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Exhibition – Tarns One – Adelaide

Adelaide legend Tarns One has a show coming up later this week, and it’ll be a great chance to catch someone who helped pioneer the scene in SA. Check out all the details below …

“Tarns has been writing since ’87 and has developed his own unique style of highly technical lettering filled with bold colour combinations. Tarns has one of the best can control skills I have seen in Australia rivaling any other artists I have seen. Tarns One represents the RCF, NA & MS crews.

Having traveled to New York City, New Zealand & Melbourne, he now resides in Adelaide and is the owner of Cold Krush Store/Gallery in Unley, being the ONLY true artist and supplier of paint in Adelaide.

Tarns one is definitely one of the REAL supporters of the Adelaide scene.

Come and Check out his FIRST Solo exhibition with a range of dynamic colours, technical line work and geometric letter forms. This exhibition will definitely explode your retinas!.

Rock TS – The Space



Who: Tarns One
What: Tarns solo show
Where: The Space, Currie St, Adelaide
When: Friday 28th November from 6pm til 9pm, and runs until 30th November

Check out the facebook event page for more info on the show!

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Video – Street Art vs The Art Market

Video – Street Art vs The Art Market

We’ve been watching the Art vs Reality series since it started up not too long ago, and we’ve been loving it. Peter Drew is well known for poking a stick at the art establishment, and this new series does just that.

Art vs Reality is somewhere between a beginners guide and high-brow – but if you sneak your mind past the (admittedly fairly minimal) art-speak then it is a wealth of great information, insight and opinion as to modern trends in art. We’ll definitely be continuing to watch it and see how it all unfolds. It’s also, as I am sure it is intended, quite humourous at times – and Peter Drew makes for a great all round, witty host.

Art vs Reality has previously covered the issues of Art Galleries and Conceptualism, and this time they bring us one thats close to home with Street Art vs The Art Market. This is seen through the lenses of the “Art Fair” and Impressionism. It’s interesting in that in this episode he draws parallels of street art to the media explosion of print and Impressionisms move away from the salons of old, and its a great take on the subject of the current popularity of street art. It also delves into the “curated wall” areas and their association with larger art fairs and the like – kudos also must be given to the Benny Hill head nod.

“Street art isn’t the first subculture to have an odd relationship with the art market. When the impressionists held their own exhibitions, outside of the Paris Salon, they changed the artworld forever. But today’s art fairs make the Paris Salon look like a yard sale. So, in this age of market dominated art, has it become any easier for subcultures to maintain their integrity? Will street art hold its own or will history just keep on repeating?”

Not everyone agrees with Peters take on things, but the great thing about the series is that he not only puts forth his considered and obviously well researched opinion, but he also actually takes the time out to do video responses to the comments – a great little feedback loop for viewers. So if you do have an opinion, say so – you never know, he might respond. check it out below …

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Exhibition – Unboxed 2 – Custom Vinyl – Adelaide

Man, I love custom toys and I love any kind of show that involves vinyl – the first show over at Espionage Gallery was a huge success, and they’re back at it again with Unboxed #2 tomorrow night!!

"Following on from the highly popular Custom Munny exhibition Unboxed from 2012Espionage-Gallery Adelaide is proud to present Unboxed 2, Dudebox edition.

Using the new platform of the blank Dudebox toy over 25 of the best local and interstate artists will customise their blank toys into a variety of weird and wacky characters.

Live art by Andrew Coleman aka Alphamanta
We are also proud to present Unboxed 2 DIY workshop which will allow visitors of all ages to customise their very own mini dudebox toy with Nic Bic and Joshua Smith – two of the artists involved in the exhibition.

Stay tuned for more details on the upcoming workshop!"

Head down to Espionage Gallery if you’re in Adelaide to get your fill of mad art combined with rad toys – this shit aint for the kids!

