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Oz Comic Con 2013

Snapshots – Oz Comic Con 2013

So Dave Russell and I went and checked out Oz Comic Con last Saturday. What a laugh of a day. Saw some awesome costumes, and some pretty disturbing ones also HAHA!!

We checked out all the stalls in particular anyone that was drawing live. Lot’s of random characters scattered around the convention which made for some great shots, not to mention the Cos Play competition. Check out some great shots from Dave below.

Oz Comic Con 2013

Randoms – Oz Comic Con

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Exhibition – Fleshtonez – Paradise Hills – Melbourne

There is a huge swath of talent amongst Melbournes independent comic book artists, and you can always be sure that the works that they produce are cutting edge litanies. From the daily to the macabre, the fantastical to the conspiratorial, these artists take on all the challenges of communicating the foibles and fallacies of  our times.

Fleshtonez, the next upcoming group show at Paradise Hills, follows in this vein perfectly – though, not exactly in the way expected. Erotica is a definitive genre in our modern day, a ubiquitous element amongst the creative realm – and though not all artists focus on the genre solely, they will, surely, touch upon it at some stage in their creative journeys.

"FLESHTONEZ is an opportunity for eleven cutting-edge, Melbourne-based comic book artists to explore the erotic side of their practice. Free from the presumption that strong sexual content can demean the work, each artist can create their own unique take on erotica in contemporary graphic art.

Whether the result be playful, profound or disturbing, by doing so the artist has at once tapped into a rich vein of personal material and contributed to a broader discussion on sexuality, a more crucial facet than ever of the current zeitgeist."

By taking such artists as M P Fikaris, Katie Parrish, Michael Hawkins and the rest of the comic luminaries in Fleshtonez, and letting them run unfettered though their erotically charged imaginations curator Michael Hawkins may have just created a … okay, okay, I’ll avoid the bad puns, really grand show show – we’re really looking forward to seeing what work is up on the walls on the night!

I really made an effort to not mention my hopes for at least some suggestion of tentacle pr0n in this writeup. Ah. Shit.

Too late.


Who: Michael P Fikaris, Simon Hanselmann, Emily Hasselhoof, Michael Hawkins, HTML Flowers, Jnr Blue, Katie Parrish, Lee Lai, Elliot Lamb, David Mahler, Marc Pearson, Josephine Waite
What: Fleshtonez group show
Where: Paradise Hills, 8 Doonside St, Richmond, Melbourne VIC
When: Show opens Friday 31st May from pm til 10pm and runs for two weeks.

Check out the facebook event page as well as the Paradise Hills website for more info!

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Snapshots – Fanboy vs Artboy – Goodies vs Baddies – Melbourne

Lachlan Curtin-Corr got down to Prahran last Friday night for a great show down at Artboy Gallery! Lots of fun and action as a whole load of talented artists gave their spin on the age old struggle between good and evil!

Check out our photos below …


All photos via Lachlan Curtin-Corr and Artboy Gallery for more.

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Snapshots & Review – Art Melbourne

Last Saturday, we took ourselves down to Art Melbourne – like many of you probably did, if you’re here in the ‘burn.

Total artgasm. There was so much work on display, of such variety, that it was almost a little overwhelming – it was as if we’d gone to twenty, thirty, or more different shows in the one day. Throughout it though, there was some amazing work.

A lot of our favourites and friends were there – RTIST Gallery, Just Another Agency, Blender, ArtSeries, Metro, Edwina Corlette, and then there were some great names that we didn’t expect or were new to us – Coates and Scarry in particular blew us away upon entry, US stencil artists Zerosix, Upraw, Will & Caro and many more. There was some live painting from Adnate and others, and several talks throughout the whole thing including ELK up on stage with a bunch of other "younger" artists in Young Guns III.

Oh, and can we make a special mention and congrats to our friend Kristen McIver – who was the very first winner of the inaugural Melbourne Sculpture Prize which was announced as part of the event? If you haven’t seen her work, its fantastic, and well deserved of winning this award!

All in all, there was only a small fraction of work that we had seen bits and pieces of in shows before, a lot of work from specific artists was brand new for the event, thankfully. We were constantly surveying the walls, spotting shit that we loved, shit that we didn’t really care for, and shit that we never actually knew we cared for until we saw it.

Of course, everyone has their own aesthetic when it comes to art, and that’s the great thing about these events – every taste is almost guaranteed to be catered for in one respect or another. Even when we arrived we could see people walking out, canvases in hands.

