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Houl (Marrickville)



As a Northern Beaches chick, I guess I can understand their “oh” moment when people ask where I take my photos (the majority being Sydney’s Inner West).  Catching public transport is actually a really nice way to start and end my treasure hunts.  A quick jump on the ferry, short walk to the train station, then while travelling on the train (getting frustrated at seeing some art on placed that could only be photographed if one was to stand smack bang in the middle of a track area!)  some internal dialogue about where to alight and all the while planning a certain route to walk.

Given this is my first article it needs to laid out from the get go when I say “walk” it usually entails 4 hours of meandering the streets, getting lost, getting found and ensuring I can always hear a main road or some form of public transport if venturing into new territories, as my sense of direction is notoriously bad.  Ask me where a certain wall or installation is?  No problemo!  Ask me the name of the lanes or streets: can prove difficult!

Thus it was one of these “new territories” that I looked up (being on the hunt requires much swivelling of head, eyeballs, walking up one side of a street or lane way and then back down the other just to ensure nothing has been missed)  and spied a paste-up that while at the time was difficult to see (only had small teeny weeny camera initially but as time progressed and the much beloved EOS110D came in to my life!) I was still pretty stoked at the eventual outcome.

Houl (Marrickville)
Not really understanding what I was looking at, it became one of those “if you don’t capture it now it’ll be gone next time” moments.

Fast track Outpost 2011 and my instant love affair began resulting in about 10 visits but one of the first images captured was the most INCREDIBLE installation

Houl (Outpost 2011)

but it wasn’t long after that I found the true mecca for past up.  Paste Modernism 3

Houl (PM3 Outpost 2011)

Here are my 5 questions with Houl:

Can you give me a little bit of the history of Houl?

HOUL came about quite a bit after I got into street art.  I had been putting up paste-ups and stickers without a name to them for a while before I ran into Ears at the first Paste-Modernism.  He invited me to check out his new gallery “Oh Really” then asked if I wanted to show any work.  I raced home, whipped up some shitty piece and when I got to the gallery with the piece, they needed an artist name and Houl was the first thing that i thought of.  In hindsight it’s not the coolest name I could have chosen, but it could have been worse.

Houl (Chippendale 2010)

From commissions to street to vagabondness of beyond.  Where do you find the most freedom or do you enjoy having restrictions if nothing else other than to have a moment of “structure” in a world which is surrounded by chaos

I find the most freedom exists when painting walls.  The limitations imposed by the canvas are removed when painting big murals and you are able to make huge gestural movements, really putting yourself in to the work.  Painting Canberra’s underpasses and drains drags my art-making from an internal process into something more external, not only with regards to location but also the way I think about work.

That said, there still exists and element of restriction no matter what you do, but painting walls seems to alleviate it the most.

Houl (Hibernian House 2012)

Where, whom or what inspires you?

Where: the coast line of the city of R’lyeh

Whom: Tom Waits, Swerfk, Bafcat, SMC3, Arvz, The Dirt, Resan, OX, Mr Gawky and David Attenborough

What: Triple Cream Brie, Pizza Shapes and a knob of Hungarian Salami

It is known that scent and music are the most power evocators of memory.  Due you draw some of your inspiration from memories or do you simply allow your creativity “flow” to take you where it may and with the end result being as much as a surprise to yourself as an artist and you as an individual?

There is no room for memory in art or the motion that comes attached

For some artist’s a work is never really “finished”.  Do you feel at times you have to draw a line in the sand and if that is the case, how difficult a process emotionally and creatively can that be?

Know when to stop an artwork can be tough.  There will always be that ‘one more thing’ you need to add, that extra line that will complete a piece.  But as much as you think it will be, it’s never just ‘one more’.  It can be frustrating working on something that you feel is SO close to being finished, but you can’t quite reach that perfect point.

Painting Grounds 2011 (Houl, Andros, Bafcat)

 Painting Grounds 2011 Collab Preview Shot (Artists: Andros, Bafcat, Houl)

For me, it’s not so much about drawing a line, but rather giving up on the perfect piece which is possible,: a little less depressing than it sounds, but only just.



