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E.L.K - Photo Courtesy of E.L.K

Exhibition – E.L.K – Louder Than Words – StolenSpace – London

Whilst many of us sadly won’t be able to make this show, we thought we would give credit to Our good friend E.L.K (aka Luke Cornish) who is taking his Louder Than Words  show to the one and only StolenSpace Gallery in London. Fuck Yeah!!! Hope the show goes well man!

About the Show: “Inspired by his travels to refugee camps of Lebanon, surrounded by the sound of gunfire, Luke draws on his artistic skills to bear witness to the suffering, hope, violence and everydayness of the displacement and conflicts.”

If you are in London be there or if you know someone let them know about this awesome show.

E.L.K - Photo Courtesy of E.L.K

E.L.K – Photo Courtesy of E.L.K

Who: E.L.K (aka Luke Cornish).

What: Louder Than Words.

When: 7th August at 6PM and runs until 31st August.

Where: 17 Osborn Street,E1 6TD London, United Kingdom.

Facebook event page here.  

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Video – Lush vs Rowdy – Dubl Trubl – Berlin

Video – Lush vs Rowdy – Dubl Trubl – Berlin

If you’re at work, this video definitely isn’t something you watch to watch – if you’re at home, then go for it and take a look at the latest by Lush and Rowdy in a clip that’s as filthy as it is fantastic.

” These boys are dubl disgusting, see more of their work at the Dubl Trubl Collective Show coming this September at Urban Spree in Berlin. Check out more repugnant reprobate filth at”

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Video – Street Art vs The Art Market

Video – Street Art vs The Art Market

We’ve been watching the Art vs Reality series since it started up not too long ago, and we’ve been loving it. Peter Drew is well known for poking a stick at the art establishment, and this new series does just that.

Art vs Reality is somewhere between a beginners guide and high-brow – but if you sneak your mind past the (admittedly fairly minimal) art-speak then it is a wealth of great information, insight and opinion as to modern trends in art. We’ll definitely be continuing to watch it and see how it all unfolds. It’s also, as I am sure it is intended, quite humourous at times – and Peter Drew makes for a great all round, witty host.

Art vs Reality has previously covered the issues of Art Galleries and Conceptualism, and this time they bring us one thats close to home with Street Art vs The Art Market. This is seen through the lenses of the “Art Fair” and Impressionism. It’s interesting in that in this episode he draws parallels of street art to the media explosion of print and Impressionisms move away from the salons of old, and its a great take on the subject of the current popularity of street art. It also delves into the “curated wall” areas and their association with larger art fairs and the like – kudos also must be given to the Benny Hill head nod.

“Street art isn’t the first subculture to have an odd relationship with the art market. When the impressionists held their own exhibitions, outside of the Paris Salon, they changed the artworld forever. But today’s art fairs make the Paris Salon look like a yard sale. So, in this age of market dominated art, has it become any easier for subcultures to maintain their integrity? Will street art hold its own or will history just keep on repeating?”

Not everyone agrees with Peters take on things, but the great thing about the series is that he not only puts forth his considered and obviously well researched opinion, but he also actually takes the time out to do video responses to the comments – a great little feedback loop for viewers. So if you do have an opinion, say so – you never know, he might respond. check it out below …

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Video – Ink & Clog – DSTRY London x Paris

Video – Ink & Clog – DSTRY London x Paris

Singaporean street art duo Ink & Clog had a bit of a trip over to Europe recently, and whilst there they did what they do best – destroyed a bunch of walls with a bunch of mad art.

These two just keep powering on lately, with exhibitions, walls and all kinds of mad creativity – check out their journey in the video below!

DSTRY LONDON X PARIS from inkandclog on Vimeo.

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Sunshines Top 10 – April 2014

Once again our mate Dean Sunshine has been out and about through April, traversing Melbourne streeta rt and graffiti looking for whats good and fine – and this weeks selection is damn fine indeed!


