Through The Lens With David Russell – April

It’s that time of month again to show you whats been happening on the streets of Melburn, as always there is something happening.

Below is a selection of some of my favourite shots from Ironlak’s 10th anniversary paint up in Croft Lane. The event saw some of the best Melbourne and overseas artists repaint the lane; Dvate, Sofles, Treas, Sirum, just to name a few .

We also saw Trunk Diner put on an amazing Sunday event with live painting over two months, featuring Conrad Bizjak, Deams, Itch, Lucy Lucy, Jaws, Hancock and more.

Invurt also got down to Junky Project’s first solo show ‘WASTED’ at The Darkhorse Experiment in Blender Studios. Who doesn’t love Junky’s work from his usual suspects the sentinels you see everywhere, as well as some amazing sculptures made from everyday found objects.

There is also some amazing pieces from Senekt in Abbotsford, Dem 189 in Clifton Hill and an amazing collab between Rashe & Bailer in Brunswick; and finally Emily Vanderlism and the Authority Clothing crew fronted by Christopher Skyner, created a great piece down Bennets lane in the CBD.



IMG 7244 2 500x333 Through The Lens With David Russell April in studios street art genres stickers genres stencil art genres sculpture genres photography genres art event photos pasteups genres paintups urban art painting genres mixed media genres melbourne live art urban art inurban installations genres graffiti genres galleries urban art found objects genres exhibitions artist news events urban art

Track Side.


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Exhibition – DEAMS – Passing Through – Melbourne

AWOL crew member and expressionist graffiti artist Deams has been wowing both Melbourne and international lovers of his work for quite some time, and the shifts in his style recently have been nothing short of spectacular. His new work has all the hallmarks of a redefinitity, shapes shades and cut out gradiants interspersed with burtst of colorful linework.

As the minimal statement for the show says “This new collection of paintings by Deams presents deep sensory and emotional engagements between the artist and the natural world.” – and the statement is minimal, because having glimpses of the work, who needs the words? The works really do speak for themselves – seriously, Deams work is fkn grand – if back in the days of the beginnings of graffiti, if we could have but imagined where artists such as Deams and his peers are now taking the styles and forms of letter derivative pieces,  we’d all be astounded.

This is the kind of work I want hanging on my own wall – head down to the Abbotsford Convent on Friday night and see it all for yourself.

Passing Through Edit 18.3.14 500x677 Exhibition DEAMS Passing Through Melbourne in painting genres melbourne graffiti genres exhibitions

Passing Through Vivideams 01 500x334 Exhibition DEAMS Passing Through Melbourne in painting genres melbourne graffiti genres exhibitions

Who: Deams
What: Passing Through solo show
Where: St Heliers Street Gallery, Abbotsford Convent, Abbotsford, Melbourne
When: Show opens Friday 18th April from 6pm til 9pm and runs until the 30th April 2014

Check out the facebook event page for more info on the show and Deams website!

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Exhibition – STABS – Keep It Simple – Melbourne

If you’ve ever looked up, really anywhere, around Melbourne, you would have seen the work of Stabs. Its been a while since we saw a show from him, but theres one coming up this Friday night – and its going to be a cracker of a show, as he delves into a whole bunch of iconography developed over the course of his stay in Indonesia last year … read on!

“The frenetic tribalism of Stabs’s artwork is a key element of Melbourne’s visual landscape, especially around Collingwood, where his slaps and posters are omnipresent.

One thing that a lot of people haven’t realized when looking at Stabs’s work is that, over the years, his art has developed its own language of glyphs. There is a complex system of logograms at play, with stories encoded in each piece.

Over the last few years, Stabs’s hidden language has gone from being a background pattern to becoming the main focus of his work.

Last year Stabs spent a month living in Jakarta, hanging out and painting with Jakarta’s leading graffiti crews.

While he was in Jakarta, Stabs kept a journal, entirely written in his own language of glyphs. Each mission, meeting and event of the cultural exchange was recorded as art in his own logographic system.

This April at Backwoods Gallery, Stabs will be presenting the journal as well as fifteen original pieces based on key events from the cultural exchange.