Thus ends my 5 questions with Houl.  Amazing artist, amazing blog and a thank you to Hurl for not only sharing a bit of insight in to his world but allowing reproduction of images for this piece.

Check out Houl’s website here!

(re “Painting Grounds 2011 Preview Shot” I was fortunate enough to be invited to the maiden voyage of Painting Grounds and take some amazing photos by some incredibly talented artists)

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Release – Invurt Shirts & Hoodies Available!

For about two years now, we’ve been rocking a couple of Invurt shirts around the place. We’ve been asked a whole bunch of times where people can get hold of them, so we’ve decided to make three designs available through Redbubble.

As you know, we do all the stuff here on the website without any real expectation in return, but there are costs associated with it all … so if you’ve ever wanted to directly help support us,  now’s your chance!

First up is the classic Invurt T from Pierre Lloga – Pierre did this one for us prior to the Outpost Project up in Sydney, and its the shirt we have rocked the most over the past two years – big fans. Available in colours, as well as in both Pullover and Zip up hoodies.


Second up, is of course, our now logo from the man himself, Hancock (also check out @hancock_art on instagram). This is the same graphic from both here on the website, as well as on all of our stickers and other swag – we love this design! Also available in hoodies, yep!

fig,black,mens,ffffff (1)

The third shirt design, is from the hand of our friend Mikaela Jane (@mikaelajane on instagram) – we haven’t released this logo before and this sees its first outing! We love her custom type and we love our orange on purple (though there are other colours available also)! Yep, there’s hoodies available as well!


Lastly, I have actually gone through and put a whole bunch of my own personal artwork on a bunch of shirts as well – okay, so not Invurt related, but I hope you think there’s some cool designs of some creatures, nonetheless!

fig,eggplant,mens,ffffff (1)


You can find all of my designs up here.

Anyways, head over to Redbubble to see them all and thanks to Hancock, Pierre and Mikaela Jane for their designs – and, again (regardless) to you – for reading and for all your continual support!

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Website News – Damn It! Magazine & SafeHouse Studio

We don’t often post too much news here on the website, so please excuse this break from our regular services.

We’ve been slightly remiss with some of our updates lately, due to the fact that we’ve been hell busy on a variety of different projects. We do apologise for this, as we haven’t had much time lately to get to everything we usually would – but, it’s all for the better! Amongst things here and elsewhere, we’ve also been helping Dean Sunshine out with his upcoming book launch, moving our studio and, wonderfully, we’ve just entered into some new territory with a great collaborative project with out friends over at Nothing To Nobody magazine … so, read on!!


We’re pretty excited about this one, and we’ve been looking forward to sharing it with you properly for a while now.

For some time, I’ve harboured a wish to begin a print magazine. I’ve been writing and editing about art, music and general creativity for well over ten years now in various forms and for various different avenues, and starting up a print project has always been the dream. Given that it’s a huge endeavour, I had never gotten much beyond the planning stages for the project I had in mind (which is still bubbling away!).

By a random chance catch-up conversation at Secret Walls in Melbourne, Jo Jette from Nothing to Nobody fame told me of a project she’d begun working on – it sounded great, we talked some more, and, long and short of it, I’m now the Editor for our new print venue – Damn It! Magazine.

"DAMN IT! is a triannual, 96 page, limited edition magazine, whose staff work for smiles, mainly as we can’t afford to pay them yet! Instead we put every cent we have into the publication, so that each issue will kick the can of the previous one.

We’re firm believers in the spoon full of sugar mantra, DAMN IT! magazine features juicy articles on super talented peeps – illustrators, photographers, typographers, painters, couture designers, writers, and other creative types as well as reporting on the more serious happenings in the world.

Each issue will also shine a Bat-signal on some of the amazingly selfless work done by caring peeps setting up and running not-for-profits all round the world. We’re not afraid to put our money where our damn big mouths are, and we pledge to donate $0.50 from each copy of DAMN IT! sold to the not-for-profit we feature in that issue.

