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Exhibition – Jak Rapmund – Burnt Out – Melbourne

Our good mate Jak Rapmund (aka Irk) has finally returned to Melbourne! To celebrate his return, he’s decided to have a new solo show down at House Of Bricks – one would think that the man would like to actually chill and have a bit of a rest, but that’s just not how he rolls ;)

"After a hectic year in Berlin, Jak Rapmund is Burnt Out.

Completely self-taught, practicing the arts of illustration, tattooing and mural painting, Jak is exhibiting a collection of work spanning the year that was 2013.

Screen printed things, shirts, illustrations, stickers, tattoo flash, photos and a 32 page, full colour, A4 magazine created in two weeks by the two creeps that make up the smallest art gang ever, the Meatgrinders.

The walls will be painted, the bar will be stocked and the leopard print stockings will be out, so we hope to see your faces. All of them.
Doss Blockos has once again been kind enough to throw a little love our way, so we hope you like delicious beer!"

If you’ve actually ever had a Doss Blockos, you’d know Jaks work – its on the label. Or you might know his work from all around the streets and walls of Melbourne, or from many of his past shows!

We’re really excited that Jak is back in town – and we’re really looking forward to checking out his show this week!!


Who: Jak Rapmund
What: Burnt Out Solo Show
Where: House Of Bricks, Budd St, Collingwood
When: Show opens Friday 14th Sunday the 23rd February

Check out the facebook event page as well as Jaks page for more info on the artist! 

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Alex Lehours

Snapshots – Steen Jones & Alex Lehours – Authority Clothing Collab

Last weekend, Steen Jones and Alex Lehours embarked on a massive collaboration for Authority Clothing at Beith St in Brunswick.

These two are a perfect match – each has a unique style, but they just seem to work when up on the same wall. Nicely done, lads!

Check out all the photos below, courtesy of David Russell!

Alex Lehours

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Exhibition – Ink Dots Black Spots 2 – Melbourne


Last years Ink Dots Black Spots was epic – and its that time again, where some of Melbournes most amazing tattoo artists get together to offer their works as prints, and not any old prints – Dangerfork prints! Fifteen tattoo studios gathering together in an almighty display … it’s all for a good cause, too – here‘s some more info …

"In 2012 Ink Dots Black Spots inaugural year the exhibition was born from the idea to share artwork from numerous artists to their fans & the public, whilst contributing to those of us who support the fight against cancer.
In 2013 Ink Dots Black Spots continues with a similar goal to expose great artwork to an audience which loves great creativity. Our goal this year is to give to the RSPCA & generate a donation matching or hopefully bettering last years $5,000 contribution to the Cancer Council Victoria.

Ink Dots Black Spots 2 group art exhibition launches on the 28th November 2013 at The Aviary in Abbotsford. The show is open to the public on the opening night from 6pm. Ink Dots Black Spots will be open until 5th December 2013.

Here is an outline of our objectives & profile of how the exhibition has been planned & what is intended.


18" x 24" illustrations created by screenprinting in mono colour. All artworks are original & are created with chosen media by each individual tattoo artist. Each unique screenprint is signed & numbered in an edition of twenty five. These artworks have been created specifically for the event Ink Dots Black Spots 2.


Our partner in production, Dangerfork, screenprints the entire exhibition. An experienced team whom produced our prints for Ink Dots Black Spots exhibition in August 2012. We are very excited to collaborate again on this project. One of each print will be framed, displayed & for sale at the exhibition. The remaining 24 prints of the edition will be available for purchase. The artworks will also be available in a simple black on white format booklet.

If you want some great artwork & a chance to support a worthy cause then make sure you save some time & money & join us at Ink Dots Black Spots 2.

Each print is priced at $85."

I seriously fucking loved this exhibition last year, and if that one was any indication, this one is going to be … what’s a bigger word than epic?



Who: 15 studios worth of some of the best Melbourne tattoo artists … do the math.
What: Ink Dots Black Spots 1
Where: The Aviary, 271 Victoria Street, Melbourne, Victoria
When: Show opens Friday 28th November 2013 from 6pm til late and runs until the 5th December

Check out the Ink Dots Black Spots facebook event for more info!

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Video – Steve Cross – Muted

Video – Steve Cross – Muted

Came across this video yesterday over at Acclaim, featuring none other than Australian graffiti, fine artist and tattoo artist, Steve Cross.

This video is something a little different, in which film maker Johnny Brixton captures Steve at a pretty philosophical moment whilst painting up one of his beautiful pieces.

“Last time I caught up with Steve,” Brixton explains, “We had a long talk about creating with purpose, instead of producing creations to prove how talented we are. I think this theory allows me to enjoy more art without having judgemental preconceptions. To many, Steves work may seem incredible aesthetically, but I believe this film captures the energy and spirituality behind each of his creations. As always I’m humbled to be present.”

It’s really great stuff, and a really candid glimpse into the artists thoughts.

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Exhibition – Loco Locals – Outré Gallery – Perth

I’m really looking forward to seeing the Outré Gallery Perth exhibition, Loco Locals. This group show features a line up of local illustrators, artists and tattooists. The varied lineup will ensure that there’s something for everyone while showcasing our local talent.

You’re invited to attend this exciting exhibition of multi-disciplinary West Australian artists whose works straddle conventional boundaries of genre and style, and are known for generating work that is at home on canvas, the street or a client’s flesh.’


Who: Kyle Hughes – Odgers (Creepy), Sean Morris, Amok Island, Martin E Wills, Pari Corbitt, Anya Brock, Liam Dee, Celene Bridge, Chis Rigoni
What: Loco Locals group exhibition
Where: Outré Gallery 260 William Street, Perth, WA
When: Opening night – Friday October 18th at 6pm. Exhibition ends Friday November 1st.

