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Exhibition – STABS – Keep It Simple – Melbourne

If you’ve ever looked up, really anywhere, around Melbourne, you would have seen the work of Stabs. Its been a while since we saw a show from him, but theres one coming up this Friday night – and its going to be a cracker of a show, as he delves into a whole bunch of iconography developed over the course of his stay in Indonesia last year … read on!

“The frenetic tribalism of Stabs’s artwork is a key element of Melbourne’s visual landscape, especially around Collingwood, where his slaps and posters are omnipresent.

One thing that a lot of people haven’t realized when looking at Stabs’s work is that, over the years, his art has developed its own language of glyphs. There is a complex system of logograms at play, with stories encoded in each piece.

Over the last few years, Stabs’s hidden language has gone from being a background pattern to becoming the main focus of his work.

Last year Stabs spent a month living in Jakarta, hanging out and painting with Jakarta’s leading graffiti crews.

While he was in Jakarta, Stabs kept a journal, entirely written in his own language of glyphs. Each mission, meeting and event of the cultural exchange was recorded as art in his own logographic system.

This April at Backwoods Gallery, Stabs will be presenting the journal as well as fifteen original pieces based on key events from the cultural exchange.

KEEP IT SIMPLE opens Friday 18th of April and will be on display until Sunday 28th at Backwoods Gallery. 25 Easey Street Collingwood.”

We’ve always been a big fan of his work, and we’re looking forward to seeing the show – can’t wait for Friday!

A neighbourly visit 735x1024 500x696 Exhibition STABS Keep It Simple Melbourne in stencil art genres prints genres melbourne illustration genres exhibitions

What: Keep It Simple solo show
Where: Backwoods Gallery, 25 Easey St, Collingwoof, Victoria
When: Friday 18th of April, from 6pm til 9pm and the show runs until 28th April 2014.

Check out Backwoods Gallery and the facebook event page for more info on the show!

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Snapshots – Wasted – Junky Projects – Dark Horse Experiment

We made it down to Junky Project’s show “Wasted” on Friday and as expected it was a great show. Junky’s usual creatures plus some interesting sculptures. Junky also built a small city out of polystyrene and invading monsters to match. Check out these great photos by David Russell.


IMG 5780 500x333 Snapshots Wasted Junky Projects Dark Horse Experiment in wood genres studios street art genres skateboards sculpture genres prints genres art event photos paper art painting genres mixed media genres melbourne inurban installations genres galleries urban art found objects genres exhibitions events art

Wasted, Junky Projects

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Exhibition – Putos & Kid Silk – Seasons Of Change – Melbourne

There have been some great Seasons Of Change exhibitions over the past few years, and the next installment of SOC Autumn 2014 is no exception. This time, the regular quarterly show held at Revolver Upstairs will be displaying the works of none other than Putos and Kid Silk.

“Brought to you by Revolver Upstairs in conjunction with GraffixCreative ‘Seasons of Change’ showcases local and international artists at Revolver internal and external art spaces.

Melbourne artists Putos and Silk have been catching walls together since 07′. With Putos’s signature character style and Silk’s devotion to letterform as well as characters, they work to create dynamic collaborations from small illustrated works to large scale murals, which exist across the city. Putos & Kid Silk will unveil a new graf wall at Revolver that will be viewable all through Autumn.

For one night only they will also be selling original works and have created a set of limited edition Seasons Of Change prints.

Music from DJ Who.”

Not a show to be missed, so head on down to Revolver this Friday night to check it all out!!

putos kidsilk 500x703 Exhibition Putos & Kid Silk Seasons Of Change Melbourne in street art genres prints genres melbourne illustration genres graphic design genres graffiti genres exhibitions

Who: Putos & Silk Roy
What: Seasons of Change – Autumn 2014
Where: Revolver Upstairs, Chapel St, Prahran, Melbourne
When: show is on for one night only on Friday 7th March, 2014 from 6pm til 9pm!

Check out the facebook event page for more info on the show.

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Exhibition – Be Free – Split In Two – Northcote & South Melbourne

Whenever I hear the words “Be Free” and “exhibition” in the same sentence, I start wondering which exciting location I’m going to be directed to this time. After a string of collaborative shows held from galleries to random abandoned houses around the city, we will finally be able to attend Be Free’s first solo exhibition which will be held in… two different locations.In different ends of the city!

I’m not sure whether I should be going to Northcote or South Melbourne first, but it all sounds very interesting and I expect to be taken to two different and fascinating worlds, as the show will be exploring “two sides of the character’s personality” according to the event description says.

The exhibition opens this coming Friday, but meanwhile don’t forget to have a look at the super cute videos from Be Free below!


Split In Two from Be Free on Vimeo.


Split In Two “Paint Bombs” from Be Free on Vimeo.


20140228 be free split in two exhibition1 500x281 Exhibition Be Free Split In Two Northcote & South Melbourne in prints genres pasteups genres melbourne installations genres graffiti genres exhibitions events art

Who: Be Free
What: Split In Two
Where: 447 High St, Northcote and St Ali’s Garage, Yarra Pl, South Melbourne
When: Show opens Friday February 28th from 6pm til Sunday March 2nd at 4pm.