The name DAMN IT! was chosen as the expression can have both positive and negative connotations. For example: “Damn it! That’s some good cider!” or “Damn it, I just trod in a pile of ginareinheart!”

We’d Love Your Help

Myself and Jo Jette have been working on various magazines, online publications and print magazines for over ten years. On our first foray together into our new project, we are looking for a little help to get us started with our own. We have started a campaign over at Indigogo, and we are looking for a few generous donations to kickstart the whole thing. This is a long term project for myself and Jo, and we’re really looking forward to it. Damn It!, like Invurt and Nothing To Nobody will be a labour of love, and any help thrown our way would be hugely appreciated and would mean a lot to us both!

DAMN IT! Will always remain limited edition so it’s special – a collector’s item if you will, and we also promise to limit the number of advertisements to 5 per issue – never more. By helping us raise the money to print DAMN IT! you’ll also be a part of making these great things happen – you’ll be part of the DAMN IT!! community and not just a ‘reader’. Plus you’ll have our never-ending thanks and undying love to keep you warm at night!

Of course, we don’t expect something for nothing, so incentives include a whole range of great swag – issues of Damn It! Magazine, toys, custom designed Damn It! t-shirts by prominent Melbourne artist Hancock and apparel from our good friends Boy Wolf are all up for grabs when you throw us your support.

Check out the Damn It! Magazine website – 

Also like our facebook page, and, of course, our Indigogo campaign to help us out!


Studio Move – SafeHouse Studios

After two years at our Prahran studio, we’ve packed up and headed over to Richmond to join the guys over at SafeHouse Studios. If you haven’t heard of Safehouse, well, chances are you probably actually have!

The crew at the studio have been responsible and had their hands amongst a huge range of shows and events across Melbourne since they all got together, and comprise some of Melbournes leading design, aerosol, printmaking and art project management talent. Dangerfork, It Stands Out, Graffix Creative, MT Design, MV Communication
and DJW Creative all have homes at Safehouse, and now so do we …

"The SafeHouse is based in Richmond. We are a creative studio that specialises in design & art-based productions. 

SafeHouse is not only a collective of artists & designers but also a mixed lolly bag of creative businesses. The Studio encompasses many traits and individual insignias of various art, design & production facets. All involved at the studio seek to benefit as a group from each others experience & knowledge as a whole. Through our mixed specialties we are able to hit the ground running with virtually any creative project or artwork at hand.

The individuals who work from the studio and/or operate their own creative businesses all come well trained in their respective fields. As a whole the SafeHouse is on the forefront of modern art & design. SafeHouse prides itself on strong design aesthetics & also professional project management, brillant production & outstanding results. We have a proven track record of getting what needs to be done, done… with the best possible outcome & in the timeline provided.

SafeHouse is a sanctuary for various urban designers & artists that have chosen to infuse their skillsets & work together for a greater creative community based calling.

The people that make up the SafeHouse team all come from different backgrounds and their skills include: Creative Management, Design, Web Design, Animation, Art Direction, Advertising, Campaigns, Strategy, Marketing, Guerilla Marketing, Branding, Brand Strategies, Photography, Fine Art, Illustration, Exhibitions, Product Launches, Product Promotions, Exhibition Curation, Furniture Design, Signage, Shop Fit-Outs, Fine Art Murals, Graffiti Murals, Graffiti Management, Printing, Fine Art Printing, Screen-Printing and the list goes on, and on, and on."


We can’t tell you how happy we are with our new home – we’re looking forward to our stay there, and looking forward to bringing you more news, events and other cool shit from our studio mates.

Great times ahead, all, thankyou for your continuing support!!!

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Documentary Screening – Subtopia: The Myth Of Doyle – Australia

There is no other place we love in the city as much as Blender. Home to a multitude of our friends and a bastion of amazing talent, we find ourselves spending a lot of time there in the company of more than welcoming community of artists. This veritable fortress of creativity in the heart of the CBD is lead by a man who has, over the past few years, helped and promoted the Melbourne street art scene, and emerging artists, in more ways than can be counted – Adrian Doyle.

