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Cult Leader, House Of Bricks

Snapshots – Cult Leader – At The House Of Bricks

The House Of Bricks has done it again, putting on a great night featuring some pretty cool pieces by artist’s Bailer, Putos, Shay Bakar, Dominoe Phillips, Kid Silk, Max Richards, Adele Wilkes and Mr Muppet.

Fresh pizza cooked in a mud brick oven and cocktail slurpees for all who attended, not a bad way to spend a Thursday night in Collingwood.

Here are a bunch of pics I got while there enjoy…Peace

Cult Leader, House Of Bricks


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Event – Idle – By Sebastian Fransz – At The Darkhorse Experiment – At Blender studios

Be sure to get along to this on Wednesday night, featuring my good mate, Sebastian Fransz.

Look at the wall. The wall has been built. Soon, it will be un-built. There is someone’s dried spit sitting partially over the last loop on a tag someone else did two years ago. The tag is black. The black spray paint fits over the texture of the brick. There is mortar between the bricks, which is made from sand, cement and water. The wall is made from spit, spray paint, bricks and mortar.
Steps out onto the street. Full of intention. Today is this day, and another one is coming after that.
Wood is trees. Cut wood is dead trees. Paper is pulverised trees. Charcoal is tree-derived carbon, which is bound with gum. Art is when various adulterated and mutilated elements are forced to hang around with one another.
How did it begin? With an explosion. How will it end?
The wall has been knocked down. The chips are spraying.
Something else will happen later, and it will probably be violent.


‘With Contributions from Blender studios and associated artists’


Idle - Sebastian Franz

Idle – Sebastian Franz



Who: Sebastian Fransz.

What: Idle.

When: This Wednesday the 23rd of July at 6:00pm.

Where: Dark Horse Experiment, at Blender studios, 110 Franklin Street, Melbourne, Victoria.

Facebook event page here


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Exhibition – PantoneMyArt- TCC (The Gallery) – Singapore

Celebrating ten years of collaboration between TCC (The Connoisseur Concerto) and, they present to you PantoneMyArt. A highly interactive exhibition held in Singapore.

Bringing together the works of 8 artists from various backgrounds. The works “are set to take the expression ‘off the wall’, as they present two dimensional artworks that will give a three dimensional illusion’’. Covering two full floors including the windows.

What you’re going to be seeing at the exhibition:  radioactive yellow monsters by Terence Koh, Red Panda’s by Ziqi, window creation of a cityscape by Race, anamorphic street design by Ben Qwek, animated graffiti by Clogtwo, Digital experiences by Dale, Lim Zi Sim will be showing off her paper-cut talents by creating an all white large cut out architectural masterpiece and Slacsatu’s going to be in his own words be ‘drawing stuff’ all over the place.

Admission to the exhibition is free and its open to the public, everyone and anyone is welcome to come interact with these works of art and obviously post as much photos of themselves with it on social networks as described by the organisers themselves on their Facebook event page.  The exhibition will be running from 13th June to 16th of October.


Who: Ben Qwek, Clogtwo, Dale, Lim Zi Sin, Race, Slacsatu, Terence Koh, Ziqi
What: PantoneMyArt Exhibition 2014
Where: TCC (the Gallery) , 51 Circular Road, Singapore 049406
When: 13th June 2014, 6,30PM


Check out these links too:

Facebook Event Page 

TCC – Event Page 

Ben Qwek 







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Snapshots – From The Ground Up – Temasek Polytechnic – Singapore

An exhibition that brought together artworks of various mediums from ClogTwo, InkTen and FreakyFir.

From digital artworks by FreakyFir, canvas and wooden panel paintings by ClogTwo, street installations made up of both electronics and spray cans, not forgetting desks painted with the infamous hollow ghost by InkTen.  The exhibition attracted guests of various backgrounds who spent a fair bit of time looking through the various installations and artworks by the three artists.

The exhibition will last until the 25th of June 2014.



