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Snapshots – Street Art Melbourne Book Launch – Hosier lane

On Saturday Lou Chamberlain released her labour of love “Street Art Melbourne”. Lou has been collecting shots of Melbourne’s amazing street art in our streets and lanes  for the last 6 years or so, and the result is this great new book, showcasing some of Melbourne’s best along side interstate and international visitors. Lou also invited a bunch of artists down and provided some paint to help colour the lane. Thanks to Dave Russell as usual for the great shots.

The book will be on sale from Friday this week and is published by Explore Australia (a subsidiary of Hardy Grant). You can grab a copy at all good bookstores, or online here.

IMG 9644 500x333 Snapshots Street Art Melbourne Book Launch Hosier lane in paintups urban art melbourne live art urban art launch parties graffiti genres exhibitions books events urban art


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Exhibition – Michael Danischewski – Photographic Works – The Tate – Sydney

The grand photography cool that is Michael Danischewski will be displaying a whole bunch of work up in Sydney this Wedneday night, as he launches his solo exhibition “Photographic Works”. We dont often follow photography here on Invurt, but there are a few cases where we do – especially when its a photographer who captures so much around street culture, graffiti and art, in such an awesome way, as Mike does!

“From delivering DIY zines in pizza boxes to taking the portraits of some of the world’s most mysterious luminaries, Michael Danischewski’s work spans across all media. Be it digital, video, print magazine and film, few photographers capture the spirit of a subterranean moment quite as well as the Melbourne based artist, who began shooting at punk gigs. Now working with clients as diverse as Lee Jeans and The Operatives, graffiti artists and musicians and collaborating with multidisciplinary crew Studio615, Michael’s underground aesthetic, curious eye and dexterous expertise has lead him to become one of Australia’s most coveted photographers.

Regularly armed with a Contax T3, a free spirit and a pocket full of film, Danischewski explores the underbelly of the cities he visits, capturing not only their subcultural movements, but also those individuals who are breaking new ground.”

If you’re around Sydney this week, you should head down to The Tate and check it all out – we last saw Mikes work in the 615 Group show, and it was, quite frankly, excellent.

You can also check out a recent interview with Michael Danischewski here.

SetWidth562 michael danischewski 4 500x707 Exhibition Michael Danischewski Photographic Works The Tate Sydney in sydney street art genres photography genres graffiti genres exhibitions

Who: Michael Danischewski
What: Photographic Works
Where: The Tate, 345 Glebe Point Road, Glebe, Sydney
When: Show opens Wednesday 30th October from 6pm and runs for a week or so.

Check out Michael Danischewski and the facebook event page here.

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Exhibition – Askew – The Evolving Face – The Tate – Sydney


We are, obviously, big fans of the work of Askew One. The NZ artist has garnered a global fan base for his work over the years, and is one of the best to come out of the antipodes – and coming up pretty soon, you lucky bastards in Sydney will have a chance to see his very first solo show there!

"Askew One is a multi-disciplinary artist mostly renowned for his graffiti art paintings. Widely regarded as one of the New Zealand graffiti scene’s driving forces, he has managed to remain at the forefront of the movement (both in New Zealand and throughout the world) whilst working tirelessly behind the scenes in a diverse array of projects.

Askew’s indoor canvas works are influenced by double exposure photography, bold illustrative lines reflective of comic books and the graphic power of the letter. This is also seen in his public mural works in which his attraction to ‘bigger is better’ is highly precedent.

With an abundance of achievements and experiences almost 20 years in the graffiti scene which include a guest artist invite to Primary Flight – Art Basel Miami and taking out two consecutive ‘Write 4 Gold’ world titles as part of TMD crew (who remain undefeated), Askew is also versed in graphic design, illustration, photography, publishing, music and moving image. A self-taught, self-sufficient one-man army with no formal art qualifications behind him, Askew is an artist schooled by life itself."

The Evolving Face promises to be an amazing show, and an awesome opportunity to see his work in a Sydney gallery setting – head down there and check it out!!

askew the evolving face thumb Exhibition Askew The Evolving Face The Tate Sydney in sydney street art genres painting genres new zealand art in situ graffiti genres exhibitions

Who: Askew
What: The Evolving Face solo show
Where:  The Tate Gallery, 345 Glebe Point Rd, Glebe, Sydney
When: show opens Wednesday 13th November from 6pm til 9pm and runs daily until 17th November.

