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Exhibition – Eno – Drawing Blood – Backwoods Gallery – Collingwood

This looks like an interesting show by New Zealand artist ENO, so be sure to get along to Backwoods Gallery this Friday night the 18th of July.

“An interest in the controversy surrounding early 20th century painter Charles. F. Goldie forms the basis for Drawing Blood, a body of work by Eno (Mikaere Gardiner) that confronts dogmas surrounding truth, taboo and the effects of colonization. Goldie’s paintings of Maori chiefs and princesses were a far cry from the typical portraiture of that era.
Goldie saw a race dying as a result of war and colonisation. Despite their precise detail, his works were considered by many critics at the time to be anthropological studies that belonged in a museum, not an art gallery. Yet these works are now regarded as the pinnacle of high art of that era, and Goldie himself as one of New Zealand’s most important artists.Eno draws on Goldie’s enduring will to capture the truth by reinterpreting the often solemn, weathered expressions in his subjects as a device to illuminate the dichotomy between the throwaway nature of celebrity culture and the retrospective acknowledgment of the disdained.
In Eno’s works we find the facial Ta moko (a traditional tattoo practice symbolic of high status) have been embellished with sailor tattoos – at once a candid remark on the harrowing effects that European colonisation had on the traditional values and cultural beliefs of the Maori people and a wry comment on the passing nature of trends in contemporary society. Having recently begun Ta moko, Eno fuses both his painting and tattooing practices to investigate the cultural significance of his Maori and European genealogy.
Acclaimed for his large scale murals, Drawing Blood sees the artist work on an intimate scale, using acrylic paints, tattoo inks and aerosol across various sized paintings on industrial boxing card as well as a number of smaller sculptures that reference Pataka, traditional Maori houses used to store food.”

10497322 1428416294103922 2824816375788056858 o 500x184 Exhibition Eno Drawing Blood Backwoods Gallery Collingwood in street art genres art event photos painting genres melbourne galleries urban art exhibitions artist feature events urban art

Eno, with Drawing Blood At Backwoods Gallery.

Who: ENO.

What: Drawing Blood.

When: This Friday the 18th Of July.

Where: Backwoods Gallery. 25 Easey Street Collingwood. 

Facebook event page here 

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Snapshots – James Reka – Untold – Backwoods Gallery

For those who missed James Reka’s show “Untold”, check out the shots I was able to get while it was on down at Backwoods Gallery in Collingwood.

IMG 0116 2 500x107 Snapshots James Reka Untold Backwoods Gallery in street art genres sculpture genres art event photos painting genres mixed media genres melbourne inurban installations genres galleries urban art found objects genres fine ary exhibitions artist news artist feature events urban art

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Snapshots – Shida – Inner Myths – Backwoods Gallery

Friday night I got down to Backwoods gallery to check out Shida’s new show “Inner Myths” her are some pics from his show.

Be sure to check out his show, on till the 13th of July.

IMG 0383 21 500x109 Snapshots Shida Inner Myths Backwoods Gallery in street art genres sculpture genres art event photos painting genres melbourne inurban installations genres galleries urban art found objects genres fine ary exhibitions books artist feature events art urban art


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Exhibition – Sian Song & Erin Greer – Daylight/Dark Night – Melbourne

I’m a big fan of Erin Greers work, and though I am less than familiar with Sian Songs, the glimpses of it that I’ve seen have piqued my interest – and it looks like a great counterpoint to Erins work in this upcoming duo exhibition from the two at Off The Kerb gallery this Friday night.

Intrigued by the creatures that inhabit the daylight and dark night, Sian Song & Erin Greer combine forces to paint a window into the magical world of animals. Both artists employ a whimsical and playful style to bring these creatures’ narratives to life.”

Head down to Collingwood to see it all for yourselves, its shaping up to be a great night for art across Melbourne.

10462838 10152485309674614 4545540083078287606 n 500x500 Exhibition Sian Song & Erin Greer Daylight/Dark Night Melbourne in painting genres melbourne exhibitions

Who: Sian Song & Erin Greer
What: Daylight / Dark Night exhibition
Where: Off The Kerb, 66b Johnston St, Collingwood, Melbourne
When: Show opens Friday 4th July from 6pm til 9pm and runs until 18th July

Check out the facebook event page for more info.


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Exhibition – PantoneMyArt- TCC (The Gallery) – Singapore

Celebrating ten years of collaboration between TCC (The Connoisseur Concerto) and, they present to you PantoneMyArt. A highly interactive exhibition held in Singapore.

Bringing together the works of 8 artists from various backgrounds. The works “are set to take the expression ‘off the wall’, as they present two dimensional artworks that will give a three dimensional illusion’’. Covering two full floors including the windows.

