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Snapshots & Video – Def Lab Jewellery Launch

Snapshots & Video – Def Lab Jewellery Launch

After hearing all about it and being excited to see it all, I headed down to Collingwood Gallery last Thursday night to see the launch of Mishaps new jewellery line, Def Lab Jewellery. Beautifully displayed in a way that could only befit work from Mishap, I absolutely loved it – street sense styled work with a flair of graffiti enthused creativity, I can see this new line going a long way.

Check out this mad video that was just released from the show (produced by Dave MSA), and all of my shots below (the video is a hell of a lot better than my shots, that for sure! Haha).

DEF LAB from Dave MSA on Vimeo.

Well done to Mishap on her launch, and heres looking forward to seeing more of this cool shit hanging around necks, hands and fingers in the future! Head here to buy yourself some of this mad bling.

IMG_8845 (Custom)

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Event & Launch – Def Lab Jewellery – Collingwood

When I first moved over to Melbourne, I often frequented what is still one of my favourite galleries – At Large. Run by two of Melbournes finest artists, Mishap and Simz, shows at At Large are still something that I look back on with a lot of fondness. The gallery, however, wasn’t the only grand thing about those times – it was the chance to get to know both artists, and their work, that really defined the time.

Having been a little quieter on the art front of late, I knew that when I next heard from Mishap that she’d have something really unique and awesome up her sleeve – the girl just can’t stop creating. Thats when I heard about her new project, Def Lab Jewellery.

"DEF LAB is a new Melbourne Designer Jewellery Label, specializing in unique, quality, custom made designs. Made and designed in Melbourne by Graffiti Artist Mishap (At Large Gallery), the first collection also features some Limited Edition Silver rings from partner in crime Rolex Bifta.

The label has been an entire year in the making of learning how to translate her art to a new medium and produce her designs in top quality silver, brass and hand painted sustainable maple.

DEF LAB is proud to unveil it’s very first collection My Life, which is inspired by the Artist’s love of Hip Hop, Pinup and Tattoos.
Amongst the collection are Sterling Silver rings inspired by Influential rappers, Graffiti alphabet necklaces in ice cream flavours, and Custom Brass name plates. The collection although eclectic, all have one thing in common; they’re inspired by the things we love in our everyday life, painting and having fun with friends, city life in Melbourne and the music we listen to.

The range can be seen in person at Collingwood Gallery for one night only. All orders made on the night will receive 10% off, can be customized to suit you and sent out in the following weeks. Join us for some bubbly and come follow our exciting new journey!"

Now, I’m no purveyor of jewellery – and I don’t believe I’ve ever posted up an article about jewellery on this site, but having seen some of the previews of the work that I’ve seen Mishap put up, I can safely say that I’m a fan. They’re a grand extension of her street aesthetics, and I’m excited to see it all!

Head down to Collingwood gallery this Thursday night to see it as well.


Who: Def Lab Jewellery (Mishap)
What: Def Lab Jewellery Launch
Where: Collingwood Gallery, Collingwood Gallery, 292 Smith St, Collingwood, Victoria, Australia
When: Opening runs from 6:30pm til 9:30pm Thursday 5th December – for one night only!!

Check out the facebook event page for more info!

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Event – Invurt & Silent Army + Much More @ Blender Lane Artists Market – Melbourne

In just over a week, I’ll be heading off for more distant shores (more on this later!), but, in the meantime, I’ve decided its high time to do something down at the amazing Blender Lane Artists Market . We’ve got a new shipment of stickers through, some tests of the new shirts we’re about to release on Redbubble (again, more on that soon) and a few other cool things as well – we’ll be giving out stickers and selling sticker packs on the night to visitors to the market.

As you know I’m not usually one for self promotion here on Invurt, but I’ll be selling a bunch of my own artwork on the night – I’d love to try to get rid of as many of my drawings as I can to happy buyers before I leave Melbourne. We’ll be joined by a few friends as well, so you never know what might turn up on the table of loot! We’ll be camped out just inside the studio entrance itself down the back of the Blender laneway.