KEEP IT SIMPLE opens Friday 18th of April and will be on display until Sunday 28th at Backwoods Gallery. 25 Easey Street Collingwood.”

We’ve always been a big fan of his work, and we’re looking forward to seeing the show – can’t wait for Friday!

A neighbourly visit 735x1024 500x696 Exhibition STABS Keep It Simple Melbourne in stencil art genres prints genres melbourne illustration genres exhibitions

What: Keep It Simple solo show
Where: Backwoods Gallery, 25 Easey St, Collingwoof, Victoria
When: Friday 18th of April, from 6pm til 9pm and the show runs until 28th April 2014.

Check out Backwoods Gallery and the facebook event page for more info on the show!

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Video – Darbotz – Indonesian Walls

This is a great little video and interview with Jakartas Darbotz from the guys over at Indonesian Walls, who have been doing a whole bunch of videos and interviews over at their YouTube channel for the past year or so.

A really nice insight behind some of Darbotz work, and some great footage to boot – and yes, anglos, this one has subtitles! Check it out below …

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Video – Burn City Block Party ft Charli 2na

Last week Jurassic 5 were in town, and as he does, Charli 2na wanted to ahve a bit of a paint here in the ‘burn – so what did he do? Put on a  painting session with a bunch of Mebourne artists over at Rubix in Brunswick!

“A celebration of global street art hosted by the one and only Chali 2na from Jurassic 5 at Rubix Funhouse in Brunswick Melbourne. Live paint jam featuring Itch, Mishap, Whisl, Lady Killers + more of Melbourne’s finest street artists.”

The Burn City Writers Block Party with Chali 2na at Rubix Funhouse Melbourne from Rubix Funhouse on Vimeo.

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Interview – RSUME

I’ve known RSUME for a couple of years now, and his work has always been something I’ve loved seeing around our city whenever I’ve spotted it. A dedicated and prolific artist with a fresh, clean style that constantly changes up, his work speaks volumes to the passions for graffiti that subsume this city – his pieces are stories told in the dead of night, of letters and colour splayed across concrete rail embankments and listless freight cars.

Paying homage to the writers who made the city a bastion of graffiti, and forging ahead with his own work as statement, RSUME is the embodiment of everything that is fucking great about Melbourne graffiti – drive, gumption and pure, from the heart talent. As the man himself says, its not just about getting up in quantity – its about quality, and like so many other Melbourne writers, he has that in spades.

It’s not often that we repost articles from elsewhere, but every once in a while we see something just deserves the special treatment, and this is one of those times – thanks to MTN Australia and RSUME for letting us share it with our readers, read on for all the down low on one of our favourites of Melbourne graffiti …

07 rooftopnight2 blogready thumb Interview RSUME in melbourne artist interviews



RSUME (Resume) Melbourne, Australia

What crew/s do you represent?

DB. Darling Boys, Dropping Bombs, 42.

When did you start writing?

I’d been mucking around with sketching and tags since I was quite young, however I didn’t really have any understanding of the culture or a wider scene than the basketball court at the end of my street until much later. I started actively painting pieces from 2006

When was your first piece completed?

2006… I did three that night, each one got progressively worse.

What or who were your early influences?

Style Wars, RDC, CI, SDM, AFP, TSF and DTS

Which writers did you look up to back then?

The first writer I ever saw painting was ‘MESK’ CI in 2000, which initially sparked the interested. It was guys like MESS, OZONE and DAZR who showed me what people my own age were doing, that actually got me out there.

What about today?

My mates and crew. It’s always more impressive if it’s someone you know personally doing something that blows you away. Whether its the spot, style or size

05 Truck blogready thumb Interview RSUME in melbourne artist interviews

Who is the writer you have enjoyed or had the most pleasure or honour painting with?

I met SHEM RDC early on and we became good friends, he mentored me a lot in terms of letter structure and flow. The guy has been painting for over 25 years and still impresses me with his style and commitment.

What do you think about the state of graffiti today as opposed to when you started?

I’m inspired by the people I paint with, I try not to bother myself with the politics of the scene.