Unboxed 2 facebook crop

Who: Joshua Smith, Nic Bic, Shane Haddy, Fredrock, Creature Creature, Rebecca Murphy, Smeagol Does Art, Losop, Chehehe, Ohnoes, Rem, J2k, SG1, Casey Farrell, Fredsticks, No Hoper, Genevieve Brandenburg, Tiff Rysdale, Caitlin Millard, Dan Withey, Harry Plane, Emma Uber, Pickles, Alyshia Eming, Kacey Boxall, Sophie Louise Ford, Kat Coppock, Catherine Scholz, Trent Lambert, Viray Thach, Matthew Phillips
What: Unboxed #2 Custom Vinyl Exhibition
Where: Espionage Gallery, Suite 1, Level 2, 93 Rundle Mall. Entrance off Lindes Lane next to ZU Shoes.
When: Show opens Thursday October 24th rom 6pm til 9pm and runs November 14th.

Check out Espionage Gallery as well as the facebook event page for more info!

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Exhibition – David Soukup – Introspective – Espionage Gallery – Adelaide

Well, damn!! This is one show that I wish I could get over to Adelaide for – someone who in my opinion is one of the top tier stencil artists in the USA, if not the world. Espionage Gallery will be playing host to David Soukup next week, and its going to be fkn grand – allegedly this show has been two years in the planning! Heres all the details …

"David Soukup (Chicago) credits two college professors for turning him onto the stencil medium while pursuing a degree in illustration. Early on, both were able to see his incredible talent for photorealism and extreme attention to detail. Previously, his art was limited to what was possible only with graphite pencils and pens, but spray paint stencils offered him a whole new route of exploration. Drawn to the process, execution, and dedication required, David embraced and immediately began to explore the boundaries of the medium. David was quickly recognized internationally for his stencil works for his finger-numbing precision and perfection.

The urban environment became an immediate focus for David’s work. Living in Chicago, he was surrounded by an endless possibility of inspiration and a city that showcased some of the best architecture in the world. Using elements of graphic design, collage, mixed media, and reclaimed materials, David’s work is a reflection and experience of his everyday life. His work has taken on several themes and approaches, but has recently returned to his original obsession of photo-realism as he begins to document his daily routine and emotional response to the city around him.

His artwork has been shown in Chicago, Detroit, San Francisco, Washington DC, Los Angeles, Long Beach, Grand Rapids, St Louis, and Australia. His paintings have been used in numerous film and television productions, and has been featured in Juxtapoz, Hi-Fructose, Artist-a-Day, and many other local and online publications."

Looks awesome, and just yet another brilliant show from the guys over at Espionage Gallery – nice going, looking forward to checking out all the pics from this one!


Who: David Soukup
What: Introspective solo show
Where: Espionage Gallery, Suite 1, Level 2, 93 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, South Australia
When: Opening Night, Thursday October 3rd, 6pm show runs for two weeks.

Check out the facebook event page for more info on the show!

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Exhibition & Event – GTNBZY – Fancy Sauce – Adelaide

Oh hell yeah – the GTNBZY crew is back again with another grand event! Heaps of artists, great tunes and a whole swath of crazy happenings in Adelaide next week!!

"GTNBZY is set to hold the next of their cross-media showcase exhibitions on Saturday July 13th at the Light Hotel, incorporating more than 40 musical and visual artists between a live showcase set, live art demonstration and exhibition space.

Fancy Sauce is taking on a collaborative-yet-individualistic theme, with the showcase being more of a single continuous performance involving all of the artists as opposed to the usual gig consisting of sets following each other throughout the night. DJ’s Chaps and Amayze will be hosting the mixtape-esque performance, showcasing local hip-hop acts Til the Break, Headphone Piracy, Elapsed Time, Marky, Danika, Dropt at Birth, Krave Kemestry and DJ Antrax.

Adorning the walls will be a mix of artwork across various mediums, themes and styles from the ever-growing group of artists involved in GTNBZY, featuring artwork from Aaron Schirmer, Alex Kwong, Alex Gilchrist, Dabman, Dan Adams, Donovan Christie, Fletch, Fredsticks, Jelena Vujnovic, Joel Sanders, JPEG, Kevin Rumbelow, Luke Trevorrow, Nick Strutton, Pip Cocciolone, Roger, Stitchfase and Tiff Rysdale. Luke Trevorrow will also be painting live on the balcony throughout the night, courtesy to Clinic116.

Fancy Sauce kicks off at 8pm on July 13th at the Light Hotel, with free entry before 9pm and $10 entry from 9pm onwards."

