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Snapshots & Video – The Yok & Sheryo – Mexico

One of our favourite Perth lads, The Yok and Singaporean artist Sheryo both base themselves in New York City these days – which meant it was just a hop skip and a jump for then to head down to Mexico for a bit of a paint.

From Sheryo –

“Hello! The Yok and I just got back from a 2mths trip to Mexico where we painted for a festival, organised a Drink and Ink night. ( tattoo night ) and got in some surfing time.

The original sketches are available on heavyweight art paper or straight from the sketch book, please contact me for details if you are interested.”

Watch a fun video of the the first half of the trip here:

These guys have also done some amazing work at 5 Pointz and in Bushwick in the past week or two, really grand stuff.



Check out all the pics of their work in Mexico below, and get in quick if you want to buy any of them! Well be catching up with this pair when we hit NYC next month, so keep an eye out for more grandness to come!

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Friday Transmissions – Doyle, Itch & That Wall

Well, it’s Friday … and, of course, we missed Thursday, but Friday seems like a good day for videos anyways! We have a whole bunch of great shit this week, Adrian Doyle, Adnate, Shida, Itch, Miss Riz and Kaitlin Beckett vs Matthew Dunn – watch on!

We headed down the other day to catch up with Adnate and Shida as they embarked on a massive wall project .. if you haven’t seen this vide yet, you really need to. Like, yesterday. Both of these guys are killin it. Such a fine addition to the plethora of mad assed Melbourne street art in the heart of the CBD.

We also have this mad assed video from Itch, with Scribe Apparel – Itch has his show coming up next week, and this video is a rad lead in to the show!!

Next week will see the first episode of the two part “Subtopia” documentary, a story about Adrian Doyle, Dark Horse Experiment and Blender – this is a must see for anyone who wants to discover the inner workings of a guy that has done so much for street art here in Melbourne. A slice of history recorded.

Kaitlin Beckett and Matthew Dunn have their joint show opening up next week – VS, and here is the preview clip for it!

Kaitlin Beckett VS Matthew Dunn from Matthew Dunn on Vimeo.

Miss Riz! We need to see more of Miss Riz! Great little timelapse here.

Thats about it for this week, alas, stay tuned for ur next wrap next week!

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Thursday Transmissions – Mono, Blake & Back Alley

We’re back for another week of videos of street art and other cool shit from around Australia and NZ – so view on for some late Thursday night goodness …


Amazing short film with some familiar faces – from the team at Diamond Dozen and made by Callum Preston, and featuring Andrew King, (Art Collector), Nicole Reed, (Photographer), Rone, (Street Artist), Adele Winteridge, (Interior Architect), Steve Gourlay, (Skateboard Photographer), this is Mono.

Sofles has been over in the Netherlands lately, and this is a great video of what he got up to over there! Is there anything this man can’t do?

Shida was down in Melbourne recently, painting the shit out of everything he saw. This is a little feature on him from Blake House.

Blake House // Shida from Sam Stewart on Vimeo.

We always love seeing new videos from Dabs Myla, moreso because we do see a few of them!! This one is courtesy of LRG – real, real good.

This is pretty cool – we’ve heard a lot about Back Alley Gallery in Lismore, and here’s a bit of a montage of shots of all the painting that’s been done up there! Good things.

Short short from ORDER – paste it up, boys!

And just to finish off, we’ve posted it before with his show, but Rone has his show on at White Walls Gallery, and we thought we’d post the preview again!

RONE. White Walls San Francisco preparation from Callum Preston on Vimeo.

Well, we lied tone, that that was the last because then we just saw this and thought, fuckit, lets break our Australia/NZ only rule – here’s a cool report on all the street art thats starting to pop up in Burma now that the regime has loosened up a bit … go Rangoon, go!

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Thursday Transmissions -Tarns, Fowler & Speed

Well, we have been a bit tardy with our video regularity lately, but to make up for it we have a whole swath of cool shit for your viewing.

Buckle up, some good stuff ahead …


Fred Fowler has his show coming up this week as well, and we loved this preview piece.

Tarns did this vid for Scribe apparel – very fkn nice.

Nicole Tattersall has a show coming up, and we spotted this preview vid from a few weeks ago …

Yeah, we fkn loved this – a shitload of Brisbane graff from the last three years. Solid.


How did we miss this? Speed painting with Pierre Lloga and Eleven.

That’s all the video we have for this week – lots of photos and other shit coming up, so stay tuned …

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Sunday Transmissions – Weekend, Grace & Next Level

Yeah, Sunday, not Thursday. I haven’t had much time to write stuff during the week this week due to other commitments, so Sundays look like my new get shit done days. First up, of course, is our slightly late run down on everything that’s been happening in the world of videos across the web.

Watch on for some great art from the streets of Melbourne, to the galleries of Sydney and beyond.

IMG_8396 (Custom)

We put out a small video this week of us doing a few walls and shit in the leadup to our show opening last Friday, hope you enjoy it!

We Spray Weekends from Invurt on Vimeo.

Check out this amazing timelapse piece that the AWOL crew and IHHP put together at the Next Level studios – this is how you do it!!

Check out this gorgeous recap video from Rones “Fall From Grace” exhibition – we loved it immensely.

Rone “Fall From Grace” Recap from Everfresh Studio on Vimeo.

New Era have been doing a grand series on Australian tattooists, and we just saw this awesome one with Steve Cross – check it out.