1. Alexis Dias – Collingwood
2. Shida – Collingwood
3. Sirum – Brunswick
4. Bailer – Northcote
5. Civil + Be Free – Fitzroy
6. Stormie Mills – St.Kilda
7. Senekt – Collingwood
8. Kan (DMV) Collingwood
9. Drew Funk – Collingwood
10. Jaz – Collingwood

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Video – TwoOne – Berlin

Video – TwoOne – Berlin

TwoOne (Hiroyasu Tsuri) headed off on a  global odyssey a few months ago, and now we’re getting a chance to see the fruits of his journey. This video was put together by Stu Campbell and shows Hiro doing his thing on Kloster st in Berlin – check it out!

“Beast scape” Berlin 2014 from TWOONE on Vimeo.

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Snapshots & Video – Meetings Of Styles – Singapore

Snapshots & Video – Meetings Of Styles – Singapore

For the first time in history, Meeting Of Styles hit Singapore last weekend. Here are some snapshots of the event of artists/writers from Singapore, Malaysia, Brunei, Australia, Indonesia and Germany. Singapore graffiti at its finest!

Here’s a video from the whole weekend – good times …

Meeting Of Styles Singapore 2014 from Hazrin Ismail on Vimeo.

Check out all the photos below!


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Meeting of Styles Singapore

Event – Meeting Of Styles 2014 – Singapore

Expanding its reach into Asia, Meeting Of Styles is finally here in Singapore!

For the first time it will be held at a newly legalised spot for graffiti and street at the Rail Corridor. There are two walls spanding 40m by 5 m at the Rail Corridor.   This spot used to be an old KTM (Keretapi Tanah Melayu) railway line which spans from Singapore all the way up to the Thai Border. The railway is solely owned by the Malaysian Government, however since 2011 the Singaporean Government has bought over all railway lines within the tiny island nation. The tracks have since been removed.

The event will run for three days. The line up includes artists from Australia, Brunei, Germany, Indonesia, The Philippines, Singapore, Malaysia and USA. This will also include a screening of Bomb It 2 at The Hub on the 20 of March , barbecue at The Blackbook Studio, a graffiti workshop by Slacsatu from Singapore and Tag01 from Brunei on the 22 of March.

Meeting of Styles Singapore

Meeting of Styles Singapore

Who: Australia : Minsk & Fatse , Brunei : KWS & United Burners – Tag01, Nycer, Spacy, Tycal, Budi01 , Germany : Quapos , Indonesia : Zany13, Mutons, NsideOne, The Philippines : Spaz, Sinagapore : Antz, Astem, Blynk, Case, Clogtwo, Dem, Esok, Inkten, Libre, Locase, Mimer, Miz Nek, Miz E, Raze02, Scola, ScribeUno, Slacsatu, Syco03, Trase1, Zero, Malaysia : Answer, Cloak, Nuke01, Nestwo, Keas, Kos, Yums , USA : Totem
What: Meeting of Styles Singapore
Where: Rail Corridor  (Under Commonwealth Avenue Viaduct)
When: Friday 21 March 2014 – Sunday 23 March 2014

International Meeting of Styles :

Official Meeting of Styles Singapore :


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Video – Mike Makatron – TSL Lounge – Miami

Video – Mike Makatron – TSL Lounge – Miami

It feels like Art Basel 2013 was just yesterday, and yet two months have already passed since one of the biggest street art meet ups of the year! Australians were very well represented this year. The Everfresh crew in particular was almost all present, and apart from exhibited work and numerous painted walls, Mike Makatron was part of a live painting event at TSL Lounge in Wynwood Miami.

This is the video from the event …


Mike Makatron Live Painting at TSL Lounge Miami 2013 from Artistry on Vimeo.


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Video – Burn The Flowers – Indonesia

Video – Burn The Flowers – Indonesia

Our first video for the week (and there are a whole bunch more to come!) comes straight out of Bandung in Indonesias West Java.

This video showcases a great paintup from a whole slew of artists including Shake, Arghs, Rave 9, Bartone, Bedlam, Upil and many many more. This is bunch of the Indo crew doing mad shit, as per usual – check it all out below!


Burn The Flowers 2013 from Fourteen K on Vimeo.

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