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Live Blog & Video – There’s More! – Archive

Check out the live blog archive from from There’s More! that was on at Cocoa Jackson in Brunswick! Just click play below to go over all the days we ran the blog …

The stream operated over the four days of There’s More, with a few gaps here and there. We also stream live from the event from inside the Cocoa Jackson studios.

Streaming video & audio was courtesy Online Clubber.


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Live Blog – Secret Wars @ Outpost Project


Well, we’re back up in Sydney for Outpost Project, and today we’ll be covering Secret Wars as well as new stuff on the island since we were here for the opening – Mike Watt vs Shannon Crees! Well also cover some of the “Graffiti Hiphop” event. . Both start at 2pm!

.. So jump in by hitting play below, say hello, and ask us some questions and if there’s anything you’d like to see just let us know!

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Letters From The Outpost – LIVE BLOG

Welcome to our live blogging from the Outpost Project!

It’s Saturday here on Cockatoo Island, and we’re back for more live posting from Outpost Festival. This weekend we’ll be covering as much as we can here and on other posts, so keep checking all the Outpost Project feeds to keep up on what’s going on. Click through for our live blog, and scroll down to replay the previous days escapades …

Day 4 – Sunday November 6th

Day #3 – Saturday 5th November – LIVE

Day #2 – Friday 4th November

Opening Night Live Blog

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ReVurt Live Blog – Prahran

We’re live from Prahran with our Rise and Fall of man ReVurt wall at Clifton street – huge thanks to Anna Papas Gallery and Barista for the use of the walls!

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Subvurtions – Live Art Feed – Perth

We have something special for you today! After the success and positive feedback of our Carbon live blogging, we’ve set up our new Subvurtions live feed section, which will be hold all of our live art event coverage.

Today we’ll be running a live blog of the wall that we’ve organised to have painted in Perth at Platinum Zone dance studios. We’ve managed to get hold of a bunch of amazing artists to do up the wall for us at, including Dibs, ToniTone, Poise, Deej (check out the interview we did with Deej here), NVS and Suloh.

Check out the live feed below starting from around 2:30pm Saturday 7th May (+10gmt – 12:30pm Perth time) to see all the action as its happening; and enjoy!

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Carbon Festival Of Style, Design & Culture – Recap

When we first saw the Carbon festival line up, we were pretty impressed – and now, having finished up the weekend, we have to say that it was a refreshing, unique and totally cool festival in terms of style, art, fashion, design, etc. What made it so successful?  The speakers? Raw data? Cool factor? Amazing and driven talent? A combination of all the above?


Well, we wont analyse it, but it was really the people that attended, organised and that spoke that made it such a good weekend. Our main thing was to test out our live blogging for the first time, and, of course,  get some insights from the best in the biz. We learnt some valuable lessons, such as to not leave a laptop in sleep mode over night thus having to spend the entire day live blogging off an iPhone, that Telstras new carrier settings for iPhone suck, and that I need a dedicated hand masseuse to alleviate my stiff fingers from so much damned typing (volunteers?) – all in all though, it was a fun experience.

So heres the whole live recap – we’ve tidied it up a little, but be aware that this is a live transcription – it aint perfect, and please forgive any inaccuracies. Speakers have also been paraphrased a bit, but as one kind commenter said “its the next best thing to being there!” Just click on the “replay” buttons below and you’ll get the whole transcripts that we did (on the fly from both  days … yes, I realise I’m obsessed with writing) – so enjoy!

Day One – was in ACMI. The Thursday night had a Josh Robenstone exhibition, and the opening party was in the Atrium – lots of pizza, lots of Grolsch, and an early night for the next day for us. The first panel on Saturday, Beyond The Brand, featured Bobby Hundreds (The Hundreds), Matt Thomas (Highs and Lows), Matt Noffs (Gideon) and Goldcoast & Dan Preston (Asuza) from Melbourne. The second panel, Building a T-Shirt Label, had Greg Rivera (Mishka, NYC), Jimmy Bliggs (Grand Scheme), Tristan Ceddia (Serps/Ksubi) and Carri Munden (Cassette Playa, UK).

Day Two – This was at the BMW atrium. Day two pretty much had four parts to it. When we first arrived, the Sneaker Freaker swapmeet was in full swing – and it was one of the largest we’ve seen yet. We then headed in to the first forum – Craftsmanship & Imagination, featuring Futura (NYC), Anthony Lister (Bris), Brett Chan (Syd) & Beci Orpin (syd). The final forum was The Art of Hype (my personal favourite) which had Noah Callahan-Bever (Complex. NYC), Frank Liew (Qubic, NZ), Chooee Hwang (, Sing) and Alexandra Weiland (Acclaim, Melb). Afterwards, for the final part of the day, Futura (NYC), Jasper Wong, Does, Sirum, MEGA here and there, Sofles and others.


MEGA also had his opening on the Saturday night – alas, we couldn’t attend the opening on the night, but we did see “That Guys” work all over the place the next day – amazing! At the end of the day, the live painting session had kicked off – or maybe it should be the live-paint & schmooze session? The chats, photos and drinks were in full swing, and we sure as hell met our fair share of really, really great people. If only we could have kicked on to the party afterwards – alas, we were exhausted, bed called, and Monday work was haunting me with visions of being slumped over my desk…

We’ll be running a lot more live blogging in future – as I said, it went well, but next time we’ll work on better photos for the live stream, iPhone cameras sucked with the glare in the BMW forum!

Thanks to Invurts Peach (Cholo), who put up with my occasional technology-fingercramp-overdrivebraindump-stresses and who helped with the live blogging for the weekend, and Lara, who got a bunch of great snaps for us of the Sneaker Freaker swapmeet and the live painting. Thanks to all the artists, creatives, sponsors, volunteers and people we met at the festival that made it into such a great weekend for everyone -  mostly, though, thanks to all the crew at Acclaim, kudos on a massively great job at putting on the first in what we hope will be an ongoing series of festivals – we’re already looking forward to next year!!

Check out the event details (as they were) on the Carbon website.

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