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Video – Ironlak – A Writer Knows

As far as ads for products go, well, this one is how I think all fkn ads should be! Nicely done vid, again, from Selina Miles for Ironlaks latest!

“The Ironlak dream began in 2002, when a young graffiti writer from Sydney wanted to offer Australian writers a premium spraypaint brand at an affordable price.

As the first Ironlak cans rolled onto shelves in 2004, the price of premium spraypaint was cut dramatically, opening up a whole new world of possibilities for Australian artists. Starting your own spraypaint brand from scratch comes with a (not so) healthy dose of landmines and headaches. The support we’ve received over the years from writers around the world is what drives us to keep pursuing this crazy dream.

The original spirit of graffiti lives on. Know who you’re supporting.

Video Credits:

Cut: Selina Miles, Music: Original composition by Trials, Spoken: Yuin Huzami, Handstyle: Freak KGB, Footage captured in Europe and North America.”

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Through The Lens with David Russell – October 2013

IF you’re sharp, you’ll have noticed that for the past two weeks we havent posted up any snapshots – an unusual occurance for us, given how much is going on. Alas, our gallery software got all b0rked up and we werent able to upload any gallery images! Thankfully, this is now fixed .. and along with the fix comes a whole new gallery style – hope you enjoy it!

To kick off this new style, what better than David Russells latest favourite pieces of street art from around Melbourne for October? Check out his pics for what was cool and grand over the past month … and stay tuned for a heap more pics to come over the next few days, we have almost three weeks of catching up to do …

IMG 8428 500x333 Through The Lens with David Russell October 2013 in street art genres stickers genres stencil art genres photography genres art event photos pasteups genres paper art paintups urban art painting genres mixed media genres melbourne live art urban art inurban illustration genres graphic design genres graffiti genres fine ary digital genres collage genres urban art

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Exhibition – Just Another Group Show 2013 – Melbourne

Every year, when Semi-Permanent comes around, there is one event that we just dont miss, and thats the annual JAGS exhibition.

Just Another is one of our favourite agencies, and their artists stable is second to none, containing some of the higher calibre talent in the country, (and out of it!)  – and one of their group shows is always awesome.

"In conjunction with Semi-Permanent Melbourne, Just Another Agency brings you the fourth instalment of their annual “Just Another Group Show” – an exhibition celebrating the diversity and eclectic nature of the agency’s stable of artists. Each artist involved has been asked to create a single piece of work showcasing their unique style, formatted to a square."

If there is one show that you go to see every year, this is the one – head down there this Thursday night to see it for yourself!

jags poster apeseven 720 thumb Exhibition Just Another Group Show 2013 Melbourne in street art genres painting genres mixed media genres illustration genres graphic design genres graffiti genres exhibitions

Who: Pretty much the entire Just Another artist stable, which you can check out here.
What: Just Another Group Show 2013
Where: 361 Little Lonsdale st, (Entry via Heape Crt)
When: Show opens Thursday 24th October from 6pm til 9pm and runs until the 27th October

Check out the Just Another Agency website for more details on the show!

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Event & Live Art – Wonderwalls 2013 – Woolongong

Good news, everybody! (Okay, Ive been watching way too much Futurama lately) – the guys over at The Hours have just announced the whole lineup and shebang for their annual "Wonderwalls" event up in Woolongong – and damn, it looks mighty fine!!

"The festival will run from November 8 -10, including an art exhibition, artists talks and multiple large-scale murals being painted in the Wollongong CBD from featured artists SMUG (Glasgow), ASKEW (Auckland),ADNATE (Melbourne) WONDERLUST (Melbourne) VANS THE OMEGA (Adelaide), PHIBS (Sydney), SHIDA(Melbourne) FINTAN MAGEE (Brisbane), TWOONE (Melbourne), BEASTMAN (Sydney), NUMSKULL(Sydney), ROACH (Sydney), SCOTT MARSH (Sydney), THOMAS JACKSON (Sydney) PUDL (Sydney),BAFCAT (Wollongong), JAE COPP (Sunshine Coast), IDIOT (Wollongong), SYKE (Wollongong) and TRAIT(Wollongong).

The artists on the Wonderwalls roster will converge on the city for this series of free public events. In Wonderwalls Wollongong’s second year they want to improve on gains made last year to present the city as a viable option for creative endeavours and projects, a place where artists can afford to live at lower cost without sacrificing culture. Increased cultural infrastructure will see the small city as an artistic tour de force in years to come.
Get down to The Gong for Wonderwalls, and the unveiling of their hidden artistic identity. What you see might surprise you.