Also on the night, Silent Army will be releasing some new fanzines as a part of their ongoing mission to provide you all with grand art and comic treasures in tidy, zinely format. This latest iteration is another version of Who Is Ha-Ha – one of our favourites. Plus, the Silent Army have an entire zine workshop set up in the back of Blender studios, with a heap of zines and other cool shit, which you should really check out if you haven’t seen it yet!!

Blender Lane artists market is hands down, our favourite mid-week activity in the past few weeks it has been absolutely pumping. With more and more stalls all the time, and a huge variety of cool, creative art and other eclectica on sale, oh, and not to mention all of the live entertainment – well, it’s a grand night out. If you’re interested in having a stall at the market, just email them –

Seeya all there!



Who: Melbourne artists, artisans, Craftspeople
What: Blender Lane Artists Market
Where: Blender Laneway & Studios, 110 Franklin St, Melbourne
When: Event starts at 5pm this Wednesday January 23rd – runs til 10pm – Night Market runs every Wednesday night!

Check out the Blender Lane Artists Market facebook page for more info, or head over to the Blender Studios facebook page.

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Snapshots – Platform 72 @ Art & About – Sydney

Whilst we were painting away next door and downstairs (which we’ll have pics up for soon), the very cool Platform72 was also holding an event – which we only actually found out about on the day!

With a whole bunch of art, both hung and live, the place was pumping throughout the afternoon – lots of people who were attending the Art Series event were also attending Platform 72s Future Beast show, and the whole vibe between the two was amazing. Andros, Tehror, Rebecca Murphy and Rotes were all painting away to some pretty cool tunes too – oh, and lots of free beer to be had – thanks!

Discovering new spaces is something that we love, and we have no idea how we hadn’t seen Platform72 before – how did that happen? Now that we have, though, we’re definitely going to be keeping an eye on what they’re up to. We met a couple of the people behind it all whilst we were there too, and they’re a diverse, creative and enthusiastic bunch of grand peeps doing some really cool things in Sydney – love it.

Our friend Jess Howell (whose amazing photos you can check out on her flickr) grabbed some seriously good shots for us from the opening and you can check them all out below … thanks Jess!


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Event & Exhibition – Pop M’art Grand Finale – Melbourne

Finale? Damn! Pop M’art is so cool, and it’s gained a lot of attention and fans over the past few months. It’s a great concept, and we’re sad to see that this will be the last one –
but what a finale it’s going to be!

"Pop M’art is a pop up art studio. We can appear anywhere and anybody can come along. It’s what we call ‘social creativity’. In just 3 months, we have popped up in 16 different locations and have painted with more than 344 people in total.

We are showcasing 200 of these artworks, which will be silent auctioned and the top 10 works, curated by renowned artist Matthew Quick, will be available in the main auction. All proceeds donated to The Starlight Children’s Foundation. All starting bid are as low as $20 and we promise you it will be an evening of drinks, film screening, art talk, auctions and live music performances and maybe even a cat-fight or two over the paintings!

There will be a mobile bar serving drinks and a booth selling hot fresh pizza, delicious soup and hot chocolate from The Convent’s Bakery!

Come along and if you like an artwork you see, then write down your bid on the sheet next to the artwork. The silent auction will conclude at 8.30pm and the winning bidder will make payment and be able to take their prize home with them. Please kindly arrive on time.

Payment on the night – Cash preferred as payment. All bidding, beer and macrons proceeds donated to The Starlight Children’s Foundation."

if you’re keen on something unique and different, and entirely social, head down to Abbotsford this Saturday to check it all out!


Who: Could be anyone, that’s the fun of it!
What: Pop M’Art – social creativity event
Where: Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford, VIC
When: Saturday 7th July from 6pm til 9:30pm

Check out the Pop M’art facebook page, their website and and the facebook event page

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Exhibition – Art For Jungle – Lo-Fi Collective – Sydney

Always great seeing a new show from the talented team behind the Lo-Fi Collective and The Standard, and this one is absolutely no exception!