Tattooist Series Part 3- Steve Cross from New Era Australia on Vimeo.

Saw this great video from Beastman doing some work over in Tel Aviv – nice!

Element Advocate BeastMan in TelAviv from BoardShop Israel on Vimeo.

Love this – Ironlak just got up a great video of Sofles, Tues and Palms doing a bunch of work in LA last year. Perfect.

POSE has been down here recently doing some kind of secret project with Coopers – here are the first two videos from the project – looking forward to seeing more!

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Thursday Transmissions – Form, Lanes & Walls

Some great videos of street art from Melbourne, Sydney, Perth and Brisbane this week – as well as a bunch of other cool art movies. Read on to see the best of all the video we’ve seen from across the scene …


Sofles image via Rolanddion.

Form Gallery launches its latest show tonight, in the shape of Living Walls – check out this cool little report on the show and what you can expect from the opening!

Conrad Bizjak released this cool time lapse video with the guys from Cut & Paste and T-Squat– we loved this and love the mans process!

Check out this run down from the first Secret Walls Sydney round between Sindy Sinn and Dale Bigeni at Oxford Art Factory the other week!

Sofles just released a new video, masterful work from one of Australias best!!

Sofles @ Step in the Arena 2012 from Boris Suyderhoud on Vimeo.

Guido Van Helten has another video up, this ones done in conjunction with – nice work!

Guido Van Helten from Link on Vimeo.

We finally got a chance to see the recap video from the latest Semi Permanent in Sydney – check it all out.

SP Sydney 2012 Montage from Semi Permanent on Vimeo.

To finish it off, we have two newly uploaded videos taken in both Hosier Lane and Union Lane in Melbournes CBD. These are great walkthroughs, and if you want to see in detail the current state these two iconic Melbourne street art laneways then check these out!

Ah man, we really do love Australian art – what a great week for video!! Catch you next Thursday!

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Thursday Transmissions – Lights, Blight & Beach

Faaairrllyyy quiet in video land this week, but there’s still some good stuff! Here’s our weekly roundup of what’s good in Australian street and underground art across Youtube, Vimeo and elsewhere …


(Choq – image via Melbourne Street Art)

Here’s a cool little time lapse of Paris artist Choq, who has been staying in Melbourne and doing a heap of street art for a while now, working on one of the traffic light boxes in City of Yarra.

Numskull got over to London recently, and painted up this wall in Hackney Wick in conjunction with AnyForty – nice to see some great Sydney street art over in ‘blighty!

Dabs Myla doin it grand again – always good to see video from these two!

Matt Arbuckle is leaving NZ and heading overseas, here’s a little departing video from him …

Who is Larry Kin? No idea here, either!

That’s about it for this week – til next Thursday! Ez.

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Thursday Transmissions – Toys, Ts & Tigers

There have been plenty of great videos released this week, so without further ado here’s our weekly roundup of videos released across the web …

Probably the funniest thing we’ve seen all month – Lush has released his new philanthropy website, Toy Vision. Check out the video, and head over to sponsor a toy today – a more than worthy cause!


James Dodd has released a new video, tying in with a big mural piece he painted at the Art Gallery of South Australia. Very cool.

E.L.K. and Father Bob did a half hour q&a the other week, its a longer video but well worth the watch to find out more about how this pair worked together to create ELKs Archibald finalist portrait.

Dabs Myla joined up with Kems to do this little video,

If you didn’t catch the AnyForty/T-World collab shirts, you should head over and see if there are any left! In the meantime, though, you can check out this video that they just released in conjunction with Broken Antler. Nice!

Paul McLean = broken record and represents the epitomy of narrow mindedness. Yawn.

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Thursday Transmissions – Semi, Stumble & Sleep

We didn’t put up a Transmissions last week, because, well, there was bugger all! In future if there’s not much on that week, we have a great idea we’ll be putting into practice … just so you get your fix!

For this week, without further ado …


(Image via Sam Evans)

First up is an awesome Sam Evans video of his trip over to to Portugal – this is a really great interview with the artist, and a great look at his work.

Check out the just released and very damn nice preview for Matt Adnates show at RTIST Gallery next month. Can’t wait for this.

Ryan McGennisken and Hollie M Kelley have their show on this Friday, and here’s a cool preview from it! All kinds of deliciousness in this.

This is nice little time lapse that Bec Winnel did for her Semi Permanent talk, seeing peoples process is always awesome.

Of course, to end the day, here’s the Banksy thing that happened last week … it would have been nice for the news outlets to have mentioned that the Shem piece is going to get knocked out as well, and not misquote certain statements…  it’s funny how the media latches on to these things, but, no, I’m not going to get started and I’ll save my diatribe some other time. Whatever you might think of it, at least it started a conversation.

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Thursday Transmissions – Carbon, Antenna & Scribble

Not a whole heap on the video release front this week, but what there is is golden and good. So without too much preamble from me, here’s this weeks run down …

IMG_0715 (Large)

Acclaim and Carbon Festival put out their video recap this week, great to see the whole thing in shap shots – so much happened!

We didnt post this up last week, we must have missed it in all the mayhem – but its an awesome little recap of Faith 47 and DALEasts visit here to Oz. Great people, great artists.

Zonk Vision released their second "Mr Scribble" video – hilarious shit.

… and that’s it for this week! We know, we know .. but hopefully they’ll be even more goodness next week – in fact, we’re sure of it …

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