What you’re going to be seeing at the exhibition:  radioactive yellow monsters by Terence Koh, Red Panda’s by Ziqi, window creation of a cityscape by Race, anamorphic street design by Ben Qwek, animated graffiti by Clogtwo, Digital experiences by Dale, Lim Zi Sim will be showing off her paper-cut talents by creating an all white large cut out architectural masterpiece and Slacsatu’s going to be in his own words be ‘drawing stuff’ all over the place.

Admission to the exhibition is free and its open to the public, everyone and anyone is welcome to come interact with these works of art and obviously post as much photos of themselves with it on social networks as described by the organisers themselves on their Facebook event page.  The exhibition will be running from 13th June to 16th of October.

1556285 804253919587479 5710473944271965378 o 500x707 Exhibition PantoneMyArt TCC (The Gallery) Singapore in singapore se asia painting genres illustration genres exhibitions digital genres

Who: Ben Qwek, Clogtwo, Dale, Lim Zi Sin, Race, Slacsatu, Terence Koh, Ziqi
What: PantoneMyArt Exhibition 2014
Where: TCC (the Gallery) , 51 Circular Road, Singapore 049406
When: 13th June 2014, 6,30PM


Check out these links too:

Facebook Event Page 

TCC – Event Page 

Ben Qwek 







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Exhibition – Aida Sabic – Anima – Melbourne

One of the artists that we have followed over the years,  the muchly talented Aida Sabic, is having her next solo show this weekend – and this time she delves into the mythologies of times gone by, with Anima.

“Greek mythology embodied the faults and strengths of human nature and it’s narratives veiled the fears, beliefs, and moral codes of their society. The stories were told by men, to motivate men. The female characters represented the feminine characteristics in themselves… to be resisted, subdued or overcome at any cost.

Ancient society had specific gender roles and typically the stories focus positively on male heroes achieving their heroic goals. Females were portrayed as weak or were punished harshly for showing dominant traits. Some became serial victims, deserving sympathy for a tragic life, but receiving none.

Although female heroines did exist, they were different to that of the male; women used intelligence to assist the men to achieve their goals, sacrificed themselves for loved ones or to preserve honour, and used their skills to exact revenge.

This work is based around the female characters in these myths and their relevancy, despite the role of women in ancient society being considered insignificant compared to that of men.”

We love anything mythological, and we love anything that comes from Aidas hand – beautiful work, and we cant wait until we get a chance to see it at Off The Kurb this Friday night – so head down and see it all for yourselves!!

10250079 10152112180130905 7861968080252934657 n 500x435 Exhibition Aida Sabic Anima Melbourne in painting genres melbourne fine ary exhibitions

Who: Aida Sabic
What: Anima solo show
Where: Off The Kerb Gallery, 66B Johnston Street, Collingwood, Melbourne
When: Opening Night Friday, 13th of Junefrom 6:00pm – 9:00pm and runs until the 27th June 2014

check out Aida Sabic and the facebook event page for more info.

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Interview – Idol Motions

Over the years, Idol Motions has transformed himself from a bomber prowling the streets of Perth, into one of the cities most promising talents. Having started out smashing walls and lanes back in the mid-90s, Idol had a life changing epiphany whilst wandering through an abando – and since that moment, he has continually pushed himself, and his work, to the challenge of heightening his skills both on, and off the walls.

Having run with the infamous Hellz Kids, exhibitions and other projects with both the 6025 Crew and Artist Anonymous Collective, as well as strong ties to the Perth Hip hop community and the S.B.X. crew, Idol motions has been there, done that, and continues to do even more. Clean lines, colourful flares and a penchant for iconographic hip hop entities and natures denizens, Idols pieces are the culmination of years of dedication and hard work, and, most importantly – his work is full of hints at the simple joy that he possess of loving the shit that he does.

Having recently held a successful show with S.B.X. mate Paul Deej, and having just jetted off to Milano in Italy for a new project, Idol Motions is an artist who we have had our eye on for quite a while now – and one whose work we’ll continue to enjoy as time progresses. We had a chance to throw the man some questions not too long ago, and we were pretty happy to read all about his work, and we’re pretty sure you will be too – read on!

13180 555517074468168 1391089937 n Medium 500x375 Interview Idol Motions in perth painting genres graffiti genres artist interviews

Without beating around the bush – the bits of your bio I’ve read, you’re pretty open and honest about the fact that you had a less than ideal upbringing, but that it also helped you to find a path for yourself away from the drama of it all – how important has it been for you over the years to have such a strong creative outlet, and when did you first realise that this was the path you had set yourself upon?


