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Event & Preview Video – ALLYOURWALLS – Melbourne

Well, it been an epic road, and with two days of painting to go we’re almost ready to celebrate!

We cordially invite you to celebrate with us this Friday night, 29th of November, from 6pm to 9pm as the ALLYOURWALLS team and all the artists present the completion of the project!

ALLYOURWALLS brings together some of Melbourne’s finest graffiti crews/collectives and street artists, in a major makeover of Hosier and Rutledge Lanes, in order to celebrate the significant role street art and graffiti continues to play in Melbournes cultural life.

Located in central Melbourne, Hosier Lane, along with its cobbled ‘anabranch’ Rutledge Lane, first came to prominence as a venue for street art and graffiti in the 1990s. Since then, the walls of the lanes have functioned as an exhibition site for local and visiting international graffiti and street artists.

Over a period of two massive painting sessions during November, both Hosier and Rutledge Lanes have been completely transformed, top to bottom, by over 100 local graffiti and street artists – all of which will culminate this Friday night in an event in Hosier Lane, in homage to Melbourne graffiti and street art.

Presented by Invurt, Just Another Agency and Land Of Sunshine, the ALLYOURWALLS event will be held in Hosier Lane on Friday November 29th from 6pm to 9pm.

ALLYOURWALLS is proudly sponsored by Ironlak, and supported by the National Gallery Of Victoria.

Facebook page –
Facebook event –
Tag us on the night at #allyourwalls #melbournenow

You can check out the teaser video for the event below – or follow the link here.

All Your Walls Teaser from EdInFocus on Vimeo.

Huge, massive thankyou to EdInFocus for taking care of all the video media for us – keep an eye out in the next few weeks for the full feature.

Mistys diner will be providing a bunch of the nights entertainment, and there will not only be a chance to check out all the artwork, but there will be some special event-only video-graffiti displays that you have to check out!


Who: At last count, over 100 of Melbournes finest graffiti and street artists.
Where: Hosier Lane, Melbourne
When: Friday 29th November, 6pm til 9pm

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Video – Sofles – Limitless

Video – Sofles – Limitless

Holy absolute crap. I never, ever, use the term “next level” but … what the hell other words do I really have for this video? I guess there’s always a first for everything. Waking up to this video on a Saturday morning has to be the highlight of my week – another Sofles/Selina Miles/Ironlak collaboration, featuring a whole slew of mates as well, including the ever talented Fintan Magee, Treas and Quench.

With amazing tunes by DJ Butcher … this video takes the cake for best graff video of the year, hands down. A follow up piece to the last video, Infinite, which I can see was merely a precursor (from where it previously held my video of the year rank) for something even more incredible.

Watch it for yourself, and if you disagree, I can’t hear you.

Here’s all the assorted info for the clip …

“Instagram: @sofles @selinamiles @drapl @fintan_magee @butchdaddy @ironlak

Shot/Cut: Selina Miles.
Art by Sofles, Fintan Magee, Treas, Quench.
Soundtrack by DJ Butcher (track-listing below).

DJ Butcher track-listing:
1. Get Busy Pt. 2;
2. Cocaine;
3. All in check.

The ‘Limitless’ EP is available for download for free via this link:

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Video – Phibs N Friends

Video – Phibs N Friends


Cool little video here of a whole bunch of sydney street artists getting up on the Ozanam building ..

"A bunch of Australian street artists, Headed by Phibs, and featuring the likes of Numskull and Beastman, got together to transform a warehouse in the Sydney suburb of Stanmore, into a large scale piece of art."

Looks like they had a hell of a lot of fun!!

Phibs N Friends from bpxt$ on Vimeo.

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Jun Inoue - Kuh

Exhibition – Jun Inoue – Kuh – Backwoods Gallery – Collingwood

A combination of Shodo (traditional calligraphy) and graffiti elements Jun’s work it awesome. Being a massive fan of both Japanese calligraphy and graff I’m always excited to hear about new work by Jun. this should be a great show.

