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Videos – MSO Street Art – Drewfunk, Lucy Lucy, Kaff-eine & Ha-HA

The other week a bunch of artists got together with the Melbourne Symphony Orchestra to do a bunch of works inspired by classical pieces of music, from both popular culture and older sources.

Below are the videos from each of these works of music, with the accompanying produciton by the artists – Drewfunk, Lucy Lucy, Ha-Ha and Kaff-eine. Enjoy!




Lucy Lucy

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Snapshots – Outsiders Featuring Twoone – At Backwoods Gallery

For those that missed out on last nights show “Outsiders” featuring Twoone, returning from berlin for this show, I was pretty impressed with what I saw it was a combination of his usual character stylings painted on these amazing light boxes.

Being painted on the glass or perspex you could see all the brush strokes through the light shining from behind, the first room had this industrial noise playing which was quite confronting but really set the mood.

The show will be running till October the 19th at  Backwoods Gallery in Easey Street Collingwood.

CK3A5135 2 500x333 Snapshots Outsiders Featuring Twoone At Backwoods Gallery in street art genres sculpture genres art event photos painting genres mixed media genres melbourne light painting inurban installations genres galleries urban art fine ary exhibitions

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Video – Sofles In Paris – By Selina Miles

Selina Miles and Sofles you can’t go wrong with that combination, Its good see old mate smashing it out all over the globe as per usual.

I loved  seeing him smash that truck, and doing his usual crazy pieces all over the place as only Sofles can.

Check out the video below!

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Snapshots – Heesco – Liminal – Sydney

Last Wednesday night our mate Heesco headed up Sydney way to open his latest show, Liminal, at The Tate.

Edinfocus was also there on the night, and we’re glad too, as he had his camera out and captured a whole swag of fantastic photos from the show, which you can check out below!

Looks like it was an absolutely fantastic show, wish we could have been there – thanks to Ed and Heesco for the pics!

HeescoIMG 6889 @EdInFocus 500x333 Snapshots Heesco Liminal Sydney in sydney art event photos painting genres




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Video – Transitions – DOES

Check out this great video featuring DOES called Transitions, capturing his travels around the globe, where he finds a lot of inspiration for his work.

There is also some footage of his past career in the national soccer league where he was very successful, until an injury sidelined his soccer career, he then focussed his talents on his art.

I was lucky enough to see DOES paint all over Melbourne when he was here last, after watching this video it was good to understand where his inspiration comes from.


‘Transition’ Documentary from Digitaldoes on Vimeo.

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Dean Sunshines Top 10 – September 2014

Once again Dean Sunshine gives us the goods in his latest collection of what was fine and awesome in Melbourne street art and graffiti this month – always a pleasure checking out these pics, enjoy them as much as we do!!

deansunshine landofsunshine melbourne streetart graffiti invurt top ten 42 9 500x374 Dean Sunshines Top 10 September 2014 in street art genres art event photos melbourne land of sunshine images media graffiti genres

1. Deams – Fitzroy north
2. Slicer – Fitzroy north
3. Lucy Lucy – Fitzroy north
4. Bailer – South Yarra
5. Stormie Mills – Brunswick
6. Baby Guerilla – Brunswick
7. Kyle Hughes Rodgers – Brunswick
8. Two One – Brunswick
9. BMD – Brunswick
10. Heesco + Duke Style – CBD

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Feature & Snapshots – An Eminent Takeover – Singapore

It’s been almost three months now since I packed up my bags and moved to Singapore for work (and you can probably tell how busy its been with my lack of regular posts here lately). In that time, I’ve painted a whole bunch, met a whole bunch of rad artists and had the opportunity to participate in one of the coolest things I have seen, artistically, in Singapore on my many trips here.

I first heard about An Eminent Takeover just after I arrived, when in a chance meeting I was told that a special project was in the works to convert an old dilapidated “vice mall” into a spontaneous, artist embellished space. Due to be knocked down, Eminent Plaza was a place of … well, dubious activity. “Massage” parlours full of happy endings and k-bars full of scantily clad women, probably the best thing about it was that it is next door to Lavender Food Square – one of Singapores awesome Hawker centres.