Cheers for putting me on. Really honored to feel like I’ve bullshitted enough people to give a damn about my craft, HAHA!

Ok, since forever, I’ve never really been a people person. “I know right?!” such a generic answer”. But ye, that mixed with anxiety due to feeling like I had to keep busy to avoid people, really gave me an excuse to zone in with art and ignore the rest without coming off as anti social. It was the one subject at school where I felt in my zone. Didn’t have to talk to impress. Just let ‘em peer over my shoulder from time to time and say thanks whenever a complement was given. Year by year, the attention grew slowly boosting my self confidence. When I reached high school I felt like I had something to prove. But this time in a positive light. Felt good. Felt confident. Felt like all the other subjects were rubbish. Now looking back, feel a lot of regret for not taking all the other classes seriously. End result, felt stupid. hehehe!

You see, I dropped out of year ten. Roamed  the streets of Perth with graffiti bombers. Got drunk in ally ways and passed out. Woke up delirious and got chased by cops. Slipped onto trains with the same lame ass excuse as to why I didn’t having a valid ticket. Get home and pass out. Woke up later that afternoon and do it all again.

It didn’t take long to get bored, so one day my mate DAZER decided to show me this abandon building just out from the city center. By this stage I had already seen heaps of graffiti bombing and throw ups. To be honest, it didn’t interest me at the time but what I found in the dingiest of all places was something different. It was like finding a hidden portal into a new world. The  ceiling above had a huge hole allowing light to shine in. Looked like a scene out of The Prodigy – Fire Starter. Right there to my left was a freshly painted piece. I had never before see anything of that caliber. The piece had a sunset background with silhouettes of birds and rats with this awesome DASH piece just floating in almost a defense-like stance. Arrows, cutbacks, fades, high lights, crisp can control through n through. That was the first time I had witnessed and properly acknowledged proper graffiti art. Straight away, I had to see more of this and from that day forward I would never see the city the same. 1997 was to be the beginning of something special.

Days later I started practicing in quiet hidden industrial areas. Keep in mind, I did my fair share of ‘bombing the system’ before.    

2012 05 01 chrismcbride canvaspics 1WEB Medium Interview Idol Motions in perth painting genres graffiti genres artist interviews

When exactly was it that you started throwing shit up on walls, and how did you get started out? Who were you knocking around with, and what experiences with other artists and environments out on the street spurred you on?

Styles and forms, graffiti and canvas – at the end of the day, what most impacts the style with which you work within? Is it the mediums, the walls or the paints, or is it all a big combination of the above? What and who motivated you to create your work?

I started to go public in 1998. By this stage, i had proven my hand styles to be worthy of representing Hellz Kids. Along side TRITS, HERBS, DAZER, OAK, DEST, NEXT ABC, SINCH, RENZ, SENZA, FITZ, DEKS ONE, REPS, TOMAHAWK, and of course the main man ELMS ONE, just to name a few.

At any given time when I was out n about bombing there would usually be at least 3 or 4 if not more of us. There was always competition on who could hit the hottest spots, have the nicest hand style or even just try to put up the most. The competition never ended. We were all so hungry for the top rating from each other. I think because of that alone, it really taught me in a big way to always paint like its your last piece. Trying to outdo the last. I didn’t even take photos most of the time. Besides the fact that I was already super paranoid, it was about fighting through the butterflies in the gut and embracing that adrenalin, while still being able to leave a stylish piece for the rest of the onlookers to enjoy between peak traffic that morning.

Damn! Wish I took more flicks!

1238119 729174983769042 1879670713 n Medium 500x375 Interview Idol Motions in perth painting genres graffiti genres artist interviews

After painting walls for so long I felt like I was only exercising repetition. To me that wasn’t enough any more. I needed to change it up. I needed to do something with meaning. Something the viewers could relate to. Even challenge their thought process and/ or beliefs. So I decided to pack up graffiti for a while and experiment with different mediums. Ink and Water colours on paper, Acrylic on canvas and wooden board, metal, aluminium and even glass. During the few years of playing around with different things I also decided to study up a little on art history. Doing this helped me to get a better understanding of being a true artist and the history behind many references that are still used today. Clarify the direction I wanted to pursue and also how to go about it but mainly,  properly evolve my style into something uniquely different from the rest.

