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Video – Sofles – Graffiti Mapped @ White Night Melbourne 2015

Video – Sofles – Graffiti Mapped @ White Night Melbourne 2015

I had the chance to watch Sofles painting his massive mural the other week, and yet another change on Saturday night to see his amazing work brought to life by Grant Obsbornes incredible graffiti mapping projections. Put together under the mad and rad creative direction of Shaun Hossask from Juddy Roller, if you weren’t in Melbourne, and didnt get to see it yourself (you missed out!), then you now have that chance!!

Brilliant video once again from Selina Miles as well – she never, ever disappoints with these. Lets also not forget the rad soundtrack by Opiou!

Watch the whole process and end result in all its glory below!

From the press release –

“On Saturday the 21st of February, Sofles – Graffiti Mapped premiered at Melbourne’s largest cultural festival, White Night Melbourne. Attended by over 500,000 people and running from 7pm – 7am, the festival takes over Melbourne’s CBD for a one night only artistic extravaganza.

Many months in the making, Sofles – Graffiti Mapped is an innovative step forward for the world of graffiti and technology. Sofles – Graffiti Mapped explores the intrinsic connection between graffiti, street art and technology through a combination of 3D video mapping, traditional street art and graffiti techniques and motion design.

Over 5 stories high, Sofles’ inner city mural is his biggest work to date. Add to that Grant Osborne’s incredibly detailed motion design and a musical score by New Zealand music producer Opiuo, and you have a truly innovative work of art. Visible for one night only, but destined to leave an impression on the city’s skyline Sofles- Graffiti Mapped was one of the most exciting events of the entire White Night Melbourne festival.

This video has been shot and cut by the director of Sofles’ extremely successful previous video, Limitless, Selina Miles. “

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Outsiders, Twoone

Snapshots – Outsiders Featuring Twoone – At Backwoods Gallery

For those that missed out on last nights show “Outsiders” featuring Twoone, returning from berlin for this show, I was pretty impressed with what I saw it was a combination of his usual character stylings painted on these amazing light boxes.

Being painted on the glass or perspex you could see all the brush strokes through the light shining from behind, the first room had this industrial noise playing which was quite confronting but really set the mood.

The show will be running till October the 19th at  Backwoods Gallery in Easey Street Collingwood.

Outsiders, Twoone

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Snapshots – 6Mod – Melbourne

Last week I had the chance to get down to the 6mod opening – a show put on by a bunch of artists, inlcuding Marian Machismo, FKN-MAD, Ruskidd and Carlotta Phelan.

It was a pretty interesting affair – the space itself was pretty damn cool, a nice cellar area that I can see has a lot of potential for a space for these kinds of projects.  It was a strange mix of people down there, but it all seemed to work – check it all out for yourselves below!


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Submissions Wanted – Yo Gobo – Electro & Stencil Light Exhibition – Melbourne

We love anything to do with technology, and we love emerging new forms of artistic practice – and this is no exception. Those of you who have seen stuff including the recent White Night event that was on in Melbourne know the power of projection and the potential inherent in this form of "Street art".

Now, Electrolight are teaming up with Fed Square, and they’re looking for people to get involved in their next big project "The Light In Winter" – budding eletroc light artists, this is your call out …

"Electrolight, in association with Fed Square is excited to announce a joint initiative for The Light in Winter 2013.

‘Yo Gobo’ will see a selection of designs realised as unique gobos and displayed in a public art projection in St Paul’s Court, Fed Square over the Winter Solstice celebrations from 20th to 23rd of June. All entries received will be displayed on Fed Square’s Big Screen on the evening of 20th June during the Solstice Weekend.

‘Yo Gobo’ will be a prominent, active part of The Light in Winter and a highly visible attraction at Fed Square for it’s duration.

Submission are now open. Check out the Yo Gobo EOI and get involved…."

Heres a small run down on whats involved – check out the info PDF here.

"The Light in Winter at Fed Square is entering its 7th year and again plans to bring together communities, artists and designers from many backgrounds to explore and creatively realise ideas about light. The central theme for the 2013 festival is to connect light and the power of voice – its physical power, its power of communication, its democratic power and its power to uplift and heal.

The Light in Winter is produced by Fed Square Pty Ltd and directed by Robyn Archer, one of Australia’s most beloved and successful artists. The burgeoning program is now a high-profile annual event in Melbourne, and has national and international recognition.

In 2013 the program will see all activities, workshops, performances and displays anchored around a key installation by artist Bruce Ramus. The commissioned piece is called the Helix Tree, a 13m-high light sculpture equipped with advanced sound and light technology which means it can be activated by sound and voice.

