if you can – here’s a bit of the story behind the show … and, err, get with the time Channel 7 and put some embed code on your videos!! Watch it here. Bastards.

To end on an awesome note, we saved this one – Askew, Phat1 and Berst all did a road trip through NZ last year, painting along the way – here is the evidence.

Well, on that note.. that’s all we have for this week, if you have any videos you want us to include here, just send them to us.

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