It was about 2003 when I decided that I was ready to test the walls with my new vision. The first thing I’d realized was the different textures of the walls. Something I never would have bothered to take notice of before was now a contributing factor to my thought process accompanied with what style, colour, theme, even what type of paint would work best on the chosen surface. I’ve now started to realize how complex art really is. Applying that knowledge to graffiti made the imagination run even wilder. Now that’s when the real fun began!

idol 2 Medium 500x416 Interview Idol Motions in perth painting genres graffiti genres artist interviews

Working, creating and loving in Perth, tell us a little about how the city itself has helped to shape your work? How is Perth these days for artists such as yourself? Do you feel it’s opening up more to less traditional forms of art, and the artists who create it?

Yep, for sure! Graffiti art/ street art is definitely starting to take a front seat in Perth culture. Though it still feels like Perth is trying to find its original characteristics by borrowing other cities cultural back bones. Kinda like a person filling in a colouring book and calling them self an artist. I think if we as the people of Perth City, and as a whole in W.A., want to make a mark, but we need to stop looking over the shoulder of the Eastern States for answers. We need to start thinking on our own. The reason I say this is because its no different as to an individual artist trying to build a style that others can distinctively  recognize. At first its all trial and error. Then we find things and references that inspire us to recreate. (This is the part where I think the Perth’s culture is stuck). We then take these recreations into our studios to manipulate, dissect, then reinterpret into our version of what we want the audience to see and this takes years. Basically recreating originality/ inventing new culture.

Right now I see Perth like I see Mr Brainwash … All cut n paste with a short attention span. Don’t get me wrong! I’m not saying Perth isn’t trying. It just seems like everyone here is more about trying to keep up with the cool kids instead of being our selves. Hey, to me art is no different to any relationship. You can go for something fake or something real, but in the end it all falls back on you.

2012 06 04 22.49.19 Medium 500x375 Interview Idol Motions in perth painting genres graffiti genres artist interviews

Can you explain some of the regular tools of your trade? What are some of the essential pieces of equipment or medium that you just cant live without? Favourite paints, caps, pens, tunes?

Besides the fact I’d go crazy without hiphop and instrumentals, I never really cling to one thing. Every time I find my stride with certain tools something always goes wrong like run out of a certain cap, finding the one marker you need is lidless and dried up or that one brush you’ve been using religiously for the past month falls apart. It might be that I’m a tad rough with my tools, but in regards to that its kind of a good thing. It teaches me to constantly utilize between tools, keeping me from getting to comfortable. I think if you stay in your comfort zone, you find your self hesitating to be assertive with the motions of progression within the W.I.P (work in progress) when the unexpected happens: eg, Running low on buff colour. If your a real graffiti writer then I’m talking to you. hehehe!

If I have to make a choice though, I guess I choose spray paint. Without graffiti I probably wouldn’t have taken art seriously. But again, due to my health complications I have been trying to stay away from the paint fumes and focus more on ink on paper. Really diggin my crazy A2 designs at the moment.

iDoL. AA.CL .6025 Medium 500x500 Interview Idol Motions in perth painting genres graffiti genres artist interviews

Within your work, I have noticed you do seem to have an affinity for nature – a lot of your past characters have revolved around portraiture of animals and other fauna, what is it about the natural world that you love to portray?

When i was younger I spent a lot of my time living in mining and country towns. With not much to do id find my self drawing and at that time things like cable tv and internet wasn’t available. So the only references I could find that inspired me was from what was around me.

Birds, buffaloes, fish, snakes, mother nature. Choosing to spray these themes on walls years later in suburbia was my way of saying, “you can’t take the country out the boy”.

482580 591995170820358 2122033401 n Medium 500x666 Interview Idol Motions in perth painting genres graffiti genres artist interviews

Tell us a bit about some of your previous shows and other projects you’ve been involved with – and what other creative endeavours have you found yourself amongst over time? How about your upcoming show with Deej? How did it all come about, and can you explain a little more about your hip hop influences, and what parts of the culture itself that spurred you into doing the show?

The shows that I have been involved with over the years were mainly team ups with 6025 Crew and Artist Anonymous Collective (A.A. Crew). Both of which I have the utmost respect for, and represent to the fullest!

Where hiphop ties into this is years back when I was still running strong with Hellz Kids. Few of the H.K. boys had a side crew called S.B.X. aka Syllabolix. You’ve probably heard of the crew from the well respected likes of DRAPHT, MATTY B, DOWN SYDE, CLANDESTINE and the hiphop legend ROBERT HUNTER, on Triple J or any UNDERGROUND radio station. R.I.P HUNTER! The one thing that a lot of S.B.X. fans don’t realize is the whole time there was a graffiti sprout from that family tree. Just to name a few: DASH, SOUNDZ & ACTION (XD Crew),DEEJ, TRITS, ELMS, HIGH 5, KID ZOOM and the list goes on.