‘Yo Gobo’ will see a selection of designs realised as unique gobos and displayed in a public art projection in St Paul’s Court, Fed Square over the Winter Solstice celebrations from 20th to 23rd of June.  All entries received will be displayed on Fed Square’s Big Screen on the evening of 20th June during the Winter Solstice Weekend.

‘Yo Gobo’ will be a prominent, active part of The Light in Winter and a highly visible attraction at Fed Square for it’s duration.


A gobo is a metal disk with holes cut into it, through which light passes to create a desired shape or pattern. In effect, it enables stencil art to be created with light.


Designers (of all disciplines), architects, design enthusiasts, individuals, companies and collectives, from Australia and around the world, are invited to submit images/gobo designs for inclusion in the project.

All complying designs will be displayed on the evening of Thursday, 20th of June. A selection of entries will be cut in to steel gobos and displayed on the facade of Fed Square’s E-Shard Building (Flinders St) from the 20th to 23rd of June.

If you are interested in participating you will need to complete the Submission process "

Go to the website, check them out, and send them an email if you have any interest in producing mad stencil and electro light art – should be fkn grand!


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Exhibition – Lux 0.27 – Dark Horse Experiment – Melbourne

So this dropped into our inbox the other day, and after reading it two or three times over, we think we’ve managed to work it out – this is a show about the weird shit that constitutes reality. More importantly, though, its about our place amongst the weird shit that surrounds us in this universe. Make no mistake, weird shit is cool (I mean,we  just repeated the two words three times because it sounds cool), especially when that weird shit delves into temporal concepts, photonic musings and pseudo-Schrödinger perceptions.

"Curated by Theodore Wohng at Dark Horse Experiment. Lux 0.27 consists of works by artists Kit Webster, Sam Fagan, Hanna Tai, Alex Purchase, Kate Stryker, Tiziana Borghese, Tim Sterling and Julia Francis. Pursuing the theme of void/nothingness and our perception of reality through light and technology.

"In science our perception of reality is limited to the finite speed of light, as it is in a linguistic system, reference to a present reality is forever postponed from the temporal delay of meaning. Our univocal universe is full of constant metaphysical flux of change, difference and becoming. When we gaze upon the stars at night, the multiple instants in time are seen as simultaneous from our vantage point on the earth, the very same set of events will occur in different time combinations from other perspectives in space, the concept of ‘now’ is irrelevant, the only two things that remain the same are the wave-particle duality of photon and our perpetual curiosity of what reality really is."

You know what? We have no idea what to expect from this – but it sounds really different, and that’s the kind of shit we love best. Plus, there’s familiar names in there that we just know are rad, and we’re looking forward to acquainting ourselves with those that we’re not.  We also just saw something pretty exciting on the event page on fb – apparently Jason Haebich will be doing a LAZER show. That’s it, this show just ramped up to awesome mode – fucking LAZERS!

A Dark Horse opening is always a really fun event, which you’d know if you’ve already been there – great art, great people, great place. Light. Reality. Void. Lazers. Weird shit is the new normal – go see it in action.


Who: Kit Webster, Sam Fagan, Hanna Tai, Alex Purchase, Kate Stryker, Tiziana Borghese, Tim Sterling and Julia Francis
What: Lux 0.27 group show
Where: Dark Horse Experiment, 110 Franklin St, Melbourne, VIC
When: Show opens Friday May 4th from 6pm til 9pm and runs for two weeks.

Check out the Dark Horse Experiment website and the facebook event page or more info on the show!

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Snapshots – Urban Scrawl

Well, as you probably saw from the interview, we got down to the Urban Scrawl exhibition for a quick preview of the show – as we promised, here are the shots that we took of the work!

IMG_5053 (Large)

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Interview – Urban Scrawl

I’m in my own zone as I make my way down to Melbourne City Library; I’ve just changed out of some abhorred work clothes and am entering the building, camera in hand, kind of wondering where the hell I am (an exhibition, in a library? huh?) when Kaff calls out my name. "Hey Fletch?" I glance around – "Oh hey," I reply, searching around until I find her, waiting near the doorway. We go to shake, laugh, then decided a hug is more the order of the day.

"I didn’t recognise you with your sunnies on," she remarks, beaming all the way. "Come on up, have a look before the crowd gets here."

Kaff-eines at the Melbourne City Library, somewhat nervously standing under a projection of some of the work in the show above, awaiting the "preview" crowd. As a part of the opening of the Midsumma Festival, a large swath of art lovers are making their way to several of the galleries that encompass the festival. Urban Scrawl, a collaborative group show between four highly talented street and light painting artists, Kaff-eine, Precious Little, TigTab and Blacklodge was the second stop on the preview.

