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Snapshots – Hip Hop – Idol Motions and Paul Deej

Last Saturday we went and checked out the ‘Hip Hop’  exhibition by Paul Deej and Idol motions. It was an awesome drool inducing show. Have a look at some of the shots below and see for yourself.



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Exhibition – Hip Hop – Idol Motions and Paul Deej – Perth

Perth based artists, Idol Motions and Paul Deej present ‘Hip Hop’, a protrait exhibition based on Hip Hop culture.
The exhibition opens this Saturday the 10th of May and runs for one week only. So if you can’t make the opening night, make sure you get down to see it before it ends.

“A collection of artworks based on the culture of Hip Hop by Perth based artists Idol Motions & Paul Deej Artist.
‘Hip Hop’ marks the end to a series of artworks recently completed, exploring the theme of Hip Hop culture in a series of portraits of old school and contemporary Hip Hop musicians.
Both artists are heavily involved in the Perth Hip Hop scene, and life long fans of Hip Hop music and culture.”

Sneak peek



Who: Idol Motions and Paul Deej
What: Hip Hop art exhibition
Where: Kurb Gallery, 312A William St Northbridge, Perth
When: Opening night Saturday 10th of May at 6pm. Exhibition ends May 16th


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Snapshots – Comic-Con – Perth 2014

Apologies for the lateness of this post, being kept busy with all the FORM festival activities.

So, a week or so ago, I checked out the Comic Con convention in Perth. Man, it did not disappoint. Such an awesome day of art and art fans; Comic Con always has such a great community vibe to it. A lot of people put in a huge effort with their costumes, providing an interesting snapshot of not only the fan base, but of the creativity involved in putting their look together. It’s great to check out the artists who are in attendance and put some faces to names. All in all it’s always a real treat to attend such a well put together convention.


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Exhibition – Apex – Little Wing Corner Gallery – Perth

In light of the W.A shark cull policy, Little Wing Corner Gallery  in conjunction with The Conservation Council of W.A  (CCWA), have put together a group exhibition to raise money.

APEX “The future of our oceans”.
Sharks are apex predators. Removing apex predators from the ocean can result in the loss of balance and eventual collapse of the marine ecosystem.
All art sales donated to CCWA to help protect our sharks.’

Worthy cause, heap of cool artists and live music. You do not want to miss this!

Who: Amok Island, Sean Morris, Hayley Welsh, Robert Jenkins, Kiara Thomas, Dipesh Prasad, Brenton See, Rene Brink, Naomi Gittoes, Loren Kronemyer, J’amie Fazackerley, Kylie Rodd, Michael Dekker, Joshua Garner, Liam Dee, Calliope Bridge, Hannah Atcheson, Alexander Miller, Mike Maxted, Al EX, Girrl Toyy
What: Apex Exhiition
Where: Little Wing Corner Gallery – 263 Hay st, Subiaco, Perth
When: Opening night Saturday the 5th of April.

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Snapshots – Nasty Goreng – The Yok and Sheryo – Perth

Checked out opening of the ‘Nasty Goreng’ show by Yok and Sheryo last Friday night. Tuner gallery was packed with eager art loving peeps and the exhibition didn’t disappoint.  Traditional Batik textiles featured heavily, staring some not so traditional Yok and Sheryo characters.

The exhibition also included contributions from a handful of artists, including Amok Island and Feks. Large character sculptures were scattered throughout the gallery; it’s so awesome to see such a recognisable style in an unfamiliar format. Oh, and there was a snake temple. SNAKE TEMPLE!

If you’re in the area, get down to Turner and have a look for yourselves. Show’s on till the 19th of April!





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Exhibition – The Yok & Sheryo – Nasty Goreng – Perth

Nasty Goreng debuts on Friday the 21st of March.  This will be Perth’s first look at the duo’s work since their kismet pairing some years ago. The teaming of these two talented artists is quite unique, both artists’ contribution can be seen in their work, neither voice is lost –  instead the pairing is cohesive and flawless. Yok and Sheryo’s work has grown more intricate, crazy, and loose all at the same time.
If you only see one exhibition this year, make it this one!