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Video – Jack Douglas

Video – Jack Douglas

Our good friend, and talented as fuck tattooist and street artist, Jack Douglas has just released a bean new little
video showcasing his artwork – fkn love it!

“Brandishing an arsenal of colour and mind bending subjects all smacked together with the cuteness of a Hanna-Barbera cartoon Jack appears to be onto something.

Like Ren and Stimpy meets Where the Wild Things Are he caresses form-representing animals, characterized innate objects and spews off beat colour throughout. Launching the image into a Technicolor ensemble that would happily sit alongside many a storybook writers narrative. His punctuation of form with the use of thick dark outline only emphasises the colour barricaded within.

Looking for something soft and cuddly? Well you wont find it here. Sure from afar you might think you saw a Teddy Bear but on closer inspection prepare to have your preconceptions shaken violently.

Jack has been tattooing for just over a year now and this video documents his progress, both as a street artist and tattooist”

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Oz Comic Con 2013

Snapshots – Oz Comic Con 2013

So Dave Russell and I went and checked out Oz Comic Con last Saturday. What a laugh of a day. Saw some awesome costumes, and some pretty disturbing ones also HAHA!!

We checked out all the stalls in particular anyone that was drawing live. Lot’s of random characters scattered around the convention which made for some great shots, not to mention the Cos Play competition. Check out some great shots from Dave below.

Oz Comic Con 2013

Randoms – Oz Comic Con

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Snapshots & Video – The Yok & Sheryo – Mexico

One of our favourite Perth lads, The Yok and Singaporean artist Sheryo both base themselves in New York City these days – which meant it was just a hop skip and a jump for then to head down to Mexico for a bit of a paint.

From Sheryo –

“Hello! The Yok and I just got back from a 2mths trip to Mexico where we painted for a festival, organised a Drink and Ink night. ( tattoo night ) and got in some surfing time.

The original sketches are available on heavyweight art paper or straight from the sketch book, please contact me for details if you are interested.”

Watch a fun video of the the first half of the trip here:

These guys have also done some amazing work at 5 Pointz and in Bushwick in the past week or two, really grand stuff.



Check out all the pics of their work in Mexico below, and get in quick if you want to buy any of them! Well be catching up with this pair when we hit NYC next month, so keep an eye out for more grandness to come!

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Snapshots – Fuck You / I Am — The Future Just Happened – Kind of — Sydney

Following on from the successful first exhibition, ‘Don’t Grow Old It’s a Trap’, the people behind the Fuck You / I Am project showcase a photographic journey entitled ‘The Future Just Happened.’ A display of works from Sydney-based photographer Sam Stephenson, explore the subculture of DIY tattoos, via raw black and white imagery. The confronting images peep the audience inside the bedrooms, people and paraphernalia that exist in the underground world of inking yourself or others via crude, often hand made, implements. There is a youthful energy and humour in the works whose subjects are as intriguing as the tattoos themselves.

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Exhibition – Mark Bode – Ned Kelly Maps & Other Outback Stories – Melbourne

Returning to Melbourne for a second time, Mark Bode has been a hell busy man since his last trip down here for his successful solo show at House Of Bricks. Now, he returns with a spin on the Australian culture, for his whimsically cool show “Ned Kelly Maps & Other Outback Stories” …

“In the graffiti pantheon, Mark Bode is one of the living gods.

Son of the iconoclastic New York underground comic book artist Vaughn Bode. A prolific and charismatic artist in the 70’s who universe of characters and stories resonated so strongly with rebellious mentality of the burgeoning hip-hop and graffiti scene that they we’re adopted by the earliest graffiti artists, becoming the first illustrated characters to appear in graffiti. Soon the Bode style of illustration became as ubiquitous to the development of graffiti as wild-style.

As the inheritor to this global movement Mark Bode spent his formative years in the surreal world of comic book, illustration and fantasy artists. Raised in New York with the familiar work of his father speeding past him on the subway and painted on walls throughout the city, Mark also soon became actively involved in the graffiti scene himself and is today one of the worlds most respected graffiti artists.

Mark is a comic book writer and artist, a tattooist and a graffiti artist, he has expanded on his fathers legacy and continues to this day to act as the guardian of the universe, overseeing it’s development with projects throughout the world.

Mark is presenting new body of work focused on the life and crimes of the Australian outlaw Ned Kelly.

During a road trip to Sydney earlier this year and an impromptu stop at Glenrowan, Mark was introduced to the story of Ned Kelly who has since become a regular addition to his universe. In this show Mark is presenting a series of sketches and original works on Australian road maps featuring the Kelly Gang and a Bode interpretation of their universe which in his opinion deserves further development in the global consciousness.

This exhibition is only up for one weekend from the 16th of November until 18th and is being presented at a Backwoods pop up space, on 143 Johnston Street, Collingwood.”

We interviewed Mark last time he was down in February, and we’d heard he was going to be making another trip down this way – we loved his show at HoB and this one we’re sure will be no exception. We’d heard that this was going to be at House Of Bricks or Backwoods, but we just received an email saying that it is now going to be at a special popup space on Johnston st in Collingwood – so head down there to check it all out this Friday – you wont be disappointed.

Who: Mark Bode
What: Ned Kelly Maps & Other outback Stories
Where: Backwoods Gallery POP UP SPACE – 143 Johnston St, Collingwood
When: Friday 16th november from 6pm til 9pm, show runs until 18th November only.

Check out Backwoods Gallery, the facebook event page as well as Mark Bodes website for more details.

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