I was lucky enough to become a part of the growth of S.B.X. back in early 2000 and with that , opening doors to meet and greets with other national and international hiphop stars such as FUNKOARS, HILLTOP HOODS, KRS1, IMMORTAL TECHNIQUE, MF DOOM, GHOSTFACE KILLAH and more.

2a0cdd5cafb111e19894123138140d8c 7 Medium 500x500 Interview Idol Motions in perth painting genres graffiti genres artist interviews

Just recently I had my mate PAUL DEEJ invite me to a joint project called HIP HOP. Conveniently enough, i was messing around with black ink pens and was trying to find a body of work to apply it to. As straight forward as the theme seems there is a bit of a twist to the presentation. For starters, it was mainly aimed at the 90′s, (the Boom Bap era). Paul chose to work with Gangster rap and underground. I chose commercial. The layout in the gallery was to represent the battle between two artist like the ongoing rivalry between commercial and underground, “The Face Off”. I decided to show repetition by using different mediums to recreate some of the original works. I also hung my originals in between graffiti prints to represent similarities within the strategy of pop culture infiltrating the underground scene.

McBride 03 Medium 500x707 Interview Idol Motions in perth painting genres graffiti genres artist interviews

What do you have planned for the rest of the year, and, indeed, the future? What projects lie unrealised, and what would you like to investigate with your work next?

I’v actually been sponsored to go paint over in Italy for a couple of weeks. Super excited about this! I also have a couple of group shows with 6025 Crew lined up for later this year in Melbourne and then again in Perth.

Just quietly, I possibly could be putting together a solo show for sometime next year to. Keep an ear out peeps.

Check out Idol Motions on facebook for more of his work!


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Trackside With I.D Crew And Friends.

I managed to get tracks side, over in South Melbourne where I.D Crew and friends once again have smashed out an amazing wall.

Bailer really tightening his pieces lately, taking it to the next level, also Shem’s piece was a stand out with his dope lettering and mad colour scheme.

The guys where also joined by Rashe from AWOL and Jaw from Da Mental Vapours, bringing their mad style and french flavour.

Looking forward to the next instalment, till next time, peace.


IMG 8892 2 500x189 Trackside With I.D Crew And Friends. in art event photos paintups urban art painting genres melbourne inurban graffiti genres exhibitions art

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Exhibiton – Toggles & Swerfk – Cerebrations – Melbourne

Two guys whose work I’ve followed for quite a while will be having a show early next week in Melbourne, and I’m looking forward to seeing what  Toggles and Swerfk have to offer with this one!!

“Cerebrations” is a celebration of cerebral activities, relating to creative process and perceptive narrative construction. It is an exhibition of recent artworks by Toggles and Swerfk in the cozy downstairs lair that is E55. Opening night will have art on the walls, tunes flowing across the airwaves and beers flowing across the bar (Contained within receptacles with any luck).

Come on down from 6pm for a brew and a view, with any luck it will be a PARTY! DJ Everready and DJ Midflite will be spinning some tunez from 6pm.”

Head down next Tuesday night to check out the show from two rad up and comers in the Melbourne scene – we’ll catch you there!

togs swerf 500x706 Exhibiton Toggles & Swerfk Cerebrations Melbourne in painting genres melbourne illustration genres exhibitions

Who: Toggles & Swerfk
What: Cerebrations
Where: e55 Downstairs, 55 Elizabeth St, Melbourne
When: Tuesday June 3rd from 6pm til a little later, and the show runs down in e55 for all of June.

Check out the facebook event page for more information as well as Toggles and Swerfk!

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Through The Lens With David Russell – May 2014

Well lovers of all things street, it’s that time again where I bring you all of my favourite shots from the past month!

One show that really impressed me this month, was “Passing Through” by Deams, I have always admired his work, especially after seeing how he composes his pieces – taking Graffuturism to the next level.

Who can forget “Beyond The Lands”, by Adnate at the Metro Gallery – which sold out in 3 hours, with a welcome to country ceremony and smoke all around the gallery, it was a special moment, embraced by all who attended.

We also saw shows by Tom Civil & Stabs, Tom with his iconic little people landscapes gracing many Melbourne walls, his framed works are so intimate and detailed.

Artists such as Jaz Franco Fasoli,  Kans (Da Mental Vaporz) and Alexis Diaz also visited recently, leaving their amazing works on Collingwood walls for all to enjoy.

Some of my favourite photos lately are those of shop fronts bombed with throwies and tags all over them, it seems to be that once you move out, they move in.

Thats it for now,  see you all next month guys!

IMG 7915 2 500x170 Through The Lens With David Russell May 2014 in street art genres art event photos painting genres melbourne graffiti genres exhibitions


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