“An Art Exhibition to raise funds for Greenpeace, helping in the fight against rainforest deforestation and wildlife extinction in Borneo and throughout the world. An eclectic collection of Art and Jewellery for sale, created by an amazing array of artists from across Australia.”

It’s all for a good cause, so you should head down there and buy some of the awesome art that’ll be up on the walls – two birds with one stone!


Who: Aaron Anderson, Adam Szudrich, Alice Amsel, Anna Mardakhaeva, Aylie McDowall, Bek Godwin, Claire Bonnor, Delight and Darkness, Elizabeth Bargwanna, Grimm, Noir, Guilherme Andrade, Helen Li, Nao Sugiura, Nori Beppu, Rohani Le Rossi-gnol, Scribla, Sean Carver, Ministry Of Clouds
What: Art For Jungle Greenpeace Fundraiser
Where: Lo Fi at The Standard, Lvl 3, 383 Bourke St, Surry Hills, Sydney
When: Tonight, Thursday 28th June, 2012 from 6pm!

Check out the Lofi Collective website for more details on the show!

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Exhibition – Bleeding Heart 4th Birthday – Brisbane

Bleeding Hearts Gallery has done a lot over the past few years to help promote both established and emerging artists Brisbane artists. Having been in operation now for four years, they are holding a special exhibition and party to celebrate the fact!

"To celebrate this we are hosting a full day’s activities culminating in a retrospective exhibition of some amazing artists that have contributed to Bleeding Heart over the last 4 years.

For this exhibition Bleeding Heart has invited 10 memorable Brisbane artists from the Hearts of Gold series to return to help us celebrate our birthday."

Not only will there be a bunch of great art on display, but there will also be markets and live music at the event – so, get to it Brisbane, and show your support to a cool space.


Who: Luke Darlington, Jessica Row, Carmela Ruffino, Brad Marsellos, Tricia King, Holly Leonardson, Ken Smith, Amy Commins, Emma Godfrey, James Alley
What: Bleeding Hearts 4th Birthday with Hearts Of Gold Retrospective
Where: Bleeding Heart, 166 An St,  Brisbane, QLD
When: Friday 1st June from 5pm til 9pm

Check out the Bleeding Heart website and the facebook page for more info!

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Snapshots & Review – Supanova Pop Culture Expo – Melbourne

If you’ve been reading us for a while, you would know that we are, at the core of it, pretty massive geeks. So when Supanova, the years largest festival of “pop culture expo” comes around, well, there’s no doubt that we’ll be there.

IMG_9566 (Large)

Covering every base from tv and movies, to toys and comics, scifi and fantasy and everything in between, Supanova is the epitome of creative culture. Just seeing all of the cosplayers and various suited and costumed people showed to us just how much the creative realm is permeating our society, more so than it was even a few years ago. These days, geek is cool, and being creative is even cooler. Supanova is, really just that – a massive celebration of creativity.

The first thing we noticed when we arrived, were the massive lines into the expo – we attended last year, and the crowd this year was definitely larger. The traders had been moved into one of the large exhibition halls, and even that was pretty damn crowded!

IMG_9516 (Large)

IMG_9527 (Large)

So. Many. Toys. And. Cool. Shit.

IMG_9561 (Large)

Again, one of the best parts of the day was checking out everyone dressed up for the event. You just know, that as soon as Supanova is finished, that a lot of the cosplayers are going to be heading home to start work on next years outfit immediately – you can see that much effort in their work.

IMG_9545 (Large)

We went and checked out the last  bit of Edward James Olmos, and then the finals for the cosplay competiton. The Samurai Pizza cats vs the French Revolution. Strangely enough (not really, they had great costumes), the French revolution won and went through to the finals.

IMG_9456 (Large) IMG_9482 (Large)

We finished the day off by catching Summer Glau (aka Fireflys River Tam aka Sarah Connor Chronicles Terminator) doing her talk – ahh. Fan crush to see Summer Glau in person sated. What a girl.