We’ve big fans of these guys and what they do over in the South of A, and it looks like it’ll be a great night out – lots of artwork and live art to boot, not to mention some fkn great hiphop – head down there to see it all for yourselves!!!


Who: Aaron Schirmer, Alex Kwong, Alex Gilchrist, Dabman, Dan Adams, Donovan Christie, Fletch, Fredsticks, Jelena Vujnovic, Joel Sanders, JPEG, Kevin Rumbelow, Luke Trevorrow, Nick Strutton, Pip Cocciolone, Roger, Stitchfase and Tiff Rysdale. Luke Trevorrow
What: GTNBZY Fancy Sauce
Where: The Lights Hotel, Light Square, Adelaide
When: The event starts at 8pm (free entry til 9!) and goes on into the night on Saturday July 13th only!!!

Check out the GTNBZY website as well as the facebook event page for more info!

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Video – Veil of Anonymity – Ironlak Family – Adelaide

Video – Veil of Anonymity – Ironlak Family – Adelaide

Awesome video showing highlights from the Ironak show “Veil of Anonymity” we featured back in February.

Photos from the event here on the Ironlak blog.


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Athena Nochua Flyer

Exhibition – CURVY and Espionage Gallery present – Athena Nochu – Group Show – Espionage Gallery – Adelaide

Curvy and Espionage Gallery have put together a great all female artist group show, opening this Thursday. With a massive line up of local and international female talent this should be a great show, more info below.

From the Press Release: “CURVY in conjunction with Espionage Gallery are proud to present ‘Athena Nochua’, an exciting group exhibition celebrating the talents of female artists from Australia and around the globe.

‘Athena Nochua’ will feature work from a selection of hand picked artists many of whom have graced a page or two of CURVY from its early beginnings in 2003. What started as an annual book and exhibition series in Sydney, Australia has now grown to become quite a hit around the globe indeed. 

Included in the line-up of the 29 artists showing their works as part of Athena Nochua is well known french artist Fafi, a well loved CURVY favourite.

This is the first time that CURVY is coming to Adelaide, so we hope you’ll join us at Espionage Gallery on Thursday the 13 June, to celebrate the the work of these talented female artists.”


Koralie (Paris)

Fafi (Paris)

Elodie (Paris)

Earther (Japan)

Made by Perrin (USA)

Brett Manning (USA)

Andrea McCready (NZ)

Alex Louisa

Lucy Lucy

I & The Others

Hayley O’Connor

Eve Young

Alyson Pearson

Kirbee Lawler

Nicole Tattersall

Rebecca Murphy

Genevieve Brandenburg

Katie Johnson

Tiff Rysdale

Jelena Vujnovic

Jenny Allnutt

Ellie Kammer

Caitlin Millard

Claire Wee

Sequoia Tsounis

Rain Teo

Lilian Choo

Andre Ann

Polina Kynazeva


Athena Nochua Flyer

Athena Nochua – Flyer


Who: CURVY in conjunction with Espionage Gallery present (Artists: Koralie (Paris), Fafi (Paris), Elodie (Paris), Earther (Japan), Made by Perrin (USA), Brett Manning (USA), Andrea McCready (NZ), Alex Louisa, Lucy Lucy, I & The Others, Hayley O’Connor, Eve Young, Alyson Pearson, Kirbee Lawler, Nicole Tattersall, Rebecca Murphy, Genevieve Brandenburg, Katie Johnson, Tiff Rysdale, Jelena Vujnovic, Jenny Allnutt, Ellie Kammer, Caitlin Millard, Claire Wee, Sequoia Tsounis, Rain Teo, Lilian Choo, Andre Ann, Polina Kynazeva).

What:  Athena Nochua.

Where: Espionage Gallery, Suite 1, Level 2, 93 Rundle Mall, Adelaide, SA, Australia (entrance off Lindes Lane, next to ZU Shoes).

When: Opens – Thursday 13 June, 6pm to late. Runs through to the 6th of July.

Facebook event page here.



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Exhibition & Video – KAB101 – Published Arthouse – Adelaide

Exhibition & Video – KAB101 – Published Arthouse – Adelaide

From beautifully rendered walls to amazing hand styles and flowing text, KAB101 is one of Australias finest graffiti artists.

