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Exhibition – Carl Allison – FTPT – Melbourne

If you’ve followed Melbourne graffiti or street art over the past few years, chances are you’ve seen some of his work – not up on the walls, but on the web – as one of the cities best documenters of the urban environment around. His videos and photographs have graced many an artists exhibition preview, and his photography can be found, well, all over the fkn place. Not only that, but he’s also an avid music video producer, and has done videos for a number of Australian hiphop artists – check out his most recent showreel …

CARL ALLISON | Showreel 2014 from Carl Allison on Vimeo.

“Highly regarded melbourne-based photographer and filmaker Carl Allison shoots mainly Graffiti and Hip-hop, but his portfolio goes pretty deep.

A textured grittiness seems to permeate every section of his work, but it often has a few little touches off surrealism – strong highlights and colours whilst maintaining detail in the shadows. Covering some of Australia’s graffiti and hip-hop artist royalty; including aria winners Hilltop Hoods.”
All in all, Carl is a creative dynamo with an amazing eye for urban expression – and now you’ll get a chance to see his work off the web, outside of print, and on the walls at the newly spawned Boywolf Den this Friday night.

Check out some preview images from the show, and all the info is below …

Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 7.34.23 PM

Screen shot 2014-05-05 at 7.35.20 PM


Who: Carl Allison
What:  FTPT exhibition
Where: The Boywolf Den, 1 Doonside Street, Richmond, Melbourne
When: Show opens Friday 16th May 2014, from 6pm til 10pm and runs for one night only

Check out the Facebook event page and Carl Allison on Vimeo

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Exhibition & Preview – Mysterious Al – Boom-ka Boomka – Melbourne

Since quietly moving to Melbourne some two years ago, internationally renowned artist Mysterious Al has put up a mass of artwork across our city walls, with his instantly recognisable bashy Franks adorning the bricks from St Kilda to Brunswick.

For all his work up on the walls though, he has, mysteriously (pun completely intended) been extremely quiet on the exhibition front here in the ‘burn, with his last real contributions to an exhibition with some prints at Dangerforks shows and a few pieces in the group show Paperape.

That’s all about to change, however, as this week sees Mysterious all open up his first ever Australian solo show, and its something different, and something god damned awesome … its, well, Boom-ka Boomka!

"Mysterious Al’s first Australian solo exhibition is the product of a six-month period of living and working with a secret ancient tribe in Melbourne.

This nameless, faceless group has co-existed alongside the city’s residents for centuries. Their ancient rituals and practices untouched since their beginning.

orange_web (Custom)

Drawing influence from the Tribe’s traditional practices as well as the city’s sway of Graffiti, advertising and urban culture, Boom-ka, Boomka derives from the subconscious, hypnotic rhythm of Drum & Bass music, ancient traditional art, consumer culture, found objects and Witch-Doctor ceremonies."

With a huge amount of creative ingenuity, Mysterious Al has produced a whole slew of amazingly mixed media paper works for this show – awesomely different indeed. Heres a bunch of preview images for you, and all the info for this Fridays opening is below!

green_web (Custom)

red_mask (Custom)

skull (Custom)

boomka_girl (Custom)

fluro_web (Custom)

boomka_header (Custom)

Who: Mysterious Al
What: Boom-ka Boomka
Where: 248 Glenferrie Rd, Malvern, VIC
When: Show opens Friday 17th January from 6pm til 9pm and runs until 26th January

Check out Mysterious Al and the facebook event page for more info!

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Snapshots – Miso – Bright Night Sky

We headed down to Backwoods Gallery last Friday night to check out Misos show, Bright Night Sky, and got a whole bunch of photos from the opening – great turnout, and the show was already sold out before it even opened! Nice.

Big thanks to DCats and David Russell for all the pics, nice one boys!


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Snapshots – We Sleep in Water – Gary Seaman @ JAPS

Gary Seaman was here in Melbourne not too long ago, and, catching up on our snapshot backlog, we have all the photos from his show down at Just Another Project Space in Prahran! He also recently had a show this week up in Sydney, head over to The Opening Hours to check that one out!