It was a great day, and we probably could have spent longer here, but our brains were exploding from too much visual stimulation after only a few hours – but all in all, it was a fantastic event. Here’s hoping that a whole bunch of artists made some cash from their passion over the course of the event.

Check out the pics below, and click through the pages … we’re not kidding when we say that there was a lot of shit on display!


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Snapshots – Mark Bode – House Of Bricks – Melbourne

Well. We went, we saw, we got shit signed and were completely blown away by Mark Bodes show down at House Of Bricks. We loved the venue, the guys behind the organisation of the show did an impeccable job, and the artwork was absolutely top notch.

It felt like every old graff-head in Melbourne was there, and the street was overflowing with fans … and, we’ll keep this whole bit of pow-wow succinct, as we talked a lot about Mark Bode in our interview with him, so you can check that out, but also take a look at some images from the show …

IMG_7438 (Custom)

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Exhibition – Angels See In Sepia – Fletcher Andersen – Melbourne

There isn’t much to say that hasn’t already been said on the subject of the man and his plan! Fletcher Andersen (Facter), Founder, Editor, and Director of, well, here,, dude behind the curtain on so many of its artistic off-shoots, and our (the Invurt crews) favourite ‘boss man’ artist is bringing us something really special this October … his second solo show, Angels See In Sepia.
Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic.’ Arthur C Clake
“Based on the thematic muse of Wim Wenders seminal movie Der Himmel über Berlin (”Wings Of Desire”), Fletcher Andersen brings his second solo show, Angels See In Sepia, to Melbourne’s Rancho Notorious Gallery.

Having produced a unique collection of portraiture, Fletcher delves into a combination of influences that have driven his creative passions for over twenty years – science fiction, arthouse films, street art and technology. Combining an inimitable illustrative style with visages of natural beauty, the images within Angels See In Sepia depict returned angels of the Singularity, and their restoration to mortality after having relinquished their transhuman, digital heaven. From a universe of plenty, to a world of raw, unedited emotion, they are freed from the “shackles of immortality” to face a long forgotten "natural” world; one far removed from of their solipsistic experiences.

As the culmination of years of exploring these themes within his writing and art, the works within Angels See In Sepia are an experiment in the combination of hand drawn, illustrated imagery, and digital realism. The results of this process is a unique, mixed media collection of works that attempts to bridge the past, present and future of both art, as well our technologically evolving humanity."

The crew here at Invurt are really proud of our ‘art father’. We support Fletch as to he strives to continuously produce his art, incredibly, amongst all the stuff he does both here on the website, as well as on the many projects he has been working on, and we hope you will to. Word is, that there will also be some special guests doing some collaborative pieces with him for the show, bonus!

So come celebrate all things Angelic, all things Sepia, all things Spring time, and, also importantly, hot chicks! Now that’s what I’m talkin about, be there!

Fletcher Andersen (Facter) .. with special guest remixes from Nicole Tattersall, Heesco, Jack Douglas, E.L.K, Pierre Lloga, Jianna Lucia, ExRobot, Mishke, Ed Bechervaise, Conrad Bizjak and Phoenix.
What: Angels See In Sepia – Solo Show
Where: Rancho Notorious – Upstairs from 1000 Pound Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St Melbourne (enter via Heape Crt Laneway on the opening night)
When: Opening night Thursday 13th October 6pm. Show runs til 25th October 2011
Check out the Facebook Event page and Fletchs Irikanji Website for more information and inspiration.
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Exhibition – Panty Raid Group Show – Melbourne

We missed the launch for this, but its still on until early October, so you should get down and check it. Brunswick Street Gallery hosts ‘Panty Raid’, an all female Australian based artist exhibition, in association with Oz Kink Fest this, featuring “a range of “panty inspired” photography, paintings, mixed media, and drawings.”

The seven female artists from Melbourne, Sydney and Brisbane include Dolly Bird, Buttons, Clarissa Bones, A’marie Daisyjaw, Kalindy Millions, Ellie, and Molly Martin.

A sexy, savvy and super sassy show for women, and all.
Who: Dolly Bird, Buttons, Clarissa Bones, A’marie Daisyjaw, Kalindy Millions, Ellie, and Molly Martin
What: Panty Raid Group Show
Where: Brunswick Street Gallery – 332 Brunswick Street, Fitzroy, Melbourne
When: Friday 23rd September 6pm. Show runs til Thursday 6th October 2011
Check out the Facebook event and BSG website for more deets!
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