The first thing I see as I climb the stairs is a large Precious Little pasteup – I’ve seen a few around Melbourne in the last few years, as well as plenty of her work at the last show her and Kaff-eine were in, Fibre Femmes, and have always loved them. This one, however, is probably one of the best I’ve seen yet -  it’s gorgeous – yet it’s only an introduction. The main wall of the show is covered in work. A large Kaff-eine mural. Gorgeous light-paintings, rendered entirely on camera – colourful imagery that I could swear were only possible with Photoshop. Dymo printed poems beneath accompanying illustrations, each depicting scenes within the words. Art. Art and more art – and as the crowd arrived, filling the space, I think to myself "this is exactly how a collaborative show should be."

Yes, I got pictures, I got plenty of them. Some of them are even in this interview with the crew of Urban Scrawl, accompanying the story behind the show. As for the rest, well, we’ll post them up after the opening – Urban Scrawl is just something that you just have to try to go and see for yourself …

IMG_5049 (Large)

How did the Urban Scrawl collaboration come about; what exactly spurred on the idea behind the show?

Kaff: In winter, Presh approached me with the idea of doing a Midsumma show at the City Library, something she’d wanted to do herself for a while. She mentioned that there was a projection space, and I immediately thought of BL and TT (Blacklodge and TigTab), two artists whose work I adore. I’d been trying to work out a way to exhibit with them for a while, to show the rest of the world their talents.

We all decided, given our respective pastimes, and the concepts wrapped up in Midsumma, on the broad theme of secret spaces, identity and ephemera – it just went from there.

IMG_5053 (Large)

How did this carry on from previous adventures in both street art and exhibitions, and explorations? When did the idea first formulate in your minds?

Kaff: I already admired Presh’s artwork, and adored her poetry. BL and TT have previously photographed my work, and more recently I’ve been lucky enough to hang around with them on their adventures, so we’d already been experimenting with collaborations.

When Presh came up with the idea, I was stoked to explore those connections further.

IMG_4947 (Large)

Sometimes there a dissociation between the photographic arts and the more hands on visual arts – how has this show brought all of these elements, as well as words and newer elements such as light painting, into cohesion?

Kaff: That’s what’s so exciting about this show! It combines photography, light stencilling and painting, contemporary art, street art, urban exploration and poetry in a really unique way. We have Presh + my street art photographed, light painted and light stencilled by BL and TT, in frames and projections; I have visually interpreted Presh’s poetry in a series of works on paper; we have created a limited edition zine so that people can take away the poems + artwork together. All our work stands alone, yet these collaborations have taken us in new directions.

TT&BL: Light painting photography differs to the conventional way a photographer would capture their images. With light painting, `light’ is used like a brush to paint each image. It requires the photographer to move light around and `through’ each shot in a specific way, as it is being created.

We were excited when Kaff-eine and Precious Little approached us with the idea of the show, as it seemed a natural progression to merge well known art forms with light art. The resulting images gave Precious Little and Kaff-eine the opportunity to experience drawing and writing in light – and while it was captured as a photo, it was still necessary for them to create that art in a physical space; as they would in their chosen mediums.

IMG_4932 (Large)

Who was responsible for what, and what did you each bring to the project?

Kaff: Presh has some gasmask grrls on paper, framed, + also some large aerosol paste-ups around the spaces. She also has sticker packs on opening night, and we have the Preshkaff zine; Swan Songs.

I have the series of watercolour and ink works on paper, interpreting Presh’s poetry; a wall mural with a few well-known characters; Kaff-eine mini-tvs, plus working drawings in lightboxes situated around the library.

BL and TT have selected their favourite urban exploration,  light painting photos and some of our collaborations, for the framed photos and the projection space in the entrance to the library.

IMG_4926 (Large)

Let talk time lapse and light painting – what are the pitfalls and traps in working with this style, and what are the advantages? How did light painting help to engage and integrate all of these elements?

TT & BL: While street artists use spray paint, we use `light’ to paint our art. We have the obvious pitfalls of working in low to zero light, and using a physical space which we move around in – as our canvas.

Advantages of the places that we visit are the resulting photographs. All of our photographs are taken straight out of camera – this means that we don’t use photoshop, or computer editing to obtain the final image. As a result of this, each individual image can take up to four hours to create.

We are really proud of the images that have been created within our collaborations for `Urban Scrawl’, with the images achieved being a great cross over of all of our chosen mediums.

