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Snapshots & Video – Adnate – Beyond The Lands

What can we say about Adnates show at Metro Gallery thats on right now? Beautiful. One of the best shows from a Melbourne street artist we’ve seen. Respectful. All the things that others have said many times over the past two weeks … but, really, what we feel about this show is that we’re pretty proud, not only of Adnate himself and the gorgeous work he did for it, but proud that Melbournes general public has seen fit to fall in love with his work, and truly validate all the countless hours that he has spent striving over the years to make his way as an artist. If a sold show at Metro Gallery doesn’t show that a graff artist, with enough hard work and unfaltering determination, can really live the dream and do what he loves doing, then we don’t know what does.

The opening for Beyond The Lands was amazing – from the speeches, to the traditional dancers, to the sheer amount of people attending, to the massive, but humble, smile we saw on Adnates face. It’s still on, and you should go see it.

The following are a bunch of shots that Dave Russell got of the works himself, as well as the awesome video that Michael Danischewski did for the whole thing.We loved it, and can’t wait to see what Adnate does next.


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Oz Comic Con 2013

Snapshots – Oz Comic Con 2013

So Dave Russell and I went and checked out Oz Comic Con last Saturday. What a laugh of a day. Saw some awesome costumes, and some pretty disturbing ones also HAHA!!

We checked out all the stalls in particular anyone that was drawing live. Lot’s of random characters scattered around the convention which made for some great shots, not to mention the Cos Play competition. Check out some great shots from Dave below.

Oz Comic Con 2013

Randoms – Oz Comic Con

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Live Art & Event – Trick Or Tees – Melbourne

Well then, what are you going to get up to in Melbourne after the awesome Secret Walls Semi Final Round 2 event? Head down to 1000 £ Bend of course, where Threadless will be holding their first event in Melbourne with this killer of a party! (sorry haha)

"With the help of AS Colour, HIT+RUN, Just Another, Lifelounge, Stoli Vodka, Time Out and T-world, we are rounding up some seriously talented artists, a rad T-shirt exhibition, horror films and of course, some killer surprises.

Come dressed up or as you are for one crazy night. This is the first time Chicago’s Threadless will be hosting an event in Melbourne, so we’re super excited.
• Doors at 8:00pm
• Live Body Painting from 10pm
• Screen-printing by HIT+RUN Australia
Entertainment all night by;
– Pikachunes::

RSVP: for guest list
Entry via Heape Court"

We’re hell keen to see the Hit + Run screen printing and the live body painting (we know whose painting, but we wont give it away – you’ll love it, however!) – so we’ll see you down there this Wednesday night – it’ll be a bloody riot!

(Okay, I’ll stop now … )


Who: Ah, now that’d be telling.
What: Trick Or Tees – Threadless Halloween party
Where: 1000 £ Bend, 361 Little Lonsdale St, Melbourne,
When: Event starts 8pm on Wednesday 31st October

Check out the facebook event page for more info on the show!

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Snapshots – Maitreya Festival – Carisbrook

We headed to the Maitreya festival last weekend to support our friends over at Online Clubber. While we were there we had a chance to check out a whole shitload art that was going on. Man, some really, really impressive stuff by some really talented artists.

As for the event itself,  it was pretty creative and everyone seemed to have a great time … but, well .. you know what? I think we’ll just let the art do the talking …

IMG_8613 (Custom)

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Event – Pret-A-Zombie – Melbourne

Halloween is upon us, ghouls and ghosties, and Richmond’s Owl and the Pussycat is home to all creatures living or living dead! This is something a bit different to our normal fare posted here, but what the hell, its Halloween bitches!

will have “Zombies descending as they moan, groan and roam their way right up onto the catwalk. Come witness the spectacle as budding young make-up artists ply their skills to create the most impression zombies they can, in their bid to win a generous prize pack compiled by our sponsors and Barnes – where creative people shop.

You will then get the chance to vote on your favourite zombie and help decide who is to walk away with the prize pack.
As special guests for the night we have some real zombies, held tight to keep you safe in giant cages, lent to us on the night by the fine zombie masters at

Come down and join the fun as we celebrate all things that goes bump in the night People in costume get cheap drinks. Pret-a’-zombie’… the dead are in this year”

Come share in the all hallows eve-olution of make-up artistry, and also check out the other “unearthly delights” of the theatrical performance by Jason Cavanagh – Nightmare on Swan Street II and Phantoms – an exhibition by Michael Laws.

Who: A bunch of Crazy make-up artists, Jason Cavanagh, Michael Laws
What: All mighty Halloween extravaganza
Where: The Owl and the Pussycat – 34 Swan Street Richmond, Melbourne
When: Saturday 29th October 6-11pm

Check out the Facebook Event and Owl’s Website for more depraved details!

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Interview – Random

We all know it – life really is completely random – yet many of us don’t embrace such a fact as a real ethos, instead  we relegate the chaos in our lives to simple expressions of "wtf" and "huh?"