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Exhibition – Girls Of The Underworld – Kult Gallery – Singapore

Make no mistake, we’re fans of the shit that Kult Gallery does up in Singapore – we had a chance to visit there last year, and meet some of the crew involved, and they were fantastic. so whenever we see a show on there, we’re more than happy to tell you all about it-if you’re in the area, you should always make it to see one!! This time up, its an all-female lineup with Girls of the Underworld.

“Kult Gallery presents ‘Girls of the Underworld’, a group show of young female artists that examines what it means to be female in today’s Asian society. Kult invited 34 Singapore-based female artists to create a new piece of work that captures their perspective on living and working in fast-paced modern Asia. This is done through exploring subjects such as music, identity, pop TV & movie culture. Artists were given freedom to create their works using various mediums, such as painting, drawing, silkscreening, collaging, and even animated GIFs as a form of artistic conversation. The show features local female artists such as Adeline Tan, Dawn Ang, Inkten, Kristal Melson, Soph Ong and Tiffany Tan. Says Kult’s Curators, “We are currently witnessing a boom of creativity in Singapore, especially amongst the female community. ‘Girls of the Underworld’ aims to capture and celebrate this phenomenon.” Catch this female phenomenon of 33 new artists. The jilted generation of brought up on Asian pop culture, the age of mass communication and information overload. See them join forces in a special dedicated show marking the rise of this movement. Come and see how these girls are rocking the world of illustration, graphics and contemporary art.”

It’s not easy as an artist to make a career in Singapore doing what it is you love, and although its getting (somewhat) better for creatives there in recent times, its shows like this are an important part of pushing new artists out into the public eye – so you should check it out, and go and support it, the artists and Kult!!


Who:  Mightyellow (Adeline Tan), Allison M Low, Amanda Ang, Carmen Chen, Caramelaw, Cherryn Yap, Dawn Ang (Aeropalmics), Dewi Marie Vincoy, Ella Zheng, Emma Maxwell, Esther Goh, Farah Hannah, Fleecircus, Inkten Sufina, IVILS, Izziyana Suhaimi, Joyce Lee, Kristal Melson, Lui Yiling, Lydia Bindi, Marilyn Goh Yun Jin, Mary Bernadette, Yu Michelle, Moon Malek, Nataliette, Nazneen Aziz @seeulteriormotifs, Sharmila Roseli, Sheryo, Sheryl Yap, Sharon Yang (PAYNK), Soph Ong, Tiffany Tan, Winnie Wu
What: Girls Of The Underworld group show
Where: Kult Gallery, C2-5, 11 Upper Wilkie Road, Singapore 228120
When: The exhibition opens on Friday, 30th May 2014, 5pm at Kult Gallery and will run until Saturday 28 June 2014.

Check out the facebook event page and Kult gallery for more info on the show.

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Exhibition – Gold Blood, Magic Weirdos – Collingwood

Perth artist Sean Morris is known for his quirky artworks, and in the Magic Weirdos series he has gathered together a whole slew of other artists and friends that have a kindred connection to the oddness he loves so much.

Having had the previous shows both in Perth and overseas, the Magic Weirdos series makes its way to Melbourne, Seans new home, with a grand array of artists.

“Curated by Melbourne’s Sean Morris, the Magic Weirdos represent an eclectic collection of world builders, divided by their unique styles and visions but united by the honesty and humanity found in their work.
Sean Morris describes Gold Blood as the common, intangible thing that flows through each of these artists, “some amazing disease that makes them see the world the way that they do and drives them to express what they see through their art.”

Ghostpatrol, Brendan Monroe, Simon Hanselmann, Kozyndan, Sheryo, The Yok, Jean Jullien, James Jirat Patradoon, Mr. Gauky, Mel Stringer, Wishcandy, Stevie Gee, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Will Laren, HTML Flowers, Benjamin Sea, Sean Morris, Eveline Tarunadjaja, Bei Badgirl, Ambird, The Seven Seas, Manuel Donada, Maddy Young, Emma Wiesenekker, Bafcat, Jean Jullien.