Now, in its place, a big office building is about to be constructed, but in the weeks leading up to its closure last weekend, it took on a new life as one of the coolest installation spaces I have seen – anywhere – An Eminent Takeover.

Having had the chance to paint one of the main road facing walls early on in the event, I spent my “away from the sun time” looking around. At that stage, there were some cool bits and piece happening inside the building, but nothing that would come close to what it would resemble after three weeks of constant artistic action. Illustrations on walls, interactive performances, the “Lavenda Health Spa” converted into a weird, intriguing installation space, and, of course, graffiti and other intemporary art covering walls and spaces throughout the building – it was real poetry in motion shit, and every weekend I was surprised all over again but whatever new had been created.

This was something that money cant buy – in a city where art is often overly commodified, and where money is spent on trying to improve the aritstic culture, An Eminent Takeover proved that you really cant buy some of the best things that artists have to offer – everyone who did work down there volunteered it. To have been able to witness the evolution of the space in a place where conservatism is a way of life, it was, I hope, a harbinger of what could be possible if that overt conservatism is relaxed a little, and artists are allowed to do what they want to do without restriction, and left to have free reign over whatever they wish to create. Of course, there were some minor caveats – overtly political artworks were still quite absent, and the constant worry that it could all get shut down before its ending was, Im sure, in the curators and project managers minds throughout – but this ended up not being a problem, and that was also quite telling. I do wonder if but even a handful of years ago, that something like this may not have even been possible.

A constant stream of people, a plethora of general public stopping to take photos and explore he maze like interior of the building, and artists from all walks of life – musicians, writers, photographers, sculptors, illustrators and some of the best graffiti artists in Singapore, all came together to create an experience quite unlike anything I’ve seen – even in Melbourne.

Check out this great video about the event from the Today newspaper – awesome 3 minute recap worth watching!

For all the creativity inside, everyone who went in knew it was impermanent – as of now, its all shut down, and the wrecking balls will arrive shortly. Walls will be knocked down, fragments of painted bricks will be discarded, and Eminent Plaza will remain only in the minds, photos, sounds and videos that were created as a part of its documentation. For me, a big thankyou to the organisers, especially Elisa Lam, the project manager, and curators Naomi Wang and Razi Razak, who made it all possible – you guys did something really, really fucking cool, and I cant wait to see what you think of next.

Enjoy the photos, an take your time – there are a shitloads, and all worth the viewing. For more info, and other documentation of the event, check out the facebook page.

IMG 9275 Custom 500x333 Feature & Snapshots An Eminent Takeover Singapore in urbex genres street art genres stencil art genres singapore se asia sculpture genres photography genres art event photos pasteups genres paintups urban art painting genres mixed media genres installations genres illustration genres graphic design genres graffiti genres found objects genres fine ary exhibitions events

“A collaborative community project by Tact Space x THE RSC

The hashtag ‘urbanisme’ begins an exploration on the role of urban cities through the involvement of collectives – Tact Space and THE RSC. Thus begins “An Eminent Takeover” – A potently reactive and multi-disciplinary collaboration that activates creativity through art and music.

The “Takeover” will occur at the Eminent Plaza in the month of September 2014 with artworks and music acts populating disused KTV lounges, massage parlours and office cubicles. As a site of spontaneity and reflection, Eminent Plaza’s notorious “vice mall” reputation re-focuses discussions on Singapore’s increasingly sanitised persona, triggering much imagination on the conception and idea of the ‘Urban Character’.

The Eminent Plaza built in the 1980s is slated for demolition in October 2014. We are opening the building doors for one last retrospective peak. Throughout the month long “Takeover”, anticipate amongst other projects, the majestic return of the “Identite Series”. Come bid adieu and share this amazing experience with us.