As his moniker simply implies, Random is one artist who has long since embraced the chaotic disorder in the world, and turned it into his own personal motto. Traversing a wide range of disciplines, from painting to graffiti, and now with a large focus on body art, Random is one of those artists whose travels and tribulations have forged a unique path by which his creative impulses are explored.

Having recently held a solo show for Aucklands Art Week festival, we had a chance to throw a few questions at the man himself, and get the low down on his work, and what it is about his art, DIY ethics and his travels to Japan that have spurred on his journey …



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Exhibition – Spencer Harrington aka Random – Auckland

As part of Art Week Auckland, tomorrow Spencer Harrington’s (Random) colourful spectacle exhibition “The Colour of Originality” will be held at Kerr St Art Space at the Foothills of Mount Victoria, Davenport.

“…a young urban artist who has exhibited widely in the short time he has devoted himself to being a fulltime artist. He uses an extensive range of usual and unusual materials in stunningly innovative ways. These works have found their way into collections across New Zealand and now into Europe, America and Japan.

Since his return from Tokyo visual artist Spencer Harrington aka Random, has been gathering his ideas, influences, experiences and lessons into an exhibition titled ‘The Colour of Originality’. His exposure to new mediums, styles and genres through the Depot’s ArtsLab has resulted in a new level of works; Dreamscape oil painting, imaginative mixed media, conceptual installations, all with a surrealists twist which replaces the viewer’s reality with Spencer’s own world.”

Spencer has also been getting into body painting of late and they, from what we have seen, are some wicked stylin stuff! Art Week is looking pretty damn sick, so get on down for this and many other major shows!

Who: Spencer Harrington aka Random
What: The Colour of Originality – As a part of Art Week Auckland
Where: Kerr St Art Space
When: Opening Thursday 13th  October 5.30-7pm. Show runs til  24th October 2011
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Exhibition – Yusk Imai – Melbourne

The São Paulo street art scene is one of the best in the world, and it’s with a huge amount of excitement that we saw Collingwoods Backwoods Gallery has just released the info for Yusk Imai’s solo show. Yusk is a favourite of ours here and we’ve been following him for some time. We loev his intricately sketched out ink work, and his Exoskeleton project was, to put it bluntly, fucking amazing.

"Despite being born in the United States, and of Japanese descent, it is the vibrant city energy and graffiti culture of his home town São Paulo that has played the most distinctive role in developing Yusk Imai’s artistic vision. Yusk represents the vanguard of a new generation of emerging Brazilian artists. His style transcends that of the hackneyed, commonplace

street art often seen gracing street and gallery walls, and is the very reason that he is universally considered a unique character. Yusk’s works are emotionally rich with spiritual messages and ask questions about human nature, our aspirations and our identity. His fine motifs and distinctive palette are an unquestionable nod to the masters of Art Nouveau. Timely then, that we see this exhibition running concurrently with the National Gallery of Victoria’s blockbuster Vienna exhibition.

You Have No Chance With Coincidence is a collection of works that explores life, love and death, interwoven through oils, acrylics, aerosol and inks, and all crafted through a delicate balance of determination and chance. It is a big collection, both in size and importance as it represents a significant chapter in the artist’s life.

This exhibition was completed as he made his way across Europe during the course of the year -painting walls and working shitty jobs. The installations and statues were created during his residency at Backwoods and Everfresh Studio over the course of the last month."

It’s always an absolute pleasure to see an artists from beyond our shores working and exhibiting here, and Yusk is one cool damned creative talent. If you’re in Vic over September, don’t miss this show – its  São Paulo street art meets Melbourne street art, and its going to be awesome.

yusk-promo-print-2-600x837 (1)
Who: Yusk Imai
What: You Have No Chance With Coincidence solo show
Where: Backwoods Gallery, 25 Easey Street, Collingwood, VIC
When: Show opens 6pm, Friday September 9th and runs til 25th September

Check out the Backwoods Gallery website for more info, as well as Yusk Imai’s website – it’s pretty damn cool.

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Live Art – Body Canvas Showcase – Melbourne

Body Canvas this year is going to be amazing – this annual fundraiser for the National Breast Cancer Foundation just gets bigger and better every year, with a wealth of amazing artists and models getting together to raise funds for the organisation.

In the lead up to the show, Body Canvas has a number of cool events scheduled to help raise awareness of the event, and this weekend they will be putting on a mad live art/graff/body painting event in Brunswick.

"On the 14 August 2011 a large wall outside the Brunswick train station just outside of the Noise Bar will be painted with a huge ‘Body Canvas’ tag and will have models airbrushed and embedded into the wall. All the media will be invited down as well as film crews and photographers. This will be a fantastic afternoon for models, artists, celebrities and the media to get together and prepare for the big event on the 24th September."

Walls, paint, girls and an amazing fundraiser – with the guys from SafeHouse doing a fair share of the artwork for the day, its lookin like a grand Sunday afternoon to us.

Multiple artists and models
What: Body Canvas – Graffiti Burners and Embedded Models
Where: Noise Bar, Brunswick Station, Victoria
When: Event starts on Sunday 14th August at 12pm and runs til 3pm.

Check out the Body Canvas website as well as the facebook event page and the SafeHouse website for more info on this event!

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