Check out the Be Free page as well as the facebook event page for more info

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Snapshots – Jonathan Guthmann – The Existential Vacuum & Live Painting – Backwoods Gallery

Dave and I went down to check out Jonathan Guthmann’s debut show “The Existential Vacuum” at Backwoods Gallery 2 Fridays ago, and damn we’re we impressed!!!

This was definitely one of the best shows I have seen in a while, we’ll done Backwoods!

Dicks aside, what JG is most well known for, Jonathan’s pieces were amazing. An incredible eye for detail made his images of theology, mythology and ancient languages really shine. Oh yeah and the dick pics were also rad, as expected. His mural out the front (1st time on the cans) was pretty damn impressive.
We were also lucky enough to get down to see Jonathan painting live on Saturday. Watching the man work gave me even more of an appreciation for his work. Airbrush, ink and aerosol were all used to create his WILLY character, which looked amazing.
Thanks as usual to David Russell for the amazing photos. Enjoy.

IMG 0800 500x333 Snapshots Jonathan Guthmann The Existential Vacuum & Live Painting Backwoods Gallery in studios street art genres prints genres art event photos paintups urban art painting genres mixed media genres melbourne live art urban art inurban illustration genres galleries urban art fine ary exhibitions exhibition review events art

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Event & Exhibition – Blender Studios Christmas Party – Melbourne

Oh ho ho ho … excuse me, while I get all excited about this one!Once again, the Blender Christmas party has come around, that time of year when all things Franklin St and creative celebrates another massive year of accomplishments by all the artists involved down at one of the cities finest artistic establishment!!

The Blender Studios Christmas exhibition is an opportunity to celebrate the art and party with the artists of Blender Studios. The hard work and dedication of the artists is evident in this annual event with 13 artists showcasing their work.

The exhibition will be hosted by Dark Horse Experiment and the studios will hold a series of performers and installations. The opening night is sure to be a stunning example of current practice in Melbourne right now. The opening night will include DJs, cutting edge performance artists, traditional works on canvas, live graffiti events, strange objects and dislocated renderings of suburbia.

After ten years the Blender Studios still hold true to the values of research, energy, independence and the solidarity.

With strong links to Melbourne Street Art and some of the most recognised and prolific artists calling the Blender home, the opening exhibition will attract a wide audience.The Blender Studios Christmas Exhibition, accompanied with a party, will open at Dark Horse Experiment on Friday 13th Dec, 2013 from 6 till late.”

I’ve been to the last few Blender Xmas parties, and I can safely say that this is one night on the Melbourne art calendar, and Xmas calendar, that you just can’t miss. Celebrations ahoy –  seeyas there!!

blender studios 500x357 Event & Exhibition Blender Studios Christmas Party Melbourne in studios street art genres stencil art genres sculpture genres prints genres painting genres mixed media genres melbourne installations genres illustration genres graffiti genres galleries urban art fine ary exhibitions comics genres books

Who: Adi, James Bonnici, Adrian Doyle, Michael Fikaris, Drew Funk, Heesco, George Manioudakis, Tim Sterling, Nick Ives,Sebastian Franz, Jo Harrison, Cam Scale,Paul Round and a bunch of DJs and performers
What: Blender Studios Christmas Exhibition & Party
Where: Blender Studios & Dark Horse Experiment, 110 Franklin St, Melbourne
When: Friday 13th Dec, 2013 from 6 till late

Check out the facebook event pageBlender Studios and the Dark Horse Experiment for more info

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Exhibition – Ink Dots Black Spots 2 – Melbourne


Last years Ink Dots Black Spots was epic – and its that time again, where some of Melbournes most amazing tattoo artists get together to offer their works as prints, and not any old prints – Dangerfork prints! Fifteen tattoo studios gathering together in an almighty display … it’s all for a good cause, too – here‘s some more info …

"In 2012 Ink Dots Black Spots inaugural year the exhibition was born from the idea to share artwork from numerous artists to their fans & the public, whilst contributing to those of us who support the fight against cancer.
In 2013 Ink Dots Black Spots continues with a similar goal to expose great artwork to an audience which loves great creativity. Our goal this year is to give to the RSPCA & generate a donation matching or hopefully bettering last years $5,000 contribution to the Cancer Council Victoria.

Ink Dots Black Spots 2 group art exhibition launches on the 28th November 2013 at The Aviary in Abbotsford. The show is open to the public on the opening night from 6pm. Ink Dots Black Spots will be open until 5th December 2013.

Here is an outline of our objectives & profile of how the exhibition has been planned & what is intended.


18" x 24" illustrations created by screenprinting in mono colour. All artworks are original & are created with chosen media by each individual tattoo artist. Each unique screenprint is signed & numbered in an edition of twenty five. These artworks have been created specifically for the event Ink Dots Black Spots 2.