Published Arthouse is a new gallery on the Adelaide graffiti and street art scene, and as their motto goes -  "In the heart of Adelaide’s CBD, a small rupture in the surface of the underground has unveiled a stunning celebration of Australian street culture. Caged within the walls of an abandoned publishers house, an exciting new venue has emerged, where grandeur aligns with the raw grit of graffiti art."

Put an artist such as KAB101 together with a bunch of talented curators in a mad ass new venue, and you have a hell of an event – this is Australian graffiti art at its finest.

"Adelaide’s KAB101 is a long-serving stalwart of the Australian and international graffiti community.

As an artist of unique style and precision he has continued to innovate, invigorate and evolve his work beyond the expectations of canvas and medium. He is a figurehead of considerable influence, impacting on both the traditions of his art form and the aesthetic appreciations of the wider public.

This upcoming instalment visits his developments into calligraphy and script, invoking forgotten visual language through the integration of geometric and textural structures.

For one week only Kab 101’s works will be showcased in a 600sqm Gallery space dedicated to the art form. Over 20 new works will lay next to the best of his retrospective pieces including a giant wall installation"

Also check out this awesome video just released for the show –

With BIZ just announcing a show, and KAB101 doing the same, which of Australias top will come out and bring us grand shit next? Eh, who knows, we have more than enough to love with this one. Head down and see it all for yourself – its going to be grand.


Who: KAB101
What: Past And Present Works From KAB101
Where: Published Arthouse, 11 CAnon St, Adelaide CBD
When: Exhibitions opens Friday 7th June from 6pm til 10pm – runs til Saturday 15th June.

Check out Published Arthouse as well as KAB101 and the facebook event page for more info on the show!

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Video – Oi You Festival – Adelaide

Video – Oi You Festival – Adelaide

The Adelaide street art scene is bangin – and not log ago the Oi You festival pumped out a whole bunch of amazing art and showed some fantastic local and international talent.

Check out the video recap below!

From the blurb –

“Oi You! brings the best of Urban Art from all over the country and the world to Adelaide. It showcases works from international artists such as BANKSY, FAILE, SWOON, MICALLEF, CHOE, INSECT, THE PALESTINE WORKS, CHOE, as well as Aussie artists BEASTMAN, ANTHONY LISTER and RONE. As well as works from local heroes RAWHIDE, TOY SOLDIERS, KAB 101, VANS THE OMEGA, SEB HUMPHREYS, STORE, JAYSON FOX, FREDROCK, GARY SEAMAN & YARN BOMBERS. The exhibition runs from April 20 2013 all the way up to June 2nd at the Artspace Gallery in the Adelaide Festival Centre.

As part of the festival/exhibition several artists painted ‘big walls’, bringing some fresh visuals to some big, grey walls in our hometown of Adelaide. Their unsurpassed street beautification is a free offering to to the fine citizens of Adelaide.”

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Exhibition – RAWHIDE- C R E W / C U T S – Adelaide

Exhibition – RAWHIDE- C R E W / C U T S – Adelaide


Alas, we missed getting this up in time for the opening of the show (welcoem to the world of Guatemalan internet – or the lack thereof!), but it looks like a great one! Crew / Cuts will be on for two weeks and you should get down to see it – RAWHIDE is one mad collaboration between two talented artists, acting as one!

"Adelaide staunch and fertile duo, Ankles and Smile, of the rollin’ Rawhide crew, return to the gallery in a follow up to their debut exhibition ‘Frontier’ last November (editor, see my website for pics). Friday, 29th March, sees Rawhide present their second show, ‘Crew Cuts’ featuring new work in cut paper.

Ankles and Smile’s own collage work predate their collaborative vandalism as Rawhide, so they’ve put our paint rollers down for the moment to combined forces in paper collage, the least popular artform known to man.

The work aims to be the visual equivalent of sample-heavy scratch DJs such as Cut Chemist, Kid Koala and The Avalanches. It is a time-consuming, yet therapeutic process digging through crates of pre-1970s magazines and books, removing type and image from their original context and rearranging it to form some self-referential narrative."

Check out the video for the show below!


Who: Rawhide (Ankles & Smile)
Where: Magazine Gallery, 83a Hindley St, Adelaide
When: Show opened last Friday 29th of March, and runs for two weeks – head down and see it before its over!

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