Time lapse is a recent addition, which has provided us with a tool that allows our art to come alive – we will be utilising more of this in the future.

IMG_5008 (Large)

There’s also an exploration of the written word within the pieces – how important a role did they play in the course of putting together the show? Presh describes herself as a "poetess mess" – but beyond the words, is there a narrative thread to the chaos?

Kaff: It was incredibly important to me, one of the main reasons why I wanted to do the show. The majority of my works on paper (and some of the street collaborations) were interpretations of Presh’s poetry, and the zine is entirely the end result of my imagery set to Presh’s words. Presh’s beautiful poems, which all have narratives, are autobiographical.

IMG_4920 (Large)

"Identity and ephemera intersecting" – this was evident in the videos that you teased us with in the lead up to the show. Exploding colour and light, near-innocence laden characters, urban fauna and masks; all of these tools have been utilised to explore these intersections, yet the "true" identity of all of the artists is somewhat hidden throughout – tell us more about these aspects within the show.

Kaff: My identity isn’t set in concrete; it is ephemeral, evolving, changing.

My street persona is an integral part of my identity – but it isn’t all of me. There are pieces of me in all of my work, and in the collaborations, but I’m not interested in placing ‘realistic’ images of my physical self in my work when there are other, less literal ways for me to show myself to the world.

TT & BL: I agree with Kaff, what you see within all of our images is the extension of who we all are. While we use human form in our photography – it is only showing the ephemeral facets of self for that fleeting moment.

IMG_4997 (Large)

With so many elements in the show, were you afraid of losing anything in the combination of different aspects? It seems like it would be a difficult thing to pull off – what were your major concerns in working in such a collaborative way over so many different mediums?

Kaff: I was really excited to see what would result from the combination of all of our practices! For me the process was easy, we all immediately started to bounce ideas off each other, it was a desperate rush to throw ourselves together and see what we could create in the limited time that we had.

The time we spent collaborating on location usually had a very organic flow, with ideas, suggestions and creations happening very naturally during the course of a several hour session.

IMG_4939 (Large)

The show is a part of the Midsumma festival being celebrated this month, initially it seems that the City Library seems an unusual venue for a show of this kind – how did it end up that you exhibited in that space and what are the most exciting aspects of holding the show as a part of the Midsumma festival itself?

Kaff: Who hasn’t wanted to draw all over the library walls, really? And being part of Midsumma allows me to show my work to an audience who may not have come across it on the streets. It doesn’t have overt references to queer or LGBTI identity or sexuality, most of my characters are deliberately without a defined age/gender/sex/sexuality – but I think the emotions and concepts I deal with are certainly relevant for a Midsumma audience.

IMG_5056 (Large)

You all probably need a bit of time off from hanging about in the darkness – now that you’ve accomplished a monumental collaborative effort, will there be more in the future? What else does 2012 hold for each of you?

Kaff: I love hanging about in the darkness more than you can imagine! But I’m itching to get back out on the street after this show. Presh and I have some big plans for street collabs and I can’t wait to get going on those too. I also love going on adventures with BL and TT, so I hope there are many more of those in 2012. I want to spend the rest of this year painting more, larger, increasingly intricate works, and collab with my favourite artists.

TT & BL: The exhibition has been a great way to start off 2012 – time now to get back to more adventures and light painting.

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Exhibition – Urban Scrawl – Melbourne

It’s been a while since Kaff-eine and Precious Littles last large scale outing at the Fibre Femmes group show and this time around not only teamed up together again, but they have combined forces with two heavy weights in Melbournes burgeoning light art world, Blacklodge and Tigtab. A part of Melbournes Midsumma Festival, Urban Scrawl looks like a groundbreaking way to start off the new year.

Urban explorers and purveyors of the long exposure shots, Tigtab and Blacklodge have been scouring the darkened tunnels beneath the surface of Melbourne for many a year – these two, combined with the prolific and highly endearing creative streaks of Kaff-eine and Precious, has resulted in a collaborative show blending light and paint, photography, video, words and compulsive meanderings through the decaying bowls of a modern city.

"URBAN SCRAWL is a collaborative collision between street art, light painting, photography and words from four of Melbourne’s most diverse urban artists.

Emerging from their shadowy haunts for the MIDSUMMA FESTIVAL are Kaff-eine, aerosol dynamo and prolific paster; and Precious Little, street art sweetheart and poetess mess. They are joined by light alchemists Tigtab and Blacklodge, who—through photography and ethereal illuminations—inject intimacy into forgotten spaces and reanimate sites of urban decay.