For now, take a look at what he did whilst he was here in the ‘Burn, mad shit …


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Exhibition & Preview – Drewfunk & Otis Chamberlain – Coalescence – Melbourne

Two artists whose work I’ve Ioved over the years are Drewfunk and Otis Chamberlain – and though Drewfunk has had multiple amazing shows over the past few years, shows from Otis have been much too few and far between for my liking! So its with huge pleasure that I see them teaming up this month to put on a grand collaborative exposition, Coalescence, at Backwoods Gallery – and its going to be grand!

"Otis Chamberlain and Drewfunk share a long history as leading figures in Australian street art.

This month they will be merging their visions into a collaborative exhibition titled COALESCENCE.


Otis Chamberlain is a New Zealand born multi-media creative presently based in Melbourne.

Chaimberlain is equally at home with a pencil or craft-knife as he is with an aerosol can. His current work can best be described as a marriage between the street-art and character design of his salad days, when he painted under the moniker Mephisto Jones, and his recent passion for mathematics, geometry and the physical sciences.


Both Chaimberlain’s subject matter and his technique are inspired by a quest for balance. His paintings draw parallels between the left and right brain, mysticism and science, the definitive and the ethereal; concepts that are rendered as much in undulating lines as in precise euclidean constructions.


Since his arrival in Melbourne, the Malaysian born Drewfunk has become a permanent fixture within Australia’s street art community.

As an energetic muralists who fuses his Malaysian heritage with contemporary imagery Drewfunk has become an integral part of the Melbourne landscape.


The work presented in COALESCENCE represents a change in direction and mood for Drewfunk, a somber collection that concludes his brief hiatus from art and explores of a deeper emotional range."



Head down to Backwoods Gallery next week to see the show in all its glory – can’t wait to see what other beautiful pieces these two have managed to dream up!


Who: Otis Chamberlain & Drewfunk
What: Coalescence
Where: Backwoods Gallery, 25 Easey St, Collingwood, Melbourne
When: Show opens Friday 20th September from 6pm til 9pm and runs for two weeks.

Check out Backwoods Gallery and the facebook event page for more info!

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Exhibition – Daek William – Welcome To The World Of – Perth

Since moving over to the US earlier this year, Daek Williams has been hard at work refining an already beautiful style of work. Now, he will be returning to Australia to Perths Linton & Kay Galleries to show everyone why he’s one of our favourite artists about.

"After complete dedication to creating a piece of work in a public space, a street-artist walks away knowing that it will often be short-lived and eventually will be destroyed.

It is this carefree, changeable environment that makes bringing works into a gallery setting particularly significant for Brooklyn based street-artist Daek William, who will show a selection of works at Linton & Kay Galleries from the 2nd of July with the support from Robert Oatley Vineyards,The Butcher Shop and Creative Crops.


Welcome to the world of… reveals the life experiences of Australian-born Daek William, from his nostalgic youth saturated with American pop culture through to the highly technological world that we live in today.

“My interests are infinite, and therefore this body of work cannot by pinpointed to one select theme, but rather an appreciation for what is in this monstrous world we live in.”

From a life of working on the street, Daek William has different ideals to the majority of artists in a gallery setting, encouraging the viewers to interact with his works.

“Contrary to the belief that art work is too precious to touch, with my frivolous attitude from working on the street, I encourage viewers to feel and experience my works. This interaction is as important as my artwork itself.”

A recurring theme throughout Daek William’s work is a composite origami mesh of illustrative articles, photorealistic portraits and child hood nostalgia.


“My work projects into the world, to a community, to the people, to the inspired and the admired. My work is a beautiful object for your eyes to enjoy.”

With a belief that everything has been done before, but not by himself, Daek William will present his world and a new twist on exhibiting in a gallery setting. "


Check out all the info below, and if you’re in Perth make sure you head along to see the show – man, Perth has some good shit going on this month!