That being said, in the last two years there’s been a resurgence locally; lots of writers popping up and moving here.  Heaps of bombing, diverse styles and panels are running more again. A lot of people are crushing it.

562193 229519453834801 237102697 n thumb Interview RSUME in melbourne artist interviews

What paint did you use back then?

Anything I could get my hands on. Got to love free buff paint on the side of the road

Which is your paint of choice today?

I like mixing scrap tins, making the most with what I’ve got.

What inspires you to keep painting?

That I get to live a pretty crazy lifestyle and the drive to out do myself, always developing and experimenting with style(s)

02 UndergroundDrain blogready thumb Interview RSUME in melbourne artist interviews

Have you travelled to paint? If so, where?

I travel up the east coast of Australia a bit, regularly visiting Sydney and Byron Bay. I’ve also travelled and painted throughout Europe

Where was the craziest place you’ve painted? Tell us about it.

Painting solo in Europe when not speaking any of the local languages. Weird scenes played out around train-yards.

There was this one spot in southern Germany. I met up with my contact and he took me to where they were having a party in these decommissioned s-trains just outside the main yard. There was a blow-up pool in the aisle and people were sunbaking on the roofs of the trains while some guy had set up a platform out of the windows with decks mixing tunes. After a swim and a few beers I started painting one of the trains as the sun set. The workers were walking past leaving the main yard, waving and giving the thumbs up. Surreal.

Do you prefer quality or quantity?

Quality, style is king.

Having said that, personally I think the two go hand in hand. I generally paint three to five times a week, that way I can see improvement and feel I’m on point.

If I sit it out for a little bit, for whatever reason, I see my line-work and flow suffer for the break.

Can you tell us any interesting stories from a past mission?

There’s the funny stories and the not so funny, like being threatened with a gun while hiding in someone’s backyard. There was my mate driving down the train tracks in a car, a security guard who was practicing his Jedi training with his flashlight. Once I heard cops describe what I was wearing while copping a chase and re-dressed at someone’s washing line into a pair of chicks board shorts.

A few years back while painting a rooftop in the heart of the city we had only done our fills when I noticed a squad car parked below us with a cop pointing up. Before long there was another car parked in the rear alley. My mate decided to parkour his way down a few levels to suss out a possible exit, he was spotted, made a quick dart to an adjacent building when he fell through a skylight. Minutes later he’s being dragged out of the building by two cops yelling “where’s your mate?!” and not being able to figure out how we got up. I realised they had no idea how to reach me; a stand-off commenced. I spent the next hour trying to beat the high-score on Snake 2 on my phone while they scratched their heads. I heard a sound and peaked over the railing to the scene of this main street being blocked off with barriers, a third police car and the fire brigade, which were now ascending a cherry picker towards me with two cops inside. They were so focused on the front I just missioned down the back of the building.

A few blocks down I bumped into a friend, suggested getting a much deserved beer to which he laughed and said “you’re not getting in anywhere bleeding and covered in mud.”

04 Tunnel blogready thumb Interview RSUME in melbourne artist interviews

If you could paint anywhere, where would it be?

The Renaissance era, those guys were boss.

Who would you most like to paint with?

Like minded, good people.

A lot of writers listen to tunes when they are painting legally, what would be on in your headphones?

WuTang again and again … Lately I’ve been digging Action Bronson and Oddisee.

Shout out to the DB boys, everyone else I paint with and my lady

Thanks to MTN Australia

R.I.P Rates


We’d like to give a big thanks to MTN Australia and RSUME for letting us re-post this one up! You can find the original interview over at MTN Australia

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Snapshots – Comic-Con – Perth 2014

Apologies for the lateness of this post, being kept busy with all the FORM festival activities.

So, a week or so ago, I checked out the Comic Con convention in Perth. Man, it did not disappoint. Such an awesome day of art and art fans; Comic Con always has such a great community vibe to it. A lot of people put in a huge effort with their costumes, providing an interesting snapshot of not only the fan base, but of the creativity involved in putting their look together. It’s great to check out the artists who are in attendance and put some faces to names. All in all it’s always a real treat to attend such a well put together convention.