Our partner in production, Dangerfork, screenprints the entire exhibition. An experienced team whom produced our prints for Ink Dots Black Spots exhibition in August 2012. We are very excited to collaborate again on this project. One of each print will be framed, displayed & for sale at the exhibition. The remaining 24 prints of the edition will be available for purchase. The artworks will also be available in a simple black on white format booklet.

If you want some great artwork & a chance to support a worthy cause then make sure you save some time & money & join us at Ink Dots Black Spots 2.

Each print is priced at $85."

I seriously fucking loved this exhibition last year, and if that one was any indication, this one is going to be … what’s a bigger word than epic?


ink dots black spots IDBS2 Flyer A6 Fnl thumb Exhibition Ink Dots Black Spots 2 Melbourne in tattoos genres prints genres melbourne illustration genres exhibitions

Who: 15 studios worth of some of the best Melbourne tattoo artists … do the math.
What: Ink Dots Black Spots 1
Where: The Aviary, 271 Victoria Street, Melbourne, Victoria
When: Show opens Friday 28th November 2013 from 6pm til late and runs until the 5th December

Check out the Ink Dots Black Spots facebook event for more info!

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Exhibition – Sofles – Limitless – Brisbane

These days, you just can’t talk about who is who in Australian graffiti without Sofles name being in the mix – the man has been travelling the world in recent years, taking his brand of excellence to all the corners, blazing his way from continent to continent.

This weekend, Brisbane are lucky enough fuckers to get to see a screening of a new film devoted entirely to the artists, by, who else, the fantastic Selina Miles – who has been documenting Sofles work now for several years.

Sofles only exhibition back on his home turf this year, the sequel to his last show, "Infinite", Limitless will be showing for one night only at Jugglers Artspace, and what a night it promises to be.

Damn you Brissy, I’m jealous indeed.

sofles limitless thumb Exhibition Sofles Limitless Brisbane in prints genres painting genres exhibitions documentaries genres brisbane

Who: Sofles
What: Limitless – Movie & Exhibition
Where: Jugglers Artspace, 103 Brunswick St, Fortitude Valley, Brisbane
When: Show opens Friday 22nd November from 7pm – for one night only!!

Check out the facebook event page for more info!

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Exhibition – Save Espionage Gallery – Adelaide

Ahh man, I hate hearing that Espionage Gallery is getting squeezed by shitty fees and red tape, they’re one of the best things in Adelaide, promoting artists and generally doing wonders for the scene over there. Over the past two years, Joshua Smith and crew have worked wonders in that space – but now they’re having a few problems, and they’re asking for a bit of help …

"Espionage Gallery needs your help! Due to the rising costs of rent and maintenance bills the gallery is facing the threat of closure. To counteract, we’re aiming to raise $7000 through a Pozible campaign.

For those of you who don’t know, Pozible is a crowd funding website that helps raise money for creative projects – but unless the full amount of the campaign goal is met, the project won’t receive its funding. More details about Pozible can be found here:
The money raised from our campaign will assist with ongoing maintenance costs, as well as opening a small shop in the gallery to stock books, t-shirts, vinyl toys, jewellery and artist prints.

A great number of local and interstate artists have donated works for the exhibition with great prices starting from as little as $50!
There will also be an exhibition to mark the launch of the Pozible campaign. On the night our bar will be fully stocked and ready to meet your drinking needs, while Espionage volunteers will be available to help you with purchasing artwork, making donations via Pozible and also selling tickets for a mini raffle to be drawn later on that night.

For those of you who cannot make it to the exhibition opening night, a catalogue of artworks will be posted the next day in the ‘Update’ section of our Pozible campaign. If any pique your interest, just contact the Gallery to purchase them.

The main benefit of our Pozible exhibition opening night is that you’ll get first pick of all of the artworks. This means you can personally choose your donation prize! It’s also a great chance to pay in cash and secure your purchase immediately, meaning you’ll receive your prize whether or not our campaign reaches its goal.

Espionage has some great shows and exciting plans for the future, but none of it can happen without your help! So please, come along and check out our show, donate to our cause and support one of the key galleries in Adelaide’s thriving creative scene."

Get behind these guys, help them out and send them your love – it would be a massive, massive shame if they had to close their doors … they better not, I haven’t made it over there yet!!

Save Espionage Long Flyer 540x1100 thumb Exhibition Save Espionage Gallery Adelaide in stencil art genres prints genres painting genres mixed media genres melbourne illustration genres exhibitions

Who: Adelaides finest
What: Save Espionage Gallery
Where: Espionage Gallery,
When: Show opens Thursday November 14th from 6pm til 10pm

Check out the facebook event page for more details on the whole thing!

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Snapshots – Print Cult 2013 – Melbourne

Well, this was one seriously cool show, and one of my favourite shows I’ve been to since I’ve returned from my travels.

Adelaide crew Print Cult made their visit over here to Melbourne a couple of weeks ago, and brought with them a seriously crazy amount of amazing work – as you can see for yourself from all the images below!! Prints prints and more prints, it was a hell of a cool sight to see!

print cult exhibition 2013 melbourne 81 Custom 500x750 Snapshots Print Cult 2013 Melbourne in prints genres art event photos melbourne exhibitions books

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