Over the past year, Jacob Oberman has been putting together a documentary, Subtopia, on Doyle, Dark Horse Experiment and, of course, Blender Studios. This is awesome.

"Adrian Doyle is the dynamic face of the urban art world in Melbourne – part artist, part academic, part entrepreneur and part social activist. In 2001 he set up The Blender Studio as a co-op for artists and street artists alike. The old warehouse has become a hub of Australia’s finest practitioners. He runs an enormously successful council program that gets ‘young punks’ to stop doing graffiti and instead ‘beautify’ the walls of Melbourne.
All this is on top of his own art that is increasingly obsessed with the suburbia of his upbringing. He’s not sure if he loves it or hates it but he has such a deep fascination with it that he’s doing a PhD studying the aesthetics of suburbia. Doyle frustrates and excites the art establishment in equal measure. Many see him as a breath of fresh air, while others regard him as a pushy kid with a runaway ego.

Doyle’s fiancé and business partner Piya is the brains behind the highly successful Melbourne Street Art Tours that operates out of the studios. With street art now the top tourist attraction in Melbourne, the couple have continuous media attention that has placed mounting pressure on their lives.
Their latest venture is a gallery called Dark Horse Experiment, a partnership with the Dickerson family, scions of the traditional art world, in an effort to bring wealthy collectors to street art.

With multiple projects on the go, can Doyle manage to balance his bohemian lifestyle with his super strict fiance and the maelstrom of his fractured existence?

Created by Adrian Doyle, Jacob Oberman, Piya Suksodsai, Renegade Films, and ABC"

Definitely a unique look at Melbournes art scene with this one, and a unique insight into Doyles world, as you can see from the preview below.

Subtopia: The Myth Of Doyle is essential viewing for anyone with an interest in both Australian street art as well as the struggle involved for artists and creatives struggling to do new and exciting things with art.


Who: Adrian Doyle, Piya Suksodai & Jacob Oberman and a whole swath of friends, artists and Blender denizens!
What: Subtopia: The Myth Of Doyle
Where: On all TV screens across Australia
When: Screening Tuesday 11th September and Tuesday 18th September at 10pm on ABC1

Check out the ABC page, Dark Horse Experiment and The Blender Studios for more information.

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Magazine Release & Give Away – Six Years Later

Last year we did an interview with Laura Chong, one of the two masterminds behind a cool and fresh new magazine, Six Years Later. At the time, they’d just been celebrating the release of issue #1 of the mag and they’d just done a call outs for submissions of artwork for their second issue, this time with the theme "Surface".

Several months down the track, and issue #2 is now available! Having had a good look through it, we can say that the wait was definitely worth it – this is a really limited edition magazine, chock full of amazing artwork and creative imagery.

To help celebrate their release, we have two copies of the new magazine to give away! All you have to do, is to be a little creative and take a photo of the words:


You can draw it, you can paint it, you can write it, you can stick it on the street or mark it on your hand. Take a photo of it, then just head to our fb page, post it on our wall and share it over at the Six Years Later page to show them some love from all of us! Alternatively, you can also enter by instagraming it and tag both @facter and @6ylmag.

The most innovative photo will win! See how ridiculously easy it is with this finely honed example we mocked up in two minutes on our lunch container …

6yl comp

Easy, right? The winner, will not only receive a copy of the latest issue of Six Years Later #2, but a very rare, now out of print copy of Issue #1 as well!Aalso in the pack, will be some stickers from several artists courtesy of our vault, both printed AND hand made just for you! But wait, there’s more! The runner up will get something too! A copy of Issue #2! Sweet! Plus, on top of all that, we’ll post up the winning entries and other images that we loved right here on the website.

Competition will run until Friday 8th of June when we’ll announce our favourite pics, and the winners of the giveaway!

Competition is open to anyone, anywhere! So get in there, and show the 6YL crew some Invurt love!!


Check out the Six Years Later website, and, alternatively to entering the comp in case you are having a lame attack of the not-feelin-creatives, go freakin buy a copy!!!