P1060200 500x781 Snapshots Comic Con Perth 2014 in perth mixed media genres illustration genres fashion comics genres urban art

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Snapshots – PUBLIC – Works In Progress – Perth

With the amazing PUBLIC event already started, we’ve already got some coverage happening of all the shit thats going down over in Perth before we all arrive later in the week. A whole bunch of artists have already started making their mart on the city, with Phibs, The Yok, Sheryo, Phlegm, Roa, Maya Hayuk Stormie Mills and Phlegm having already made a crapload of progress on their pieces at this grand event put on by FORM Gallery.

There’s some exceptional work happening, and some massive walls – thanks to our Perth crew, Sam Gorecki for all the progress shots of the artists work, we can’t wait to get there later in the week!

PHLEGM 3SG 500x392 Snapshots PUBLIC Works In Progress Perth in street art genres perth festival urban art

All photos by Sam Gorecki.

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Exhibition & Preview – Sam Octigan – What You Cant Forget – Melbourne

Strangely enough, it was only at last years 615 Studios group show that I had my first chance to really check out some of Sam Octigans work in person – and what I saw left me wishing I had a pile of his work up on my walls.

Grandly enough, Sam has a show opening this week at the Just Another Project Space in Prahran, and it looks to be a real beauty of a show.

"Just Another Project Space is proud to present What You Can’t Forget, an exhibition of painted works on canvas by Melbourne artist Sam Octigan. Following up his debut 2012 solo show ‘Of Two Minds’, the exhibition will feature larger works on canvas as well as a site-specific mural installation.

In this body of work, Octigan examines the idea of history repeating itself, the ways in which we subconsciously cling to certain moments in our lives and how these experiences underwrite the way we see things like certainty, truth, justice, faith and love. Even after having acknowledged the fallibility of these experiences. We feel ourselves acting out based on impressions we take on as children, only half aware as adults, of how these experiences are hard-written into our consciousness.

catherinewheel thumb Exhibition & Preview Sam Octigan What You Cant Forget Melbourne in painting genres mixed media genres melbourne illustration genres exhibitions

We grasp at them, as if attempting to solve a riddle, as they fall in and out of the ether. Life remains cyclical. Doors are opened and closed, wires connect and disconnect, memories surface and disappear.

These themes are represented in each work visually, through Octigan’s use of composition, line, color and contrast. Featuring detailed realistic renderings framed with dynamic abstractions and an emphasis placed on composition, the paintings read almost as visual riddles, compelling the viewer to engage, and connect their own dots. What You Can’t Forget show’s Octigan’s growth and current focus as an artist, with both the works visual and conceptual increasing complexity.

go thumb Exhibition & Preview Sam Octigan What You Cant Forget Melbourne in painting genres mixed media genres melbourne illustration genres exhibitions

The opening reception of ‘What You Can’t Forget’ takes place on the 10th of April, 6pm at Just Another Project Space, 153 Greville St Prahran and runs until the 27th April"

Just take a few minutes out to check out this video preview of the entire show …

SAM OCTIGAN – What You Cant Forget from Michael Danischewski on Vimeo.

After seeing all these preview images, if we weren’t looking forward to this show already, we’re doubly looking forward to it now – see you all there!

bali bagus lowrez large thumb Exhibition & Preview Sam Octigan What You Cant Forget Melbourne in painting genres mixed media genres melbourne illustration genres exhibitions

WYCF Poster thumb Exhibition & Preview Sam Octigan What You Cant Forget Melbourne in painting genres mixed media genres melbourne illustration genres exhibitions

Who: Sam Octigan
What: What you Cant Forget solo show
Where: Just Another Project Space, 153 Greville St Prahran, Melbourne
When: Show opens Thursday April 10th from 6pm til 9pm and runs until 27th of April

Check Sam Octigan as well as the out the facebook event page for more info on the show!