Who: Daek William
What: Welcome To The World Of …
Where: Linton & Kay Galleries, Old Perth Technical School, Level 1/137 St Georges Terrace, Perth
When: Show opens 6pm til pm, 2nd July 2013

Check out Daek William, Linton & Kay as well as the facebook event page for more info.

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Exhibition & Preview – The Yok & Sheryo – Pipe Dreams

Exhibition & Preview – The Yok & Sheryo – Pipe Dreams – Krause Gallery – New York City

Amongst my travels over the last few months, I’ve had the pleasure of meeting and visiting with a whole bunch of artists. Last week I had the chance to catch up with two favourites, The Yok and Sheryo in their Brooklyn studio as they prepare for their upcoming exhibition "Pipe Dreams" (we posted a whole bunch of photos from their Mexico adventures not too long ago also).

Not only was I able to get a great interview with the pair of them (for the next issue of Damnit! Magazine), but I was also able to get an awesome preview of the show in the works …

IMG_7090 (Custom)

"Krause Gallery is pleased to present the highly anticipated exhibition of recent works by Brooklyn-based duo Sheryo and the Yok. While previously seen in group exhibitions, Pipe Dreams marks their first solo show in the United States since establishing the city as their primary residence last year.

IMG_7059 (Custom)

Working with varying painting techniques, the artists have culled together collaborative pieces that represent their shared life together. From their nomadic travels the past year to in-jokes with their friends in New York, the Yok and Sheryo seamlessly combine their adventures into every detail of their work.

IMG_7060 (Custom)

For example, their hand painted vases combine eastern & western elements to portray the values of ideology, devotion, relationships, dharma and karma, depicting a narrative from the rich tales of their journey.

From their fun filled art renderings with Chinese dragons, pipes, and geishas intermixing with the New York culture, Sheryo and the Yok put their own illustrative styles on imagery as they re-interpret the traditional folklore and fables of old Chinese times while injecting their own personal stories with their iconic styles.

IMG_7065 (Custom)

Their most recent body of work for their upcoming show at Krause Gallery is full of adventure and intrigue as they departed the United States for countries like Cambodia, Vietnam and Indonesia. By traveling to their native countries as well as a few places in between, Sheryo and the Yok characterize their formative life experiences with the memories that are being made together. Another example of this can be seen in their newest body of work; after returning from warm Mexico to the rain and snow of New York they used their cartoons to reflect on the sunnier days behind them; beer, Spanish icons and surf boards began to be a part of each piece.

IMG_7069 (Custom)

For their solo show at the gallery they will also be creating hand painted ceramic plates, vases, painted pieces on paper and canvases, a surprise installation downstairs along with Limited Edition one color 25” x 19” high quality screen prints. Pipe Dreams is a must see for any street art enthusiast or talent seeker of any kind."

IMG_7072 (Custom)

Also check out the rad video that they’ve put out with some of the plate and vase action in it all …

Here is all the details for the show – and check out the gallery down below for a great preview of the show and a bunch of shots from around their studio! Also, check out the catalogue of all the work in the show – amazing.


Who: The Yok & Sheryo
What: Pipe Dreams
Where: Krause Gallery, 149 Orchard St, New York City
When: Show opens Thursday 16th May from 7pm til 9pm and runs for a month.

More pics from the studio visit below ….

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Exhibition & Preview – Paul Deej – Harlequins – Perth

We’ve been hot on the trail of Paul Deej’s work for quite some time – we interviewed him way back in 2010 and since then he has had some damn fine shows. This time, Deej hits Kurb Gallery in Perth for what may be his best yet – Harlequins.

"On Saturday the 27th of April, Kurb Gallery in Northbridge will play host to the third solo art exhibition by accomplished Perth artist Paul Deej, entitled “Harlequins”.