IMG_9609 (Large)

We met these nice ladies when we went to get supplies from the supermarket – they were pretty curious as to what was going on with all these people dressed up. We gave them some stickers and told them to keep calm and carry on!

IMG_9590 (Large)

Supanova keeps getting bigger and bigger every year. It’s an inspiring day out, and there is so much to see and do – if you want a day that is a little out of the ordinary than your usual fare, this is the place to be. For us, the best part of the day really was watching how much creativity was on display – even if your bag doesn’t run to the scifi or fantasy realms, you should at least experience something like this once in your lifetime. We’re looking forward to next years saga!

IMG_9424 (Large) IMG_9503 (Large) IMG_9504 (Large) IMG_9572 (Large) IMG_9582 (Large) IMG_9587 (Large) IMG_9596 (Large)

IMG_9518 (Large)

Melbourne was just the first show in the run of events, so if you’re in Sydney, Gold Coast, Brisbane, Adelaide or Perth, the Supanova events are coming up, so don’t miss out!

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Exhibition – Hear it, See it Group Show – Bite Collective – Bottle Creek Gallery – Wellington

WOW! Always love seeing art which is created from a totally new perspective. Bite Collective are hosting a Group show next week for NZ Music Month, and each of the artworks is actually inspired by NZ music. Lovely and interesting! Some familiar and some faces new to us will be showing their work, and there will be live music performances at the opening by Whitireia.

Artists included in the show are:

  • Marty Vreede –  printmaker, paper pioneer, inspirational teacher
  • Sheyne Tuffery – visual artist, gallery owner, fine art tutor
  • Elliot ‘Askew1′ O’Donnell – graffiti artist, graphic design, illustration, photography
  • Matthew McIntyre-Wilson –  jeweler and sculptor
  • Basia Smolnicki - printmaker, art tutor
  • Nestor Opetaia – painter and musician
  • Christine Imlay-McLean – jeweler and creator of ‘Black Agnes’
  • Spring Rees – jeweler
  • Reweti Arapere – mixed media
  • The Bite Collective – Fleur Ruth, Chloe Reweti and Rachael Gannaway –printmaking and 3D
This is going to be a show of amazing diverse talents, if you’re in the area, certainly worth a peep!

Who: Askew One, Basia Smolnicki, Fleur Ruth, Chloe Rewati, Christine Imlay-Mclean, Marty Vreede, Matthew McIntyre Wilson, Nestor Opetaia, Rachael Gannaway, Reweti Arapere, Sheyne Tuffery and Spring Rees
What: Hear it, See it Group Exhibition
Where: Bottle Creek Gallery, Pataka, Wellington, NZ
When: Show opens Thursday April 19th from 6pm

Check out the Bite Collective website for more info!

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Artist Market @ Blender30

Snapshots – Blender Lane Artists Market – Melbourne

What an absolute cracker of a day down at Blender Studios last Saturday for their inaugural artists market. Positioned along both sides of the lane-way and framed with existing murals by local and international street artists (if you haven’t been to Blender Lane before you need to check out Melbourne Street Art Tours), vendors offered a diverse array of art, craft, stationary, zines, clothing, jewellery, cakes, cactii in teapots and much more.

Kick starting the day with a superb "Little Terror" coffee from Four Rascals – a brand-spanking new local coffee crew supplying cafes around Melbourne and popping up at various events (They even roast their own beans!). We then picked up a badge from Happy Maree (website coming soon) who have just released a collection of badges designed by Regan Tamanui (A.K.A. Ha-Ha). Also got some some cards from Baby Guerilla (for my lady) and issue one of Dailies, a collaborative comic art paper put out by Silent Army – classic shit.

Good vibes, funky live tunes filling the air and sunshine pouring down from the sky – can’t think of many better ways to kick off a long weekend in Melbourne.

We’re looking forward to the next one!

Photos: Mick Rafferty (aka Drunk Monkeys) and Lachlan Curtin-Corr.

Studio artists in photos: ADi & James  Bonnici

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