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Feature Event – PUBLIC – Perth

Man, you have no idea how excited we are for this – PUBLIC is the kind of event we love the most, a showcase of all that is great and grand about art painted out on the streets and walls – just read on and check it out for yourself …

“From 5 – 13 April 2014, large-scale urban artworks will be developed by some of the world’s best known urban artists. Blank walls will be transformed throughout Perth, pop-up spaces created in Wolf Lane, and artists will begin residencies on William Street in Northbridge, which will result in Dear William, a dedication to William Street, opening on 13 April, with artworks installed on William Street from the 13-20 April.

Art in the City has a number of events that you can attend and get involved in; some of these are listed below, but keep checking the ‘What’s On‘ page for information about artists’ talks, walking tours, and more:

Art in the City: follow the map to watch as artworks unfold across Perth. 5 – 13 April.

PUBLIC Salon: exhibition of works by PUBLIC artists at FORM Gallery. Friday 11 April, 6pm.

PUBLIC House:  two days of events in Wolf Lane. Friday 11 & Saturday 12 April.

Dear William, a dedication to William Street: opening at  Turner Galleries. Sunday 13 April, 6pm.

PUBLIC will place Perth as an emerging international street art hotspot, alongside cities such as Bristol, New York, Miami, Barcelona and Buenos Aires; cities that are well-known for the impact of using art to enrich and empower the lives of its people.

PUBLIC will see walls and laneways around the Perth CBD and Northbridge transformed with street art, projections, installations and public events creating a unique cultural experience. This free program will bring leading contemporary West Australian, National and International visual, street and digital artists together including (but not limited to, for sure):

Jetsonorama (USA); Phlegm (UK); Jordan Seiler + Heavy Projects (USA); Nigel Bennet (Italy); eL Seed (Tunisia/Canada); ROA (Belgium); Ever (Argentina); Gaia (USA); Saner (Mexico); 2501 (Italy); Hyuro (Argentina); Alexis Diaz (Puerto Rico); Jaz (Argentina); Pixel Pancho (Italy); Maya Hayuk (USA); Remed (France); The Yok and Sheryo (Perth/USA); Beastman (Sydney); Kyle Hughes-Odgers (Perth); Lucas Grogan (Melbourne); Phibs (Sydney); Reko Rennie (Melbourne); Stormie Mills (Perth); Yandell Walton (Melbourne); and Vans the Omega (Adelaide) … and more!!

I mean, sssshiiiitttt! Heres a preview …

As a Perth boy myself, if you had of said to me that P-town would be playing host to over 45 artists from both Australia and across the world, artists who are some of the globes absolute finest, I would have looked at you and asked if you were kidding! But PUBLIC is no joke – this is exactly what the guys over at FORM have made happen, and its one of the most impressive things I’ve ever seen happen over in Perth. We’re so fkn excited that myself, Luke McManus and Dean Sunshine are all heading over to the event to check it all out for ourselves, so we’ll keep you up to date on everything happening!

Love seeing Perth being the focus of something so important, fuck yeah!

1549488 10152322514181093 99381260 n 500x500 Feature Event PUBLIC Perth in video art street art genres perth live art urban art installations genres festival urban art events

Who: Jetsonorama (USA); Phlegm (UK); Jordan Seiler + Heavy Projects (USA); Nigel Bennet (Italy); eL Seed
(Tunisia/Canada); ROA (Belgium); Ever (Argentina); Gaia (USA); Saner (Mexico); 2501 (Italy); Hyuro (Argentina); Alexis Diaz (Puerto Rico); Jaz (Argentina); Pixel Pancho (Italy); Maya Hayuk (USA); Remed (France); The Yok and Sheryo (Perth/USA); Beastman (Sydney); Kyle Hughes-Odgers (Perth); Lucas Grogan (Melbourne); Phibs (Sydney); Reko Rennie (Melbourne); Stormie Mills (Perth); Yandell Walton (Melbourne); and Vans the Omega (Adelaide) – and we know for a fact that here are also a bunch of artists who are also participating who aren’t on this list!
Where: All through the streets of the Perth CBD
When: Event runs from April 5th to April the 13th 2014 – nine days of painting awesomeness.

Check out the Public website and FORM over at facebook for more info.

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