Who: The Yok & Sheryo
What: Nasty Goreng
When: Opening night Friday 21st of March
Where: Turner Galleries, 470 William St Northbridge, Perth

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Exhibition – Loco Locals – Outré Gallery – Perth

I’m really looking forward to seeing the Outré Gallery Perth exhibition, Loco Locals. This group show features a line up of local illustrators, artists and tattooists. The varied lineup will ensure that there’s something for everyone while showcasing our local talent.

You’re invited to attend this exciting exhibition of multi-disciplinary West Australian artists whose works straddle conventional boundaries of genre and style, and are known for generating work that is at home on canvas, the street or a client’s flesh.’


Who: Kyle Hughes – Odgers (Creepy), Sean Morris, Amok Island, Martin E Wills, Pari Corbitt, Anya Brock, Liam Dee, Celene Bridge, Chis Rigoni
What: Loco Locals group exhibition
Where: Outré Gallery 260 William Street, Perth, WA
When: Opening night – Friday October 18th at 6pm. Exhibition ends Friday November 1st.

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Exhibition – Opening Exhibition – Marcel x Three Word Advice- Perth

This coming Friday, Marcel will celebrate the official opening of their shared studio space with a typographic exhibition.

In conjunction with Three Word Advice, the show will feature fifteen local artists, designers and illustrators showcasing their diverse styles, with limited edition runs of risograph prints.

With such a varied lineup this exhibition promises to whet your eye-candy appetite!


Sneak peek 1236389_582170211840734_1892582865_n

Who: Andrew Frazer – adf designs, Adam Cicchini, Amanda Preston, Agnus Dales – DFNKT DSGN, Ash Pederick – The Design Threat, Ben Wright, Bruno Booth, Chris Haines – Neon Dreams, Chris Nixon, Corey James, Edward Stroud, Ika Jumali – Cheeks, Jarrad Burley – THNK, Maegan Brown, Matt Redway
What: Opening Exhibition – Marcel x Three Word Advice
Where: Marcel 5/37 Railway Parade, Mount Lawley, Perth
When: Friday 11th of October 2013 6pm – 8pm

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Snapshots – Daek William – Welcome To The World Of… – Linton and Kay Galleries – Perth

Sorry for the delay in this post folks.

Tuesday the 2nd of July saw the opening night of ‘Welcome To The World Of…‘ at Linton and Kay Galleries by Brooklyn based Perth artist, Daek William. The first solo exhibition in his hometown since his move to Brooklyn was a huge show, both in the the body of work and the opening night turn out. The night was distinctly Daek, with trademark renderings of folded and pictorial headdresses and the wine served in tea cups. Daek had made a lot of the work tactile and articulated, encouraging the public to engage and touch, rub, flick on a switch and even sniff the works. The works responded by automated moving parts, scents and change of colour. Too often an artist, whether intentionally or not, alienates the viewer and puts their work on a pedestal that the public must keep a respectful distance from. Daek’s background as a street artist seems to have carried over into his fine artwork exhibitions.

‘Welcome To The World Of…’  was a tight show by a talented original artist.  If this is any indication of things to come, Daek William is one to watch.


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Exhibition – Brenton See – Super Predator – Kurb Gallery – Perth

This Saturday, Perth artist Brenton See presents a solo exhibition of acrylic works at Kurb Gallery.
‘This selection of work focuses mainly on the everyday struggle to survive in the animal kingdom and also the way we as humans can relate in similar ways. My love of wildlife documentaries and David Attenborough in particular is one of the reasons animals feature regularly in my work.’


Who: Brenton See
What: Super Predator
Where: Kurb Gallery, 312A William St Northbridge, Perth
When: Opening night 6th of July at 6pm. exhibition ends 12th of July


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