Magic Weirdos will be opening on Friday the 7th of March 2014 from 6-9pm and will be on display until Sunday the 16th.”

We’re really happy to get the chance to finally see one of these shows in the flesh, so head down tomorrow night to Backwoods gallery to check it all out for yourself – heres some previews of the works in the show …




Who: Ghostpatrol, Brendan Monroe, Simon Hanselmann, Kozyndan, Sheryo, The Yok, Jean Jullien, James Jirat Patradoon, Mr. Gauky, Mel Stringer, Wishcandy, Stevie Gee, Kyle Hughes-Odgers, Will Laren, HTML Flowers, Benjamin Sea, Sean Morris, Eveline Tarunadjaja, Bei Badgirl, Ambird, The Seven Seas, Manuel Donada, Maddy Young, Emma Wiesenekker, Bafcat, Jean Jullien
What: Gold Blood, Magic Weirdos
Where: Backwoods Gallery, 25 Easey St, Collingwood, VIC
When: Show opens Friday the 7th of March 2014 from 6-9pm and will be on display until Sunday the 16th

Check out the facebook event page as well as Backwoods Gallery for more info on the show!

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Through The Lens with David Russell – October 2013

IF you’re sharp, you’ll have noticed that for the past two weeks we havent posted up any snapshots – an unusual occurance for us, given how much is going on. Alas, our gallery software got all b0rked up and we werent able to upload any gallery images! Thankfully, this is now fixed .. and along with the fix comes a whole new gallery style – hope you enjoy it!

To kick off this new style, what better than David Russells latest favourite pieces of street art from around Melbourne for October? Check out his pics for what was cool and grand over the past month … and stay tuned for a heap more pics to come over the next few days, we have almost three weeks of catching up to do …


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Oz Comic Con 2013

Snapshots – Oz Comic Con 2013

So Dave Russell and I went and checked out Oz Comic Con last Saturday. What a laugh of a day. Saw some awesome costumes, and some pretty disturbing ones also HAHA!!

We checked out all the stalls in particular anyone that was drawing live. Lot’s of random characters scattered around the convention which made for some great shots, not to mention the Cos Play competition. Check out some great shots from Dave below.

Oz Comic Con 2013

Randoms – Oz Comic Con

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Snapshots – JR & José Parlá – The Wrinkles Of The City – New York City

Something special for you today that I really wanted to share! After two and a half months travel in Central America (expect a whole bundle of Sojourn articles coming up from all across Mexico and Guatemala!) I arrived this week in NYC. As luck would have it, dynamos José Parlá and JR were having an opening tonight at Bryce Wolkowitz Gallery in Chelsea! Read on for the media release, to give you an idea of what it was all about …

"The Wrinkles of the City was started by JR in Cartagena, Spain and has been reprised in Shanghai, Los Angeles, and most recently, Havana. In 2012, JR and Parlá photographed and interviewed dozens of senior citizens who lived through the Cuban revolution, flyposting colossal black-and-white portraits of their subjects on the walls of city buildings. Parlá, who is of Cuban descent, interlaces the images with palimpsestic, calligraphic writings and color. In a city devoid of commercial imagery, JR and Parlá’s enormous yet intimate portraits offer a stunningly humane contrast to the endless repetition of political icons.

IMG_7011 (Custom)

This exhibition will consist of twelve large portraits from the Havana iteration of The Wrinkles of the City project along with a site-specific installation."

Although it was mighty packed inside, there was some really great work on display – most of it imagery from the many walls they’d worked on – but there was one piece, was that "site specific installation", that I fucking loved …

3228ab5eb78711e2b4b422000a1f903d_7 (1)

Check out the pics from the opening below (excuse the not so grand shots, I’m not the worlds greatest photographer!) to give you an idea of how it all was – and check out all the pics of the work in the show here.