Navigating the monolithic themes of love, life, death and the minutiae in between, together they lead the expedition into the clandestine corners of Melbourne, from the painted laneways to the subterranean catacombs, snaking like a circulatory system beneath the city’s skin.

URBAN SCRAWL is where identity and ephemera intersect. "

They’ve already also teased the hell out of us all with a lot of promo videos and small images previews – and, well, it worked. Thanks to some really great video editing and sneak peeks at works, and of course, the artists involved, Urban Scrawl has to be one of the most anticipated shows, already, for 2012 – and for damn good reason.

Opening Night Flyer

Who: Precious Little, Kaff-eine, Tigtab, Blacklodge
What: Urban Scrawl collaborative exhibition
Where: City Library, 253 Flinders Lane, Melbourne
When: Opening night is Thursday 19th January, 6pm til 8pm, however the exhibition itself is open from Monday 16th if you want to go and check it out!

Check out Kaff-eine, Blacklodge, Precious Little, Tigtab and the facebook event page for more info.

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tiger (1)

Submissions – Tiger Translate – Australia

Get your thinking cap on all you artists, (no berets, please), as the Tiger Translate2011 competition is coming up! This year the event caters to all mediums, and if your looking for a break and aren’t already entering then get the fuck onto it! Whatever your shtick is, we are sure you are more than capable of conjuring something up in the coming weeks – the prize speaks for itself!
All your rules regulations, stipulations and reservations are as follows…

“ARE YOU AN ASPIRING ARTIST? A roar goes out to all designers, illustrators, photographers, painters and graffiti artists – Tiger Beer invites you to enter Tiger Translate 2011. Tiger Translate competitions are run annually around the world to celebrate the talents of emerging artists.

THE COMPETITION: Entries open from August 8th 2011 through till September 20th 2011. Open to all Australian residents over the age of 18. Submissions are to be entered through Tiger Beer’s Facebook fan page, at and elements for your artwork can be downloaded at

THE PRIZE: Winner notified October 6 before being announced at Sydney’s exclusive VIP Tiger Translate party in November featuring an explosive mix of DJs, live art and street artists. You will fly to Asia in 2012 to collaborate with other Tiger Translate winners from around the globe, beckoning international exposure.

YOUR ARTWORK: Tiger Translates Australian theme in 2011 will showcase the artist’s interpretation of ‘GROWTH.’ Capture what ‘GROWTH’ means to you as an artistic visionary in an A@ size artwork. See the Facebook fan page for more details –

What: Tiger Translate 2011
Where: Your bedroom, studio, squat, whatever, wherever.
When: Entries close September 30th, winner will be notified October 5th 2011
Check out the Tiger Beer website and the facebook page for more details.
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Live Art Fundraiser – For Art and Earth – Melbourne

With live art from an accession of well endowed artists and musicians including Makatron, Braddock, Itch, CDH, Paul Sonsie, Katie Houghton, with  funk ‘n’ hip hop brought to you by Billie Hoyle and Mc Lotus and a bunch of other cool cats coming out of the wood works all in the name of a good cause, Invurt feels that a night draining spray cans, paint tins, sharpies, and beer bottles is defiantly on the cards next Friday.

Also, if you do decided to cancel those useless after work drinks that consume your sweet spondolie, your inner pyro will thank you for it as CDH will showcase his admirable Street Art created by burning the f*#! out of shit! Fire Brigade included, NOT TO BE MISSED CHILDREN! There is a $10 cover charge but its not much when its all in the name of Art and Earth.

“After meeting with Everfresh Studios, Surface Pop-Up Gallery, Katie Houghton of Hope Street Studios and Paul Sonsie, Traditional Healthcare is putting together an Art Week in Alice Springs from the 9th-18th September!

So, all hands on deck to help raise some resources to send some of Melbourne street art’s best to Central Oz, to share the fun, empowerment and purpose of art with the local youth through workshops, paste-ups and graff collaborations!!

Surface Pop-Up Gallery and TH are joining forces again to present a night of ‘fun-raising’, beer and wine, music, good times and LIVE ART.”

Who: Makatron / Braddock / Itch / CDH / Paul Sonsie / Katie Houghton and more!!! And funk ‘n’ hip hop brought to you by Mc Lotus & Billie Hoyle
What: For art and Earth
Where: Rue de Fleurus – Salon/Bar, 153 Gertrude st, Fitzroy
When: Friday, September 2 at 6:00pm – September 3 at 2:30am

Check out the Traditional Healthcare website for more details on this worthy cause.

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