For more information, mural map and a full program, visit"

Wonderwalls isnt just another art event, its a fully fledged Australian street art extravaganza, coupled with an amazing array of side events. Head up to the ‘Gong in early November to see it all for yourself!

wonderwalls festival wollongong flyer thumb Event & Live Art Wonderwalls 2013 Woolongong in sydney street art genres paintups urban art live art urban art graffiti genres festival urban art

Who: SMUG (Glasgow), ASKEW (Auckland),ADNATE (Melbourne) WONDERLUST (Melbourne) VANS THE OMEGA (Adelaide), PHIBS (Sydney), SHIDA(Melbourne) FINTAN MAGEE (Brisbane), TWOONE (Melbourne), BEASTMAN (Sydney), NUMSKULL(Sydney), ROACH (Sydney), SCOTT MARSH (Sydney), THOMAS JACKSON (Sydney) PUDL (Sydney),BAFCAT (Wollongong), JAE COPP (Sunshine Coast), IDIOT (Wollongong), SYKE (Wollongong) and TRAIT(Wollongong).
What: Wonderwalls street art festival
Where: All across the Woolongong CBD
When: November 8th to November 10th

For more information, mural map and a full program, visit

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Video – Neon Golden – Hong Kong

Madness.  Michael Danischewski just released this new ten minute featurette he did for The Hours from the Neon Golden exhibition up in Hong Kong last month.

“In September 2013, Australian based creative group The Hours curated an exhibition at Above Second Gallery in Hong Kong’s Central and Western District. Titled ‘Neon Golden’, the exhibition featured new works on paper by a collective of world class contemporary, street and graffiti artists who all share a rich history of friendship and collaboration. A lot of the artists involved also travelled from all corners of the world to be in Hong Kong for the exhibition, and to paint as many walls as possible. This is what went down….

Featuring – Fintan MageeShidaRoneKyle Hughes-OdgersBeastmanYokSheryoNumskullVans The OmegaRoachPhibsTwooneJumbo and Thomas Jackson.

A huge thank you to: Above Second Gallery –, Ironlak –

This is great viewing, with a whole heap of Australian street art going big and bad up in Hong Kong – check it all out below!!

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Video – Project 5 – 2013 – Sydney

Two weeks ago, four of Australias best street artists got together to paint a whole bunch of canvases for the 2013 edition of Project 5 up in Sydney, in the fantastic Darling Quarter.

“For the first time in its award-winning history, Project Five was presented in Spring 2013 as a month-long public art activation in partnership with Darling Quarter and as an associated event of Art & About Sydney. Volume Five comprised both an exhibition  at the aMBUSH Gallery and Darling Quarter public exhibition space OPEN and a three-day live painting event, both featuring the work of prominent contemporary Australian street artists Adnate (VIC), Jodee Knowles (WA/NSW), Numskull (NSW) and RONE (VIC). Project Five Volume Five also introduced Project Five and a Half, a series of kids’ urban art workshops facilitated over two weeks by World Famous Westsyde.

DSC0338 500x360 Video Project 5 2013 Sydney in videos images media sydney street art genres graffiti genres

The workshops explored the fine and street art disciplines of illustration, stencilling, wheat pasting and free hand aerosol painting. Late in October 2013, the works created during the three-day live painting events will be auctioned at Commonwealth Bank Place at an invitation-only event by auction partner Leonard Joel, and all proceeds will be donated to the development of youth arts programs at the Information and Cultural Exchange (ICE). Since the inception of Project Five in 2009, ICE has benefited from over $52,000 in donations from Project Five auctions.”

The event was a massive success, and with all the proceeds from it going to the charity ICE, well, theres nothing better. Adnate, Jodee Knowles, Numskull and Rone all deserve some mad kudos for their work – check it all out in the video below!

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Video – 90 Degrees Graffiti @ Jam Factory

Check out this great video that got sent to us the other day – 90 Degree artist Dan Wenn getting down in at the Jam Factory on South Yarras Chapel st – some real nice shit here I must say!

From the Stonnington Review –

“Artist Dan Wenn spent 12 hours transforming a dull wall into an edgy mural—its coloured logo bursting out from a muted streetscape.

“The idea was to do a piece that was good graffiti-wise, but still readable to the public, which is always a challenge,” he said. Read the rest of the article here.

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