IMG_7000 (Custom)

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Feature Event – Damn It! Magazine Launch – Melbourne


Way back in October, we brought you news of a new project that I’ve been working on with Jo Jette, a brand spanking new print magazine by the name of Damn It! Well, it’s done, printed and all ready to go – and we’re having a party to celebrate!!

Designer and Publisher Jo Jette has been working on the amazing Nothing To Nobody for a few years now, which, sadly, has just released its awesome final issue (Jo will be working on Damn It! from here on out!) This dynamo of a lady has crafted what I think is a stunning, collectable piece of visual beauty, and written a slew of grand articles. For myself, well, I’ve edited my ass off on this one, and if you’ve been reading Invurt for a while then you can expect a whole bunch of full feature articles from yours truly on artists from across the globe!

We’ve already released the magazine for purchase over the internet (go grab yourself a copy!), so now its time to invite you all to the launch!!

"Tired of the same old same old? Want to feel like you’re doing something positive when you shell out your hard earned cold cash for a magazine? Want value for money in a convenient bag size read? Then say hello to our little friend – DAMN IT!

DAMN IT! is a brand spankin’ new, biannual, 96 page, limited edition magazine run by Publisher & Designer Jo Jette (of Nothing to Nobody magazine), and Editor in Chief Fletcher Andersen (aka Facter, of online art webzine, Invurt). We put every cent we have into the publication, so that each issue will kick the can of the previous one.

Each issue we feature juicy articles on super talented peeps – illustrators, photographers, typographers, painters, writers, and other creative types as well as reporting on the more serious side of things from around the world.

We also shine a Bat-signal on some of the amazingly selfless work done by caring peeps setting up and running not-for-profits all round the world. We’re not afraid to put our money where our damn big mouths are, and we pledge to donate $0.50 from each copy of DAMN IT! sold to the not-for-profit we feature in that issue, which in our first ever issue is Skateistan, a not-for-profit set up to teach kids to skate in Afghanistan, Cambodia and Pakistan. Skatistan also teach journalism and art to their students, 40% of whom are girls.
Plus we’ve adopted a Polar Bear for our first issue to accompany our article on Polar Bears and Arctic conservation, but just wait ‘til you see what we are sponsoring for issue 2!!

Launching officially on 2 May at the Just Another Project Space in 153 Greville St, Prahran (Melbourne) from 6-9pm, and we’ll be giving away a Hamburger YoYo to everyone who attends. Yes, you heard us right – so join us for a drink!"

It’s a bittersweet feeling, knowing that the mag is being launched, and my not being able to actually attend the launch party! Lamentations aside, both Jo and I are stoked at how the mag has turned out, and we’re sure that you’ll all love this first issue (we hope!) – its been a long process and a lot of hard work, trial and trepidation, but its something we’re pretty proud of.

So, we’d love for you to al head on down to the launch party next Thursday – grab a mag, enjoy a read and let us know what you think!!! Massive thanks to the team at Just Another for letting us use their awesome Just Another Project Space for the launch, we couldn’t be happier with the venue!!

Don’t forget, that if you can’t make the launch, we have released the magazine for purchase over the internet here! We’re already deep into planning Issue #2 also, so your feedback is more than welcome – we also have extremely affordable advertising space available for full page ads in the next issue and beyond.

Massive thanks to everyone for all of their support, especially the artists and advertisers who are featured in the first issue!


Who: The first issue of Damn It! Magazine features articles on artists and creatives such as Lee Romao, Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins, Ken Taylor, Chris Peters, Poise, Adam Oehlers, Ink & Clog, Skateistan, Polar Bears of the Arctic, Naoto Hattori, Tom Hussey, and Hit+Run and some special artwork from Chris Hancock and Eleven, photography from Nicole Reed and much more.
What: Damn It! Magazine Launch Party
Where: Just Another Project Space, 153 Greville St, Prahran, Melbourne, Victoria, Australia
When: Opening will be one night only, Thursday 2nd May 2013 from 6pm til 9pm!

Check out the facebook event page for ore info as well as the Damn It! Magazine website!

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