From the Backwoods Press Release: “Jun Inoue was raised in regional Kanagawa, Japan, where he studied Shodō (traditional Japanese calligraphy). His grand father, a Zen Monk, became a major influence on his philosophy and aesthetic vision. Upon moving to Tokyo, the energy of the city’s underground – jungle, hip-hop and most importantly, graffiti – played a major role in further shaping his aesthetic development.
At the time, Tokyo graffiti had become focused on distinctive sweeping movements and minimalistic abstract shapes, a stylistic direction inspired by visionary Tokyo artists Kami and Sasu. It was in this scene that Jun found the platform for his unique vision.
Stripping both Graffiti and Shodō back to a single common element, Jun’s artwork combines powerful and energetic movement with contemplative, Zen-line elegance. By finding a balance between the two traditions, Jun has given them both renewed relevance and context. Since his first exhibition with Backwoods Gallery, “New Yellow #1” in 2011, Jun has successfully promoted his unique vision of traditional Japanese aesthetics to a wide audience both within Japan and abroad. His collaborative collection with Tokyo fashion designer Miharayasuhiro culminated in an acclaimed live paint performance at Paris fashion week 2012. While in Australia his installations at the ASSIN boutiques in both Melbourne and Sydney have earned him an impressive list of collectors and private commissions across the country.
The Buddhist term “KUH” means to understand nothingness. This concept is keenly expressed through the interplay between negative and positive space in much of Jun’s artwork. KUH is also the title for Jun Inoue’s upcoming exhibition at Backwoods Gallery, where he will be presenting a collection of new paintings on paper and canvas. During the opening night the gallery will become the stage for a live paint performance, as Jun completes the final piece of the show in front of our guests.”
Jun Inoue - Kuh

Jun Inoue – Kuh

Jun Inoue - Kuh

Jun Inoue – Kuh

Jun Inoue - Kuh

Jun Inoue – Kuh

Jun Inoue - Kuh

Jun Inoue – Kuh

Who: Jun Inoue
What: KUH
Where: Backwoods Gallery. 25 Easey st. Collingwood.
When: Friday the 15th of November. 6 – 10pm. Live performance at 7pm. On display until Sunday 24th of November.
Facebook event page here.
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Through The Lens With David Russell – November 2013

David Russells been a busy dude lately, snapping a whole bunch of shit all across the city – heres a few of his favourite shots of some of the latest of Melbournes street art and graffiti, check it all out …


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deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 31 9

Sunshines Top 10 – October 2013


Here we are, the latest of Dean Sunshines top picks of whats happened around the streets of Melbourne over October 2013 – another great set of shots from some fantastic artists!

1. Taylor White – Fitzroy
2. Lister – Fitzroy
3. Slicer, Jaw, Rashe – Port Melbourne
4. Silk Roy, Putos, Brunswick
5. Hiroaki Okuyama – Fitzroy
6. TwoOne + Senekt – Abbotsford
7. Be Free – Northcote
8. Putos, ERG, Caper, Siege, Tanea, Aposl, Duke – City
9. Plea – South yarra
10. Adnate – Northcote
deansunshine_landofsunshine_melbourne_streetart_graffiti_invurt top ten 31 9
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Snapshots – JAWS @ The Big Bus

A few weeks ago I had the chance to head down to check out JAW from DMV as he was getting started on a pretty epic project – painting the entirety of a bus, top to bottom.

JAW is more than well know for his immaculate detail, and when I saw the sketch for it I couldn’t wait to see how it all turned out … and holy shit, is it good. Beyond good. I want this bus. I think everyone, would want this bus.

Check out the adventures of the Big Bus on its journey around Australia, and a huge, huge thanks for Lorraine from StreetsmART for letting us re-post her wonderful pictures! This is a big gallery, so let it load for a minute … it’s worth it!


All images [c] StreetsmART.

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Snapshots – SouthSide Light Rail – SDM & ID CREWS

David Russell did a bit of a trip southside this week, and found one of my favourite walls – I work about fifty meters away from this City Road location in Southbank, and get the pleasure of seeing it every morning and every afternoon. Definitely one of the finest spots to spot some great graffiti here in Melbourne.

Check out the shots below, happy Friday mofos!


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Exhibition – North East South West – Auckland

Mad shit happening in the New Zealand graffiti and street art scene lately, and a whole lot of mad shows going on – not least this one coming up this Friday night with Berst, alongside Fecks (Perth), Kaput (vancouver) and NZs Hazer.

For one night only, the artists will be displaying a whole bunch of their work, and with each artist reppin their own corner of the world, it sounds like it’ll be worth the checkin out.

Head down to K-Road to see it this Friday!


Who: Berst, Haser, Kaput, Fecks
What: North East South West exhibition
Where: Suite 108 Ironbank, K’Road, Auckland
When: Friday the 1st of November at 6pm – one night ONLY!

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Street art Melbourne

Snapshots – Street Art Melbourne Book Launch – Hosier lane

On Saturday Lou Chamberlain released her labour of love “Street Art Melbourne”. Lou has been collecting shots of Melbourne’s amazing street art in our streets and lanes  for the last 6 years or so, and the result is this great new book, showcasing some of Melbourne’s best along side interstate and international visitors. Lou also invited a bunch of artists down and provided some paint to help colour the lane. Thanks to Dave Russell as usual for the great shots.

The book will be on sale from Friday this week and is published by Explore Australia (a subsidiary of Hardy Grant). You can grab a copy at all good bookstores, or online here.

Street art Melbourne


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