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Magazine Release – Knock Knock Issue #2

We’re a little late getting this one off the rank (we’re running behind a bit after There’s More!) but if you haven’t seen it yet thencheck out issue #2 of the fantastic Knock Knock Magazine  below – oh, and check out Issue #1 if you haven’t seen it yet!

“Knock knock magazine profiles street level emerging and established Australian and international creatives doing their thing, and doing it well.”

This is the kind of shit we love.


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There’s More! – Submissions Wanted – Films, Stickers & Markets

You may have heard that along with a heap of other cool ‘heads we are helping to put on an event with the crew at Brunswicks Cocoa Jackson Studios at the end of March. It’ll be a massively rad weekend! We’ll have the full press release for it out next week, but, in the meantime, we’re after a couple of submissions for various parts of the event – namely, films, documentaries, short films and stickers – and it’s open to everyone!

Just a small smidgeon about “There’s More!” … and info for sticker freaks, marketeers and documentarians/filmographers below …

theres more logo (Medium)

“An art event like no other ‘…There’s More!’ will bring some of the country’s best street and contemporary artists and DJs together to collaborate with projectionists, performance artists, poets, craftivists, designers and tech geeks to create an experience to remember. Over full four days Cocoa Jackson Studios will be transformed into a massive interactive art installation.”

Sticker Submissions

There’s More! is inviting you to be part of a large 3-day art event in Brunswick, Melbourne. We need YOUR stickers to be sent to us. We will slap them up on a giant sticker wall, as well as the surrounding area.

The event will be seen and recorded by some of Australia’s finest Street, Sticker and Graffiti artists. Anyone across the globe is welcome to send stickers, however DEADLINE IS BY MARCH 25. This isn’t long at all considering the shipping time!

This is a great chance for you to have your stickers in Melbourne!
We will post event photos online of the growing sticker wall,

Send ASAP to

c\o There’s More Stickers
Cocoa Jackson Studios,
32 Warburton Street,
Brunswick, Victoria, Australia

Film Submissions

The 2012 THERE’S MORE FILM FESTIVAL is currently accepting Australian film from all genres (drama, documentary, animation, experimental, etc) with a focus on street art and graffiti. We encourage established and emerging filmmakers to submit their work for screening – DEADLINE MONDAY 12th MARCH 2012!

Entry Requirements

  • Films from all genres will be accepted but must contain a central theme that focuses on Graffiti and Street Art.
  • Films must be either made in Australia or by an Australian filmmaker
  • Filmmaker must have copyright over music used in the film
  • All films must be submitted by Monday 12th March 2012

Film Entry Costs: FREE!!

How to Submit:

  • Print the ENTRY FORMthen fill it in and post it to us with a DVD copy (or online URL link) of your film.
  • If you wish to enter more than one film, please submit separate entry forms for each film.

Our Postal Address:
PO Box 315
Seddon West
VIC 3011

Festival and Film Screening:

The film screening is a ticketed event, taking place Friday March 23rd, from 7pm at the Cocoa Jackson Studios, corner of Cocoa Jackson Lane + Warburton Street, Brunswick. This is a licenced event with food and refreshments available.

Please Note:

  • We regret that we are unable to return preview DVDs.
  • High Quality formats of successful entrants work will be requested for Festival Screening. (*Please contact us immediately if you are unable to provide a high quality format as DVD MPEGS are not acceptable for screening.)
  • Photographic production stills will be requested for promotional purposes.

THe entire event will be a great showcase with a lot of Melbourne street art, and graffiti and other urban artists on board already. So, if you have stickers or films to send in to the event, get to it –  there’s no time to waste!!


Market Stalls

Alongside everything else, we will also be putting on some markets on the Sunday of the event!


Sunday March 25th 1 – 6pm

$20 per stall, tables available, bring chairs. Art, zines, fashion, jewellery, anything handmade, vintage clothing, food, etc are welcome!!

Stalls to be outside or inside depending on the weather.

Contact Jackie at for more information and to register your interest in putting up a stall!

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Open Submissions – Curvy Magazine

The news went out last Friday, Curvy is now open for submissions!