“Harlequins” marks the end to a series of artworks recently completed, exploring the theme of the female clown, or “harlequin”, in an array of styles, moods and mixed media.
Always on the quest to capture the beauty of the female form and face, he has created a body of colourful and bold work that represents his love of comic book and street art, while adding a graphic designer’s touch.
In the past 3 years since his highly successful first exhibition “Nicely Toasted” at ABD The Gallery in Northbridge, Deej has worked diligently and shown pieces in a plethora of exhibitions locally and nationally. His last solo show was the successful “El Deejo” Exhibition at The Grey Door Gallery in Claremont in late 2011.

About The Artist

Paul Deej has been a professional Artist, Illustrator and Graphic Designer for 12 years. Originally known for working within the digital realm, around 3 years ago he started painting canvas and murals in the traditional style of acrylic paint and aerosol, and found he had a overwhelming desire to capture his minds eye on this raw medium based in reality rather than a computer screen.

With a short time on the gallery scene, Deej has been a part of 20 solo and group shows within the past three years.

Deej has also made a name for himself over the years as a part of the ever growing Australian Hip Hop community in Perth and the eastern states, creating literally hundreds of event posters for local and interstate acts as well as many award winning album covers. Deej is also closely affiliated with the West Australian music collective known as Syllabolix.

With a passion for throwing around paint and a workaholic attitude for creating artwork, there is plenty more on the way from this esteemed Perth artist"

We’re looking forward to this one – its been a little bit since the last mad show in Perth, and this one is going to rock!

PaulDeej_Harlequins-2_300dpi (Custom)

Who: Paul Deej
What: Harlequins solo show
Where: Kurb Gallery, 312a William St, Northbridge, Perth WA
When: The exhibition runs for one week only, from Saturday April 27th until Friday May 3rd.

Check out Paul Deej’s website as well as the facebook event page, and Kurb Gallery, for more details.

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Exhibition & Preview – Darbotz – Monster Inside Us – Melbourne

We had news last week that one of Indonesias top street artists, Darbotz, will be heading down to Melbourne to have a solo show later this month. We’ve seen a bit of Darbotz work before, but we’re even more excited after having followed up on it all, and got a bit more info on the show from the guys at MiFA Asian Pacific Contemporary Art. This is going to be one rad show. Read on, and check it all out …


“Darbotz, one of Indonesia’s most loved graffiti artists will be presenting his first solo exhibition of street art in Melbourne. He is fast becoming one of the Asia Pacific’s most prolific street artists, and his growing reputation is brewing in the Melbourne street art scene.

Darbotz is an artist based in Jakarta, a complicated, hectic city drowning in colours and chaos. He tries to rescue the dirty streets of Jakarta by transforming walls with captivating images of his squid monster and hybrid squid King Kong monster.


The works from Monster Inside Us bring the streets of Jakarta into the gallery. Each piece shows how disturbances in the city and modern conveniences can create a monster within us.

He describes the brick wall as a ‘silent witness in every city’ as it is transformed by each person who decides to change it. Whether it is with posters and paint, or new construction and demolition. The wall becomes part-monster contributing to the chaos of a modern city, and yet, part-story teller, changing the stories on its surface over time.”

Take a look at a few more images of Darbotz work and skip down to the details of the show below!




Who: Darbotz
What: Monster Inside Us solo show
Where: MiFA Asian Pacific Contemporary Art, Level 1, 278 Collins Street, Melbourne Victoria, Australia.
When: Show opens 28th March 2013 – 3rd May 2013. Hours Wednesday to Friday 10 to 5.30pm Sat 2- 6pm. Or by appointment

Check out Darbotz facebook page and the MiFA page for more details on the show.

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Preview – Drewfunk – Oriental Funk Book Launch

Well, we just posted up an article for Drewfunks upcoming show this morning, and no sooner did we have it up than he went and sent us some preview images! Instead of bundling it in, we decided that it deserves it own little preview post .. so, two in one day, thats double the funk right there!

Check out the details for Drews show here, and scroll below for some previews of it all …
4 1 3








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