Weekday Hours 6-10pm
Weekend Hours 3-8pm
Earlier hours by appointment –
Please email

Adeline Kueh
Khairuddin Hori
Kray Chen
Liana Yang
Malvina Tan
Shawn Lim
Olivia Sari-Goerlach
Annabel Ling
Terrence Teo
Kristal Melson
Paul Irving Pereira
Clog Two
Benjamin Ho
Steph Choy
Jason Lim
Daniela Beltrani
Chand Chandramohan
Terry Wee
Morine Liang
Asanul Nazryn
Ziggy Ziggz
Tang Wen
Terry Jacobson
Untitled Project
Sabrina Koh
Grace Leong
Agnes M K Yit
Band of doodlers

LASALLE Fine Arts MA & BA Alumni
Ade Putra Safar bin Fuad
Adeline Kueh
Fyerool Darma
Giada Tagliamonte
Gilly Beal
Hafiz Osman
Hilmi Johandi
Homa Shojaie
Hong Huazheng
Janka Szabad
Julienne Tan
Madhvee Deb
Warren Khong

Nafa Fine Art Diploma & Graduates
Fyon Cheong
Kylie Tamara
Syamil Dasuki
Lin Yu Hao
Chaik Hong
McCoy Yip Chun Yong

Project Manager
Elisa Lam

Naomi Wang
Razi Razak

Lapsap studio. Bands residency – Cashew Chemists, Pleasantry and A N E C H O I S

Artist studio residency – Speak Cryptic

Supported by Statement, Fhage, DCNSTRCT, Canopus Distro and DUNCE.

Official food court – Lavender Food Square. (Also known as Lavender Food Court)”

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Paint Up – Duke (Style) & Heesco – Movida’s In Hosier Lane

28 degrees and the sun is shining and I can hear the grand final at the MCG from Hosier Lane, which is where Heesco and Duke (Styles), combine their powers to create another sublime piece.

These two seem to work really well together, each with such varying styles Duke with his classic almost sketching detail and Heesco’s character development, just seems to get better and better.

I suppose when you paint as much as there two guys, progression is only natural especially when painting around so many different styles.

CK3A4727 2 500x333 Paint Up Duke (Style) & Heesco Movidas In Hosier Lane in street art genres art event photos paintups urban art painting genres melbourne graffiti genres art


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Through The Lens With David Russell Photography – August 2014

Here is a compilation of my favourite shots from the last month, here you will find a mix of street art and graffiti in alley ways, abandoned buildings and trackside.

With the likes of Smug and Sofles you can bet there were some mad burners and they didn’t disappoint, painting non stop all over Melbourne.

Conrad Bizjak smashed out his largest mural to date, painting the wall mostly with rollers and some very tall ladders, Its perched on a rooftop facing the iconic Franco Cozzo store in Foootscray.

Also keeping up with style master Duke Grimo (styles), is a full time job this guy paints non stop and has been doing so since the 80’s.

Well thats all for this month, see you all next month get out and discover Melburn.

CK3A3536 2 500x333 Through The Lens With David Russell Photography August 2014 in street art genres photography genres art event photos melbourne inurban graffiti genres


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Dean Sunshines Top 10 – August 2014

Here is all of Dean Sunshines favourite graffiti and street art pieces from around Melbourne for August 2014 – and once again, its a fkn great representation of just some of what is awesome around our fair city.

Check it all out below!

deansunshine landofsunshine melbourne streetart graffiti invurt top ten 41 11 1 500x375 Dean Sunshines Top 10 August 2014 in street art genres art event photos melbourne land of sunshine images media graffiti genres

1. Rone + Wanderlust. Fitzroy
2. RAD. Melbourne
3. Dvate. Collingwood
4. Funskull. Collingwood
5. Sem, Putos, Ghost, Tera, Danke. Brunswick
6. Plea, DEM189. Fitzroy
7. Ghost. Fitzroy
8. Deb. Stkilda
9. Heesco, Duke. Footscray
10. Smug. Fitzroy

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