Sounds like they are planning an awesomely bumper issue for the next one, they’re teamed up with Semi-Permanent again and will be officially launching the next issue at this years SP in Sydney.

Curvy is a great place for emerging and established female artists to be seen by many, many people and has already featured a whole range of great artists. – so if you think your work is awesome (which we’re sure it is) then get a submission in before it closes on Friday February the 17th at 5pm.

You can find all of the information on how to submit here on the Curvy website.

(Courtney Brims)

Who: Open to all
What: Curvy Magazine Artwork Submissions
Where: Check the Curvy website for more details.
When: You have until February 17th, 5pm to send something through.

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Thursday Transmissions – Marvel, Faces & Berry

We’ve had a quiet start to the year with the Transmissions column, we skipped last week as there weren’t very many videos released. However, it feels like we’re back into it and we have a bunch of video for you this week, so without further ado …

IMG_4820 (Large)

DrewFunk, Mysterious Al and Heesco did a live painting session up at Metro Gallery over xmas – very cool

IHART Charity Sneaker/Art Exhibition was on the other week in Perth, we somehow missed it, but we didn’t miss the video from the show!

Tomahawk & Lady Bna-nas "Paint Faces" in an abando – we want to see more video from Perth!

RTIST Gallery had their Marvel Street Art event the other week, and Carl Allison has done a great job with it once again.

MARVEL: Street Art Event & Exhibition – Wrap-Up from Rtist Gallery on Vimeo.

Great video from Sydneys Max Berry giving a cool glimpse behind his work and processes.

There’s a second small clip from Channel 7 news about the Melbourne Underground carpark, nice.

Union Lane has been receiving a makeover this past month, and someone grabbed some video of it all.

New Zealands Shine has been doing some great sketch timelapses, heres one of them – there’s more here.

Just when you thought you’d seen everything from Outpost, out comes another one, so here’s another video recap!

We love everything that those expats of ours, Dabs Myla do, and here’s yet another awesome piece on their work in the states.

Dabs Myla (Christmas Mural 2011) from Carlos Gonzalez on Vimeo.

It’s not Australian, but we thought we’d end this weeks Transmissions with the preview of the documentary "Getting Up: The Tempt One Story" – we can’t wait to see this inspiring movie.

Whew. That’s all we have for this week, we’ll be back next week with more!! If you have any videos you’d like to send through to us, just hit us up with an email.

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Merry Xmas And Happy New Years From Invurt


Well, it’s been a huge year for us here at Invurt, but its holiday, beers, sun and chill time now so we wanted to wish you all the best for Christmas and New Years on this warm Melbourne day!

We wont be completely shutting shop but our regular event updates and Transmissions will be on hold over the Xmas period – we will be continuing to do some Snapshots as well the rest of our Top 10s for the year; and one or two other special features ;)

2011 saw us accomplish a whole heap of goals that we set for ourselves at the start of the year. We got our new website up and running, we moved into the fantastic Rival Revolution studios in Prahran and continue to do a whole bunch of events and live art stuff with the artists and crew there, we got up to Outpost Project which was absolutely fantastic, we started our Revurt community painting project (check out a really cool article Broadsheet did on it here), we saw a heap of amazing shows and read about even more, met and spoke to some amazing artists, did and saw a hell of a lot of street art and just generally had a ball working on the site. It’s been hard work at times, and some really late nights but its all been totally worth it – all the amazing responses and support we’ve received from all of you have made that so.

What’s next for 2011? We’ll be working on expanding the website with a bunch of new features as well as partnering up with a bunch of cool people to bring you a whole slew of intriguing content. However the big one for us next year, is that we’ll be making our first forays into print! We’ve been planning it all for some time and we’re really excited about it – fingers crossed all goes to plan! Of course, we’ll also continuing to talk to and find out about the best underground, illustrative, graffiti and street artists that Australian and New Zealand has to offer!

So for now, enjoy the Snapshots and other short posts over the holiday period (Blender Xmas photos up tomorrow!) and we’ll be back with our regular event updates come January the 9th. Have an amazing holiday and thank you so very much for all your support through 2011 – here’s to 2012 and huge things!

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